Raving Bliss

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The piercing high-pitched tone of the mobile phone ring shattered the blissful illusion of Tina’s dreams and she struggled through the sticky mass of sweat-soaked sheets to reach to her bedside table and turn off the screeching sound.

As she picked up the slim sleek phone, she noticed the word “CHANTELLE” highlighted on the glowing screen. Her heartbeat quickened as she answered the call.

“Teenie! It’s me!” an excited voice screamed down the phone, almost drowned out by pumping music in the background.
“Are you ready? We’re nearly at your place!”
“Ready? Fuck! I forgot!”
“Get ready babe! We’ll see you in ten.”
“Wait!” Tina pleaded, but the phone was dead.

Jumping out her bed, Tina glanced at the clock beside the bed, her bleary eyes making out the numbers 12:23. All she could think was “What the hell am I doing?”

She quickly brushed back her short wavy brown hair, splashed on some perfume and headed to her cupboard. Once she opened the door, she selected some brightly colored clothing and smiled in satisfaction at her selection.

Going to her underwear draw, she pulled out her “good luck” bra and panties. She loved the little manga character “Power Girl” who was emblazoned on the underwear. She and Chantelle had laughed when she bought them at the mall …

After getting dressed, Tina snuck past her parents’ bedroom and down the stairs. In near silence, she crept to the door and then swore loudly as she tripped over the cat that was sleeping at the base of the stairway.

With a quick glance backward to make sure the cat was still alive, and that no one had heard her cursing, Tina snuck from the house …

“What took you so long?” Chantelle cried out the car window as Tina stepped onto the street.
“Shh!” she cried in reply. She remained silent until she got into the back seat of the hatchback and they drove away.

Their ride tonight was being taken care of by Mia, a raven haired senior that they both befriended through the Women’s Action Group at school.

As Mia sped away from the curb she flicked on the stereo and a thumping bass line purged the last remnants of sleep from Tina’s mind …

They had been driving for more than half an hour and Tina, who had no idea where they were, was getting worried.
“Where the fuck are we going?” she yelled over the blaring music.
“Don’t worry, silly!” Chantelle laughed her blonde curls jiggling as she giggled. “Mia will show us the way.”

Tina felt uncomfortable as Mia gazed at her reassuringly through the rear vision mirror.

The next time Tina looked up, she noticed that her own face was not reflected in the mirror. Mia was using it to stare at her cleavage …

Finally, the long drive was over and they had arrived at the Galactic Earth Forest party. They were, Tina reflected anxiously, car ten billion in a line of ten billion vehicles that were snaked outside the entrance to the rave.

But they had arrived. This was Tina’s first rave and already the adrenaline was surging through her as the excitement of her nighttime escape settled in and the promise of what was yet to come was tantalizingly within reach.

After Mia parked the car, Tina was ready to burst out of the little seat where she had been cramped for the last two hours. As she leapt out, she cursed when her new Nike runners sank into the mud.

“Welcome to Galactic Earth!” Mia smiled. “I think you’ll need these.” She handed two heart-shaped pink pills each to Tina and Chantelle. Chantelle smiled, Tina looked at the pills blankly.

“It’s Ecstasy, silly!” Chantelle laughed. “Mia and I always have fun on Ecstasy! Don’t you want to have fun?”

Tina smiled awkwardly, swallowed the pills, and they ran toward the party …

Tina was in a dream. The musical cacophony wrapped her soul in tight cords of rapture and the rainbow swirl of laser color shimmered before her like some mystical vision of Nirvana.

She couldn’t stop moving – the music was driving her wild, fuelling her muscles and when she felt tired, she pushed the feeling away, back to the real world.

Here in this awesome universe, she could dance forever.

Her senses were alive as the prismatic sea washed over her and the aural rush boomed in time with her racing heart …

Sometime later, when she had returned to the dance floor, after her legs gave up and needed a rest, Tina remembered laughing hysterically when Mia and Chantelle had started kissing!

