Private Time With My Baby

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Many consider life sometimes to be a drag where nothing new and positive ever occurs for them. Few realize that the answer to all their problems is very simple…DROP DOWN TO YOUR KNEES AND PRAY. Then again, those who do it, never have patience long enough to understand and appreciate the work of God.

My life seemed like there are more downs than ups. Bills keep piling up, love on one end is great while on the other, it’s a bitch. I got the best fiancĂ©e there is but in the girlfriend department, it’s just crazy. Her name is Stacy Williams. The bitch of all bitches. Very conniving woman who feels that everybody must be at the mercy of her…oh please! When I came around, although I know she loved me, I think I was the first to ever really stand up to her and let her know that I was not taking her crap. She tried her best to run my life. Telling me shit like she would never make me leave her and that she would never leave me alone…talk about obsession! Always accusing me of cheating when cheating is not my style. Four years out of my life, I dedicated to the brat and what do I get for it in the end?…nothing but a broken heart. I promised myself that I would not make the same mistakes I made again. I find it so damn hard to trust everyone around me because I don’t even trust my own self, far less. Nevertheless, I guess not all the time can we decide who we fall in love with because I bounced back from that broken heart so fast, I almost fell to the ground in the process. The reason for my recovery…the beautiful Vern Clery. The sexiest little being out. A smile to have you weak and the most seductive voice that gets you in the mood. And the body…damnnnnnnnn…that’s all I got to say….just damnnnnn.

Vern is the type of person who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Very rude. Kind of reminds me of me which by the way had me thinking long and hard, wondering how she and I would get along considering the fact that we’re the same…rude. But hey, I’ve been through worse things in my life. The least I can do is give love a chance and I must say, I am in love…deeply.

The story unfolds in the early months of 2006 when a good friend introduced me to Vern. We got to talking on the internet and before long, I was calling her everyday. The only problem we were having, was meeting each other. Soon that was rectified and as soon as it was, there was no turning back for me. She kisses like a goddess and touches like an angel. Vern makes me believe in love to the extreme. Although she is a lot younger than I am, she has the mentality that turns me on. Very mature for her age, mentally and may I add, physically in some of the most private places as well. You know the feeling you get when it seems you can hardly breathe if you’re not close to someone? Well I get that a lot when I think of her. Making love to her is like whoaaaaaaaaa. Everything anyone could ask for.

My uncle owns a huge house in Vigie and was going away for two months and I had agreed to house sit for him while he was out. It’s a big house and honestly, I did not want to stay there alone. When he mentioned it to me, I was in the presence of two of my closest friends and asked them if they wanted to stay with me. Of course, they agreed but it was only later in the afternoon did I consider that I should have asked Vern instead. That way, we would finally get some time to spend alone together. I did not want to cancel on my friends so Vern would be an addition to them but also did not want her to feel left out in any way so I told her to bring along three of her friends. The house would be occupied with Me, Judeen, Juelle, Vern and her three friends Gemma, Tracy and Bianca. What I did do was have everyone spend a month with me and then the final month, have Vern and I alone in the house. That was our little secret. When all the others would think that after the month is over, Vern would go home the same day as they would, she would return to the house with me. All the time I had missed out on spending with her, that would be a perfect opportunity for us to spend time together.

The Friday came and I picked up everyone by the square. I had my uncle’s jeep so that was a plus. When I arrived, everyone was already there so I made the introductions, making sure everyone felt comfortable around each other. On our way to Vigie, it seemed everyone had already settled down and was chatting to each other so I know this would not be a problem for everyone to get along. What I liked most was that my best friend Judeen and my girl Vern were laughing together. We got to the house and I showed them around. There were two big Doberman dogs in the yard, Butch and Lexi. They can be the friendliest dogs but once they don’t know you, they will eat you. What I did not mention was that the house had a pool so you could imagine the excitement in their voices when they saw it.
“So Knight, you could not tell us there was a pool?” Judeen asked
“Nope. Wanted it to be a surprise.” I responded
“Well it’s a good thing we walked with our bathing suits” Bianca said
“I didn’t.” Vern said
“That’s not gonna be a problem.” I whispered “You won’t need it.” I continued and winked at her

She gave me the most adorable smile as she blushed.
“So what do you guys wanna do first?” I asked
“I don’t know….just chill I guess” Juelle said
“Yea, I wanna relax by the pool for a lil bit.” Tracy added
“Ok, but first, let me show you guys the rooms”
The house had five bedrooms and three bathrooms. When I showed them the first room, Juelle and Judeen said they would share it. Gemma indicated that she wanted her own room and Bianca and Tracy chose one also. Vern then smiled at me when she realized that it may just happen she and I would be sharing a room. That made me feel so good knowing that I would finally have her in my arms when I closed my eyes at nights and also she would be the first thing I would arise to in the mornings.

