Tender Loving Care

Jennifer Taylor was bored. There was nothing good to watch on the TV, and her eyes hurt too much to read. The pretty teenager had been visited by at least a dozen friends and family yesterday, but today no one had come by. To her delight, the nice nurse she had met earlier walked in just then. Maybe she had to time to talk.

“How we doing, Jenny?” said Linda Wells, R.N.

Jennifer flashed her gorgeous smile. “Better now. It was getting boring in here. Are you going to stay for a while?” Jenny thought this nurse was just the sweetest lady. She guessed that Linda was probably in her mid-twenties. The gorgeous nurse didn’t wear scrubs like so many other nurses, but wore the more traditional white nurse’s dress, which fit tightly on her shapely body. She wore her blonde hair in a bun.

Linda frowned. “Aww, sweetie, I have four other patients I have to see, then I’ll be back ok? I just popped in to see how you’re feeling.”

“Well, I’m ok. Just lonely,” Jenny sighed. “Hey, how long is your hair?”

Linda smiled. “Oh about four inches past my shoulders. And you–we’re gonna wash all that pretty hair tomorrow, right?”

“Right!” Jennifer grinned. Her own hair was a little longer than Linda’s, and soft as silk, like all of her was.

“Ok, sweetie..see you in just a little bit.” Linda quickly checked Jennifer’s IV, and left.

Jennifer turned slowly onto her side and decided to nap some. The pain still welled up in her back and ribs when she moved. Her terrible fall two days ago seemed like a distant memory other than that. She had been on a ladder, helping paint at a school project when a tree limb had fallen on her and knocked her off the ladder, sending her tumbling to earth.

She had been lucky, she had been told, but didn’t feel it: a concussion, a cracked rib, and some evidence that there may be an infection somewhere. That was why she would be here another day, maybe longer, the doctor told her, so they could watch her and make sure nothing dangerous was going on inside.

With the blanket pulled up to her neck (that short hospital gown just didn’t keep her warm enough) Jennifer dozed off for a while.

When she woke up an hour later, Linda was pulling the curtain closed on her area, and humming lightly.

“Hi,” Jennifer said sleepily.

“Hi hon,” Linda said brightly. “Time for your temperature.”


“Yup. We have to make sure there’s no infection, so we’ll be taking your temp several times a day to monitor. If it goes up, that’s an indication there may be some infection. Just being careful.”

“Ok,” Jenny shrugged. She opened her mouth for the thermometer.

“Unh-uh,” Linda said with a shake of her head. “Over on your tummy.”

“Oh great,” Jenny said, rolling her eyes. “What for?”

Linda smiled as she took the glass thermometer out of it’s case. “We need to be real accurate with your temp, babe. Oral doesn’t give us as good a reading as the ol’ fashioned way. Over you go now.”

Jenny winced as she turned over, while Linda held the IV tube that fed her. She blushed, knowing the nurse was going to expose her next.

Linda pulled the bedcovers down to her ankles, then took hold of her gown and pulled it up onto her back. Jenny swallowed. A pair of little pink cotton panties was the only thing separating her from nakedness.

The lovely teenager laid her head to one side, her dark, silky hair falling around her face.

“I don’t want you bending or reaching too much with your rib like that and your IV, so I’ll get these,” Linda said, calm and professional, as she hooked her fingers into the sides of Jenny’s panties. Jenny clamped her lips together as Linda’s smooth fingers touched her.

The blonde nurse pulled the panties down over the perfect globes of Jenny’s bottom, and worked them down to her mid-thighs. She raised the thermometer to the light, and shook it to make sure the mercury was leveled out. She casually rested her fingertips on one of Jenny’s buttocks as she did this.

Linda’s calm detachment was contrasted dramatically by the girl on the bed. Having her young body exposed to the beautiful nurse caused anxious tremors in the tender high school student. The anticipation of what was to come was also giving her fits, but there was something exciting about the nurse touching her so lightly, as if her nakedness was at Linda’s will, anytime she chose to walk in and de-panty her this way.