She fell on her ass in shock, ruining her pants, after Mia had torn off her top and exposed her breasts to everyone around them.

The crowd cheered Mia’s exhibitionism and Tina had to fight her own urge to tear off her clothes – she wanted everyone to love her, just like they loved Mia.

Much to her surprise, her friend Chantelle pursued Mia’s kisses, especially once Mia had started to dance around topless. But Mia was possessed by the thrill of the crowd’s adulation and mostly ignored Chantelle’s hunger, indulging in only a few sparing wet kisses.

After her lesbian kisses with Chantelle, the crowd was baying like dogs on heat. It was obvious that Mia loved being worshipped.

A few more minutes passed and Mia was dancing in only her g-string, her heavy D cup breasts bouncing in time with the roaring music and the sweat sheen over her fine figure reflected the awesome laser light rainbow.

Soon well-muscled guys and tight-clothed girls had surrounded Mia, all gyrating wildly to the manic music. Some of them touched Mia’s skin; others even fondled her tits that were tanned and round, crowned by dark areolas and long hard nipples.

At the sight of Mia stripped down to her panties, and the other girls joining her, some of them tearing off their own tops, Chantelle cursed and stormed off into the scrub.

Confused by the raunchy spectacle before her, yet worried about her friend, Tina followed Chantelle into the forest …

‘Don’t worry about it – Mia’s just having … fun,” Tina mumbled awkwardly.
‘I want her to have fun with me!” Chantelle screamed hysterically. “I want to touch her! I want her touching me!”

Tina’s mind raced. Somewhere, far away from the ecstasy, she was very confused at her friend’s crazed words.
‘What do you mean? She’s a girl!”

Without warning, Chantelle leaned towards her friend and pulled her close, their faces level. Chantelle placed her lips on Tina’s and kissed her.

“Deeper,” Chantelle whispered as she kissed her friend again and again. This time Tina almost gagged as Chantelle’s tongue swirled about her own.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” Tina roared as she pushed her friend away. But Chantelle ignored her, and moved in to kiss her again. Chantelle’s hands ran all over Tina’s body, groping her with a burning lustful urgency.

“Stop … ahhh,” Tina whispered.
Chantelle had now pulled off her own top, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her small and pointy B cup white breasts were heaving with excitement.

Tina had seen her friend naked before, in the locker room after gym class, but never before had Chantelle looked so wildly beautiful than here surrounded by the forest as the love drug burned through Tina’s veins.

“Touch me!” Chantelle commanded. She took Tina’s hands in her own and placed them on her beating chest.

Tina was getting dizzy again and feeling very, very warm. Her own body tingled with pent up lust and the feeling sent steamy prickling sensations flaring over her whole skin, especially down …

Chantelle’s breasts were slick with sweat and Tina’s hands traced over them in light hesitation.

She was confused; she didn’t know what to do. Tina wanted to pull away, but she couldn’t. She didn’t know why – what she was doing was crazy! She was
touching her best friend so … intimately.

Tina knew this wasn’t right.

She looked at her friend for some reassurance, but Chantelle’s head was hanging back limply as she moaned and
thrust her chest onto her friend’s inexperienced wandering hands.

Chantelle’s titties felt like satin, smooth, warm and slippery with sweat. As Tina touched them, her friend leant forward to kiss her again, and this time she returned the kisses with renewed fervour.

Tina loved the feel of the small hard nubs of her friend’s nipples in her fingers. She was scooping up handfuls of tit-flesh and kneading her friend’s mounds – moving her hands harder and faster in time with Chantelle’s moaning and the distant music.

Tina buried her face between her friend’s luscious mounds and laughed hysterically. She had never had so much fun in her life! The sex-perfume of Chantelle’s wet pussy wafted up in the night air and Tina panted as her own juices drenched her lucky-charm panties.

