One Hot Day [ in Boston, MA ]

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I had just gotten out of the shower, when the luscious Kellie saw my naked wet body. So, I grabbed a towel from the rack, that it was hanging near the tub. She walked over to me, and removed it from me. I asked,” What did you do that for?” She replied,” Because, I want to have you, right now.”
She took my hand, and walked me to the bedroom, as she turned me around. Without saying a word, began to kiss me, on the lips. I could feel her playing with my huge breasts. It was getting me hot. So, I let her do her thing.
She started to kiss my neck, as she cupped my breasts, and continued fondling them. Pinching my nipples hard. As I let a soft squeal. Then she bent me over the bed, as she began to lightly smack my bare ass.
She continued it for awhile, as I coud feel the stingy sensation running up my spine. She knelt down,as she began to look at my awaited pussy. She carefully, took her hands, and seperated my pussy lips, so that she could get easy access to my clit. She stuck out her long wet tongue, along my wall of my pussy, up and down, driving me crazy !!! Licking at my clit, and sucking on it, until it was hard and wet.
Meanwhile, while she was feasting on my wet soaking pussy, I was playing with her boobs, pinching her soft nipples. It was only a matter of time, they would get hard.
I told her to lick me faster, and suck me harder. I wanted to cum all over her.
After a few licks and sucks, I was ready to explode, as the tensions built. It was only a matter of time, that I would cum for her. And, I did …squirting it all over her face.
” Cum, Baby … Cum !!!!” She yelled out, as she fingered my dripping pussy, as it squirt cum all over her face. I came so much, I thought, I was going to lose it. I almost lost my balance, as she continued to finger fuck me to a frenzy.
Then it was my turn. I threw her on the bed, and I went right to her awaited shaved pussy. Licking and sucking that delicious pusy !!! I slipped a finger or two, deep into her wet pussy, as I heard her moan loudly. Making sure, that she would cum, I strapped on a 9″ cock, and fucked her ass, until her pussy was dripping with cum, all over the bed.
We played with each other all day and night. Fucking each other in a variety of ways, and positions.

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