Sweet Sherri

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Waking up i roll to touch your soft skin and all i find is a cold space grumbling i get out of our bed to walk to the bathroom turning on the water i stand there shivering the cold air circles my body not even the aftermath of us making love last night can get rid of the chill……….i step into the water the warmth covers my body and i moan leaning my head back i let the water run over my head down the centre of my back it makes its way down my ass i shiver with pleasure…..grinning i grab the soap thinking of the way your eyes roll when i suck on your middle finger teasing it with my tongue and teeth licking the inside of your palm to you are like putty in my hand i start to lather up my breast loving the way the suds and the slippery sensation feels like the softness of your hands moaning i take my nipple in my finger and roll it tweaking it into a tight bud i take my other hand down further over my tummy down to the start of my pussy i slide one finger down making small circles over my clit the other hands teasing needing my breast i lick my lips and think of you laying above me teasing the edge of my hole with you knob i lower my finger closer to the place you had shot your load in just hours before i part my lips and slowly start to insert my middle finger a flash of your face enters my mind i moan deep into my throat remembering the look that was on it when you slid into me opening up my tender warm wet flesh to accomadate your hard cock ………i jump feeling the cold air hit my back i freeze knowing someone is there then i feel a soft hand touch my back and sherri’s sweet voice can i help you there she giggles i laugh turning around to pull her in with me she is wearing a white top and blue jeans the water hits her and she squeals i look at her sweet face and tenderly reach out my hand to cup her chin i lean forward and lay a kiss on top of her nose my eyes wander taking in the wet fabric stuck to her body sighing i whisper to her how beautiful she looks right now she comes closer and whispers show me i take my hands to her side and start to peel of the shirt i gasp as i see the lacy white bra see through from the water her nipples hard leaning forward i kiss each one stoping to tease and nibble them i feel her stiffen then relax as she runs her hands over my back making my way up her breast i lick and suck at her collarbone tasting her skin i continue my journey back up along her neck teasing lightly nipping sucking all the way up to her ear i whisper i want you baby as my hands make there way down her back to her ass she moans as i breath warm air onto her lobe then take it in my mouth gently teasing it i move back up her back and unclasp her bra letting it slide off her i laugh ok sexy how are we gunna get these damn jeans off now there wet she grins at me you want whats in side she asks god yer i answer well then that rach is you problem sticking out her tongue i gasp oh baby dont tease me with the thing she wiggles it around then we both break out laughing
we spend the next five minutes pulling tugging and wiggling her sexy ass out of the wet fabric
at last she stands there only in a ting g-string i take my fingers and start to stroke her sides watching as goosebumps race over her body i end at her panties and slide them to the ground at last we sstand befor each other naked i grin taking the soap i start to wash each inch of her body taking my time to massage and intice her she comes forward my body pressed against her she leans up wrapping her hands around my neck my heart starts to beat widely the first kiss it was coming i lean down taking my tongue i trace her lips wetting them i stop and suck her lower lips then go back to kissing her i feel her tongue opening my mouth its touches mine and my pussy spasms she kisses me so tenderly so sweetly i feel every inch of my body come alive her hand moves down my arm and she laces her fingers with mine she pulls me out of the shower and starts to dry me with the towel my body is tingling im losing myself to her as she starts seducing me rubbing drying me just right getting great reaction to each touch i stand before her dry and i take the towel doing the same to her she smeels so good i breath in deep i make my way down her legs back up to her pussy drying my body aches to taste she moves back not yet she says i sigh and stand up we make our way down the hall back to our bed we lay down together and that when the magic begins her touch so gentle so sure goes over me i move closer starting my own journey we kiss taking our time to tease each other touch each other all over except the one place i am longing to be
my breathing starts getting heavy i can see the passion in her eyes we stop looking at each other the like a demon something comes over us unable to control our tongues replace our fingers i open my legs letting her get closer i can feel her pussy against mine we grind against each other our wetness mixing as we kiss sucking tasting everypart of each others face tongues necks ears i buck wildly over come with such intense place our breast against each other we grind faster i grab her sweet ass pulling her in more i feel the sensations start the i hear her gasp oh god yes fuck me sweetie im gunna cum from your sweet wet pussy i kiss her and lose myself to the deep pleasure that comes over my body the house comes alive with the moans of two women making sweet love to each other we cum together i can feel her pussy spasm against mine her legs grip me and hands dig into her ass we stop looking at each other and kiss sherri you are so wonderfull sexy and alive i tell her she grins girl you aint seen nothing yet i shiver as she start teasing my body again its still sensative from the orgasm but she manages in no time to make me want her again i start licking teasing her body nibbling in every place i could find she is so beautiful under neath me and i kiss her again letting my tongue explore everypart of her mouth i start making my way down her chin sucking it i lick from her chin down her neck stopping at her breast i explore listening to each moan feeling each reaction i suckle on her nipples rolling of her i take my hand down her belly down to her wet pussy i start making soft strokes up and down her lips teasing them i rub at her clit and move back down to her hole i make circles around the edge not putting my finger in i tell her to give me her tongue she does i slowly start sucking it into my mouth the same time taking my finger i gently slide it deeper and deeper with each suck she bucks wildly moaning grinding her pussy up to meet me i roll onto my back sherri cum sit on my face sweetie she moves putting a leg either side of my head she lowers it down i stick out my tongue and run it up and down her slit licking teasing her clit she throws her head back and starts to ride my face she tastes so good i can feel the wettness coming out of my hole i grind my legs togehter moaning into her i suck tease lick nibble stick my tongue in as far as it will go i grab her ass urging her to ride me harder she stops as swings around opening my legs she sticks her finger in pumping into me the same time she starts eating my clit i buck as she takes her finger out and replaces it with her tongue i grind into her the same time im eating her juices all over my face i start to finger her teasing her clit she does the same we ride each other moaning grinding i once again feel the burning its so intense this time i start screaming yes baby dont stop eat that pussy make me cum she grinds agianst me i feel a slight spasm inside of her she bucks and moans me too oh god me too she moans we thrash letting it build her then we both scream each others name as we cum
falling into each others arm we kiss i kiss both her lids and say thankyou she smiles as we fall into a deep sleep i dreaming dreaming of a beach i hear you i hear your sexy voice calling me i strain to hear what your are saying i can feel your warm hands on my back my eyes open i she sherri in my arms looking past me smiling i turn you are there grinning at the both of us and what have i missed you asked we laugh grabbing a hand each we pull you down to us here let us show you i giggle………………….but that my love is another story

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