She took Chantelle’s nipples into her mouth one by one, sucking, biting, chewing, trying to consume them in her rush of new-found lesbian lust.

After some more deep kisses, Chantelle lifted off Tina’s top to reveal her C cup “Power Girl” bra. The girl’s laughter cut through Tina’s miasma of lust and she started to feel the confusion rise again. Tina turned her back on her friend.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Chantelle panted.
“That’s it! I don’t know! I have never done anything like this before,” Tina cried.
Tina shook her head.

“I have seen the way the jocks look at you,” Chantelle declared. “Surely you’ve given head to Brandon or Steve … any of those guys?”
Tina shook her head: “I just turned eighteen!”
“You’ve got to be joking! I have been fucking for years!” Chantelle declared in exasperation.

Chantelle wandered away from a few moments and then returned, her naked flesh glimmering in the soft moonlight. Tina could not tear her gaze from her friend’s bare tits.

“I want to taste you Teenie,” Chantelle whispered seductively.
“No!” she screeched in reply.

“I want to taste you,” Chantelle repeated. “I want you in my mouth. I want to lick you, finger you, fuck you!”
“Mia showed me! She fucked me. All her beautiful cheerleader friends fucked me … I went to their parties after the football games … we had an orgy, more than one.”

“What?” Tina could not believe what she was hearing.
“Three of us, six girls, ten bodies all locked together. Yum! They all tasted me. Mia ate me out, some girl sat on my face, another slut pushed a vibrator up my fanny, they fingered my ass …”

Tina became lost in Chantelle’s wild tale. TEN girls all romping together – it was a fantasy come true!

“Tell me!” Tina wailed.
“The first time they took off all my clothes and tied me to the table. They said it was an initiation”
Tina nodded, her hands wandering unconsciously to her swelling fanny lips.

“They called in this girl, they named her “Queen”. She told them all to get undressed.”

Tina swallowed as her friend continued.
“The Queen told one girl to sit on my face, her pussy was shaved. It was so beautiful I couldn’t help it. I started to lick it!”
“Ahhh” Tina moaned as she rubbed her swollen clitty inside her “Power Girl” panties.

“Before I knew it, the girl sitting on my face came, her pussy juices slid down my throat! It tasted like salty cream – I loved it. Before I could catch my breath, there was another cunt on top of me …”

Chantelle stopped her tale as her eyes came on Tina’s hand and the growing patch of wetness on her panties.

“Then I was licking someone’s arsehole, a girl was rubbing her tits into my fanny …”
“Oh my GOD!” Tina screamed as she came.
“That’s not fair – you can’t cum on your own. Let me help you.”

Tina lay on the ground, naked except for her soaked panties. Chantelle joined her there and they held each other as they kissed. Tina let her friend do the work, she knew what she was doing. Chantelle’s hand reached for her panties “You are so wet!”

Tina nodded as her friend reached inside and probed her swollen sex.

Tina moaned loudly as she writhed in ecstasy while her friend’s fingers explored her itching cunt. She was so wet that Chantelle’s fingers slid in and out with ease. They were both kissing deeply as her fanny was being ravaged.

Her breaths were coming in short sharp gasps. “Treat me like a cheerleader slut!” Tina begged as she felt her own juices sliding down her thighs.
“Oh, I will!” Chantelle promised.
“Ahh! Finger my clit!” She could feel another orgasm rising within her. Chantelle sensed the coming climax and withdrew her fingers.

“Now it’s my turn,” she insisted.

Chantelle stood up and Tina gazed longingly up her smooth legs. Chantelle’s own panties were stained with her juices and Tina reached to tear them off, any last remnants of hesitancy washed away by her consuming lust for her friend’s pussy.

She cried with ecstasy as she finally looked upon her friend’s sex-juice-slicked fanny. Chantelle’s blonde cunt fur was trimmed neatly and was, much to Tina’s surprise, completely shaved along her labia, the swollen inner-lips peeked out tantalizingly.

