That Day

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I walked by her house again that day, staring at the windows, questioning whether or not to stop. It didn’t really matter either way, I had become her friend again within the last two years. Dropping by like I usually do isn’t any big deal. Nor is walking on past the trailor park she lives in. But that day, something made me stop. And I’m glad I did. Her parents were going out that weekend and finally leaving her home alone the entire time, with a friend staying the night of course. What do you know? Just the oppurtunity I was looking for. She fell right into my hands and asked me to spend the night.
We went out back then, ya know? Two years ago. I had just come out of the closet about being bi, and her boyfriend was starting to pressure her about having sex. We had been friends since she was in kindergarten and she heard that it was best to fool around with a girl before a guy. It was only natural she asked me. Why would I tell her no anyways? She looked just the way I like’em. She was three inches shorter than me, about shoulder length light brown hair, hazel eyes, and even though she said she never groomed down there before, she had the perfect little landing strip. The best part though? That tiny little body of hers. You know, the kind that those ballerinas have. Almost anorexic looking, with itty bitty tits. The kind that you want to see how close you can get to snapping in half during sex, but protect like precious porcelain when she sleeps in your arms afterward. Just thinking back on that juicy little cunt, the way she screamed my name when I squeezed those little breasts to bruising, it makes my own pussy wet with wanting.
So I went back to my place with a little self satisfied grin. It was Friday and her parents left in the morning. Time to get packed. I already had my corset ready, the one mom let me work off the money for so I could start waist-training. If I should say so myself, I looked very sexy with the dramaticly nipped waist and hourglass shape. I decided to add in the pin up thigh highs that stay up on their own. Ah, the wonders of a mother who doesn’t give a damn. And those platformed high heel Goth boots. I guess Ds aren’t too big to leave exposed, nor a freshly shaved twat. Now for toys, my favorite part! More wonders, the ones brought from overage connections! Japanese silk ropes, very fun and very durable. She could never get through them once I had them on her. Nipple clamps were out of the question. We never did anything really kinky, and as her friend, I was told she never slept with anyone else, and those things are definitely painful in the wrong way for some one who is inexperienced. I want to hurt her but I want her to beg for more torture at some point. Strap on with detachable 10″ x 2″ dildo. Could come in handy in more ways than one. And the pier resistance, a bottle of Soft and Sensual Bath Oil. Think lube and slippery fun. The essentials were simple, a set of PJs and a knife. Now I got my stuff packed, it’s time to wait.
The next morning, I woke up at 11 am and got dressed. I grabbed my bag of goodies, told “Ole Ma” not to wait up for me since I was sleeping there and set to walking. In the end, I got there at about noon and we hung out the entire day. We watched TV here, made phone calls there, and some how a myriad of make up, talking, tips of special interest, and magazines all got tied in. At 10, she went to take her shower to get ready for bed and stupidly left me to my own devices. I still wonder if that turned out to be a good or bad thing for her at first. I set to tying lengths of the rope to each of the legs on her bedframe, hiding them along the edges of the mattress for easy grabbing and tying. I set the oil to the side on the dresser and hid the strap on in my bag in the corner. I pulled on my stockings and boots, stripping out of all clothing but my corset and hid in the most sensible place to hide. Behind the door.
In the time it took to get everything set up, she had gotten out of the shower and dressed in her PJs. I stood in the corner and kept as quiet as possible. She walked around the house, calling my name and my tight snatch was starting to leak down the inside of my thighs at hearing her say my name. Just a little longer… Quietly, she walked into her room and looked about just a little, calling my name again. Slowly I closed the door and pressed against her back. She gasped and opened her mouth but before she could make a sound, I quickly moved one hand over her mouth and digging the fingers of the other roughly into her clit. Muffledly I heard the shreik of fear change into a moan of pleasure at the rough treatment and I whispered into her ear “Shut up or I’ll make you shut up.” She couldn’t say much as I dug my fingers harshly into her clit again but she had that frightened look in her eye and she nodded her head. Gods I got so fucking hot seeing her scared like this.
I let go and shoved her onto the bed, watching her fall backwards with a terrified glance at me. I pushed her down onto the bed and straddled her waist just as she tried to push me off. The grinding of her scratchy PJs against my sopping and bare twat made me moan and I shoved her back down, reaching up to grab the rope. She eeked at the ropes and tried to get away, but I put my hand to her throat to silence her, stopping her long enough to tie up her hands. As soon as her hands were secure I turned and tied her feet down too. Looking over my shoulder, I smirked at her and laughed when she asked “Why are you doing this?” Turning back around and glaring at her, I slapped her across the face hard enough for her to scream, then a second time that made her whimper. I guess she figured out that the scream like she didn’t deserve it pissed me off more. I leaned down and smirked again. “Are you telling me that you didn’t break my heart? Are you trying to tell me that you don’t deserve to get this?”
Hearing no response, just getting that wide-eyed stare, I giggled and said, “I remember what you used to love doing when we dated.” I stood above her and placed a knee on each side of her head, then slammed my cunt down on her open mouth, moaning when she screamed into my pussy. I looked down into her scared eyes and spat out sourly, “Get to munching you stupid whore!” before twisting one nipple almost all three hundred and sixty degrees around. I heard her muffled scream into my twat again and felt her arch at the nipple twist. I grinned and began to grind into her little face as she nibbled and twisted her tongue inside me. Suddenly, however, she bit into my clit much harder than needed. I guess she thought it would hurt me, but in the end, it made me hornier. I smirked at her again before turning around and shoving my pussy right back on her face, then slapping her own genitals harder than I slapped her face.
