Spank my Ass Tonight

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My best friend and I lived next door to eachother and used to have sleepovers all the time ….. It started with kissing and went from there till we were full fledge lovers ….. This story is about one of our nights together. 

Her brother got us a room and some liqueur  since we were just 18 and didn’t have a credit card . He was the only one who knew our secret but we wanted to celebrate Jamies
Highschool grad so instead of grad night we had our night

We were so excited no having to be quiet and get a quicky  but just all night to enjoy ourselves ….. I’ve always liked to be spanked and tonight I would get punished from her …. We lit a few candles and had  had a few drinks to relax ….. Then I layed on the bed on my stomach nekid arm spread waiting for her to tie me up …. She bound my hands and tied me to the bed ….. She started massaging my back and warming me up dripping the cold oil slowly on my shivering body and then warming me with her skilled hands ….. Then all of a sudden I feel a sharp slap on my ass SMACK “get that ass up for me ” she said I could hear the smile in her voice .,.. I lift my ass in wondrous anticipation . SMACK  my ass stings and feels warm then I fell her tongue push into my ass ” oh ya baby that feels good ” I say breathlessly . SMACK SMACK SMACK ” you like that baby you like to be punished u naughty little girl ” thats what dirty lesbians deserve” she says firmly ” now take  ur punishment …. Then I feel her finger push deep in my wet pussy duckling me as her hand comes down on my ass sharply …. She always know just how to give me pleasure . ” yes spank my ass take me baby hard ” I say through my clenched teeth she plunges 2 more fingers in my pussy finger fucks me like a jack hammer 
SMACK SMACK SMACK . my pussy gushes I bite on my pillow as I moan all of a sudden I feel her  pull my legs wide and shove her tongue in my throbbing pussy from behind  tasting my juices …. I moan deep oh my god she know how to touch me. 

She begins pinching on my clit and then her mouth envelops my b hard little clit…. SMACK  .. my ass is on fire and my pussy is gushing it’s so overwhelming my whole body is on fire ….. She flips me over and lifts my knees to my chest and starts finger me again ….. SMACK  she pushes her fingers in my pussy it was all gushy and then she pulled them out and slowly pushing her finger in my ass as her tongue Lapps at my juices ….. 

She climbs on top of my biting my nipples as she grinds her pussy against mine  …. She moans in my ear ” you want me to fuck u baby ”
My body is reeling ” yes fuck me on all your ” she grinds me some more then I feel her push 3 fingers in my dripping snatch her body weigh still holding me down she fucks me her body pounding me adding more pressure to every thrust . My legs wrap around her waist she is making me hers working my body like never before ….. My pleasure climbs …. I can hardly hear anymore my heart pounding in my ear. My body screaming in pleasure I cum so hard I almost scream …. She lifts her body off me as I lay there in a sweaty … Juicy puddle of pleasure . My heart begins to normalize I start to breath normally

Then she straddles my face giving me my reward ….she lowers her puffy  smooth pussy to  my lips and I stick my tongue out mewing for a taste she lowers her pussy giving me the spicy musky flavor I love so much . I explore her pussy like it was the first time she starts grinding on my face and moaning ” yes baby lick all my juices up ” I grab hold of her clit and suck intently  like it’s oxygen helping me to breath 

She moans and cusses like a sailor as she cums all over my face and I try to swallow every drop …, as she  slips off of me and walk to get us a drink I lay there in complete satisfaction …. The rest of the night we made out cuddled and fucked it was my favorite night with her 

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