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The sound of thunder echoed in the distance as darkness advanced across the normally cloudless desert sky. It was a little early in the year for a monsoon, she thought to herself as she pulled her pick-up into the driveway of her home …It was only the middle of July; the storms usually didn’t start coming until late August. Oh well, She surmised, perfect night for it anyway.
Her plans for the evening were both sensual and a bit wicked and she could hardly contain her excitement as she gather up the few bags of items she’d purchased that afternoon at various stores. The truck door shut with a thud as she spun around with her packages and walked towards the front door of the house. Her long blonde hair blew back in the cool breeze that already smelt like rain from the approaching storm and cascaded down her shoulders to the middle of her back. She was dressed casually, a short white t-shirt with the number “58” on it that showed off her large breasts, a pair of faded blue jeans, and a pair of comfortable tennis shoes that suddenly came to a stop as she reached the front door. She quickly grabbed the correct key from many on her key ring and roughly inserted it into the dead bolt lock. While doing so she humorously realized, maybe because the thoughts of what was to come that evening, that somehow she really enjoyed that act.
She sat the packages down on the kitchen table and walked back towards the master bedroom. Halfway down the hall she stopped and opened the door to what she liked to refer to as her “Little Playroom”. The room was dark…dimly lit by a lamp on a small table in the far corner. As her eyes adjusted to the lack of light, she saw that everything was just way she had left it a couple of hours before. His clothes were still neatly folded over the back of an easy chair and of course, he was still on the bed…tied to the sturdy head and footboards. It was really quite a work of art the way she had restrained him. “Bondage at it’s best!” She chuckled to herself.
He was face down on the mattress with his arms and legs tied to the four corners of the bed. There was enough slack to allow some movement so he wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, but not enough for him to change positions. He was bent over a large firm round pillow that made his ass stick high into the air at just the right height to simulate the perfect “doggy-style” position. To further immobilize him, a spreader bar was attached in front of his knees and his cock and balls were harnessed and with a leash and tied securely to the footboard. He wasn’t totally naked, although his ass did stick vulnerable bare up into the air. He had been feminized…he wore makeup, a cute medium wig, and a blouse and skirt of which the latter was pushed up over his hips. Earlier in the day she had made him shave his legs that were now clad in fishnet stockings and had given him a bikini wax around his tight asshole and balls. The wax job probably was a little painful, but that was all right…the smoothness of the area now made it worth all the trouble.
After a bit of reflection, she walked over to the bed and ran her hand up his restrained leg. He finally realized she was there and tried to mumble something through the penis gag in his mouth.
“Hmmm, glad to see me again?” She toyed…playfully smacking him on the ass cheek,
“I’ll be right back, I’m going to go get ready…you just stay right there.”
She left the room and proceeded to the master bedroom to get back into her Dominatrix outfit. She thought about the morning’s events as she changed. She had fully used and abused her “Little Bitch” without letting him so much as cum, although he had remained hard and begging the whole time. After she had dressed him up and put makeup on him, she had reached an incredible orgasm as she had made him lick and suck her horny pussy for nearly an hour. It was hard for her to last that long as he was quite the expert at it, but she had wanted to make it last and build it up for as long as she could. It was after her orgasm when she had tied him up and really started to play. She grew hot again as she relived how she had pulled his skirt up and spanked his ass with a hairbrush until he was squirming and his cheeks had a nice rosy glow and then how she had slipped into her strap-on harness and fucked him hard, reaching two more explosive orgasms in the process! It was after recovering from her third orgasm that she had realized that she needed a little break. She had dismounted him and exhaustively collapsed in a chair when she realized she was out of smokes! What else could she do but make a run up to the store!? She wasn’t finished playing yet, so she decided to leave him tied up and make a quick run. Of course things don’t always go as planned and a quick run had turned into a couple of hours as she had remembered a few other things she needed and ran into an old friend and talked for a bit
“I wasn’t gone that long” She laughed to herself, “Besides he needed the rest too! Now I’ll finish his punishment and then he can cook me some dinner.”