She screamed into my cunt again and I yelled “Eat you dumbass cumslut!” As she began to lick, nibble and suck on my swollen and throbbing clit, I ground into her face and kept yelling degrading insults while beating her poor twat. Hearing her scream again, I shuddered and called out her name in orgasm, shoving my juicy snatch into her face again and cuming in her succulent little mouth. I got off her face and turned around to look at her smiling evilly. I got right against her face and said “If you don’t let me taste, I’ll make you tongue fuck me again you disgusting little bitch.” And I got what I wanted, a deep tongue kiss that let me shove my tongue into her delicate little mouth and taste myself.
Smiling again, I climbed off the bed and she seemed relieved. That is, until she saw me take the cap off the oil and go for my bag. Reaching into the duffelbag, I pulled out the pocket knife and strap on. She stared at me, unable to say a word as she watched me put the harness on, running my fingers over the huge jelly cock in my hand. Pouting for all I was worth, I added the sappy voice and said “Did two fingers hurt last time?” Then I changed to the demonic smirk and terrifying voice, “This’ll make you scream you worthless cunt.” Leaning over her, I
opened the knife
and ran it lightly over the exposed skin between her pajama bottom and top. Watching her simper in fear, I giggled and completely cut away the offending garments, leaving her in nothing but flesh. I marveled at her beautiful body and allowed myself to let slip one thing I never meant to say, “And this beauty could have been mine had you taken the time to listen to me.”
Quickly getting back on track, I reached over for the oil, smearing it all over her chest and stomach. I leaned up and massaged her deliciously tiny tits with the oil, bending my head to bite her nipples or suck on the flesh occassionally. When she quit her simpering and actually began to moan, I thought she had had enough. I leaned back up and reached for the oil again, slathering it on the jelly dong on the strap on and lightly lubing her cunt roughly with one finger. Bending over her I asked “Is here anything you want before I pop your cherry you piece of shit?” She never said a word but looked about ready to die, so I took that as my cue to keep going. Knowing that the first inch is always the most sensitive, I wanted her to suffer and slid in the tip slowly, making her yell out in pain. I laughed at her and whispered “I didn’t tell you to talk, did I my cheap fuck?” I saw the pleading look she gave me, the way she was shaking her head no and just couldn’t help myself. I slammed the full length of the 10″ x 2″ strap on cock into her virgin twat. Reaching down between us, I wiped some of the blood from her bleeding pussy onto my fingers and looked at it a moment, the dildo still completely inside her poor little entrance.
I licked just a bit off my fingers, smiling at the delicious taste and then reaching to smear the rest on her cheek. Smirking again, I pulled slowly out of her, leaving her abused hole gaping. I crawled up and layed over her in the 69 position, shoving the strap on between her lips and commanded “Suck it.” Grudgingly, she took the dildo in her mouth and started sucking as I instructed her to. I began to flick my tongue over her swollen and painful clit, listening to her moan as each time I shot my tongue in her pussy I would shove the large toy deep into her throat. After biting her clit again, she cried out, but it sounds more like a mumble around the cock in her mouth, and came. I pulled it out of her mouth and asked, “Are you ready for some consensual fun?” Seeing her nod, I untied her feet and hands.
I shoved the strap on back into her juicy loose twat and giggled, biting her tits as she screamed my name. Slowly, I turned over onto my back, never taking out the cock from deep inside her love tunnel. I layed back with my head propped on my crossed arms and barked out “Get to work you filthy skank.” She nodded but seemed so much more willing now than before and slowly pulled out just an inch of the dildo, then slowly taking it back in, groaning when she reached my hips at having the entire length inside of her. I rolled my eyes and reached back down, grabbing hold of her waist and lifting her high enough so that the tip of the toy was barely still inside of her, then slammed her back down, getting wet again at her scream. After that, she took the hint and raised off the bed, driving back down again. Over and over, she fucked that jelly dong, stretching out her newly deflowered cunt, making her scream my name till she came. Just the screams themselves got me off.
Collapsing on top of me, she muttered “I never… really… saw it… this way…” Giggling again, I whispered “You never saw alot of things.” We left our conversation at that. I cleaned up, put on the PJs I brought, then looked back at her. Smiling, I guessed I could spend the night. I mean, there she was, passed out on the bed from exhaustion, obviously still aching judging from the myriad of groans I heard, and completely naked. I couldn’t pass up this oppurtunity. It could be my last after that night. Quietly, I finished packing and undressed again, climbing into bed next to her and pulling the blanket up. I looked at her and I realized the ultimate reason behind her getting her “just desserts”. It was simply that she hurt me emotionally and I wanted to hurt her the only way I could think of since she left me. That’s the last thing I remember before falling asleep.
The next morning, I found her not only in my arms like the old days. But she also had her arms wrapped around my middle, her face pressed into my breasts. Looking down, it was obvious she woke up before me and began crying, then fell asleep again. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like the vengeful mistress anymore. I felt like a bitch not even worth all the worlds pollution. I felt like I betrayed some one who still depended on me. Sighing, I eased out of her arms, pulling the blankets back over her and got dressed. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and left a note on her dresser.
That day, I walked home alone as usual. And the next day, I passed by her place on my way to hang out. And two weeks later, I went back to my usual routine. If I kept walking, it was no big deal. And if I stopped, I said hi and left. No big deal. It seemed life was the way it was before all over again. But one day, something that was a big deal happened. I was checking the mail when I got home. I happened on an envelope with my name. No address, just my name written in her handwriting. At first I was scared and didn’t knwo what to do, but I had to read it. When I opened it and read the one scrap of paper it simply said three sentences. “Come by this weekend. I’ll be ready this time. I love you.”

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  1. AryelGryphonmark

    Badass…ahhh, just deserts…

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    dear writer… that was one of the best stories ive read on here since ive been reading these stories.. you should make a part 2 and let me knw wat had happen that next weekend if any thing happen…. keep up the good work!

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