Everyone got settled in and did their own thing. Tracy was poolside, Gemma was sleeping, Judeen and Juelle were on the internet, Bianca was watching porn, Vern was listening to music and I was in the yard playing with Butch and Lexi.
“You like playing with dogs, huh?” Vern asked from behind me
“Yea, I love dogs.”
“What about cats? I have a big cat for you to play with, you know.” she giggled
“Oh trust me, that’s one cat I love”
She walked up to me and sat on the lawn just a few feet away.
“Come sit next to me so we can talk” she motioned as she patted the grass next to her.
“What about?” I asked as I did as I was told
“I don’t know…us I guess”
“You know I love you, right?” she asked
“Yes, I know that and I love you too”
“I just need to tell you that ever so often so that you won’t forget.” she explained
“As long as I’m feeling you, even when I’m not with you, I will never forget that V.”
“Awww, that’s sweet” she said
“Well, I mean it. I do love you Vern and I once made a promise to you that I would never hurt you and I meant that.”
“Yea I know”
“I know you don’t trust me, and seriously, I’m used to that. It’s just that when you get burned in a relationship like I did, you tend never to let go of certain things and my ex never trusted me and it’s like it has become a part of me, just to know that people don’t trust me.”
“It’s not that J, I care about you a lot and I just don’t wanna lose you to anyone. I try my best to trust you, honestly but I’m scared ok. I don’t wanna get stuck in a situation where I’m hurting…where we’re both hurting.” she explained
“V, I’m gonna be honest eh, I don’t trust you, especially where Gemma is concerned. I don’t know why, ok and I know you’ve told me she’s not like that but it’s just how I feel. The same way you don’t trust Judeen and I every time I tell you that I am La Clery. Please don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Gemma, and once she is your
good friend, then I accept you being around her all the time but every time you tell me
you’re with her, my mind wonders.”
“But Jeanelle, I hang out with Tracy and Bianca also.”
“I know, I know and that is what puzzles me about everything. You spend time with your other friends too but for some unknown reason, Gemma is my main focus.”
“Aight. How about I call Gemma now and we get this over with?”
“Are you mad?…No! You don’t have to do that. Let’s just drop it ok.”
“Baby but that’s the only way you’re going to believe me that nothing goes on with me and Gemma.”
“Ok, but if you call Gemma, I’m calling Judeen too cause I know you’re wondering about she and I also.”
“Ok ok, forget it. Let’s drop it for true.”
At this point we both burst out laughing just realizing how stupid we can be at times.
“I love you Vern.”
“I love you too Jeanelle.”

The days went by quickly and honestly, I was just praying for some alone time with my princess. Not that I didn’t enjoy the company of the others. I loved having them around. It’s just the anticipation of being in a big house with Vern with so many possibilities just kept occupying my mind.

One Saturday afternoon, just before sunset, while the rest of us were all down by the pool, Vern was in our room on the internet so I decided to go check on her. I stood behind her, bent down and started kissing her neck. She responded by slightly tilting her head to give me better access.
“You better stop before someone sees us.” she warned
“They’re all downstairs. Just a quickie.”
“No Jay.”
“Whyyyyyy?” I asked while giving a puppy dogface and sounding really disappointed
“Mannnnn, don’t do that, ok.”
“But I want you.”
“I want you too but we can’t”
“He he.” she giggled

At that point, I started kissing her again. This time, on her lips. She got off the chair and instead of resisting, she gave in and stuck her tongue deep inside my mouth. Her lips were so soft and I was beginning to moan, just at the thought of having her in my arms. I stepped back and brought her with me, so that I could lean against the closet. Temperatures were rising as I started sliding my hands up her skirt. Her skin was so smooth and her ass cheeks felt like silk. She began to kiss down my neck and stopped just above my shoulder, concentrating on one spot.
“You really have to stop that hickee shit.” I said to her
“Why? I like leaving my mark”
She continued and just as she did, we heard movements outside the door. My mistake was leaving it ajar so that anyone who came, would be able to see directly in the room without even having to push it open. She quickly stepped back, putting distance between us. I swear my heart stopped, just wondering if we had been seen.
“Hey, you guys ok there?” Gemma asked as she poked her head in
“Uhmmm, yea, we’re fine.” I answered
“Oh ok, the girls were getting kinda worried considering that you left to go check on Vern and then we didn’t see either of you.”
“Nah, everything is cool.” Vern added
Then there was silence for a few seconds.
“I’ll be downstairs.” I said, breaking the silence
“Aight.” they both said
I could see there was question in Gemma’s expression as she suspected something was going on. Nevertheless, although I knew it was a bit cruel on my end, I left Vern to take the heat from her.