“You’re shaved!” Tina cried.
“Mia did it for me. Now there is nothing in the way of my clitty and bliss …” her friend replied.

Not knowing what to do, Tina knelt on the soft grass before her friend and pushed Chantelle’s legs apart gently. Tina was still a virgin, but she had touched herself at night. She knew what felt good for a girl.

Tina pushed her nose into the wet mound and inhaled deeply of her friend’s sexual aroma. Her heart was racing again as she tentatively poked her tongue into Chantelle’s waiting box.

Chantelle’s juices gushed onto her exploring tongue and the salted sweetness overpowered her sanity.

Tina flicked her tongue back and forth over Chantelle’s engorged flaps, the girl’s labia was swollen and the chunky flesh tasted divine as she tried to suck it into her hungry mouth.

Tina munched on her friend’s clitty like a bitch possessed. Sensing that her friend was uncomfortable with her manic intensity, she slowed her movements and circled in on her Chantelle’s bulb-like clitoris.

She hit the jackpot – Chantelle bucked as Tina’s tongue touched her in that most sensitive place.
“YEAH! Lick my clit you lesbian whore!” Chantelle commanded.

Tina could not refuse. Her tongue pressed in on her friend’s pulsing love button.

As Chantelle’s breaths came in short, sharp busts, Tina bit and sucked on that little fold which grew with the attention of her hungry mouth. She doubted she could ever resist the taste of pussy again.

Chantelle was dizzy from the attention being given to her clitty as she circled higher and higher into ecstasy from her friend’s licking actions. For a girl who had never tasted pussy before, Tina was taking to fanny feasting as well as any of the cheerleader sluts who had fucked her.

Tina was gorging on her friend’s sex juices as they flowed down her throat. Their salty intensity burned her tonsils and their sweet elixir drove her to crave more.

Chantelle started to shake as she neared orgasm and Tina remembered something from her friend’s wild tale. Reluctantly moving her mouth from Chantelle’s swollen pussy, she crawled between her friend’s legs, turned around and placed her hands on the girl’s arse.

When Tina pushed open Chantelle’s arse-cheeks, the girl cried like a wolf. Throwing caution to the wind, Tina pushed her tongue up into her friend’s butt, nearly gagging on the pungent taste as she traced her tongue to Chantelle’s anus.

Her revulsion at her own actions washed over her in a sickening wave, but Chantelle pushed her anus down onto Tina’s twisting tongue and she couldn’t back out now without snapping her own spine. The blonde was howling in rapture as Tina twirled her tongue in the girl’
s arse and soon Chantelle was shaking as the burning intensity of orgasm began to overpower her.

So intense was the feeling that Chantelle collapsed to the ground in exhaustion! “What a
FUCK!” she howled.

Tina joined her on the soft grass and the booming sounds of the nearby rave came to her ears.

“Is … is that all?” she asked her new lover despondently.
“What do you mean?” Chantelle looked at her watch. “It’s 2:55. We’ve been fucking for almost an hour! That’s not bad for your first lesbian fuck.”

“I’m not a lesbian!” Tina cried as the enormity of her experience washed over her.

“You’ve just kissed, fondled, ass-licked and ate the pussy of another girl – I think that’s what “lesbian” means!” Chantelle retorted.

“Please what?”
“Please … um … lick me …,” Tina whispered, her eyes downcast.

“Lick you?” Chantelle questioned.
“Please … I want what … what I did to you … Please lick my fanny!” she begged.

“Now listen to me,” Chantelle looked right intro Tina’s eyes. “‘Please’ doesn’t cut it if you are a slut. Don’t beg – demand!”

“Now that’s more like it!”

Nothing that Tina had experienced over the last hour could prepare her for the first time a girl would give her head.

She lay back on the ground and felt every verdant blade of grass as it tickled her back and her ass.

