my ex and her lovers revenge

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I have been divorced about three years know and the way my wife left me is something that I will never forgot.
My wife Cindi and I were married for 6 years and I thought things were going well. We were very friendly with another couple Roxy and Victor. Victor left Roxy for another woman and Roxy was devastate. I personally thought he was out of his mind. Roxy was 5’4 blond hair with deep blue eyes and body to die for. She was very well built on top and had a great shape.
Six months after their divorce, Roxy seem to be over our house quite often. It did not bother me but if she wore a low cut blouse, I would always get a peek. She was hot and she knew it. To be honest, I was surprised that she did not have another man in her life She was over the house the other day, I walked into the kitchen. Roxy was telling Cindi about her first experience with a woman. She claimed it was one of the greatest experiences that she had ever had. She laughed, I could use a good dick but the touch, smell and feel of a woman is
something special. She looked at me, I could always use yours John can’t I, if I needed one in a pinch. The two woman just laughed. Roxy continued to come over and woman were laughing loader and loader but I could not hear what they were saying. Cindi said, John could you help Roxy with some work in her house. She needs to patch work done, new door locks, and some trim work. I said sure, just let me know when.
A few weeks past and Cindi was going on a business trip. She asked me to go over and do some work over.
I spoke to Roxy, she said the best time would be in the evening. The first night I came over, she was wearing a very low cut blouse and a pair of tight shorts. The ceiling needed some patch work so I got on the ladder to lay down some dry wall. She continued to walk by and I got a full view of her beautiful breasts. I was about to leave when I saw Roxy having difficultly picking up a water bottle. She stated that she hurt her shoulder playing tennis and it was difficult for her to extend her arm. If you need me to rub it out, I will be more than happy to
The next evening, I was replacing the lock on her bedroom door. She said she was going to take a shower. The bathroom was adjacent to her room. She walked into the bathroom and left the door slight ajar. It was just enough for me to get a full view. First, the blouse came off, then she removed her jeans, then her thong. My dick almost came Thur my pants as she was completely clean shave. She was trying to remove the bra but was have difficultly but I didn’t mind as I had a great view of those pink lips. The bra finally came off as she disappeared into the shower. I could not get the lock to set right as I could not stop thinking about Roxy. She came out of the shower in a towel which dropped to the floor and she put a robe on. She caught me looking at her. She came out of bathroom and walking towards me, looking at my hard on, it seems that you have other things on your mind other than work. I said that I would need to come over tomorrow to fix the bedroom door lock. It is not sitting right. Roxy looked down at my pants, that his not the only thing that is not sitting correctly.
The next night , she had on a tight pair of shorts and a T shirt. Roxy said, I could not wait to see you.
She said that I had done a great job and she very much appreciated it. She offered to make me dinner which I accepted. During dinner, I could not help but looking at her breasts thru the T-shirt. She caught me again as she laughed. Do you like what you see or would you like to see more? She was putting the dishes in the dishwasher and her ass was turning me on. Do you want anything else? Yes, there is as I walked over to her and started kissing her. I picked her up and brought her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and as fast as I could took off my clothes. She took off her clothes as well within seconds. We were kissing as her hand reached down and started stroking my cock. I started kissing her all over her body playing with her nipples first, then down to her pussy. Roxy’s lips were beautiful, I stood in front of her and spread her legs and within one second, my tongue was playing with her lips. She placed her hands behind my head pushing me flush against her. I heard begin to moan with pleasure.
I rolled her over and placed her on all fours. I began kissing her ass as my hands never left her smooth pussy. I slide my cock in and out of her. She was so wet, it was difficult to keep in. She began moaning loader and loader. Give it to me baby!!!!. I could not take it anymore as I exploded. I don’t think that I had ever had cum as hard and as long.
We just laid next to each other on the bed.
A month latter, we wife went on another business trip. She got home late that Friday night.. As usual, I got up early and went to the gym. I came home and went into the shower. As I was drying off, Cindi came in wearing a black teddie. She looked at me, are you glad to see me as she looked at my cock which was getting hard. She said that she went shopping and she thought I would be very happy. She took my hand, as we walked into the bedroom. She sat me in the chair next to the desk. She said that she was reading how to improve your sex life was to add some adventure. She crapped a blindfold from her pocketbook and placed over my eyes. She then took my right hand, placed a handcuff on it and attaching it to the desk. She then took my left hand placed on handcuff on it and attaching to the bureau. I felt my legs being spread apart and tied my legs up with robe against the chair. I could not move an inch or see anything. She whispered that she was going to tease me. She played with my ear with her tongue. She said that she was taking off the teddie. She then stated that she had shaven her bush and there was only a small strip of hair. She took my fingers and placed them against her shaven pussy. She yelled that is not yours anymore as she pulled away. I said that she had bought a new perfume. Do you like? Yes, it smells great, I said. She laughed, I’m going to be the ultimate tease. I’m going to give you a treat, she laughed. I then felt soft hands on my legs and a tongue was on my cock. Just at that moment, the doorbell rang. Cindi got up to get the door. I yelled, where are you going. A minute later, Cindi said you never guess who is here. Roxy said good to see you again John.