That night, we decided to have a barbeque poolside. Just us girls chilling and having some fun. Judeen and Juelle fired up the grill while I was taking care of the music. The others were helping out in whatever way they could. Gemma was in the kitchen, carrying food and drinks down to the pool while Vern, Bianca and Tracy were setting up a table. Things were going great. Everyone was laughing and that made me feel really good. I was now relaxing on a lounge chair to the further end of the pool just staring at the stars. Judeen came up to me and sat between my legs.
“You ok there?” she asked
“Yea, I’m good, why?”
“Just saw you distance yourself from everyone else so I thought something was wrong.”
“No, no. I’m safe. Just relaxing.” I responded
We continued chatting but then I glanced over at Vern and she had this look of suspicion on her face, staring at me with the most devious eyes, swaying her head from side to side. I quickly realized it was because Ju was sitting between my legs. I couldn’t push Ju away because it would be kind of rude and at the same time, I couldn’t continue to have Judeen sitting in the position she was.
“I’m going to get something to drink. Do you want anything?” I asked as I flung one of my legs over her so that I could get up.
“Uhmmm, nah, I’m aight for now.”
“Aight.” I said and quickly got off the chair.
I approached Vern and when she realized that was my motion, she turned her back. Apparently she was mad and I don’t blame her cause if it were the other way around, I would have had the same attitude. Since everyone was in our presence, I just let it go and went to the bar. Tracy was there getting herself something so I asked for a beer. She handed me a Piton and then asked, “What’s up with you and Judeen?”
“Nothing is up with me and Ju. Damnnn.”
“Well apparently Vern thinks so.”
“You mean you saw that?”
“Yep. She’s my best friend Jeanelle. I know her well.”
“Ju and I were just talking. Nothing was going on.”
“Yea well, the talking wasn’t the problem. Judeen sitting so tightly between your legs is. When Vern is mad and having every right to be, she can get very cold.”
“Trust me, I know”
“Aight, well make this right ok.”
“Ok, thanks.”
I took the beer and approached Vern again. She did the same thing by turning her back towards me.
“Can I talk to you?” I asked
“I don’t wanna talk to you. Just leave me alone.” she said coldly

I backed away and just kept my distance for the rest of the night. By 1:25 a.m., we were packing things up to head off to bed. When three-quarter of the work was done, I told everyone that they could go and I would finish up. Bianca volunteered to stay with me while the others went to bed. By the time we were finally done, it was 1:55 a.m. I made sure everywhere was locked up and then went to my room. I locked the door behind me, making sure I had not left it slightly open again.

Vern was already in bed. I went to take a quick shower and then tried to approach her again.
“I told you to leave me alone Jeanelle.”
“What’s wrong Vern?” I asked
“Don’t act stupid ok. You’re smarter than that.”
“Judeen and I were just talking V. So now I can’t talk to her?”
“I did not say that. You couldn’t stop her from sitting between your legs like that and on top of it all, the way she was resting against you? I even saw when you whispered something in her ear and she started giggling.”
“Vern, what is wrong with you? We were talking about her man.”
“Yea whatever J.”
“Don’t do this ok. Turn and look at me please.”
“Jeanelle just forget it ok and go to bed.”
“I wanna talk.”
“And I don’t!” her voice was rising
“Don’t shout at me ok and stop making it seem like I’m a fucking bitch.”

At that point, she raised herself off the bed and slapped me.
“I’ve told you not to curse at me.”
The sound of the slap rang in my ears and it stung so badly that I had to basically shake myself back to reality. Without thinking, I slapped her back, hard, and it’s only after I did it, I realized that I should not have done that.
“I hate you!” she cried
“Baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”
By that time, tears were flowing down my face.
“Leave me alone!” she said
I then bent over to try to hold her and she pulled away. I tried again and she did the same thing. We started struggling until she was on her back and I was sitting astride her. We were now basically fighting.
“Get off me!” she yelled
“Stop it! We need to work this out and I don’t care what you say or do, we will clear this up even if
it means staying up the rest of the night.”

We continued to struggle and then I bent to try to kiss her. She kept turning her face and I kept at it. I was holding h
er hands down over her head while she kept raising her legs below me. I bent to kiss her again and this time, she kept her mouth closed. Eventually she let her lips open slightly and I could feel her restrain ease up. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she kissed back. Then I broke the kiss.

“Princess, I am sorry, I really am. First, nothing is going on between Judeen and I, I swear. She sat between my legs and I didn’t think anything of it. I never even considered your feelings and for that I apologize. Second, I am sorry for hitting you. That was a reflex action. I did it without thinking. Please forgive me baby.”

By then, the tears had swelled up in both our eyes.
“Jeanelle, I’m sorry for slapping you first. Look, I get jealous quickly and I can’t help it. Like I said before, I don’t wanna lose you. And about me saying that I hate you, I didn’t mean that.”
“I know you didn’t mean it and just like you, I get jealous very fast too so I understand where you’re coming from but I feel we should work this out so that it doesn’t get between us.”
“Wellllll, we already started, so let’s continue.”
At her words we both smiled and I pressed play on the remote. “Stick with you” by Pussycat Dolls started to play. I kissed her deeply, savouring the moment. The feeling I was getting at that point was so strong that kissing her wasn’t enough. The passion was intense and I wanted her so damn much. I kissed down her neck and only then did I finally release my hold on her hands, which I had pinned above her head. I raised her nightgown over her head, exposing her breasts. She wasn’t wearing any panty. I let my tongue trail down to her breasts and sucked gently, biting it a few times. Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips slowly. I circled her nipple with my tongue and she let out a light moan, making me aware of her satisfaction. Her hands were roaming my hair as she gently pushed my head lower. I kissed over her stomach and let my tongue enter her belly button. Her moaning was getting louder as she anticipated where I was heading. I went lower and lower and at the same time, caressed her breasts with one hand. When I got between her legs and she felt me exhale on her pussy, she took a deep breath. She smelled so good. I looked at her pussy and I could see her white juice seeping slowly but surely. I could no longer hold back. I dove into her pussy and sucked like it was the last time I would ever taste something so good. I sucked on her clit hard and then stuck my tongue inside her. She was warm and her pussy invited me openly. Her clit was hard and for some reason, I didn’t wanna leave it. I kept sucking and sucking and the harder I sucked, the more she raised her hips to meet my mouth, making sure I didn’t break the bond.

