My deepest crush

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I kind of have a crush you see.. On a girl named Jess. She’s three years older than i am; and i’m sixteen. I like Jess very much, but she is kindof off limits. She’s been the on and off girlfriend of my 21 year old brother. 
He hurts her: alot. He plays with her mind..trips her up mentally and emotionally. She deserves much better than him.. Although sometimes he can be a sweetheart.
I love my brother; I do, but Jess is worth something entirely different to me. 
Jess knows about my sexual orientation.. At this point she is the only one who is close to my immediate family that knows. This makes me more attracted to her. That she knows.. And still comes over and gives me hugs. She is amazing. She just does it naturally.
” Brit I’m home!” Jess yells from the mud room. I smile secretly to myself.. Sometimes even her voice sends shivers up my spine. 
Jess Is a very attractive girl. She stands almost 5″9 with blonde hair cut to just past her shoulder. She has the biggest and bluest eyes. If you look in them for too long; you start to feel like you’re drowning.
Her body is lean.. Not an ounce of fat on her. And she has small A breasts. Her long legs fit easily into size zero yoga pants.
I on the other hand am 5″6, long curly chocolate brown hair that falls to my breasts. I have dark brown eyes and big puffy lips. My skin is dark; while jess’ is not. I have big boobs and a big ass. Which makes me very popular at parties. 
But with Jess it’s different. She looks at me as a person not at my body. 
” hey girl!” I say. Of course, i haven’t told her I like her, or that I fantasize about her. That’s my secret.
She walks in the room and sets down a large bookbag. She is in her work uniform. She works at a reatauraunt waitressing, and her uniform looks nice on her.
” I’m so tired, I need sleep.” she says stretching her legs out on the chair. I close my eyes for a second and imagine myself between those long, slender legs. I must have had them closed for a while because suddenly her voice interrupts my train of imagination.
” are you going to pass out? Here, let me help you.” she says helping me walk all the way to the couch.  I have the urge to kiss her right then but I refrain, telling myself that it’s ” not the right time”. 
“Hey Brit can I talk to you?” she asks. I laugh.  Like I have much of a choice.
“sure thing.” I reply.
” I’m starting to drift away from Branden.. I think this break up is going to be our last.. And I’m not going to be over as much.” she says, looking anywhere but me. Why does he do this to her ? I’m starting to get extremely angry.. Who is he to run around and date her, break her heart over and over again, and come back two weeks later. While I have to sit here in the shadows and love her in my own head. 
” no Jess please! Come over still.. I don’t care about Branden and you shouldn’t either!” I can’t loose her. 
“Thats the thing: I want to.. But it would be awkward..I mean, he could bring his girlfriend over at any moment.” she breathed hevily. I just cannot loose her. 
” get someone of your own?” I say. What I want to say is get your own girlfriend. But I’m not sure she’s ready for that.
“i’m not ready to date another guy yet.” she replies. My mouth opens involountarily.
” get yourself a girlfriend then.” I say out loud before I realize I’ve said it. My hand automatically goes to my mouth. 
” I’m sorry..that was uncalled for.” i stammerd, shocked at my own stupidity. But for some reason; I wanted her to be okay with what I said. 
” sometimes I consider it…” she says trailing off. I don’t even know why, but part of me wants her to say she wants me. 
” why haven’t you ever done it?” I ask bluntly. ” I’m sure there would be a multitude of women just waiting on your doorstep just wanting to please you..” then again I had to put my hand over my mouth. The look on my face must have been priceless, because she starts laughing. Her laugh is contaigious and soon enough I’m in fits of laughter. My stomach starts to hurt.  Then things get serious. She looks at me sheepishly.
” who would be out there.. Waiting on my doorstep?” she smiles slightly. I can’t tell if she is coming on to me; or just asking innocently.
“everyone I expect. Who wouldn’t want a little bit of this?” I say pinching her ass which was extremely close to me. She nearly jumped off of the couch.
“ouch; that was not necessary was it?” she asks. I smile.
” of course it was. I’ll kiss it better if that will make this all better for you..” I say jokingly.. But I want to feel her asscheeks against my lips.
“oh wouldn’t you?” she says, putting her beautiful toned ass in my face. Even through her yoga pants you can tell how fit she is. At this I loose it. I grab her hips and plant a kiss on her buttcheek where I pinched her. 
“there. All better.” I say. Slowly release her hips and inticipate the near meltdown that is sure to ensue after my actions. But i’m surprised as she turns around and straddles my lap.
“well that was a sweet surpise.” she says her legs spread around my abdomen.. I can feel her wetness. I have the urge to just reach in between my stomach and rub her pussy till she explodes.. But I hesitate.
“you should have known if you told me to do it, that I would.” I say playing it off like I couldn’t feel the wetness in her crotch. At the though of this: I felt my own wetness creep in between my legs. I hadn’t even noticed how turned on I had become.
” oh so I could have just told you to kiss my ass anytime?” she asks. I smile.
“but of course!” I say. I’m not dominant, but I’m not submissive. I have a healthy blend of both in me. I know when it turns someone on to be in control; and I know when I need to take the lead. “I would do anything you say.” I added. This is the time to be submissive
” kiss me.” she says. I’m not sure if she is ready.
” are you sure?” I stammered. Wasn’t this moving fast? Not like I was complaining.. But still.
” did I not just tell you to do it? If I didn’t want it, why would I have said anything?” she says a gleam in her eye. I come to a quick, and shocking realization.
