Sarah and I part 2

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Dedicated to Looking4myVenus; who convinced me in one inbox to write the sequel.

Her lips were like magnets; constantly drawing mine to hers. I kissed her lips so passionately, as if we may never see eachother again.

Her hands now experimentally searched my body. I took her hands in mine; to stop her from teasing me any longer. I lead her up the stairs towards my room. I opened the door; and in an instant I was being pushed against it, Sarah’s mouth violently attaching itself to mine.

I moaned into her mouth; I was dripping wet already.. I craved her touch. As her hands continued to scavenge my body; I broke from the kiss.

“please fuck me Sarah; please?” I say biting my lip as one of her hands tweaks my delicate nipples..

“it would be my pleasure!” she says; practically dragging me to my bed.

My eyes are opened wide as she pushes my naked body down onto the bed and falls on top of me. Her mouth finds mine in a feverish kiss.

My hands automatically reach out and hold her face to mine.. I never want this kiss to end..
Her body lies in between my legs, causing immense pressure to be directly applied to my clit. 

My breathig is already ragged. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. 
Instinctively my hands leave her face and reach for her impeccable ass. I squeeze it and pull her closer. 

I moan again as her lower half begins to move against my body; sending tingles through my pussy. 

“ahhhh. Fuck fuck fuck.” I screamed as her pussy rubbed against mine for the first time. It was such a spectacular sensation..
Eventually I gave up on trying to keep up with her as she moved from position to position. I just lay back and let her investigate.. I didn’t mind being her test subject.

she found my mouth again and began kissing me deeply. I wanted to flip her over, and fuck her like there was no tomorrow, but now it was her turn.. So I relented. 

Her mouth starts to move, it kisses each of my cheeks and my nose ad then begins to move towards my neck..

My neck is one of the most sensitive parts of my body.. Even if I’m in the shower and the water hits my neck at a high speed, I almost cum on the spot. 

She licks and nibbles and this causes my back to arch beneath her. She just smiles and let’s out a little chuckle and continues her efforts. She was no novice.. She clearly knew what she was doing, and what I wanted. 

Her mouth continues down toward my breasts.. She sucks on my nipples, causing me to moan again. Too much stimulation all at once, sends me into a frenzy; and I can feel that I’m on the edge..

She kisses and licks her way down to my shaven pussy. She looks up at me as her fingers gently explore my outer lips and the skin around my thighs. 

“you smell so fucking delicious..” she says smiling. Her lips are gorgeous, and if her mouth wasn’t about to be on my pussy, I would’ve kissed her.

“just fucking eat me..” I say. I’m so horny I just want to get this going.

“someone is being pushy today..” she says smiling. “you know Im not quite sure you deserve to cum right now..” 
She’s laughing. The look on my face is distraught. I want to cum already!!

“well if you won’t do it..” I say moving my hands down to my pussy and I begin to slowly start playing with myself.. 

It’s building up again; my orgasam is at a swift approach. And then she rips my hands away. 

” I’ve seen enough here missy..” she says almost sternly. And then she pludges her head right into my snatch. 

It doesn’t take her long to make me cum.. Really it doesn’t. Within minutes I cum all over her face. She comes back up and kisses me. I can feel her fingers still toying with me and exploring my inner depths. 

One of her fingers finds my g-spot and my hips reflexively jerk up towards her hand. Her finger hits it again,and again. And soon enough I can’t help myself. My hips begin gyrating on her exceptionally skilled fingers. 

“oh fuck fuck fuck. I’m gonna cum. I’m gunna cum. I’m gonna-“. 

I squirted. That’s never happened before.. Sarah laughs. And then I start laughing.. I look down at Sarah.  She has cum dripping off her face, literally. This makes me laugh more.. 

After ten minutes of non-interrupted laughter, we begin to calmn down and breathe.. 

“you’re such a fucking tease..” I say as Sarah holds me. Her hands are slowly rubbing my skin, in a way which is causing me to become horny all over again.

“well if you weren’t so pushy I wouldn’t have to tease you to teach you a lesson would I?” she asks. 

“sometimes I think you’d do it anyways..” I mock. She smiles at me.

“yeah.. I probably would.” she replies.

We lay there in silence for a moment..
” I love you.” she says. And I begin to tear up.. 
” I love you too.” I say kissing her lips as a tear rolls down my face. 

“don’t cry..” she says wiping away the tears. I can’t help it.. so I start to cry more.. She just holds me, and whispers in my ear until I’m calm enough. 

” I’m sorry..” I say, completely embarassed.. 

“don’t be.” she says. Stroking my face where the tears had rolled down.
“I want to make it so you’ll never cry again.” and she kisses me.

This kiss is different, it’s not hungry or full of lust. It’s a loving kiss. One of those kisses that say ‘i love you’ and ‘i’m never going to leave’. It’s so passionate I don’t know what to do.. Or where to put my hands.. I just lay there until my brain comes back alive..

My hands grip her face and pull her from the kiss for a second. Just long enough for me to look at her and see her eyes. I love her. Without a doubt, I never wanted to loose her..

I kiss her back with the same intensity as when she kissed me. I want her to feel everything I felt. All the pain, all the hurt, the love. All of it. But I also wanted her to feel that I was holding on, and that I would never be prepared to let her go..

“I love you.” I wisper to her. Things always seem more intimate when you whisper.. She smiles.

” I know.” she kisses me lightly. ” I love you too.” We fall asleep laying in eachothers arms.

I wake up before she does. She looks so beautiful when she’s sleeping.. I stroke her face, her arms, her breasts. I want to get out of bed, but I don’t want to wake her up. I just stroke her body contently. Her legs, thighs and feet. 

I smile. While in her sleep her legs spread for me while I stroke her beautiful thighs. Usually I’m not one to do this.. But I’m feeling like a rebel.

I stroke the skin where her thighs meet her pelvis. I lick her outer lips lightly. My fingers part her inner lips to allow me access to her clit. I lick it once. Immediately I hear sarah’s voice.

“I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into..” she says smiling down at me. I smile devilishly;

“I’m sure I can handle it..” I say and lick her clit again. Her hips jump. This makes me smile.  “isn’t it torture once the tables have turned?” I ask. She just nodds; good to give her a taste of her own medicine.. 

But I’m not as mean as she is; so I’ll give her what she wants. 

“mmm. Do you want me to make you feel good?” I ask her. 

“yes. Yes please.” she replies.. That makes me smile.  So I give in. 

I eat her pussy like I was starving.. For the hell of it I licked her asshole; which caused her to yelp. I licked her tiny rosebud again, and I got the same response. I shoved a finger into her pussy and watched her back arch as my finger found her spongy G-spot.

I added fingers mercilessly. Pumping them all in and out had her begging me to go harder. So I obliged. I rocketed my hand into her pussy non-stop. I could hear the pitch of her moans getting higher and higher..

And then she came. Her pussy clamped on my fingers, and made it almost impossible to get them out. In my mind one orgasam just wasn’t enough; so I attached my mouth to her clit sucking it endlessly, occasionally biting it, an flicking it with my tongue.

“oh shiiiiiiiiiit. ” she screams as she cums again. I smile and release her inflamed clitoris.

“glad you liked it!” I said, getting out of bed..”when you feel up to it; come down and get breakfast.” 

So I make my way downstairs with the taste of Sarah’s pussy in my mouth. This was going to be a good day, I thought smiling, as I began to cook breakfast.

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  1. Looking4myVenus

    Bravo madame Brittany! I felt like I was looking in on their honeymoon of a pleasure trip Please, keep it up! :)

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