Shopping for new toys

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Shopping for new toys

i had been walking behind Mistress being a good girl. But when W/we came to the door of the store, She snapped my leash. i knelt down immediately as any good slave would do. She had me crawl into the store and to the section which contained the nipple clamps, floggers, and other pain devices. “Now, be a good lil girl and don’t question Me in public.” Her fingers grazed my chin and i instinctively tilted my head to Her hand for Her caress. “Of course, Mistress, i would not question anything You do.” She patted my head. “I know, slut.”

“What a good slave You have, Ma’am.” Came a voice from behind the counter. It was a woman dressed in a leather bodice and tight leather pants. “Thank you, dear. I have worked hard in training this one. Though She has always been very good for Me.” A whimper escaped my lips at the comment that had been made. She thought i was good enough to praise publicly.

The woman stalked around the counter in a very commanding way. It would have seemed that She was also a Domme. “May I show her the store?” The woman asked politely to my Mistress. i looked up to Mistress awaiting Her answer, as whatever She said went. “Of course You may. How shall My slut address You?” The eyes of the woman glowed with anticipation. “Miss Jodi is fine. What do You call her?” They were speaking as if i weren’t in the room. “slut, whore, bitch, she answers to all of those names.” Mistress had left out Her pet name for me… lil girl. As i was only Her lil girl.

Yanking tightly on my leash, Miss Jodi pulled me forward. “Slut, let Me show you what I sell here.” i was a little slow in crawling and Her flogger came down on my back. “Bitch, crawl faster.” i did as ordered and moved much quicker. Hoping to avoid getting smacked again. “Now, I have a nice collar I think would look good on you.” Miss Jodi pulls down a small width collar with rings all around it. She showed it to Mistress and i saw a smile come to Her face. “I like that one as it will be easy to grab her when she isn’t wearing her leash.” Mistress then came behind me and tapped my head. i sat up on my knees for Her. my collar was removed and replaced with the new one. It seemed by the look on Their faces, that Miss Jodi was right about the collar. “This is a very nice collar on you, My whore.” i smile at Her and kiss Her thigh affectionately. The leash is reattached quickly so i remember my place. Though i would never forget that my place is at Her feet.

“You know, if I can use her, I will throw in the collar and whatever else You wish to get on the house.” This offer came from Miss Jodi. i was a bit taken a back at the offer She was making to Mistress. Though since Mistress didn’t know Her, i didn’t think She would say yes. Facial expressions could not be read easily, but when She spoke, i said not one word. “You make a wonderful offer and I am going to take You up on that.” The look of surprise washed across my face and Mistress looked down. “What do you expect, lil one? You are My whore and if I choose to let O/others use you, T/they will.” It wasn’t that i was upset by the idea, but this was a stranger even to Mistress.

“I have many plans for her. Many of My customers like to have someone to look at as they come into the store. Your lil one will make a nice display. Tugging on the leash, Miss Jodi put me in front of the counter and tied my leash down so i could not go anywhere. “I want you naked in 2 minutes, slut.” Miss Jodi said to me and i quickly obeyed the command. “Get on the knees and put those hands behind your head, bitch.” Looking up to Mistress, She nodded. “While W/we are here, My sweet, you listen to Miss Jodi.” Being that this was the case, i sat up on the knees and laced my hands behind my head. Miss Jodi went behind the counter where She belonged and then i felt handcuffs around my wrists. “So you can’t move those hands.” Patting my head, i felt Them both smile at my whimpers. “Yes, Miss Jodi.”

A customer came in and Mistress was shopping for Her new flogger. When i saw Her pick up a paddle and smack in Her hand. i flinched hard and the customer saw it. “What is this? A new product? Is there anyway to get a sample of this piece of meat?” A wicked smile came across Mistress’ face. “My lil one is here to please anyone that comes in that door if they choose to have her.” Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his cock and let it hang in front of the mouth. Tapping the lips with it. my instructions had always been if a cock or pussy is presented to me, then i am to open the mouth for it. i opened the mouth and waited for the man to do what he wanted. He looked down at me. “Lick it, get it hard.” my tongue darted out around the head quickly. And he grew hard quickly. Swallowing the hard cock deep into the throat, i felt it ram the back hard. He began gagging me. and i relaxed to take him deeper. It didn’t take the stranger long to cum into the throat. i swallowed it and smiled as he pulled out.

