Teacher Ring; Chapter 3, the Pool.

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After that last romp with Mrs. Beck, Jacob was sore all over. The next few days he spent with a hangover from all the Tequila. His penis was sore from the massive thrusting, and his ass was sore from being probed by a mock-penis.

But ever since Jacob started having a sex life, he noticed something: girls seemed to flirt with him more. The best guess he could come up with was that he was setting off some sort of sex-vibe that attracted ladies. Whatever it was, he enjoyed it.

There was this one friend of his, Alana, who he had always been friends with, but would have loved to have a one-night stand with. She was black, but not dark, just enough for someone to notice. She was about Jacob’s height, brown eyes, brown hair, nice set of breast; 32 C. But she had an ass of a black woman. Jacob jerked off about the ass in the past.

He had gym class with Alana. The one day they had to swim, and ever guys’ cock nearly exploded out of his trunks when Alana left the changing room. There was nothing conservative about her outfit. It made guys horny and girls jealous.

After they swam their laps, they were allowed to do what they wanted. Jacob swam up to Alana, who was leaning against the side of the pool.

“Hey,” he said to her.

“What’s goin’ on?” she replied. The water on her body made Jacob even hornier.

“Y-You look very nice in that suit,” he stammered.

She smiled and looked at him, “My momma always taught me, if God gave you a fine body, flaunt it,” she said while kicking her feet slowly.

Jacob laughed and said, “And He did.”

She swam closer to him and said quietly, “Do you, like my body?”

“Y-yeah,” Jacob somehow managed to say.

She smiled even bigger and said, “Ok, come over here behind the bleachers, I’ll tell you why in a minute.” Jacob nodded his head. They both got out of the pool and scurried over to the bleachers. Jacob couldn’t move as fast because he was trying to hide his big boner. After getting behind the bleachers, Alana looked over to see if he made it and noticed his swim trunks budging out. Her eyes got huge as she whispered, “Damn.” Jacob blushed.

“So why are we here?” he asked, “’cause I’m kinda cramped.”

“The gym teachers don’t keep a good count of students,” she whispered, “we’ll stay here until they’re gone.” She looked over at him and grabbed his rod and said, “Then the pool will be all ours.” Jacob about had a mini-orgasm.

The teacher blew his whistle and the kids left the pool to their respective changing room.

Alana and Jacob sneaked out from behind the bleachers.

“All clear,” she said as she took off her top. Jacob looked on in horror until he realized that was going skinny-dipping. He practically tore his pants off. Alana took her thong off and turned to Jacob, who was also naked, and said “Very good, usually the guys don’t know what’s going on ’till I have to tell them.”

“You’ve done this before?!!” Jacob said in awe.

“Yeah, ever since I was in 8th grade we used this pool. I hid guys back there all the time. And I haven’t been caught yet. Kinda like Harriet Tubman I guess.”

“Wow,” he said as he eyed his female partner. She definitely had a body from heaven. Her legs ran forever. Her pussy was shaven to look like a heart. Jacob was definitely a lucky guy for knowing her.

She motioned for him to follow her and she dove into the shallow end of the pool. He jumped in. It was about 5 feet down, but the water felt so good on his penis. When he came up for air, Alana was right there behind him. She started giving him a back massage. “Ooo… you’re so tense,” she moaned, “let me rub your stress away.”

“If you want to do that, you’ll need to rub lower,” Jacob said.

“Oooo… That’s what I like to hear.” She said as she kissed his lips. Then she kissed his chest. Then his belly-button. Then he felt her mouth engulf his cock. She began sucking faster and faster. Jacob moaned louder and louder; the moaning echoed off the walls. She began to flail around and sprang up for air. She began to kiss Jacob passionately. Jacob, in near climax, sat on the edge of the pool and rubbed his cock till he exploded all over her face.

She pulled him back into the water, got up close to him and slid his dick into her pussy, and whispered “Fuck me, big boy.”

Just then, Mrs. O’Reily, the gym teacher walked in and said, “Hey! What in Heaven’s name are you two doing?”
Alana and Jacob both froze. It seemed like an eternity passed before Alana said, “Nothing ma’am, I was showing him how to swim.”

“Horse shit,” she said. “You were screwing him.”

There was a pause.

“Well, move over missy, I want a piece of him.” She took off her clothes and dove in. She wasn’t the hottest teacher at school, but she did have a nice pair of breasts. She had red hair down to her back and was kind of pale. Her ass was a little flabby but not that bad. It was enough to turn Jacob on, that’s all that mattered.

She swam up to them and said, “Lemme see his meat.” He sat up on the edge and showed off his full 9 inches of manhood.

“Oh my,” she said, as she swallowed him whole. Jacob leaned back and motioned for Alana to come over to him. She got out of the water and Jacob grabbed her ass and began sucking on her pussy. She lay down and helped Mrs. O’ Reily suck him.

After Alana oozed her cum on Jacob a few times, Jacob exploded big time in Mrs. O’Reily’s mouth.

“Alright, I wanna fuck Alana now,” he said to the teacher.

“Ok, I got a dildo in my office, I’ll go get it,” she responded. She got out of the pool to go get it and Jacob pulled Alana into the pool and slid his dick into her while they began to kiss. Mrs. O’Reily jumped in and came behind him and shoved a gelled dildo up his ass, much like Mrs. Beck.

Alana was kissing Jacob and grabbing Mrs. O’Reily’s boobs, while Mrs. O’Reily thrusted the dildo up his ass and fondled Alana’s ass. The three of them were like one big fuck machine.

After a little while Jacob began to tighten up. He switched with Mrs. O’Reily and began to screw her as Alana kissed their teacher. Jacob thrusted upward, and Mrs. O’Reily screamed. He pulled out and felt his dick go limp.

“Show’s over, huh?” Mrs. O’Reily said.

“Sorry,” Jacob apologized. She nodded her head, and they all got out of the pool.

“I had never gotten caught before,” Alana said, “I think I’ll try to more often!” They all laughed.

Jacob thought about the list of people he had done so far: Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Beck, and now Mrs. O’Reily and Alana. Well, them and the first person, but that’s another story.

To be continued….

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