Linda said, “Ok, honey, here we go…,” and suddenly snuggled two fingers between her buttocks and pushed the buttocks apart, spreading her to unveil the puckered pink orifice within.

The young brunette tried to swallow the pounding of her heart. She knew that Linda Wells could see the lips of her pussy peeking from the darkness down there, too.

Linda pushed the head of the thermometer in, and Jenny’s sphincter muscles closed around it, gripping it tightly. She let out the faintest, almost inaudible whimper as the slender tube entered her.

Linda let go and patted one of Jennifer’s butt cheeks softly. “Just lay still for a couple minutes, sweetie. We’ll be done in no time.”

Jennifer nodded, her eyes closed. She felt a strange, incredible rush of warmth. The way Linda took her panties down and inserted the thermometer, the way she spoke to her, the pet names she used, all made her feel like a little child, so protected….even loved.

She opened one eye and stole a glance back, to see Linda writing something on a clipboard she carried with her.

“Ok,” Linda sang. She returned to Jenny’ s side, and again, softly laid a hand on one of her buttocks, as if she doing something as natural as straightening up a counter or sewing a button, rather than touching someone so intimately. Her other hand slowly pulled the thermometer out. Jenny swallowed as she felt the slender tube leave her body and sighed as the grip of her tiny sphincter muscles relaxed suddenly.

Linda Wells held the thermometer aloft, and she peered into it intensely. “Looks good, Jenn. No elevated temp. That’s good.” She smiled at Jenny, and Jenny smiled back.

Linda put the thermometer away and began pulling Jenny’s panties back up. She carefully snugged them back up around her hips as Jenny lifted slightly to accommodate her. Again, the young girl felt this new sensation of warmth and comfort as Linda’s hands re-dressed her.

“There we go,” Linda said as she gently tugged the panties back into place. Then she pulled Jenny’s gown back over her. “Four hours from now, we do it again.”

“So, we do this every four hours?” Jenny asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Linda said distractedly, again scribbling the temperature reading on the chart. “Even through the night.”

“Mm-kay,” Jenny said, trying to sound irritated. But she wasn’t. Not at all.

Linda left, and Jenny leafed through some magazines, then turned the TV back on. There were some funny things on the comedy channel that made her laugh, but she couldn’t get her mind off Linda Wells taking her temperature, and she found herself glancing at the clock, counting down the time.

Dinner came at 6:30, and Jenny was hungry, eating everything but the beets. She looked again at the clock as she finished up, and got a delicious thrill in her chest. In only one hour, Linda would be back to take her temperature again. Why couldn’t she get this off her mind?

At 7:30, Linda came in. Jenny tried as hard as she could not to act like she was anticipating anything.

“You know what time it is, don’t you, Jenny?” Linda asked her.

“Oh, yeah…temperature time,” she said, looking through her magazine without looking up. She sighed, put the magazine away, and turned over on her stomach dutifully.

“That’s a good girl,” Linda said swee
tly. Then she pushed the gown up and again worked Jenny’s panties down. This time, one of Linda’s hands gripped the panties right in the middle of the waistband. When she pull
ed them down, one of the nurse’s knuckles brushed the crack of Jenny’s butt almost all the way down. The shapely teenager almost swallowed her pounding heart, as her breath froze.

Linda calmly opened her bottom again, peeling open the smooth cheeks with her thumb and forefinger pushing against the inner walls of her buttocks. Jenny found that her head was spinning lazily, the way it felt when she was on a ferris wheel at the fair, and went to the very top and then started down again. She had to fight to keep from squirming, for this time, she was very aware that her pussy was getting very, very warm, and moist.

Linda pushed the thermometer gently but steadily into her anus. Jenny swallowed, and then panicked suddenly. Could Linda see her moistness? The way she was holding her open, her vaginal lips might part slightly too. Oh god, what if the gorgeous nurse could see the wetness that must surely be there now?

Jenny shut her eyes tightly. With the thermometer buried deep in her butt, and Linda standing there, her fingers resting calmly on her lower back this time, Jenny’s young body was a battlefield of feelings.

“Ok, doll, all done.” She pulled the thermometer out and did the ritual. “No temp again. Good for you.”

