My First Lesbian Experience

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Today is a Saturday night. Some people known it as date night or clubbing night. However for me, it’s just another ordinary day, like any other day of the week. I have no plans, no boyfriend, and all my friends are either busy with their own boyfriends or have previous plans.

Even my roommate, Cassandra who is a seductive petite woman but has really big breasts, is out at the moment doing one of her favourite event, shopping for deals. We’ve been living together for about a year and we get along great, but there are rumors going around saying that she is a lesbian. As long as I’ve known her, she never hits on me and it was kind of hard to believe.

So anyways, I sit in front of the television, turning it on and go through the channels finding something interesting to watch. I stop surfing when I came across a porn. Feeling depressed and lonely I start watching it.

Here I sit, on the plush cream coloured love seat in my long red night shirt, with one leg bent and propped up, along with a blue plastic bowl of popcorn snuggled between me, watching a good raunchy porn.

I must be too engross in the show when the guy starts putting the woman’s legs over his shoulders and eat her pussy out because I didn’t hear the door open. Cassandra walks into the room, takes off her coat and places it over the shopping bag she brought in and put it on the floor.

“What are you watching” she asks from behind me as I quickly turn the channel to the news. “Nothing” I reply, feeling my face turn red, and putting down the converter on the arm rest, stuffing some popcorn in my mouth.

Why didn’t I hear her come through the door? I turn my face up to look at her. She has a suspicious look on her face, not believing me. She reaches over to the remote and clicks the recall button, switching back to the porn I was watching.

Feeling embarrass, the sounds of moaning and screaming came from the tv as a guy munches on the girl’s pussy. ” Mmm, that looks really good” Cassandra says while licking her lips, “he’s eating her out really good. See her secretion oozing out of her cunt with every thrust of his finger.” I stare at the man and his finger as he slips it in and out of her wet hole.

I’m getting really horny, watching the him finger fuck the shit out of her while grabbing the woman’s tits and pulling her nipples. Not wanting to show Cassandra that I was getting arouse from the movie, I barely stop myself from squeezing my thighs together to ease the tightness.

“Ooo popcorn” I hear her say and see her reach over me and grab a handful. As she starts putting the food in her mouth, couple of kernels fell and lands between my legs. “Sorry” she exclaim leaning forward to take the fallen popcorns. When she bends over, her full tits brushes against the back of my neck and shoulders, knowing that she isn’t wearing any bra.

I didn’t know why, but my pussy starts throbbing and I could feel it leaking through my white lace panties. I inhale in her sweet smelling perfume and want to know what will it feel like if i caress her tits.

When she picks up the kernels that was between my legs, her fingers grazes my throbbing clit and my already wet panties. A groan came out of my mouth wanting her to touch my swollen cunt more as she pulls up her hand.

Not sure it was an accident, another kernel falls. This time it goes down the gap of my collar of my night shirt and in my panties, landing near my drench hole. Breathing in rapidly, I watch her and begin to think what she will do.

I didn’t have to wait long before she pulls aside the elastic of the inside of my panties and went searching for missing popcorn. With the sensation of her fingers sliding up and down my pussy lips, I close my eyes and open my legs wider.

Pulling my hair to the side with her other hand, she kisses my neck. She licks her way up to my ear and darts her tongue inside, mimicking a fucking motion as she keeps on tracing her finger along the lips of my cunt, but not really touching my clit.

A moan came out of my mouth, desperately wanting her to stroke my sensitive spot.

“Somebody likes that.” she grins. Wanting her to pay attention to my pulsing nub I kick the popcorn bowl to the floor, pull off my underwear and open my legs again wider, waiting for her hand.

I hear her laugh. “What do you want me to do Amber?” she whispers in my ear. “You know what I want Cassandra.” with the anticipation in my voice. “I want to hear you say it. Beg for it. Now what do you want?” she ask as she ran her manicure nails down one of my inner thigh, stops when she came to my cunt, skips over it and goes to the other leg.

I whimper as she did again. Out of frustration I reach for her hand and is about to put it on my pussy when she breaths in my ear, “You do that, I will have to walk away without touching and tasting you sweet, wet clit. Now again, what do you want?”

Blind with pleasure and wanting her to play with my cunt, I respond “I want you to touch my pussy. Play and stroke my clit. Please, I’m begging you. I want you to eat me out until I cum.” I feel her smile in my hair.

“Have you been with a woman before?” asking as she opens my pussy lips and start dipping her finger in my wetness. “No” my voice husky with pleasure. “Do you want to know how it feels like to be with a woman, to touch what you have, to taste and feel it?” her voice seductively in my ear as she uses the wetness on her finger and rubs my swollen clit. “Oh yes!” I answer loudly.