Her legs shook involuntarily as she spread them wide, giving her friend and open view of her seeping honey box.

“My, my,” Chantelle gasped. “Aren’t you wet? And your cute little clitty, it’s so swollen! Do you want me to lick it?”

“Mmmm …” was all that Tina could manage as an answer.

Chantelle had dropped to her knees in front of Tina’s open legs. As Tina whimpered in orgasmic-anticipation, she could feel her friend’s steamy breath blowing softly on her soaked brown pubes.

And then it came, Chantelle’s tongue pushed open her slippery lips and tears of pleasure began to streak down Tina’s cheeks.

She could feel her friend’s tongue pushing and swishing around her most intimate parts, and the feeling was electric!

Warm icicles of pleasure danced across her flat belly and her stomach muscles flexed and constricted in rapid involuntary movements.

Her pelvis was jerking about as the lightning lanced through her and Chantelle was pressing her hands against Tina’s hips to keep her pussy close to the ground.

Chantelle was flapping her tongue around Tina’s wet fuck-hole, amazed at the surge of juices that was flowing out of her friend.

She knew that Tina was sexually inexperienced, but was amazed at the pent-up longing that rushed at her in wave after wave of sweet fanny elixir.

Tina’s cries were getting louder as she was nearing the first orgasm a girl had given her.
“LICK ME!” she cried loudly and her friend followed the request.

Chantelle could feel her own juices slicking her thighs and knew that she was ready for something new.

“I want to show you something,” she whispered to her friend as she came up for air from her fanny feast.

“No ..” Tina cried as Chantelle crawled away from her steaming fuck box.

Tina couldn’t move as Chantelle stood up and faced her back to the girl on the ground. Chantelle bent down onto all fours and crawled backward towards Tina. The brunette gave off a joyful laugh as she saw the glistening pink flaps of her friend backing towards her.

Within moments, Chantelle’s red-roar fanny was hanging above Tina’s waiting lips. Without hesitation she slurped on the juices that were slipping down from her friend’s blonde pubes like sticky strands of sugar cane sap.

Burying her tongue again into Chantelle’s bubbling cunt, Tina’s moans were muffled by the pulsing labia that was being ground onto her face. Her cries quickened as Chantelle’s own lips began to press onto her open fanny.

Then Chantelle’s whip-like tongue found Tina’s virgin clittty and a new surge of orgasmic tension bubbled up in the inexperienced nymphette.

Tina could barely breathe as her friend forced her muff onto her face and the waves of juices clogged her throat.

Her own snatch was pulsating again as Chantelle’s tongue lanced in and out of her open flaps.

Both girls were moaning and writhing lost in their fucking nirvana, when a voice interrupted their Sapphic escapade.

“HOW COULD YOU?” the voice roared.

Tina tilted her eyes back in shock and saw Mia standing at the entrance to the clearing. She was with two older girls, the one on the left had bright pink hair styled in a wild spike and the other was a redhead, her hair cut close to her scalp.

All three were stark naked and by the erect shape of Mia’s long dark nipples and the ruffled look of her fanny hair, it wasn’t too hard for Tina to guess what she had been up to with these new girls … and countless others that night.

Chantelle said something in reply, but Mia couldn’t hear her voice that was muffled by Tina’s fanny.

‘How could you go off and fuck this little virgin all by yourself?” Mia looked to the other girls who stood with her. “I don’t know about you Sam, Max, but I have had just about enough cock for one night … but some fresh virgin pussy, now that’s exactly what I want!”

Tina smiled in welcome to the new girls as Chantelle moved away from her and stood to walk into Mia’s waiting embrace. She was surprised that she felt no twinge of jealously, but then she didn’t have the time for it to hit home.

Thankfully, Max’s red-tinged fanny was already settling above her waiting lips and she could feel Sam’s long nails pawing hungrily at her inflamed fanny.

It was going to be a long night …

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