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ok this story begins 5 years after it began
i met this particular girl in college and she was amazing we never did anything back than and it was worth the wait… like she said it would be. do u know what its like to hold back kissing someone for 5 years? its hard….. so this is what happened i came by her apartment after work one day..i went in and went down the stairs to where she was …she was standing there looking all cute as usaual i said hi gave her hug and i dont know what happened after that something came over me to grab her face softly and kiss her so passionaltly….next thing i know where making out in her bed and shes telling me shes getting really hot and not to tease her….what she didnt know is all i wanted to do was please her. i than made a blod move and reach for her breast and tease her nipple while i made out with her holding her tight getting the sexual tension high occasionally grabing her ass ….till finally i got so hott i had to touch her so i reached down to rub her pussy so gentley to tease the senses i move down a little to play with her pussy more and start kissing her neck softly making her wet…..i slipped my hand down her pants and lightly touched the lips of her pussy driving her crazy…i could tell becuz i could feel the wetness that was her…i slid my finger in her pussy and my toungue in her mouth ……the kissing got intense the faster i rubbed her clit….i could hear her moaning in pleasure ….so i knew i had her completely relaxed…..i than slid my fingure deep in her till i hit her back wall and came out slowly …i was going in and out of her very slowly and passionately for about a min before she said to me all hot and bothered why are u teasing me ……just than i looked into her eyes and went in deep and quickened my pace…….i could tell she liked it becuz she was whining in complete pleasure….grabing my shirt i kissed her….i fucked her until she came…. after she came a couple times i couldnt fight the urge to taste her….so i slowly kissed my way down to her pussy….and blew cool air on her pussy than with one quick motion slid my tongue in her …

the rest of the story has yet to be writen……stay tuned….

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