Jenny smiled into the pillow as Linda considerately pulled her panties back up and covered her again. Nurse Wells furthered the warm, swimming feeling Jenny was having by stroking her dark hair gently. “See you at 11:30, sweetie. Do you sleep on your tummy or on your back, or what?”

“Umm…on my side, sometimes on my tummy.”

“Ok. Now listen, because you will probably be asleep, I need you to take off your panties and keep them off until morning. I’ll be able to take your temp while you sleep, and I’d rather not wake you to undress you. You need your rest. Ok?”

Jenny turned over slowly and nodded. “Ok, Linda.” The thought of being asleep and panty-less while Linda opened and probed her dazzled her senses.

“All right. I might not see you until noon tomorrow. After the 11:30 temperature check, I’ll be off and there will be a midnight nurse.”

Jenny’s eyes widened. “Oh, no. You mean she–“

“No, we decided your temp can wait until I come back on duty. As long as the reading is normal at 11:30, the other nurse can skip the temperature checks. Of course you might even go home tomorrow. You’re doing fine.”

Jenny was relieved. For some reason, she wanted no one else touching her except Linda Wells.

The dark haired teen beauty spent the evening restlessly going from TV to crossword puzzles, and then decided to try and sleep, but she couldn’t. She took off her panties and kept them in the bed with her, under her pillow. Her mind raced with the same fantasy, replayed over and over, of Linda coming in as she slept on her side, raising her gown, finding her bare and exposed, and gently pushing the thermometer in her bottom. Finally, her fingers found their way to her soft, furry mound and she rubbed herself, playing with her clit. She drew her juices up from her syrupy opening and closed her eyes, and could see only Linda’s face, and hands, and she came, her lips clamped together to keep her squeals from escaping, as her lovely little body quivered with her self-induced pleasure under the bedsheets. After that she was able to watch a little TV without total distraction, but was still unable to fall completely asleep.

By 11:20 p.m., she was tired, but still awake, and she turned on her tummy. She decided she would pretend she was asleep. She bent one knee slightly, opening her groin so that Linda had easy access. Her young body tingled with anticipation.

Minutes later, the door opened softly, and she heard Linda’s gentle footsteps.

“Jenny?” Linda whispered. The soft-skinned brunette stayed silent.

Jennifer Taylor fought to keep her heart from leaping out of her chest as Linda, in the darkness, pulled the covers down. Her breathing was deep and full, and could certainly give the impression that she was asleep, as long as she kept it even.

The nurse’s fingers went to her gown, creeping it upwards. Linda’s hands, rather than lifting the gown, pushed it, causing her hands to glide over Jenny’s silky skin.

She heard the thermometer holder being uncapped. Then, Linda’s hand on her buttocks, spreading her tender cheeks apart for the circular target. At that same time a thunderous realization came over Jenny, and Linda did just what Jenny suddenly understood the nurse would have to: it was dark…Linda couldn’t see her anus…so she would have to…ohhh!!!

At that second, Jenny felt Linda Wells’ forefinger trail softly down her ass crack, until it bumped over the taut, pinched skin of her anal opening. Jenny thought her chest would explode, and she fought off the urge to writhe as the excitement coursed through her. Linda’s finger stopped on top of her anus, resting there to guide the thermometer for entry.

Jennifer’s sex felt like it was going to begin to boil, and spill over! She could no longer breathe through her nose, and she parted her lips slightly, measuring the air carefully to avoid gasping. Then, another panicked realization, streaking through her like an arrow: Could Linda smell her excitement? Would another woman have any doubt as to what the humid aroma that surely would be drifting out from between her legs was?

The thermometer, landmarked by Linda’s delicious finger, pushed its way into her asshole as Linda slowly moved the finger aside. Her hand rested fully on one butt cheek the entire time the thermometer was in her.

Linda’s arousal had reached a silent but searing pitch. Trying not to touch herself at this moment was excruciating.

Mercifully, Linda pulled the thermometer out, capped it, and replaced Jenny’s gown and bedsheets.