Feeling her fingers move up and down, I grab and squeeze my tits, rolling my nipples between my fingers. “Oh that feels so good,” I pant out, feeling the tension building, “Keep doing that. I want to cum!”

I didn’t know if it was being with a woman for a first time or what, but I was so turned on that I almost climax faster then I’ve ever had before.

She keeps playing and rubbing until I was about to cum, but then she stops. I scream my protest as she removes her hand and stands up. Confuse on what she is doing, Cassandra moves around couch, grabs the throw over blanket from behind me and lie it on the floor.

Still watching her, she says in a provocative voice, ” Do you want to cum Amber?” putting her hand on me again and starts stroking me. Nodding my head yes, she tells me to undress her while she keeps on playing with me.

It was hard taking off her clothes as she flick and plunge her finger inside me. And when I stop for a moment to enjoy the play, she also stops as well and only pick up the speed when I return to undressing her.

She laughs at me again as I hurry and strip off the remaining of her clothes. “What a good girl you are. Now take off your night shirt and come to me.” In one quick motion I was naked and follow Cassandra as she stroll backwards and stop on top of blanket.

When I was in front of her, she reaches up and stroke my face. “I want you to touch my tits.” I nervously take her swollen breasts between my hands, feeling the weight of them. “Pretend these are your breasts. Touch and caress them the way you like it.” Taking her advice, I first knead them with my hands, feeling the smooth skin, and then lightly scraped my long nails over her already pointy nipples.

She lets out a moan as she arch her back. Feeling more confident, I lean my head down and take in her busty bosoms in my mouth and start to sucking them, licking around with my tongue and nipping her gently with my teeth, tugging her pebbles. She holds my head as she threw her own head back, enjoying the attention I’m showing her tits.

Bring my head up, she looks into my eyes and kisses me. Her mouth is soft on mine, pulling my bottom lip between her teeth and when she pushes her tongue in my mouth and dance with mine, I moan and deepen our kiss.

I put my hand in her short, dark, curly hair that came to her shoulders and savor the silkiness. I must be too involve with the way her hairs feels in my fingers that I almost jump as she rub her hard nipples against mine.

Liquid between my legs runs down, feeling the strange but erotic sensation goes through me as our nipples touch and rub against each other.

And the dampness! Her tits are still moist from the licking I gave her and it was rubbing the wetness to my own nipples. Her hard nipple brushes against mine making it sensitive and when the cold air touches my wet nipples, it made them harder.

With both tits tightening and straining, she moves away and grabs my hand as she lower herself down to the floor and lie on the blanket.

Looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes fill with pleasure she commands me, “Sit on my face sweetheart. I want to taste your sweet wetness as it slide down my throat while taking your pussy in my mouth.”

Feeling the shiver go through me, I think about her full, plump red lips, suckling and teasing my cunt. I did what she asks. I turn around so I am facing her feet, also so I can see her pussy, and sit on her face.

I feel her opening me, putting her mouth on it and hold my back with her hands to keep me in place. I groan as i grind my pussy in her mouth and when I saw her own legs opening, I knew what she wants me to do to her without asking.

Softly glide my hand on her cunt, I heard her moan in my crotch, causing vibration shooting through me. I spread her dripping hole, bury my head between her legs and wrap my arms around them as I eat her out, tasting the sweet, salty pink pussy.

Her pussy lips is fat and swollen. She is bare down there and the softness of her skin on my lips, it makes me dizzy with pleasure. When I stick one finger in her hole, I realize that she is nice and tight as when her walls squeeze me I thought, what it would feel like if I had a dick.

I already knew that fucking her wet, warm, slippery tight pussy, will clench around my cock and milk every last drop of orgasm as i come inside her.

Thinking about it, I eat and finger fuck her pussy faster and faster. Swirling my tongue up and down her throbbing clit that makes her pussy pulse under my mouth. I never knew eating another cunt would really turn me on.

She groans, moving her face away from me and tells me, “I’m gonna cum! Eat my pussy faster Amber. I want to cum in your mouth. That’s it, lick my clit like that and fuck that pussy with your finger harder. Add another one. Oh fuck yes! That’s it! Faster, faster, faster… Oh God Im Coming!” she screams and covers her face with my pussy, moaning and groaning as I eat and take every last drop of cum and orgasm.

When her climax slow down, she smiles at me, playfully smacks my ass and tells me to get up.

As we rose, she leans forward, takes her finger and pick up her cum off of my face and grins. “How do I taste?” she says as she holds her cum finger so I can see it. She sticks out her tongue and licks it up as she watches me. “Delicious.” I smile back.

