Long Awaited Vacation – pt. 2

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The ride home was a sickeningly long one, or at least it felt that way. The AC was only partially working, so within a few minutes, we were both sticky with the sweat you can only get from a high humidity climate. Fortunately, since the day was still young, it wasn’t too hot to make rolling down the windows an exercise in futility. We were both a little fidgety despite the angry wind blowing through the car, anxious for the playtime that was to come once we were in the quiet confines of her apartment. We had been apart from each other for quite a long time, and you could almost smell the anticipation in the air.

Around the midway point of our drive, with the traffic around us at a dead standstill from an accident a few miles up the road, Andi’s hand drifted from the steering wheel and over to my left knee, rubbing it slightly and sending bolts of electricity to that already tingling area between my legs. Her hand, barely touching my skin, crept to the inside of my knee and tickled it, causing my breathing to increase slightly.

“So, my pet, did you do what I asked of you?” she inquired in a commanding tone. Our playtime seemed to be starting early, much to my surprise.

I bowed my head slightly and responded, “Of course, madam, I always follow your commands.” I felt myself settling into my submissive role easily, though this would be the first time we played with it in person. She kept her fingers dancing along my knee, barely touching it, but shooting more and more bolts of electric fire to the moist spot nestled between my legs.

Her hand trailed up my leg at an achingly slow rate, teasing my passions, until it was resting just before the junction of my hip and thigh. She reached out a finger and let it run ever so slightly over my sex, sending shivers of desire and anticipation down my spine and into my hips. Feeling that I was indeed bare beneath my skirt, she nodded approvingly, letting her fingers dance upon my upper thigh. My entire body was begging for her to touch me just a little bit more, and my legs parted slightly, seemingly with a will of their own.

“And how are you doing down there,” she stated, rather than asked, pulling her hand out of my skirt. She brought her finger in front of her, where she could easily see it and the slowly crawling road at the same time. With a smile on her face, she breathed in the aroma wafting to her before snaking her tongue out to taste the minute amounts of liquid upon her lone finger. “Oh! You’re all ready to play, I see! You must be very excited.”

With a soft giggle, her hand darted back to my leg and pinched my inner thigh firmly with the whole of her hand before quickly taking it away again, causing me to let out a tiny squeak of surprise. She grinned that mischievous grin and kept her lovely blue eyes on the road ahead of us, enjoying every moment of the exquisite torture she was putting me through.

With a dejected sigh, I lay my head back against the seat, brushed my sweaty bangs off of my overheated forehead, and closed my eyes until the hot, uncomfortable ride was over. It would be just enough time to rest and conserve a little energy for the day ahead.

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