Sliding the second thigh-high black spiked heeled boot on she finished changing and looked into a full-length mirror. Anticipating a hot workout, she pulled her long hair back onto a ponytail to keep it out of the way and then ran her hands over her large DD breast that were barely encased in a black bustier tied snuggly around her torso. As she looked at herself she was happy to see that all the hard workouts at the gym had paid off and she thought excitedly as she spun around on her heel and she strutted out of the room and down the hall that her toned body looked hot in her outfit and capable of delivering all the punishment she had in mind.
Once back in the playroom she stepped back into her strap-on harness and replaced the medium sized cock that was on it with a larger one. With a smirk she climbed onto the bed behind her sissy bitch and clasped his hips in her hands.
“Ready for round Two Bitch?” She asked, not caring what the answer was really.
He again tried to answer past the gag, but was unable to manage more than a muted mumble.
Surprisingly him, she smacked his ass with her hand that sent him reacting forward pulling against his cock and ball leash that was still attached to the footboard. The harness pulled tight and stretched him back resulting in a resumption of his erection.
She reached down and applied some lube to his cock and stroked it full hardness again while with her other hand inserted two fingers into his asshole.
“I see your still loose from me fucking you earlier Bitch!” She observed, “But now I have a bigger cock…you’re really going to be fucked now!”
She slid a third finger in and then after a few moments and some more lube, a fourth.
He squirmed against the invasion but couldn’t pull away.
“That’s it, I should just fist your little ass right now!” She said pumping her fingers in and out.
He looked so hot to her, his tight round ass sticking up in the air and his muscular lean body dress in woman’s clothes. He was unable to get away and he tossed his head around with the hair from the wig falling across his upper shoulders as he tried to whimper a “No!”
“Oh Yeah Bitch! I’m going to push it in!” She said tucking he thumb in and pressing forward. “Come on fuck my hand! Yeah, come on Bitch”
Finally her hand slipped in past the knuckles. She could feel his body tense and his asshole grip tightly around her thin wrist. She paused for a second and then withdrew her hand.
“See Slut, I knew you could take it!” She said and reached around his waist with one arm moving slightly up and to one side. Then she
forced it back in again.
The feeling was incre
dible and she carefully pumped in and out a few more times.
“Ok now you’re ready for my big Cock!” She moved back into position behind him and guided the thick nine-inch cock up to his ass.
This was her favorite part…the initial first stroke of her cock sliding in. She pressed the head of the cock in and then let go of it. Then with both hands on his hips, pulled back as she pushed hers forward.
His body wiggled and strained against his restraints, but nothing could be done. She heard him whimper, which only excited her more and she proceeded to slide more of her cock in.
She loved the feeling of dominance and control fucking him gave her. Her pussy became instantly soaked and she pressed forward even more pulling the leash attached to his balls tight and in effect back against her clit.
“Oh Yeah Bitch! Take it all in! Fuck My Big Cock!” She yelled looking down as the thick cock disappeared again and again between his small spread ass cheeks.
Their bodies were soon hot with sweat…She reached up to her breast and loosen her bustier and pulling it down a bit so her tits were free over it’s top. She noticed that his skirt was falling back down over his ass again, most likely from her insane and desperate grabbing of his hips, and she pushed it back up over his waist. She could feel herself coming close to another orgasm and she readied herself for a final volley of thrusts.
“Oh I’m going to cum Bitch! I’m going to Cum in your Tight Fucking Ass!” She moaned increasing her thrust…pounding away not caring about anything but her impending orgasm! Shuttering, she came! Her knees weakened and she trembled as her sweat soaked body climaxed with waves of pleasure emanating from her clit and pussy.
“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! BITCH! FUCK!” She fell screaming onto his back exhausted and after a few moments added, “Damn that was awesome! Whew! I love that shit!”
Suddenly the sound of rain falling could be heard against the window and on the roof as the storm outside hit and started to match the storm inside. They both paused a minute and listened to the sounds…both on different ends of sexual pleasure. She was almost spent from the day’s four orgasms and he was frustrated in need of release…precum dripping from the end of his swollen cock.
