My Summer Vacation Part 1

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It was a warm, sunny, summer day. My bestfriend, her boyfriend, and I were sitting outside in my backyard. We were just talking about girl stuff and going to college. We would really miss each other! I looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was jerking off. I whispered in her ear and told her. she replied by saying ” Oh, thats perfectly normal, he always does that when he wants to have sex.” “Oh” I said,” I’m going upstairs if anyone wants to come and watch a movie.” her boyfriend said he would come. He asked me what kind of movie and I said our usual. He knew that meant porno which we always did. I got changed into my pyjamas since they were sleeping over. While I was changing her boyfriend grabbed me and stuffed my panties into my mouth to stop the screaming. I tried kicking but he just grabbed 4 of my scarves to tie me up. When i saw that I just gave up. He took his monster cock and started ramming it into me just as his girlfriend came in. She screamed and he just walked to her grabbed her, undressed her, and tied her on top of me. We were happy about that because we always had sex. But we didn’t want him watching. He refused to go away and we couldn’t do anything cause we were tied up! So we just decided to pleasure ourselves.
I will save the rest for another time!!!

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