Never thought this would happen..

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This is just to tide you guys over till I finish part two of jenna & I’s vacation, the beggining of this is true (fiction to this website )& happens often.

The memories came flooding back as that shy, bubbly, im hiding something, smile came over Jennas face. The night we decided to experiment & makeout. the night we had both gotten those emotions again, whenever we started to feel a little something, I know how she acted, she couldnt hide it, she wasnt a good liar like I was. That face always led to the same conversation “what is up with you & WHAT ARE YOU HIDING” I usualy though I knew the answer, but would doubt if i’m just thinking what I WANT the answer to be. I had regreted that makeout at first. I was straight. but 90 percent of the time when we had sleepovers I got those feelings for her again. I never did with any other girl . We had a thing where we kind of massaged eacothers backs, but more like tickling, we would lightly run our fingers on eacothers backs legs stocmahce or arms, massage like, doing it for 10-15 minute intervules before switching. & We always got teasy with it although we never said a wrod, or talked about it, just acting like it wasnt happening like it was casual. I remebered that high way she got, that phoney smile she put on, the way she talked & all when we were hiding these emotions. I knew it all too well.
“I remember the weirdest things” she blurted out suddenly from infront of the mirror where she was applying makeup for some odd reasone, although it was 1 AM , my rents where asleep & we where cloes into my bed room. I felt a pulse go through me. I’d heard things like that to many times also.
“ha like what ?” I ask
“nothing, nothing” she muttered , applying eyeliner
“no serously what ?”
she gave that mysterouise hiding little laugh “serously nothing, it donest even have to do with anything it was random”
for about 10 minutes this conversation went on. It went down like this alot. I complained to her that whnever I didnt want to tell her something she tourtered me with something she KNEW i couldnt STAND like not speaking to me at all till I told her. finaly she sighed
“just today when I was in my uncles shower &.. ” she giggled loudly hiding her head in the pillow
I already knew what she was going to say but, as usual, played dumb “anddd??”
“well I was uhmm shaving & I uhmm well something that everyone does… well not everyone but alot of people..”
I laughed deciding to give her a break “ahha that wasnt so horrible was it ?” **

I lay there as her soft fingers ran over my stomache & sides. We had been tickling for a while, & she had been acting the way I know she does when she gets thoe feelings , but more intense ” WHAT IS UP WITH YOU ?” I reapeted for the 1000 time nothing she giggled “NOTIHNGGGGGG IS WRONGGGG”
“your a bad liar” I commented
“whats up with YOU?”
she asked
“what the hell nothings wrong with me ?”
“yeah yuh huh yeah yeah uhh huhhhhh”
“your just a good lair, but I might be to I jsut might be trying to confuse you &..”
she went on with that as I just gave her a confused face she then went on
“I think , I dont know what im thinking, but you know what you think im thinking, & your thinking something too “
“uhmm okay?” I lied , although we both know what was going on. As I lay there I suddenly feel her fingers run to my upper thigh, linger there a few moments, then move up, slowly she slips her finger into the side of my underwear tracing my outter pussy lip & pulling it back out. As my turn for her rolled around, I did the same & we ended up focusing in that general area most of the time. **

I looked at the clock, 3 AM sighing I turned to Jenna who was once again tickling my stomache ” you still think im hiding something?” I asked her
she looked at me and smiled gentely
“that depends” she muttered “Does this feel good?”
suddenly her hand shot down to my clit & started massaging it. i cried out in shock & plesure
“shh your going to wake them up” she muttered tracing her finger around my clit . I squirmed a little as she pulled her hand out of my underwear & started to reach for my shirt. I then pull of hers & her pants as well. I had never even kissed a guy or had anyone see me naked, much less have any sexual experinces. She unhooked my bra and her own since i had gone limp with shock & started to kiss down my stomache , she then felt in my underwear & realising how wet I was, started to fiddle with my clit some more. “do you want me ?” she asked
breathlessyly I pleaded a yes
“then you got me”
she then ripped off both our panties and started to rub her pulsing clit up against mine. I grab a pillow & shove my face into it to keep from moaning loudly , terrified of awakining my parents. She got up & searched my room, coming back with my long dildo which I had never used before.
“Want me to show you what I did in the shower?”
she then shoved the dildo deep into me. I begged her to stop because of the pain but she continued to pump it in and out starting to enduce plesure for me I moaned a little louder as she started to lick my clit. Then for the first time in my life, I came hard & intense. She then smiled. My turn she muttered.

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    more,baby. very nice.

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