Her body moved in motion with the song, intensifying the feelings even more. We seemed like we were dancing and what made the pressure build up even more was the fact that just a few moments ago, we were fighting. Make up sex was the best thing cause then you put your all into it. I was feeling her so strong that I never wanted that night to end. She tasted so fucking sweet. I was addicted to her in the most unimaginable way possible.
“Mmmmm.” she moaned gripping my head tighter.
Her body was beginning to quake and her movements became more rigid. I knew she was close. I placed my mouth over her hole and sucked hard.
“Mmmmm yeaaaaa…” she rocked against me, dripping everything into my mouth. She was holding onto my head so tight that I couldn’t come up for air. I drank and swallowed every drop, making sure I didn’t let any go to waste. She tasted like heaven. I just kept sucking, hoping more would come down because I couldn’t get enough of her.
“Baby.” she called
“Yea?” I answered
“Kiss me.”
I did as she requested and raised myself above her and kissed her hard on her lips. She moaned when she tasted herself on my lips. She was wet all over, sweating like she had just taken a shower. My body was basically sliding over hers. We continued kissing like we never wanted to stop. She slowly pushed me onto my back, sitting on top of me in the process, making sure we didn’t break the kiss. Her kiss is so electric and satisfying. Her mouth was warm and every time she kisses me, I get weak. Thank God I was lying down because I may just have collapsed just from she kissing me. She kissed along my jaw line, then behind my ears, then sticking her tongue in my ear which by the way drove me crazy. She went down to my neck and started sucking on one particular spot.
“Oh no baby, not there. I won’t be able to explain how it got there.”
“He he. Ok baby.”
She continued down my neck and onto my breasts. Vern started kissing my nipples gently, sucking each one and fondling them with her tongue.
“Hmmmmm” I moaned lightly
She started to suck on the top of my breasts and this time I didn’t stop her. It was feeling so good. I liked the way she puts hickees on me and I wish she could have done it all over. When she was satisfied, she moved back to my nipples and sucked hard. The pain was sweet. The kind of pain that made you love to hurt. She then went lower and gently bit my stomach, making me take deep breaths in as she did. She raised one of my legs, opening them further than they already were. Slowly, she pushed her index finger deep inside my pussy and I felt the walls of my pussy contract and grab onto her finger like a glove. She pushed it in further and this time, it touched my spot and I raised my hips, just making her know I could feel her, strong. She pulled her finger out gently and then pushed it in harder, hitting that same spot a second time. The feeling had my insides turning and I was getting light headed. Then, she pushed her middle finger along with the index finger in, expanding my walls further. With the thumb, she rubbed my clit roughly. Two fingers inside me and another caressing my already swollen clit had me going crazy. I wanted nothing else in life. I was right where I wanted to be and with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…I was with an angel. She made me feel like I needed nothing else and I truly believed that.

She continued to finger me, increasing the motion every minute. She gazed into my eyes and I was loving her. The way she looked at me made me weak. There was passion deep within her eyes that only I can feel. My inside was beginning to tighten and I knew that I was close to cumming and she knew it too. She pulled her fingers out and lowered her head between my legs, breaking the gaze she had on me. She gently blew on my clit and I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Slowly, she placed her mouth on my pussy, kissing it at first and then gently licking. My clit was hard and my pussy was about to explode. Suddenly, she placed her whole mouth over my hole and sucked. At that point, I exploded into her mouth as I grabbed her head tightly.
“Ahhhhhhhhh.” I moaned as I let my juices flow into her mouth.

She continued to lick me until she was satisfied that she had gotten all my cum in her mouth. She raised herself from between my legs and came up to kiss me. I kissed her like I hadn’t seen her in days and I had missed her so much. I didn’t want her to leave my arms ever again.
“I love you J.” she whispered
“I love you too V.” I said and kissed her again
By then, it was 3:45 a.m. so Vern rested her head on my breasts and we both drifted off to sleep.

I awoke at around 9:30 a.m. to find Vern was not next to me. I got out of bed and flew a bathrobe around me. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face before heading out into the kitchen to get something to eat and also to look for the others. Just as I was arriving into the living room, Vern was just about to head downstairs and she turned and winked at me and then left. Tracy was watching tv.
“Good girl.” she said and smiled
I looked at her suspiciously although I kn
ew what she was referring to. She had told me that I better make th
ings right and obviously Vern had blabbed her mouth already.
“Good girl for what?” I asked
“You know very well what I mean.”
I just smiled and went into the kitchen to make myself some coffee.

The other girls were downstairs cooling out. Vern came back into the living room as I was heading back into the room. She and Tracy was giggling over something, as usual.