Cindi said that her and Roxy had a bet. Roxy said the bet was that I could not keep my cock in my pants. Roxy laughed, we both know who won that bet John. Cindi said, I never went on a business trip, I was at Roxy’s the entire time. Roxy said that if Cindi had won, she would pay for a week in the Caribbean but as you know John, I won the bet. My prize is your wife Cindi. I felt cloths being placed on me as the two woman laughed and then there was silence. Cindi then stated as punishment, I think that we should make watch. Roxy came over and took off the blindfold. There was Roxy completely naked and my wife with her legs spread open. Roxy began kissing Cindi’s inner thigh and proceeded to her lips. Roxy’s was in complete control as she continued have her tongue inside my wife. Cindi began shaking and moaning like I had never seen before. Her hands were banging on the bed. I could not believe my eyes that another woman was going down on my wife. Cindi gave a yell like I had never heard. Roxy walked over to me, placing her cheek next to mine, that is your wife that I have on me. She looked at me, would you like to join us? Yes!!!!, I screamed as that would be my fantasy. No way, she laughed, that pussy is mine. She walked back to the bed, laying next to my wife. I The women began kissing again as now my wife became the aggressive one. She started kissing Roxy’s breasts, then kissing her stomach playing with Roxy’s nipple’s. I could not believe my eyes, my wife went down on Roxy. She must have reached the right spot because it was Roxy’s tur
n to shiver and moan with
pleasure. Roxy placed her hands behind my wife’s head, just as she had done with me, she moaned Cindi, Cindi, YESSS!!! as she came. My wife got up and walked towards me. She placed her face next to mine. What to you think of my new perfume, I call it Roxy. Both woman laughed as they started getting dressed. Cindi said, the divorce papers are on the dresser as Roxy and I moving away together. We will send someone over to untie as they placed a towel over my rock hard cock. It was the worst day of my life so I thought.
About 15 minutes latter, a man walked through the door. Who are you? My name is Alex and I’m a friend of Roxy. Roxy said she had a friend that something that might interest me. I just looked at him, I’m sure there is nothing here that interest you but I could use your help.
Alex smiled, it appears that you need my help but I’m not sure if I want to help you. What would I get out of it? Okay I said, What is your price? How much money do you want? Alex said, I don’t want any money? What exactly do you want, I asked him. I don’t know Alex said as he removed his shirt. I’m sure that I will find something. He walked towards me and took off the towel. Alex said, I think I found what I wanted. I said we have a problem here as I’m not gay as I’m totally straight. He removed the rest of his clothes, Alex said, you do have a problem because I’m gay. He walked towards me placing his cock next to mine. He moved it so that it rubbed against mine. I tried not to get excited but the only thing I could think of was Roxy’s pussy. I could not help it, but I got stiff again. I knew that would do the trick, he said. He placed his head in front my cock and started licking. His hands were on my balls as he placed is mouth on my cock. I could see his head going up and down. I was trying to hold myself back. He stopped and looked at me and said just let it go. He want back to my cock and I could not take it anymore as I came.
Okay, I said, you got your thrills, now you can untie me. Alex said, no we are not done. He untied my legs, untied the ropes to the dresser and the desk but had a choke hold on me. He forced me over to the bed placing down on my face He re tied the ropes to the bed posts. I was trying to pull away but could not. Now Alex said, I’m going to have some fun.
I went behind me, spread my cheeks and attempted to put his cock in me. I was too tight. He laughed, you are going to make this difficult as you know that you want it. He pushed harder this time and came a bit closer. The third push, he was successful. I was yelling in pain as that cock was inside of me. He kept pushing and grinding against me until he exploded inside of me. I felt his liquid inside of me. He just laughed, Roxy was right, I would have a good time. It was a night that I would never forget

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  1. avid reader

    I think your story is very good but you need work on your spelling for example the word louder is not spelled loader like you have in your story find a editor proof reader before you post your stories on line.please.

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  2. avid reader

    This should never had been in the lesbian section maybe in group or cuckold and the word latter is spelled later like “I will see you later” try using those marks when you are writing a statement.

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