Oral lesson

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Anna answered the door and invited Susan into her posh livingroom where Denise stood in her negligee…a sheer, see-through affair that didn’t hide her magnificent breasts or her panty-covered crotch. A garterbelt and stockings and spike heels completed her attire. Introductions were made and Anna directed Susan to the sofa. The young blonde had contacted Anna’s web site and indicated that she would like to have sex with an older woman. That’s when Anna called Susan and arranged the get-together.
Anna went to the sofa and sat beside Susan…reaching up to stroke the blonde’s soft hair and cheeks. Denise was forty-six but looked much younger. Her large breasts were still pretty firm. She approached the sofa and stood in front of Susan.
“Come, child. Stand up and let me have a good look at you.” Susan obeyed and Denise hugged her and kissed her lightly on the lips. Susan trembled. “It’s okay, honey. Just relax and enjoy.” Susan couldn’t stop trembling so Denise held her close and kissed her harder…her hand moving up to fondle the girl’s breasts. Anna got up and stood right behind Susan…her hands caressing the girl’s back and buttocks. Susan was sandwiched now…her body responding to their combined touches. She felt the wetness in her pussy and finally succumbed…growing limp in Denise’s arms. They lowered her to the sofa and lay her back against the pillows. Denise removed her blouse and bra and Anna pulled down her slacks and panties. She was theirs now…and eager to know the pleasures of female to female sex. Anna moved up and began kissing Susan…her hands moving over the girl’s aching breasts…kneading and pinching her nipples as Denise positioned herself between her legs and bent to kiss her belly and then her creamy thighs. Anna broke her kiss and whispered, “Look at Denise, dear.” Susan obeyed and watched the older woman’s head lower to her crotch and felt the tongue licking her exposed pussy.
“Oooooohhhhh yeesssssss…mmmmnnnnggghhh…ooooohhhh that feels so good.”
“Yes, baby. Denise is licking your sweet pussy and you’ll soon be cumming all over her face.”
It didn’t take long either. Once Denise began sucking on Susan’s clit it was over. The girl’s body arched and she screamed as her body convulsed in a huge orgasm…her cum gushing from her pussy into Denise’s mouth.
When it was over, Anna knelt and spread Denise’s legs and dove into the older woman’s soaking cunt…easily bringing her to an orgasm.

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