I took a shower and then joined the others downstairs.
“Good morning.” I said as I approached them
“Morning.” They all said
“So what’s it gonna be today?” I asked
“I don’t know, whatever happens, happens.” Gemma said
“Yeaaa.” The rest responded
“Aight then.”
I sat on a lounge chair and opened a novel that I had found in the library. I stared reading but was interrupted. Vern said between my legs.
“I’m the one who is supposed to be sitting between your legs and never forget that.” she said
“I won’t baby.”
She rested her back against my chest and laid down.
“Read for me.” she demanded

“Kent basically ripped her clothes off in the heat of passion. Valerie herself could hardly wait as she stripped out of her panties…”

“Ok, stop, that makes me horny.”
“Oh c’mon Vern, not now.”
“What? It’s not my fault. Shit just happens.”
“The girls are leaving tomorrow morning and then we will be alone so have some patience.”
“Tomorrow is too far.” she whined
“Woman, you have an addiction to sex.”
“And you don’t?”
“Well, no. I can control myself.”
“Oh plzzzzzzzzz. You keep telling yourself that and sooner or later you will be a professional in lying.”
“Oh hush.” I said

We continued chatting and decided that the afternoon we would spend swimming. We had an early lunch and relaxed in the pool which was kind of warm from the sun.

“I could fall asleep right here.” I thought to myself but was then brought back to reality when I felt the sudden presence of my girl.
“What are you thinking of?” she asked
“You.” I answered
“Good.” she said and smiled
Under the water, she took my hand and placed it between her legs. I started to pull away, afraid that we might be seen.
“Don’t pull back, you know you want to.”
“But V, everybody is behind you.”
“They’re at the other end of the pool so stop frontin’. Finger me J.”
“Just like that, huh?” I asked
“Yea, just like that.”
I rubbed her pussy through her panty and kept watching over her shoulder, just to be sure. She was biting on her lower lip and moaning softly. I pushed her panty to the side and gently glided my finger inside her. She basically let herself go and put all her weight down on my hand. All the while, her eyes were closed but then she opened it and smiled, looking at my breasts.
“What are you smiling at?” I asked and followed her gaze down to my breasts. The hickee was visible.
“Shit. That’s not funny you know.” I warned
“Ha ha, yes it is.”
I pulled my finger out of her and quickly pulled the cups of my bathing suit properly over my breasts, trying hard to hide it.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet with all of us watching some of the latest dvds. Everyone had packed up their stuff, knowing they were leaving in the morning. Vern had done the same but the only difference is, she would be coming back with me and she and I were the only ones who knew that. That night, she and I relaxed on a lounge chair on the balcony right outside our room and just watched the stars, covered with a blanket because the wind was blowing kind of chilly. She sat between my legs with her back against my chest as I encircled her with my arms and held her close. I showed her some of the constellations that I had learned and we even saw a shooting star.
“I love this.” she said
“Love what?” I asked
“This. You and I just holding each other and relaxing. It feels nice.” she explained
“Yea it does. We should do it more often.” I smiled as I looked down at her.