“Hmmmm, I bet you’re about ready to cum huh Bitch?” She asked.
He couldn’t reply, but shook his head in a definite “Yes”.
“Well maybe in a few more minutes…I haven’t decided yet.” She informed withdrawing and lounging in a chair while lighting a cigarette.
“I do have one more idea” She said between drags. She snubbed out her butt and went to the kitchen and retrieved what she had bought on one of her stops during her earlier shopping trip.
When she came back into the playroom she was unwrapping the largest dildo he had ever seen. She showed it to him and said that if he wanted to cum, he was going to have to take it all up his ass. It was Huge! Black in color with a large head it and at least an inch thicker than the last one she had just fucked him with.
“So do you really want to cum?” She questioned.
He thought about it for a moment, but took too long.
“Well I guess not…too bad, I suppose I’ll just have to fuck you with it and not let you cum!” She said as she released his gag to hear his reaction.
“Please Mistress! Let me cum! I’ll do whatever you say!” He pleaded.
“Well I have no doubt about that! Ok I’ll let you.” She reinserted the gag and replaced the used cock with the new black monster.
Once again she got in position behind his well-fucked ass and started to push against his entrance. She pressed hard against him, but with just the residual lube on his ass the new cock head would only go about halfway in.
“Hmmmm, seems we need a bit more lube here” She said acting out her plan “But we seem to be out! Maybe I can force it in!”
She tried a bit more, but of course it wouldn’t go.
“Well I know where I can get some.” She said pretending to realize a solution and started stroking his dripping engorged cock.
It didn’t take long with her stroking him and pressing the head of the black cock against his ass till his body shuttered and he came hard. She managed to catch most of his cum in her hand and then straightening up…rubbed it over her new toy.
“Well there we go! Now it’s plenty slippery!” She said returning to pressing it against his hole.
The giant head of the black cock finally popped in. It wasn’t easy and she had to work it for a moment until she got another few inches in.
“How does it feel to be fucked with your own cum Bitch!? Do you like cum in your asshole you little Slut?” She asked starting to pump her cock in and out.
He was distressed…He had thought that she was gong to let him cum at the end of the fucking…not before it started. It was one thing to be fucked when you were full of lust for it, but since he had just cum, he was feeling raped and violated. He tried to get away and protest, but it was no use…she was already in full swing again slapping his ass and pumping the gigantic cock into him almost splitting him in two.
Once again her excitement took over. She was reveling in her domination and she continued despite his attempts to stop her, besides she knew he would give into his situation soon enough and she was right. After the initial humiliation of being fucked with his own cum as a lubricant, he started getting aroused from the huge cock and from being raped against his will. She watched the cum covered cock as she slid it in and out and laughed to herself as she noticed he stopped fighting it and started grinding his hips shamelessly back against her.
This time she wanted for them to cum together and she slowed slightly and reached around to find his cock hard again.
“Oh you little Slut! I knew you’d get off on this! I’m going to fuck you until you cum again you Cunt! Now Come-on! Fuck me like you want my cock deep in your ass!”
He couldn’t help himself…he felt like such a slut dressed up like a little cock craving Bitch and being fucked and dominated. He pushed back harder as she pounded into and slapped his ass cheeks. Each time she thrust forward he felt his cock and balls slap against her clit as his harness leash tightened.
To get a better angle, she rose up to one knee and milked his cock as she continued her assault on his ass. She felt him grow harder and knew he was ready again.
“Cum for me Bitch! Cum Now You Cock Hungry Slut!” She commanded.
He let out a muffled groan and started to orgasm just as she herself did.
“OH YEAH! CUM BITCH CUM!” She screamed in the height of her own climax.
They shuddered then slumped together as their spent bodies collapsed on the bed.
Their breathing was labored and quick, but as it calmed down to normal and she started to untie him, all they could hear was the rain continuing outside.

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  1. Strap-on Dominatrix

    Good Story, I treat my Bitch the same way! ;)

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    Awesome Story, i asked my Mistress to read it and She loved it!

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