Surprise Before Dinner

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Theresa had always been one to “love thy neighbor”, to use a common phrase. She was always the one who brought over Christmas cookies, or Easter gifts, or in general was the friendliest person in the neighborhood. But when Ashya moved in next door, things got too out of hand…

It most likely started with Ashya herself; tall, blonde, with beautiful, bulging D-cups, perfect curves and a smooth tanned body. She was single, too, a fact which surprised most of the other women in the neighborhood, and which Theresa would unknowingly take advantage of.

When Ashya moved in, Theresa slowly felt herself becoming attracted to the sexy newcomer. Theresa wasn’t too bad herself; her C-cups were smaller, but she had perfect legs, a body to die for, and thick, long brunette hair. As it so happened, she was also single. Which gave her the idea that night.

It was around 5:30, a warm, humid summer night. Theresa was sitting in her rocking chair, reading women’s health magazines as usual for tips on how to stay fit. The sumptous smell of couscous flooded in through the open window; it was coming from Ashya’s kitchen, which often proliferated with the smells of various exotic spices. Theresa could not resist it; she decided to visit her neighbor to observe her cooking, although truly a deeper, far more erotic reason drove her visitation.

Ashya heard a knock on her door, and then the soft creak as the oak door opened inside; Theresa came in, dressed in a skimpy black miniskirt and a tight black short-sleeved shirt, which revealed her brastraps over her shoulders. Ashya nodded hello shyly; part of the reason that she was single was that she was socially shy.

“Uh…you here for…dinner?” she finally managed, after noticing Theresa standing there for about a minute. The latter simply smiled; she felt some other entity taking herself over, all the weeks and months she had been around Ashya coming to a climax.

“Wait…what the–HEY!!”
Ashya began to protest as Theresa wrapped her arms around the former’s curvy body, pulling her away from the dinner cooking on the stove. Theresa, without saying a word, half dragged Ashya into the single bedroom Ashya owned, and tossed her down onto the bed. Ashya attempted to protest, but she was cut off.

“Shut up,” Theresa commanded, a fire in her eyes. Ashya whimpered, as Theresa stripped off her shirt and skirt, then her bra and panties, standing nude before a terrified Ashya.

“I’ve been waiting weeks, months to do this. I’m surprised you’ve managed to stay single with that body,” Theresa sneered, and forced Ashya to take off her clothes. The latter complied, barely, and whimpered pitifully as she stripped naked, revealing her smooth, pink pussy and enormous tits.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Theresa laughed, and leapt onto the bed, standing on all fours over Ashya, who was speechless by now. Theresa moved herself up over the other woman’s head, and lowered her crotch down toward’s Ashya’s face.

“You know what to do. I want this done well,” Theresa commanded, letting her kindred spirit go as she ordered Ashya to perform cuunilingus. A brief moment, and then Theresa felt a warm, wet tongue caressing her wet pussy. Theresa began to moan, lowering her vagina lower into Ashya’s face
The latter had stopped panicking and attempting to escape; she seemed to be enjoying the job, as her tongue protruded deeper into Theresa’s pussy, and the latter continued to moan in enormous pleasure. After three minutes, Theresa climaxed, orgasming. The pleasure was intense, something she’d never felt before, and she stayed in that position for several seconds after, her crotch deep in Ashya’s face. After getting her wind back, Theresa left without a word, leaving Ashya on the bed, eyes closed, breathing deeply.

The next day, Theresa was sitting in her bedroom, surfing the internet on her laptop. A knock came at the door, startling her; she leapt up off the bed, pulled a robe on to conceal her underwear, and headed for the door. The digital clock on the wall read 9:00; who would call at that hour?

Upon opening the door, Theresa was shocked to see Ashya standing there, looking surprisingly content. Theresa could not speak; she stammered, then stepped backward in momentary confusion.
“It’s okay. Honestly, I know what you’re trying to say.”
“You–er–wait? You what?”
“Truth is, I well…kinda enjoyed that last night…when you fucked me on the bed…”
Theresa was surprised. Ashya was describing their sexual encounter as if it were an everyday occurrence; casually, without a hint of fear or regret.

“So, your point?”
“I want to do that again. I never felt like that before…can we do it again?”
Ashya’s pleading eyes looked straight into Theresa’s face; the latter couldn’t resist. She could already feeling herself getting wet beneath her robe. She held the door all the way open, allowing Ashya inside.
“Bedroom. I’ll be there momentarily.”
Theresa headed into the kitchen to retrieve something she would need for their encounter. When she returned to the bedroom, she found Ashya naked on the mattress, laying facedown, looking anxiously at the door.
“Well? Let’s begin,” Ashya smacked her lips, turning over and revealing her tight pussy, which had just been shaved. Theresa let down her bra and panties, exposing her nude body again, and climbed up on the bed beside Ashya.

“What are we going to do?” Ashya asked, her voice eager. She smiled playfully at Theresa.
“I think it’s only fair I have to lick your cunt. After all, you licked mine last night.”
“Lick away,” Ashya said, turning over and allowing Theresa to position her face in the former’s crotch. Theresa felt adrenaline surge through her body as her wet tongue made contact with Ashya’s sweet pussy lips. Ashya began to moan, caressing her nipples with her hands as Theresa moved her tongue slowly along the blonde’s sweet clit.
“Come on, come on, fuck me,” Ashya moaned, rubbing her nipples faster.
“I’m fucking you–”
“Fuck harder!!”
Theresa began to move her tongue faster, secretly drawing a plastic dildo out of the pocket of her robe laying on the bed. As Ashya began to moan and say “Fuck” over and over again, Theresa inserted the blue dildo into Ashya’s asshole, driving it in slowly as she massaged the warm clit with her tongue.
“Fuck me, shove it in!!” Ashya screamed in pleasure as the dildo went further in. Theresa put it in further, as the blonde began to climax. As Theresa’s tongue inserted itself into Ashya’s cunt, the blonde yelled, and squirted; pussy juice splashed all over Theresa’s tongue and face, and then it was over.
Theresa sat back up, withdrawing her tongue from Ashya’s pussy. She withdrew the dildo as the blonde, still moaning from the orgasm, sat back up. Ashya smiled at Theresa.
“Fun fun,” Ashya managed, still breathing deeply.
“Tomorrow night? Eight?” Theresa asked. Ashya nodded her head in excitement; Theresa could tell they would have a long friendship ahead of them.

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