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No need for words
I’m 5ft7″, I have blue eyes, average sized hips, waist and breasts, longish legs, short blonde hair, its normally spiked or flattened down in a messy way, I like wearing baggy boy jeans, boy boxers and shirts open with a vest on, I guess I look quite dykey, I would like sometime in the future to look a little more girlie but who knows if it will happen or not.
I met them when I was in a confusing time of my life, I was in a relationship but kind of bored with it, I was using a mobile internet chat room, I met her and one other person on the same site, with her things were flirty but mainly just platonic, but with the other person it was all sex and flirting, talking to her I was totally different to what my day to day personality was like, I was free and easy. I was in a relationship and working nights the whole time I chatted to them both. When eventually I split from my girlfriend, Shelly was now with someone but Karen was still single but had moved to a different place, me and Shelly continued to have a platonic relationship but me and Karen flirted and were dirtier than ever, Karen dared me on a night out to go see her, i was unsure if i could for money reasons but i went, it was a awesome time but it began and ended that night. A few years on I’m not talking to Karen any longer but talk to Shelly a lot, am thinking of doing a flat share with her, but even though we have always been platonic I’m wondering if this is a foundation for something deeper, you know the not seeing what is in front of your face blah blah. I guess time will tell.
Anyway, here is what I guess is what I dreamt of one night!
We move in together, we work in different places but at home we are really good friends, we socialise in similar groups, drink in mostly the same places if we pull then we go our own ways but if we don’t then we escort each other home, for safety reasons.
We dance together occasionally I see myself as a little bit of a outdated older person, I guess I’m the loser she sees me as, but at the moment I’ve got little time or money to change my dress style and I’m a little downhearted after the way the last few years have changed me, not for the better either.
Anyway now I’m working and living with her I’m feeling a lot better with myself and how my life is turning out, she is really good for my self esteem, I start buying clothes that make me look and feel better, my hair is being cut and styled how I want it to be done.
I’m hoping she’ll see the changes and will approve of them a lot, maybe see me in a different light, someone that is attractive and fun to be around, not the loser she has known for over a year or so.

We go out and I’m dancing with this really hot girl her name is Jennifer, she is about 25, works and lives locally. I’m kissing her on the dance floor, after a few minutes of kissing her look around to see where Shelly is, but she is looking at me in a funny way, as if she hasn’t seen me before. I go over and ask if she is okay, she clears her throat and says that she is fine, she was just confused about something, I hug her and say I’m there if she ever wants to talk, she hugs me back but says that what she is thinking would be weird to talk to me about. I say I’m going for a fag if she wants to come she comes along with me easily enough.
We sit smoking and chatting about random stuff then I say how hot I think Jennifer is, she says that she thinks she thinks Jennifer looks okay, then asks if I will be going home with her, this is unusual because we don’t normally talk about this, it just happens or it doesn’t, I say no I probably won’t because I will be up early tomorrow for work. She then says that she is glad because she wanted for us to go back and chill out a little before bed, I’m a little confused though because we never do this.
Anyway the night moves on and we get our coats and I wait for her as usual, as we start walking she shocks me by putting her arm behind me and places her hand in my back pocket, this has never happened before, we don’t normally touch in anyway other than a little hug or messing around, but this isn’t messing around, it feels pretty natural though, surprisingly so, I say nothing about it just carry on walking. We don’t live too far so we arrive at our front door pretty soon, as I bend to unlock the door, our lock is at handle height and I’m a little tipsy I stumble a little but I feel her hands come up to my hips to hold me in place, her thumbs start to stroke my hips, this is very strange indeed. The door unlocks and I stand and turn and she is standing really close behind me, I can feel her breathing quite strangely on my neck, she looks down for a second then looks into my eyes, she moves closer and kisses me gently on the nose, then her lips move to mine, still looking into my eyes, her tongue strokes my lips and my lips part, I feel a shiver down my spine, my tummy feels fluttery and my clit starts to throb, and I feel myself getting wet. I let my tongue meet hers then her tongue massages mine slowly but it is so hot. My hands move to her hips and I pull her closer, this is so unexpected but it feels so right. We slowly move through the front door, still kissing she pushes me against the wall, the front door closes behind her.
Our lips part and we are breathing heavily, I lean my head in the crook of her neck, I lift my head and gently kiss her collar bone, my tongue comes out to taste her, and she tastes so sweet and natural. My head comes up she looks at me with lust and a question in her eyes, I lean forward and kiss her in a hot passionate way, and there she has her answer. She leads us to my bedroom, starts to strip me slowly, starting with my trainers and socks, her hands trail up to my belt, she moves past it pushes up my vest and she trails her fingers over my navel, it’s so sexy and I shiver and feel my pussy getting even wetter. She unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my jeans and lets them fall. She looks to my pussy, sees the wetness on my shorts and looks into my eyes, I look back with a shy blush creeping up my neck, she stands and kisses me again, and whispers in my ear that she is glad she brings that reaction out in me, I feel my skin goose pimple and feel my breast swell and little and my nipples harden at the sexy way she whispers in my ear. I bring my hands up and cup her face in my hands and kiss her softly the kiss builds and soon we are pulling each other’s clothes off. I step back to see her gorgeous naked body, she is everything I imagined and more, I lean down and take a nipple into my mouth I gently tease it with my tongue, and then bite it gently, I move between each nipple, I move my hand to your pussy and groan at how wet you are, I then kiss my way down your body slowly, you’re so gorgeous, so curvy. My mouth now reaches your pussy, my mouth goes lower to your thighs I kiss, nibble and tease you there for a little while, I move my mouth up and gently blow on your clit, my tongue then slides along your slit, tasting your sweet and heady juices, I kiss your pussy all over, my tongue exploring you getting to know your pleasure points, your moans and whimpers make me so hot and horny, it’s amazing, I never imagined eating your pussy would be like this in my wildest dreams. I feel your knees shake and your body tenses, I stand with a grin, you look like you want to slap me for stopping but I’ve got other ideas, we move towards the bed, I lay you down, and straddle you hips, our pussies are touching, your clit against mine, I lean forward and start kissing you as we kiss I start moving my pussy against yours you groan into my mouth, you nibble on my lips, suck on my tongue, I move down to take one nipple into my mouth, I suck hard on it, nibble it as I do this you grind your pussy into mine, so I know your liking it. I feel our wet pussies grinding into each other both our juices mixing together. We both start to come, our orgasms building we move faster together and need building, we wrap our arms around each other our sweat slick bodies moving together, kissin
g hard and passionate, like
we can’t get enough of each other. We come hard and fast into each other, I fall to the side of you, I can barely catch my breath that was amazing.
After we catch our breaths, I turn to you and smile, you smile back. I kiss you again slowly and we curl up and fall asleep in each other’s arms.
We don’t talk about it when we wake, but we are fine with each other. I get up and go get us a cup of tea and a fag each, I pass you both, I go to get your bathrobe and then I go to get a shower. I come down and hug you as your putting your bathrobe on, you leave the room. I get dressed and go to work. I get a text from you whilst I’m at work saying we will talk later! We both know we will talk when we are ready.

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