My Dreams Realized Chpt 1

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I came home late one evening and noticed Dana’s car in the drive. Thinking how odd it was for Dana to be home so early I went inside and dropped my PDA and briefcase on the table. I called out to Dana to let her know I was home, thinking longingly of a hot bath and body rub from my girl.

“I’m back here!” Dana yelled from our room. “I’ve just run a bath for you so hurry up and get in before it gets cold!”

Laughing quietly I headed towards the bathroom. Dana is such a sweetheart, always doing something nice and thoughtful for me. She’s not always very vocal about telling me she cares but she shows it in so many ways I know anyway. I wanted to relax in the bath but I also wanted to get those hands of Danas onto my body. So I quickly and thoroughly scrubbed, shaved and washed until I was smooth, clean, and glowing! I stepped into the hallway leading to our bedroom when I heard a small noise. Startled, I stopped where I was and listened again. Yep, there it goes again! I know that sound! That was the sound Dana makes moments before she grinds herself down into my eagerly waiting mouth…. Grinning wickedly I walked softly towards the room and gently slid the door open.

I expected to see her lying upon the bed, hand pressed tightly between her legs, fingers furiously rubbing into a climax. Instead the door swung open and I was instantly taken back to a conversation from the previous week.

“You want me to do what?” Dana exclaimed. “I can’t believe you would just stand there and watch! You are not the type to let someone play with your girl right in front of you!”

“Well, to tell you the truth I would be very aroused if I walked into a room to find Thea’s blond head trapped between your thighs. I think I would stand there and watch for awhile and then when I couldn’t stand it any longer I would join in.” “Hell, I’m aroused right now just thinking about it and my panties are getting soaked!”

Dana of course had immediately taken advantage of my arousal. Getting up from the couch she walked towards me with a sexy little strut and placed her hands on either side of my face. Slowly leaning forward her lips fluttered across mine like a nervous butterfly, softly stoking the tender flesh of my mouth and poking gently at my lips with a soft, moist tongue. My mouth opened slightly and Dana wrapped me into her arms and deepened the kiss. She skimmed her hands down my back and across the curves of my ass, lightly gripping them and pulling me up into her body. Thrusting her tongue across mine she commanded me to respond; shivering with desire my hands roamed across her body, cupping her breasts and lightly rubbing across her nipples.
Her mouth broke free and she moaned softly; pushing her breasts harder into my hands, then abruptly Dana dropped to her knees and began stroking my legs. She pulled my shorts and panties to the floor, sliding her wet tongue along the path of her hands. My legs trembled as her lips slid up my thigh….Dana paused, breathing deeply of my scent. I almost started to drop down as I could stand there no longer when she grasped my legs and pushed her tongue up into me. I gasped and shook all over, her hands continued to stoke my legs and her lips ran across my aching hot cunt. I started to drop down and she grasped my legs harder, pulling me into her face, wildly stroking and licking across my clitoris and inner lips. I threw my head back and groaned; I caught hold of her head and began to slide myself across her face. I wanted nothing more than to feel her tongue sliding all over my cunt, swirling around and sucking up every last drop, I wanted it to last forever! Suddenly she let go of my leg and brought her hand up and pushed her finger inside of me. I cried out and began bucking my hips wildly; I wanted her tongue and fingers all over and inside me and I couldn’t stop grinding against her face. Dana moaned and opened her mouth, licking me from top to bottom, pressing against me with her hot little tongue. Waves of sensation started rocketing through my body; I fell to my knees and then backwards until I was flat against the floor. Dana pushed my legs up onto her shoulders and lifted my hips up to her mouth, my body was jerking forward as immense waves threatened to overtake me. Dana concentrated her tongue on my clit and began slamming her fingers into my cunt; hard and fast and deep, my body thrusting against her over and over, speeding up until the last, final wave cascaded over me in a thousand brilliant colors. Dana groaned as I flooded her mouth and orgasm after orgasm hit me as she continued to take me into her mouth.

All of these memories screamed through my head as I attempted to take in what I was seeing in our bedroom.

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