I awoke early the next morning, eager to be alone with her. I didn’t want it to seem so bad but honestly, I couldn’t wait to get rid of everybody else. We had breakfast and headed out around 9:00 a.m. I dropped everyone at their destinations and indicated to them that Vern and I had something to do and that was the reason she wasn’t going home just yet. It was like our little secret. Something we shared only between us. We drove back to the house and before I could park properly, she started kissing me.
“Hold up baby, you’re going to make me crash.”
” He he.” she giggled and pulled back.
“We have to wash the jeep so go put your things back inside and let me set up here.” I instructed
“Ok.” Vern said and ran into the house.
By the time she got back, I had two pails of soap, along with a hose and some pieces of sponge. I put music on in the jeep and we began to wash it. The weather was perfect, the music was good and I was with the most beautiful woman…God alone can separate us. I was daydreaming big time, just thinking of her. Suddenly, a spray of water hit me.
“Heyyyyyy!” I screamed with shock as the cold water ran down my body
“Hey what? You were in your own world just a minute ago. Wake up girl.”
“You’re going to pay for that you know.” I said
“Oh yeah, how?”
I raced around the vehicle, running after her trying to send the soaked sponge behind her. She took off like a jet.
“Jeanelle, stop it!” she screamed
“You wet me first.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s too late.” I said and continued to run after her.
By the time I finally caught up to her, we were both soaked. Her nipples shot through her shirt, as she was not wearing any bra. I pinned her against the front of the jeep, both of us breathless.
“So what makes you think you were going to get away with wetting me?” I asked
“Welllll, I thought you liked getting wet.”
“It depends in which aspect.” I replied
I stared into her eyes and her stare said it all…I love you. I answered that by kissing her firmly on her lips. She opened her mouth, inviting my tongue in. Slowly, she let go of the hose in her hand and I the sponge. She placed her hands around my neck, drawing me in closer, making sure there was no space between us. I was hungry…hungry for her. As I kissed her, my hands roamed her body, caressing every inch that I could reach.
“Mmmmm.” she moaned into my mouth.
Just then, it began to rain…so much for the perfect weather. At least we wouldn’t have to rinse the jeep. The rain felt so good on our bodies. I lowered my kisses to her neck at which point I took hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. I continued kissing her before going lower and biting her nipples gently.
“Ssssssssss…” she let out.
I sucked on her breasts, taking each one in my mouth and loving it. She was becoming slippery as the rain beat down on us. I let my hands trail to the waist of her skirt and skillfully undid her belt and skirt so quickly, even I was surprised. I dropped them down to her feet, revealing my favourite panty which read on the back, “buuuuuuu”. I looked at her and she just smiled. I knelt down in front of my princess and slowly pulled her panty down before standing up again. I placed my lips on hers once more. She proceeded in taking my clothes off, leaving both of us completely naked. My kisses continued down her stomach until I was kneeling in front of her once more. I raised one of her legs onto my shoulders and without hesitation, let my mouth work its magic. Oh how I had missed that sweet pussy and now that it was raining, it was extra wet. I sucked her hard and she was loving every moment of it. Her hands were gripping my head firmly as I buried my face in her cunt. Her clit was hard and erect, begging for special attention. I took it in my mouth and sucked. Her leg gave way under her and I could barely hold onto her weight above me because she was sliding. I broke the m
outh to pussy kiss and stood up. I raised her off the ground and put her to sit on the hood of the jeep, spreading her legs wide apart.
“Better?” I asked in a h
usky voice
“Yea.” she replied
I resumed what I was doing before and went right back to her pussy…in fact, my pussy. Apparently she had not lost any feeling in the short time that I had stopped because she started moaning almost immediately. I knew she was sliding off the hood but it was much better than trying to hold her up while on my knees. Besides she was doing a very good job of keeping herself up. I loved the taste of her pussy so much that I swear, I did not want that moment to end.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and at the same time slid two fingers into her soaked pussy. Bracing herself on her elbows, she threw her head back.
“Oh fuckkkkkkk!” she maoned
My baby was cumming and she was letting me know that by gripping my head so tight, I thought she would rip it off.
“Yes, yes, yesssssssss…” she said loudly, lifting one of her legs and dropping it onto my back.
“Ohhh, I’m cumming…” she screamed as she breathed rapidly and her stomach contracted, releasing her juices into my mouth.
“Mmmm.” I said letting her know how good she tasted.
“Damn,” she said “that was a big one.”
I just smiled at her and helped her slide herself off the jeep. Just then, we heard a vehicle passing right outside the fence. Apparently, we had forgotten that we were outside and could have easily been seen, even though we had a wooden fence separating us from everyone else.
“We better go inside.” I suggested
“Yea, let’s go by the pool.” she said, as she picked up our clothes and headed downstairs.
It was still pouring and the skies had opened up, revealing nothing but gray clouds. When we got downstairs, I sat at the edge of the pool with my legs dangling in the water. Vern sat next to me and kissed my cheek.
“You have no idea J.” she said softly
“No idea what?” I asked
“You have no idea how much I love you.”
Just hearing her say that made my heart swell. Why it took so long for her to come into my life and why I had to experience a broken heart first, I will never know.

The rain continued to pour and although the atmosphere was chilly, just having her this close to me, gave me a heat especially between my legs. She slid her hand up and down my legs and was stopping every time she got close to my pussy. Why was she teasing me? She continued to caress my legs and eventually let her hand come in contact with my pussy. Just as she did, she started kissing my neck. She played with my cunt roughly, and let the tip of her finger touch my hole occasionally. My temperature was rising and I almost collapsed when she looked me in the eye, took her hand from between my legs and placed her fingers in her mouth, sucking my juices off. The sight of that alone had my head spinning. Vern jumped into the pool and stood directly between my legs. She placed her hand on my chest and pushed against me, making me lie on the cold brick ground. She spread my legs and kissed up and down my inner thighs, biting gently in the process. Every time her lips got close to the center of my legs, she changed direction.
“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked, basically begging her to stop teasing and just suck me.

She raised her head slightly to look at me and just smiled. Obviously she was enjoying torturing me. Vern couldn’t help being a tease and a big flirt. She lowered her head down this time, placed her mouth directly on my pussy hole, sucking gently. Vern licked from my hole, all the way up to my clit, darting her tongue hard against my sensitive clitoris. I laid back and let her do as she pleased. What’s mine is hers and right now she was eating her pussy, and cherishing every moment of it. I never realized how skilled she was until now. She opened her mouth so wide that both my hole and my clit were covered. The feeling was so intense that I could hardly figure out exactly where the point of sensation was. Then she did something that made my eyes roll back in my head. While my clit and my hole were in her mouth, she managed to slide her tongue deep inside me, not losing concentration and forgetting that she wanted to keep my entire pussy in her mouth. Vern then sucked harder than she had ever done before and that was all it took to send me over the edge.
“Oh fuck me!” I yelled, “Damn.”
I began to shake like crazy and cum was all over her face, she was buried in my juices. I had cum so hard that even after the fact, I was having after shocks. She was still licking me hungrily, moaning into my pussy as she did.

She pulled herself out of the pool and sat astride me and just looked down, smiling. I was still breathless trying hard to get a steady breath. She bent and kissed me and as she did, the rain stopped. We looked towards the heavens and the skies were beginning to turn back into a beautiful baby blue.
“Let’s go get cleaned up.” she said as she got off me, extending her hand in the motion for me to take it.