A crop trailed up my back, causing me to sit up straight. “Good girl, slut.” Miss Jodi said. i looked over to see Mistress looking at the vibrators. “Whore, you best be on your best behavior.” Nodding to Her. “Always, Mistress. i would not want to disappoint You.” Just then a couple walked in the door talking and they walked by me as if i weren’t there at all. But that changed when they came to the counter to purchase their items. In the woman’s hand was a strap on, and in his hands was lube and movies. It would have seemed that they had a fun night planned for themselves. But i was wrong. They had a fun night planned for me. “Is she for rent?” The woman asked. “As a matter of fact, she is MY whore and is working for free tonight.” Came Mistress’ voice from one of the aisles. “But she will remain here in the open for Me to watch over her.” the woman began stripping off her clothes and opened the package containing the strap on. “What shall we call her, Ma’am?” A wicked smile came to Mistress’ face. “Call her bitch. The cunt will moisten and ache for more.” What i couldn’t say was that it was already dripping from hearing Mistress’ voice.

“Lean forward, bitch.” The girl with the strap on suddenly became very commanding with me. It seemed i took too long to lean forward on my knees and Miss Jodi’s whip hit my back. “Faster, whore. Do it NOW.” i felt Mistress’ eyes looking at me. They were telling me that i deserved the punishment i was to get for not being quick enough. It seemed as though there was something or someone pulling me forward quickly to lean over so the ass She owned was higher in the air. It was Mistress pulling on my leash. i fell forward.
A hard smack to the ass was felt, though i was unsure as to who spanked me, “Next time, do as you are told, My girl.” i simply nodded with my face in the floor. Something pushed against the opening of the cunt making it throb. “Bitch, you are gonna take this dildo in that tight lil cunt of Hers and love it.” Though i was leaning forward, i saw her boyfriend undressing. He had decided not only did he want to cum, he wanted to suck on the cunt. As he slid under, his cock rammed my mouth and before i knew it, he was licking the cunt as his girlfriend shoved the dildo deep into the hole. The girl’s hand went to the back of my head and began thrusting it forward so his cock sank deeper into my throat. “Bitch, fuck him with your mouth. That’s it, yessss. That’s a good bitch. Just like that. His cock could be seen sliding in all the way to its base into my mouth. The man under us had been doing such a wonderful job licking and teasing the clit while she was fucking it, that i was distracted even more so when she pulled the strap on out. Without hesitation, the man took the dildo into his own mouth and began sucking on it. i felt his cum rising in his cock. The pressure that was building in him was phenomenal. He came so hard that his body bucked under me just as the cum rose to the sur
face and sprayed my mouth. “Suck that cock b
itch. Milk him for everything. Swallow it all.” As her boyfriend was cumming, she pulled off the strap on and shoved her sweet puss into his face. “Lick me like that.” As it was he pulled his tongue away from the cunt and set his lips on her dildo. When she shoved it into his mouth.

Seeing this must have turned Miss Jodi on something fierce because my hair was pulled for me to look up and there was Her pussy, glistening with its wetness. “Eat this you dirty lil whore.” my mouth was covered with Miss Jodi’s pussy and I reached out with my tongue and darted it along the lips of Her pussy. Sucking on it was so wonderful. “You like pussy, don’t you?” i could only nod to agree with Her. Holding my head like i would probably attempt disobeying Her. But i would never do that. i took a long luscious stroke along the lips of Miss Jodi’s pussy and i heard Her moan out loud. i began nibbling on Her clit when She shoved my face deeper into Her snatch. “Lick that pussy, bitch. oooo yesss.” Her body began to quiver in my face and i knew Miss Jodi was close to cumming. That was when i covered the entire pussy with my mouth and slid my tongue in deep. She began bucking on me when the girl from behind shoved the dildo back into the dripping sex that Mistress owns. Miss Jodi began to cum and Her body was in spasms as She let Her juices flow into my mouth. i slid my tongue inside Her more and curled my tongue, lapping out all Her juices.

When the four of us pulled apart, i saw Mistress smiling from the corner of the store. She was holding a brand new flogger, the paddle, a new vibe, and chains in Her hands. It seemed that Mistress was going to make good use out of the new acquaintance W/we had met this evening. my new collar and leash looked so nice on me. i dressed as quickly as I had removed my clothing. Mistress brought me in front of the mirror to show me. i only smiled and touched it affectionately. “Come, my sweet. Say goodbye to Miss Jodi and let’s be on O/our way.” i crawled to Miss Jodi and leaned up to kiss Her cheek. Her fingers traced my chin and She smiled. “I hope to see Y/you again as I get new items in stock all the time that may interest Y/you.” Mistress nodded and led me out the door.

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