Sex with the boss

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I am a 20 year old brunette with a slim size 8 figure and small firm breasts, i am 5’7″ tall and i have been told i am quite pretty.
I started work in a florists about 2 weeks ago for a small shop, the boss whose name is Sharon is in her mid to late 30’s about a size 10 with quite big breasts she has fiery red hair and then brightest blue eyes i have ever seen before.
Now usually Sharon usually wears a t-shirt and jeans to work but on this particular morning she turned up to work wearing a short black pencil skirt a see through white blouse which was undone reveling the start of her cleavage she looked wonderful, wow i said to her you look beautiful, thankyou she replied i am going to see the bank manager today so i need you to lock up the shop early today at 1pm, i will be back around then and will do a stocktake, would you like me to stay and help you, yes she rplied that would be nice.When she left to go to see the bank manager it was around 11:30am i stayed in the shop till 1pm and then locked up.I pulled down all the blinds and then went in to the small kitchen area we have and made myself a drink,soon after sharron arrived through the back door i made her a drink and we started talking sharron then stood up and as she was leaving the room dropped her purse as she bent down to pick it up i noticed she was wearing stockings and a suspender belt but not only that she had got no knickers on i was totally trans fixed by the sight of her bald pussy and firm ass,Sharron turned around and looked at me, did you like what you saw i came back to my senses and said what do you mean, i saw you looking at my ass, sorry i replied quietly rather embarressed, don’t be sorry, now i asked you if you liked what you saw, well yes i said shyly you have an excellent figure, would you like to see more? i said i’m not sure i’ve never looked at another woman like that before.
Sharron bent over in front of me again this time pulling her skirt up so i could see all of it, i froze my nipples shot out and my pussy started to tingle releasing a small wet patch into my thong, Sharron moved closer to me her skirt still raised high i couldn’t move ny eyes were totally transfixed on her bald pussy she stood in front of me and pulled me to my feet my eyes met hers they were totally incapsulating those bright blue eyes her ruby red lips pressed against mine her tongue licking along my lips i opened my mouth slightly and her tongue was in running around my teeth and eventually meeting my own tongue, i totally melted into her as i started to relax, she took off her blouse & bra revealing her large but still firm tits undoing her skirt she let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it i stood there in sheer awe of this viluptious beautiful woman, she slipped my t-shirt off of me and undid my bra gently fissing my neck and squeezing my hard nipples i let a a pleasurable sigh soonshe was sucking on my nipple whist caressing my other tit with her hand, god this felt really strange but at the same time i was enjoying it.i looked down to see her warm mouth sucking my erect nipples i could see the saliva glistening on my tit as it shined in the light. soon she had pulled down my tight jogging trousers and my lacy thong my legs began to shake she stood in front of me and we started kissing her body pressing next to mine fwelt amazing kissing and lightly caressing each other then she turned me around and she sat on the small table and told me to play with her pussy i came forward and touched her pussy with my fingers i could not beleive what i was doing i was touching my first pussy other that my own that is, it was warm and wet her clit started to swell then i slipped a finger into her moist twat and she started to moan, yes thats it finger my pussy i then inserted another finger and then another she started bucking her body to the rhythmn of my fingers, yes she said as the feelings of pleasure started to build up inside of her i could sense she was getting close to cumming as her breathing grew more eratic and she started bucking my fingers furiously, i pulled my fingers out of her soaking wet twat and smiled at her it was then i tasted my first pussy i buried my head deep into her licking at her lips and inside her twat her juices were flowing freely now my face and nose were covered in her sweet tasting juices i started to lick her swollen clit and she screamed with joy it was then that one of my fingers found her ass and with all the juices down there slipped into her ass easily she bucked and moaned and then said yes i’m cumming and arched her self her legs were trembling furiously as she squirted her cum into my mouth.
Sharron lay there covered in sweat pulled me to her and licked all of her juices off of my face she sat up and got off of the table told me to bend over the table which i did without hesitation i wanted this woman to show me all the pleasure she had in her.My pussy was already soaking wet so when she put 2 fingers inside my twat they went in easily fucking me with her fingers faster and faster within no time at all i was cuming all over her hand, then she said to me do you want more slut, yes please give me all you’ve got, she opened my ass cheeks and buried her face into me wet twat the feeling was unbelievable i thought i was going to pass out my legs were shaking i had butterflies running through my body, one of the fingers she had been fingering me with then slipped in to my ass i clenched and then relaxed i had never had anything in my ass before but it still felt good what with her eating my pussy she fingered my ass gently at first then faster and faster she then pulled her finger out of my ass and then started licking it ,god yes that feels good and then she started tongue fucking my ass she spat on it and then started licking my pussy it was then that she shoved two of her fingers in to ny ass eating my twat and fucking my ass with her fingers bringing me to the best orgasm i have ever had, lying there on the tanle she told me not to move she went over to her handbag and produced this strap on dildo, she putit on and pushed it in to my twat fucking me like a pro again she slipped a finger into my ass and bringing me close to another orgasm but before i could get there she stopped and pulled out of me, don’t stop i said be quiet and just lie there i could stil feel her behind me i started to play with mt clit,Thats it play with your pussy you little slut then i felt this incredible pain as she started to fuck my ass i cried out shut up and relax she said remember whose the boss, i grit my teeth and started to relax, keep playing with your pussy, slut.
she pulled me head back with my hair and slapped my ass yeah this is what you need to bring you out of your shell isn’t it, yes mistress i replied she brought me to another amazing orgasm we both collapsed on the table.
We have been together now for 18 months and she has now made me a partner in the business but she is still the boss if you know what i mean.
Happy xmas everybody.

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