We went indoors and spent the rest of the afternoon watching tv.

The days were going by quickly…too quickly if you ask me. We had done so many things together. We went to the beach, the movies, shopping and even went down to a hot bath in Soufriere one Sunday. Our cell phones were ringing off the hook as our friends were trying to track us down. I told Vern that she could tell Tracy what we were up to. She jokingly called both of us bitches but was happy we had taken the time to spend with each other.

Vern and I were down to our last week together. We had no idea what were should do and decided to just let nature take its course.

Early one evening, the Sunday before we would go home, we took a walk up to the lighthouse. The security guard was downstairs and since I knew him, he allowed us to go upstairs. While up there, we could see the entire airport, and across the water, beyond rat island. Further out, I showed her Martinique. The lights there twinkled in the distance, imitating stars. I had shown Vern the constellations before so many times that she was the one showing me now. The night was perfect. She was standing in front me, resting against the railing. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her. The place was windy so we stayed close to keep warm. She tilted her head back and let it lie on my shoulder, then looked up at me.
“What?” I asked
“I don’t know…I just enjoyed spending time with you and now that it’s almost over, all I wanna do is cry.”
“Oh baby, I promise you from now on, we will spend much more time together. I don’t think I will be able to breathe for too long without you. You’re everything to me V and I’m never going to let you go.”
“I wish I could marry you J.”
“Girl, you have any idea how much I wish the same thing? My life would be complete then.”
“Don’t ever leave me and I will be with you forever.”
“I won’t leave you baby…that’s a promise.”
She turned around and wrapped her hands around my neck. I placed mine around her waist and pulled her close.
“Kiss me princess.” I ordered
Without hesitation, she did just that, locking her lips with mine. Our tongues danced with each other as our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. She felt so perfect in my arms. We broke the kiss and just hugged. Holding so tightly like we would never see each other again.

On Sunday, we got out of bed quite late, around noon. It’s just that for me, once I’m lying in bed with my better half, I don’t ever feel like doing anything else but staying right where I am. We lazily stepped out of bed, yawning and stretching endlessly. Vern went into the bathroom while I went into the kitchen to get us something to eat. By the time I went to check on her, she had already taken a shower.
“Damn woman, you’re fast.”
“He he.” she giggled
“Breakfast is on the table.” I told her
“Ok babygirl.”
We sat down to eat after which, I myself took a shower. There were two computers in the house so we both proceeded to check our mail. When I signed
into messenger, Vern was already on.
“I love you.” she said
“I love you too.” I responded
We wer
e being silly. Chatting each other like we were a distance apart. By the time we had both signed out, it was late afternoon. I met up with her in the living room.
“V, I have to pick up my uncle at the airport for 11:30 a.m. tomorrow morning so I will drop you home around 10:00. Is that ok?”
“I guess. It’s not like I have a choice in the matter Jeanelle.” she replied with a sad look on her face.
“Baby, please don’t do this. We both knew this time was coming.”
“I know, I know ok. You don’t have to explain. I just don’t wanna be away from you.”
“Same here. I know how you’re feeling.” I tried to comfort her.

I was sitting on the couch while she rested her head on my laps, stretching herself out. I stroked her hair as we continued talking and before we knew it, it was nightfall. I drifted off into my own world as there was a bit of silence. I then excused myself as I suddenly remembered something. I ran into the bedroom and came back out, dangling an eight inch brown vibrator in hand.
“Oh my God Jeanelle, whose is this?” she asked with eyes wide open
“Mine. I forgot I had it you know.”
“How could you forget something like this?’ she asked as she took the dong from me and inspected it. She found the switch and turned it on. The dick came to life with it’s continuous vibrations.
“Oh I’m going to have fun tonight.” She said with a sly smile on her face. “Come here.”

I went up to her and sat where I was sitting before. She raised herself off the couch and came up close to me and we started kissing. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…that woman kisses like an angel. We were both wearing bathrobes with nothing underneath so that was good…less clothes to take off. My nipples had gotten so hard that they were beginning to hurt every time the robe rubbed against it so without breaking the kiss, I slid out of it. I continued to kiss my angel as she let her hands gently caress my body. The feeling of having her on top of me like that was intense and knowing that was the last night we were spending together before going home was overwhelming. I slid my hands under her robe and grabbed her ass cheeks. They were smooth and warm and I wanted to kiss there so much. Her kisses moved from my lips, down to my breasts. Vern concentrated on my hard nipples, circling them with her tongue. They hurt but at the same time it felt good. She slid one of her hands between my legs and only then did I realize how wet I was. Her fingers glided easily inside my soaked pussy as she fondled me. My heart rate had increased and there was a sudden heat in the room. Beads of sweat accumulated on my forehead and my breathing became rapid. She stretched her hand below me and pulled the vibrator, showed it to me with a big grin on her face. She began to pass it over my lips, then my breasts. She flipped the switch and the dick awoken as she rested it on my nipples. They got harder than they already were and I took a deep breath. She brought her hand lower until the vibrator was between my legs, humming away. She looked me directly in the eye, placed the tip of the dick at my hole and pushed slowly.
“Mmmm.” I moaned
The feeling of the vibrating device was beginning to drive me crazy. When she realized that there was no resistance from me, she pulled it out and pushed once more. My pussy expanded to accept the size of the dildo. My legs were open wide with one hanging off the chair. Vern continued the motion and with every push in, I moaned. She began to do it faster and harder which hit my spot on every entry. My clit was beginning to burn, my stomach began to tighten and my pussy walls grabbed onto the dong firmly.
“I’m cumming…” I said
“Cum for me baby.”
That was all she needed to hear from me to bring me to the point of no return. She brought her mouth down to my pussy and with the vibrator still going in and out, she sucked hard on my clit.
“Aaaahhhhh!” I exploded all over the vibrator, dripping down my ass and onto the chair. When the pressure and feeling had subsided just a little, Vern pulled the dick out of me and placed it in her mouth, licking all my juices off.
“You’re crazy, you know that?” I said, just staring at her.
“I know.” she said and giggled. “Tonight was your night baby. I wanted to taste your cum so bad and fall asleep with the taste in my mouth.”

