Mara and Lauren

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On a cool August weekend, I was sitting inside my apartment, looking at TV, just bored out of my mind. I shared an apartment with Lauren Hewitt, my best female friend. To think Lauren and I had not gotten along at all. Now we were sharing an apartment together.

But lately, I had become so turned on by her. Lauren stood five feet eight inches tall, long brown hair and blue-gray eyes. And, of course, 36-D tits to die for. I wanted to tweak them and lick them, and suck that pussy of hers. I’d never seen it before, but I could only imagine what it looked like. And I wasn’t too bad looking myself. I stood five feet six inches in height, with long, curly auburn hair, and brown eyes. My 36-C cup breasts weren’t too big, or too small, but for some reason, I did envy Lauren of her breasts.

So here I was, sitting at home, bored as hell. And horny too. I decided I had to masturbate, since I hadn’t gotten any for a long time, at least not since I’d been raped by my father. My mother helped him rape me. For some reason, though, I was able to sustain a normally-functioning life. Maybe it was because I’d blocked out the pain of it all. So I did what I felt I had to do. I went into my bedroom, and closed the door. Then I removed the top to my pajamas. It was skimpy, and perfectly contoured my body. My pink nipples were protruding, and I had to touch them. I slowly ran my hand around my breast, and finally, I grabbed it and gently began to massage it, while tweaking my nipples. Flashes of Lauren’s hands and mouth on my breasts flooded my mind as I continued to knead my breast and tweak my nipple. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and my clit getting erect. I slowly moved my hands down my sides, to my hips, and pulled my pajama pants down, exposing my underwear. I spread my legs, and slowly moved my hands from my smooth stomach down to my aching pussy. Again, flashes of Lauren were inside my head as I traced my clit, and my slit, with one finger. Just that one movement got me so hot and wet I had to fuck myself or I would burst. So I let my fingers pull my underwear to the side and rub my swollen clit. My legs began to shake as I gave myself this stimulation. So I laid down on the floor, and continued my sexual self-stimulation.

I realized I wasn’t really getting anywhere just laying down on my bedroom floor. So I stood up and went to my dresser drawer. I pulled out a dildo and then made my way to the door. I opened up, and went out into the living room again, this time fully naked. I sat down in my recliner and spread my legs open. Then I slowly moved my hand down my body again, and brought it to my wet, throbbing pussy. I used one hand to stimulate my throbbing clit while with the other hand, I stuck my dildo inside my pussy. I hadn’t realized how long I had been fucking myself until the door opened and there stood Lauren. I stopped what I was doing and a deep blush crept up on my face. I was completely naked with a dildo stuck inside my pussy.

“Uhh…” I said, trying to start an explanation to her.

“Mara, there’s nothing to be sorry about,” Lauren replied, as she came over to the recliner in which I was masturbating in. She knelt down beside me and it dawned on me that her eyes were staring right into my wet, hungry hole. “I want to know one thing. Who were you fantasizing about when you were doing this?”

I blushed more. “You,” I mumbled.

Lauren smiled as she saw the dildo that was stuck there. She gently pushed it deeper inside me, and I felt it hit my G-spot. “Ooh, God, YES!!!” I shouted.

“Good,” she said. “Because it WILL be me that gives you this pleasure you’ve been giving yourself these days. God, Mara, just looking at you, just watching you masturbate…it made me so damn hot and horny.”

“Lauren,” I said, “I have to see you naked. I have to touch you, feel you, taste you, smell you. God, you turn me on so much.”

Lauren smiled as she blew on my clit. “Here,” she said, “let’s replace this dildo with something else. Something I’ve been dying to stick inside you so I could taste you, Mara.”

When Lauren blew on my clit, it made me buck. I swore, that felt so damn good. Lauren pulled out the dildo and replaced it with her two fingers inside my pussy. Then she blew on my clit again. Finally, she moved her face so that first it was kissing the insides of my thighs. This got me turned on even more. Lauren removed her shirt and jacket, and she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her shirt. Then she kissed up to my wet pussy lips. Lauren began to suck on one of them just a little bit to tease me. She let her tongue lick my pussy lips for a while before she moved her mouth so that it was directly on my pussy. All I could do was moan, and quite a bit, while Lauren massaged my hungry, erect clit with her tongue, back and forth, side to side, first slowly, then faster and faster. Her fingers continued to pump into my wet box, and each time, they probed deeper and deeper into me.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” I panted, when her fingers touched my G-spot. I cried out in delirious pleasure each and every time her fingers touched my G-spot, and harder. I could feel my pussy juices begin to squirt a bit and my orgasm definitely build. Lauren, sensing this, smiled devilishly as she continued pumping her fingers in and out of my pussy. Then, she realized she had yet to actually taste me. So Lauren moved her fingers so that they were massaging my wet, swollen, erect clit and she slowly stuck her tongue inside my throbbing hole. Lauren used her other hand to prop my butt up so that I didn’t fall.

“You like that?” Lauren asked.

“Oh God, yes, YES!” I shouted. I held my breath in an effort to intensify my orgasm when I did have one. “Oh, God, Lauren, lick me! Suck me! Make me come!!”

Lauren continued to lick the inside of my pussy with her tongue, while her fingers touched my clit. Lauren rubbed her fingers against my clit while now her whole mouth was over my slit, sucking me good.

“God, Mara, you taste so good,” Lauren said, while she continued to suck me. “Let me lick your juices, I want to taste more of you.”

I held my breath as Lauren continued to suck on my pussy. Now she was gently biting my slit, while her fingers were faster rubbing my clit. I could feel myself come oh so close to coming, it wasn’t funny. “Oh, God, Lauren, YES!!! DON’T STOP!!”

Now it started. I was really starting to have my orgasm. Lauren kept sucking my slit while her fingers rubbed my clit to numbness. I could feel myself bucking off the chair as my juices came out of me.

“OH GOD, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! I’M C-C-COOOOMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!!” I shouted.

“Oh yes, Mara, squirt for me,” Lauren whispered as she drank my juices. “Squirt for me baby.”

I easily complied, squirting out what must have felt like buckets and buckets of come from me…and I wasn’t even done yet. I had yet to touch Lauren’s breasts and suck and lick her pussy. Lauren kept on drinking everything I had for her, until finally I collapsed on the recliner. Lauren smiled as she kissed my pussy lips and the insides of my legs.

“How was that, Mara?” Lauren asked me. “I bet you weren’t expecting this.”

“My God, Lauren,” I breathed. “Better than what I’d been fantasizing about.”

Lauren smiled. “Good,” she said, “because you’re going to be getting a whole lot more of this. Trust me, this is only the tip of the iceberg.”


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