My First Lesian Experience 3

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After a long day at work and a torturous meeting, I sit in a booth located in the corner of my favourite restaurant, enjoying a drink and noticing the place is slow. Just when I am reaching for my briefcase sitting by my feet, a pair of 6 inch, black leather stilettos catches my eye. Unaware of what I am doing, I find myself following up the shoes, unto a fishnet stockings and a leather miniskirt. To my surprise they open for me, showing a smooth fat pussy lips drooling. In shock, I look up and see this very sexy woman with dark hair, bedroom light brown eyes and the most fullest lips I ever seen. Watching me, she gives me a seductive smile and it turns me on, causing my cunt to start dripping. My face heats up with embarrassment from getting caught and never been attracted to woman before.

I quickly grab my novel and bury my face in it, feeling ashamed. After a few minutes, I carefully peek over my book to see if she is still looking, but she isn’t at her table anymore. Relaxing a little now, I take a drink and lose myself in the book. During reading a very steamy scene in my erotic book, I feel a pair of hands climbing up my tan legs, inside my grey business skirt and reaching for my black g string. Shock and excitement passes through me and I glance under the table cloth and see the same woman from before and she is holds right index finger to her lips, and her other is tickling my clit through my undies.

Very curious and arouse at this point, she takes the sides of my panties, pulls them down and I happily comply by lifting up my hips to give her access. Her mouth is now inches away from my swollen lips, not touching it but the nearness of it is making me tremble and extremely wet. She grazes my now expose shave cunt with her finger tips and when I can’t take it anymore, I open my legs wider and invite her in. She finally places her mouth on me and I jump at the sensation of a woman down there. She softly laughs in my drooling pussy, sending shivers from the vibrations.

She licks up and down my clit, going in a slow manner and darting in my hole. I bite my lips, trying not to groan and make any sound then look around the place to see if anyone notice. No one did. Trying to look natural, I grab my book from the table and pretend to read as she licks and eats me out. Wanting my full attention now, her tongue works frantically on the little bump, sending wave after wave of convulsive pleasure through me. Her tongue speeds up and the heat rises in my legs and my whole body. My thighs start to shake as my climax is peaking and when she sticks her fingers inside, moving them in sync with her tongue, the explosion of ecstasy goes through me as I cum in her mouth. I try to conceal my scream but my body as a mind of its own and begins to thrust against the mouth which is now licking up my juices.

Once the mind blowing orgasm subsides, she glimpses out under the table, sees the coast is clear and comes up, sitting beside me. I’m breathing heavily and my face is flush. She stares at me with those alluring eyes full of lust and holds out her manicure hand. “My name is Cassandra.” I stare at them remembering how they work my pussy and I’m getting wet again. I take it and say “Hi, I’m Heather.” Still holding my hand, she leans forward and whispers in my ear “Well Heather, I live a few blocks from here, why don’t you come home with me so we can continue our fun?” I hesitate for a second but when she strokes in between my legs again under the table, I see her nipples pushing through her red tight top and groan yes. Delighted, she looks me up and down, licking her lips. “Hold on for a second,” she says “I have to answer this text and then we can go.” When she is done, she stands up and heads for the exit first. I consciously smooth out my skirt, spying at the other customers just to make sure they are not suspicious and follow Cassandra.

Hailing and sitting in the cab, we head towards our destination, sitting in silence. Staring out of the window going over what happened in the restaurant, Cassandra drapes her leather coat over my legs and her hand slides up my thigh. I automatically spread open for her and checking the review mirror to make sure the taxi driver isn’t watching. She pulls aside my g string, dips into my hole, coating her finger with my juices and flickers my clit over and over again, in a steady motion. She plays with me and I notice it is different from a man touch. The caresses are soft and slow, knowing where to touch and stimulate me for the up most pleasure.

She starts having a conversation with me, knowing I’m doing my best to be quiet, and tells me what she does for a living. I couldn’t process what she is saying because the tension is building up once more. Knowing I am about to bust, she says in her sultry voice “Oh hun, can you check your bag to see if I brought my sunglasses please?” Taking the hint, I bend over pretending to look in for it and the moment I did, my body erupts. Stifling my groans with my hands, I rock my pussy against her hand as the last tremor stops.

Cassandra pays the driver, leads me to an apartment building and we head upstairs to her place. As soon as we walk in the front door, I notice two sexy, gorgeous women sitting naked on the plush love couch in each others arms, playing with each others cunts. They are watching us as if they were waiting and stand up. Cassandra puts her arms around my waist as if I might bolt and smiles “Let me introduce you to my girlfriends, Amber and Tina. This is Heather.” The ladies moisten their lips, looking like they can devour me, and approaches us. “Don’t be scared baby,” she re-insures me, “I promise, you will never forget this experience.” She closes the door behind us.

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