At those words, she lay down on top of me, covered us both with her robe and we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning, feeling refreshed like Vern fucking me the night before was all I needed to feel alive again. I looked over at her and watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful that I wished I could have stayed right there the entire day and just admire her. She’s so beautiful, beyond the expression of words. I know what it felt like to be in love but honestly, this time around was different. The feeling was completely unlike any other feeling I had had before. I love that woman so much that I’m trying hard to find new ways to express it cause saying it alone, doesn’t satisfy me anymore. I swear, if I could marry her, I would cause then I know that would be the best way for me to express my love to her…in marriage but I will keep trying as long as I live. No matter what happens between us, I will fight to keep us together. We may argue a lot sometimes but none of these arguments ever makes me think any less of her. There are times after the argument, I actually love her more although I didn’t think it possible to love her any deeper than I already do.

I got out of bed and went to make breakfast. I took an early shower and when I returned to the bedroom, she was just getting up.
“Morning princess.” I said
“Morning babygirl.”
“Slept well?” I asked
“Like an angel.” she responded
“Well you looked like one.” I complimented
She just gave me a big smile. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was 8:30. We didn’t have much more time together. We had breakfast together and while I was washing the dishes, she went to take a shower. When I was done, I began wiping the countertops when suddenly, she crept up behind and wrapped her hands around my waist, hugging me from behind. I turned around to face her.
“You look sexy.” I said, looking at her in her dark pink short skirt and light pink spaghetti strap top
“Thank you.” she said smiling
I bent to kiss her and as I did, she pulled me even closer. Then a nasty thought entered my mind.
“Be right back.” I said suddenly and dashed into the bedroom”Huh?”
I came back with the vibrator in my hand.
“Girlllll.” she said smiling
“What?” I asked, acting like I didn’t know what she was talking about. “Last night was mine but this morning is yours.”

She gave me the biggest grin and just circled my neck with her arms and kissed me. I rubbed her back gently and went lower and slid my hands below her skirt. With the dildo still in hand, I squeezed her cheeks. Our foreplay was getting rough as our hands roamed each other quickly. It was like we hadn’t seen in each other in years because the way we got on, we looked hungry. I lifted her off the floor and put her to sit on the counter. I looked in her eyes and winked at her, opening her legs. I lowered my lips to her legs and began placing kisses on her inner thighs. She closed her eyes and dropped her head back, resting against the wall. I didn’t need to remove her panty since time was limited so I pushed the crotch to the side and planted a deep kiss right between her legs. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I loved the taste of her pussy…such a unique taste. She was already so wet that my saliva only made her wetter. I sucked on her clit like a sweet and I could taste her juices and smell that sweet pussy so strongly. I loved it. I wanted nothing more from anyone. I had all what I really wanted right here with me. Slowly but surely, I inched the vibrator between her legs. When I looked up at her, she nodded he
r head, giving me the permission to fuck her. I switched it on and gently slipped t
he dildo deeper between her legs and slowly pushed it in her pussy. I pushed deeper and deeper until she grabbed hold of my hand and urged me to do it faster. She was moaning slowly and softly at first but then as her feelings intensified, she began to grip my head tighter. Although this was a quickie, I was enjoying every minute of it. I loved hearing her moan when I made love to her. It made me know that she was indeed enjoying what was going on.
“Hmmm, yesssssss.” she moaned
I pushed and pulled, in and out…fucked her sweetly. My baby was cumming and I knew it. She was rocking wildly, digging her nails in my scalp.
“Oh yessssss, yesssss…yessssss.” she said
When she finally came, she was breathless, breathing uncontrollably.
“Oh damnnnnnnnn!” she explained
I remembered what she had done me and I returned the favour. I pulled it out of her pussy and placed it in my mouth, savouring her juices, every last drop that was on the dick. All the while, she was looking deep into my eyes, just loving me and I was loving her.

I pulled her off the counter, kissed her once more and glanced at the clock. It was now 9:45 so I suggested that we get going.

“I love you Vern Clery.” I said
“I love you too Jeanelle Knight.”
We picked up our things, headed out to the jeep and drove off, always remembering that special time we spent together.

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