She tells me it was my turn now to lie down on the floor. I lie myself down on the blanket and I’m curious when she say don’t move and runs out the door. She comes back a moment later holding a velvet black pouch that she laid down by my feet.

Kneeling in front of me she purrs “Open your legs.” and of course I obey. She takes my legs, pushes them back until they are near my face and asks me to hold and open them even wider. Leaning over me, she spreads my pussy and puts me in her mouth with one quick motion. I scream as she licks and sucks on my throbbing nub.

Oh, this is what I’ve always wanted, as she place her finger inside me and take me in her wet mouth, lapping her tongue around my clit. I can feel her finger fucking me, touching my g-spot as she pushes her finger deeper and increase the speed.

I move my hips and thrust against her mouth, wanting her to move even faster. Knowing that she wants to hear me tell her what I want, I pant “Move faster. Just like that.” She did, moving in and out with her fingers and licking up and down with her tongue.

Missing the heat of her mouth, she looks up and I hear “Hold your legs up higher.” she demand. I put my hands behind my ass, lifting myself up. She keeps her finger in my wet pussy as she begins to lick my ass hole.

My head starts spinning with the feeling of her finger deep, inside as if it is touching my womb and begin to eat my ass, around and plunging her tongue inside. Not sure if I can survive the feeling, she takes the finger from the same hand that is fucking me, spits on my clit and start stroking it. I was in total bliss.

Reaching over, she stops what she is doing and I am at this point ready to hurt someone, with my tits heaving, waiting to cum so badly if she only continue what she started. She sees my irritation and innocently tells me to be patient as she picks up the pouch. Going on my elbows, I look to see what she was doing and see her pull something out of the bag. It was a pink dildo with a bumpy texture at the base and when she turns it on, my eyes go wide as the top of the head rotates and the bumpy base turns round and round.

Not taking her eyes off of me, she reaches in the pouch again and this time pulls out what look like a pearl necklace. It was dark purple with eight different size balls, the small one at one end and it gets bigger while going to the other end that had a circle ring.

I asks what they are and she answers me ” Anal beads and you will see what they are good for.” Telling me to lie back down and spread them again, Cassandra put the toy inside me when I hold my legs up and just when I was starting to enjoy the fullness of it, she turned it on and I squeal from joy.

I’ve used vibrators before, but never a dildo, but oh my God. The way the fake dick spin and rotates, making the bumpy base moving around my tight pussy, and when she pushes it in and out, it makes my toes curl!

She stops her torture and glides in the beads, one at a time in my ass hole, pushing it farther and farther until only the ring at the end was sticking out.

Moving my hips and telling her to continue what she was doing, she smiles and begins the pleasure again. Turning on the toy, pulling it in and out.

She bends her head and take my pussy in her mouth, licking my clit. Legs shaking and me moaning, my orgasm is almost at its peak as the dildo is pushing in and out, spinning and turning, her licking my pussy and moving the anal beads around.

I take hold her head and hold it there, not taking a chance of her moving away again, begging her to go faster and harder. Increasing her motions, I came with a shout, and when she slowly pulled out the beads from my ass one bead at a time, it intensive my climax and I scream loud as I could, the orgasm causing my entire body to shake and spasm.

After the my orgasm subsides, she takes out the dildo, gives the toys a quick run in her mouth and puts it back in the bag, gave my pussy a swift suck and helps me up.

“So, how is your first experience with a woman?” she asks me with a questionable eyes. I was still feeling the after math of her eating my pussy and the dildo turning inside me. “Amazing.” I say out of breath.

This is the only word I can think of to describe it.

She puts her arms around me, holds me close and start kissing me. “There is so many things that I want to show you Amber. A whole lot of experiences you’ve never seen and felt before…. that’s if you let me.” she said against my mouth.

I look at her and debate if I can trust her. But when I look at her lustful eyes, kissable lips, sexy body and her shave pussy, I start to like the idea. “I’m all yours Cassandra” I answer her.

She beams at me with excitement and promises in her eyes. “Trust me baby. You will never regret or forget about it for the rest of your life.” she replies, kissing me again as she spread my pussy lips apart and start playing with my clit again. Still sensitive from our last play, the tension quickly builds up again. I rock against her hand and sigh in her mouth as I was about to cum over her fingers.

Moving away, she walked behind me with her fingers still rubbing as she leads me to the couch. She sits me down, open my legs and put them over her shoulders, lifts up my ass and eat away my pussy, hard and fast.

Cassandra already showed me she can give me pleasure like no other and if she wants to show me more, well then hell, world here I come…. literally.

I came in her mouth with full force, screaming at the top of my lungs as I hold her head and watch her eat my nice wet pussy.

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