As soon as the door closed, Jenny turned on her back and began to stroke and probe herself. Her pussy made moist, smacking sounds as her mind reeled with thoughts of Linda, of the sensations of the nurse’s quiet, darkened examination of her. Her climax was close as those thoughts soared across her tightly shut eyelids.

She was then startled when she felt a gentle hand on her forehead. Her eyes flew open to see Linda Wells, who had come back in without a sound, standing over her, the long skilled fingers now in her hair.

Jenny pulled her hand away from between her legs and tried to speak normally.

“Oh, L-Linda…hi..” she stammered, trying to sound sleepy.

“Shhhhhh,” Linda said, a soft smile barely visible in the semi-darkness. “It’s all right, Jenny.”

The gorgeous blonde nurse then pulled Jennifer’s covers down, and she sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

“It’s all right, baby” her soothing voice cooed, again, one hand on her forehead, the other moving down between Jenny’s legs.

All Jenny could do was whimper her submission. Her own fingers had been replaced by Linda’s, moving with gentle determination in the slippery folds of her pussy.

Jenny moaned, her head tilting back as the pleasure arced through her body like lightning. Then, the flowery scent of Linda’s hair was around her, and Linda Wells was kissing her softly on the lips. If this was a dream, Jennifer thought, she never wanted to awaken. She opened her thighs and her lips to the nurse to take her, and Linda was now sweetly devouring her fully, her tongue dancing slowly inside the teenager’s mouth.

In a few short minutes, orgasm after orgasm seized Jennifer Taylor’s sweet young body as her lovely nurse French-kissed and stroked her into oblivion. At one point, Linda’s mouth lifted away and a few seconds later Jenny was looking into Linda’s bare, beautiful breast, jutting out from the uniform that Linda had unbuttoned. She moaned softly and took the erect nipple in her mouth, sucking as if it were her lifeline, and
looking up into Linda’s glowing face.

Linda had reached under her own dress and was fingering herself as the pretty teenage girl
suckled her, and before long, Linda’s soft moans of ecstasy mingled with Jenny’s urgent whimpers, and the two young women held each other for a long time.

Jenny cried softly against Linda’s breast as the nurse stroked her head. The experience burrowed deeply into her soul. She didn’t know or care whether it was right or wrong, but she loved and wanted Linda with all her heart. Linda had given her the first, rich experience of female love, and it flowed powerfully inside her, and she melted now in the older girl’s arms. She may be checking out of the hospital soon, so she cuddled close, wanting to savor every second with Linda. Soon, there would be no more temperature checks, no thrilling, breathless visits in the dark.

Jenny fell asleep against Linda’s tender skin, and awoke the next morning to the sight of a new nurse opening the blinds.

“Rise and shine, Jennifer,” the nurse smiled. “Breakfast is coming. Boy you sure slept a long time!”

Jenny smiled weakly, her heart suddenly heavy as she saw the scheduled discharge papers on the night table, showing that she would go home at 10:30, before Linda came back to work. Linda Wells was going to disappear, and last night’s incredible, secret pleasures would be only memories.

She hoisted herself up to a half sitting position, wiped her eyes, and then noticed a small envelope under the discharge order. It said on the outside, “Jenny.”

When the nurse left, she quickly opened the envelope and found a scented card inside, with an image of a rose on the cover. Inside, in blue ink, was the pretty cursive of a woman’s handwriting.

“Jenny,” the message read, “I hear your 18th birthday is coming up next week. That’s wonderful! Give me a call, and I’ll take you out shopping, and if you like, we can spend an evening together, ok? 553-0993. With love, Linda.”

Jennifer’s heart brimmed with joy as she tucked the envelope into her bag of belongings.

Linda Wells wasn’t going to disappear, after all.


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  1. waterfairie

    I truly enjoyed your story. It was well written; I felt like I was there, I was really into it.

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    i reaaly like your story is there going to be more to it??? 🙂

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  3. 4everdrew

    I very much loved reading your story. It felt like i was in the room with you, feeeling everything you were feeling. i hope theirs more!!:)

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  4. k4256

    That was great!!!! I’m so glad they got together at the end 🙂

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