” Jess, have you been trying to seduce me this whole time?” I say, an all knowing smile forming on my face. 
“uh, since about two weeks ago yes, but you were always just so non responsive and-” she gets cut off because of the melding and thrashing of our lips.
Her lips are delicious.. I could just kiss them all day, I could. But we break appart. 
” I didnt realize you meant to come off like that I was under the impression that perhaps you were accidentaly sending me messages.. It wouldn’t be the first time.” I say explaining myself. She smiles at me.
” I would never send messages accidentaly. I send them on purpose always!” she says winking. But wait..
” what about when you and Branden were still dating, I got messages from you then..” I say questioning her. She smiles again.
“completely intentional. I’ve wanted you to show me how it’s done. Branden just fucks me until he comes, I wanna come too, but nobody but a girl could understand how to do it.” she said leaning in close. “plus, I always kindof liked you as more than a friend, I would always picture you between my legs..” she says trailing off.. As our lips meet again.
” howwabout you open the up, and let me in? Considering I’ve been thinking about how wet you are since you straddled me..” I say slightly rubbing the thin spandex that separed me from her beautiful pussy. In my mind I can already see what it looks like.
Beautiful and pink, and wet, with a clit hidden under a hood of skin. I could imagine how she would taste on my lips, so succulent, and so delicious that I might lick her till she was raw… 
It’s at moments like these that I am thankful that my family has a very busy schedule I think as Jess rocks back for a second on her heels so she can take of her pants. She has the cutest underwear. The thong she has on today is just sheer fabric, so I can see right through it.  I smile to myself as these too come off.
She comes back and places her now unneccessary garments on the ground next to the couch. She looks nervously at me.
“what do I do now?” she asks sitting there, her legs still spread around my abdomen. Her naked legs I realize, that lead right to her also naked, beautifuly wet pussy. 
“let me teach you?” I say lifting her off of me for a second. I sit on the floor with my back on the couch. “c’mere and put your pussy on my face alright?” I ask, but I don’t know why because it is a basic instruction, but I know it will calm her nerves.
She approaches shyly, her one leg quickly passing over my head. Now her pussy is in clear view, and her aroma is delightful. You know the smell of a womans perfume, but if you add a more musky smell to that, you get the smell of this girls vagina. I wanted to bury my face in it right then, but my intuition is always more important than first instinct.
“don’t be scared! My mouth is watering  at the smell of you, you make me so horny. Please sit on my face?” I ask in mock inferiority. This gives her confidence as she sits astride my face now completely.
Her big pussy lips are swollen with blood. I blow raspberries on them to get her worked up a bit, and slowly but surely work my way into gentle licks. She starts responding more and more, so I let my tongue glide quickly down her slit and flick her clit violently. 
She’s riding my face with this hunger and passion that I have never seen before. I can hear almost feral moans and growls coming from the back of her throat. 
I’m an expert with sex noises, and I know she is on the fence. The brink between feeling the best she has ever felt, and crumbling down. I snake my tongue into her little hole, and relentlessly fuck her with my tongue, taking one of my hands off of her hip to rup her clit. 
“come for me baby, I can see you want this, don’t hold back.” I say with conviction. How long will she let my brother keep her from feeling good? Not long it seemed as she came in my mouth in the next few seconds. She nearly collapsed off of the couch, I caught her and latex her down, and began lapping at what little juice I hadn’t caught with my mouth. 
She started her little moans again. And soon enough I was back at it, my tongue working like a steam engine, twirling and poking and being ridden out to destination orgasam, and I loved it. Once she came again she stopped and covered her vagina, impeding the affection I wanted to show her. 
she lays there a bit, her laboured breathing getting easier with each breath. She looks me right in the eye.
“that was amazing! Where the fuck did you learn to eat pussy like that?” she asks, the bright red draining out of her face.. 
” let’s just say practice makes perfect!” I say laughing. Putting my arm around her. She looks in my eyes, hers focousing on the dark brown irises.
” i’ve given alot of thought to the whole girlfriend thing..” she says twirling a strand of longer hair around her long finger. “I really want this.. With you.” she says, her eyes wavering from mine only for a second.
“what does this whole ‘girlfriend’ thing entail?” I ask innocently. I just want to read the contract before I sign.
“well it involves being nice, and if not nice civil, being you, and lots and lots of sex like that.” She answers clearly. This brings a sudden smile to my lips.
“I might just be able to oblige you.” I say kissing her lips. Her hand goes to mine, and they are entwined as we kiss.  She mumbles something in audible. 
“what was that?” I ask unsure.
“I love you.” she said again. This brings another smile to my face. 
“I love you too, do you want to go and shower?” I ask the half naked girl laying across me.
“ah, this time always comes. But yeah I’d like to take a shower of sorts!” she says hopping off of me. “you coming or what?” she asks as her naked bum waggs in the air. I get up and follow her. 

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    i would love to hear how the relationship goes

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    We really loved it, please continue :) The style is cute and sensitive, our favorite

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