The cat gets the cream

It was Friday evening, and i was busy getting ready to meet a couple of my friends for our usual night of drinking , dancing and trying to get laid.

I am 23 years of age, 5’7″ tall, My hair is styled short, a mousy brown colour with hints of blonde highlights running through it, i have greeny-blue eyes, olive coloured skin, ample firm breasts, my boby hair is completely waxed regularly as i like my skin to be as smooth as possible, my actual figure is 36b-24-34.

I have just stepped out of the shower and my body is still wet, i stand there naked and dabbing myself with the warm towel i have just pulled off of the heated towel rack in the bathroom.

I start thinking of the night ahead, will we pull or will we like so many other nights end up getting pissed and trying to avoid the packs of drunken men who think they are all Adonnis.

I finish drying myself off and turn on the hair dryer and start styling my hair, after i had finished i put on some moituriser in all the right places, spending particular attention to my pussy, i hadn’t linger there to long or else i will have to take another shower.

I put on a lacy black thong which looks absolutely stunning on me, even if i do say so myself, wearing under wear like this helps to install that extra little bit of confidence in me, besides, if you look good you feel good, right.
I then put on a little black dress that hugged my slim figure showing off my curves, it had thin shoulder straps and a low cut cleavage, there was nothing fancy about it but it did reveal enough to set the mind racing, which is why i liked it so much.
I put on a pair of black leather knee length boots that had a 3″ heel and a chunky sole, straps with buckles ran the length of the boot, adding a little bit of kinkyness to this already sexually charged outfit.
I put on a small black leather jacket to top it all off, grabbed my purse and headed off to the pub where my friends would already be waiting.

On arrival at the pub i got myself, a vodka and coke and went and joined my 3 friends.
It was a large pub that always got busy at the weekends, at one end of the room there was a smallish dance floor with a d.j. box for the local d.j’s to show off there talents.

The music was really quite loud but it helped add to the atmosphere and after a few more drinks i knew i would find myself up there boogying the night away.

Me and my friends sat there chatting and laughing, checking out the talent, and talking about the possible sexual exploits that this night might hold for us.

After several hours we decided it was time to get up and have a dance, the music played and bodies moved, girating flirtuortisely and beginning to send signals to anyone watching you that what you had was special and they knew that they would just have to have you if they could.

Whist up there doing my thing i bumped into somebody, turning around to apologise i was suddenly stood in front of this angel of sheer and utter beauty, i looked her up and down trying to take in this ” angelic figure ” that stood inches away from me.

She had long straight blonde hair, she wore a short black top with a zip running down the front of it, stopping just before her pierced belly button, below that was a short turquoise hipster skirt that clung to her thighs showing off her perfect figure,the black leather boots that she wore were a similar style to my own but the straps on hers were at the back of the open backed boots and a large leather shin pad on the front.

After i had come back to my sensesI hurriedly apologised to her.

Thats ok, she replied, it is rather crowded in here anyway.

I smiled at her and said i would try to be more careful, i carried on dancing and turning my self around so i could look at this beautiful stranger who sent tremors running through my body everytime i laid my eyes on her, longing to reach out and take her in my arms and to seduce her.

After an hour or so i felt this figure brushing up against me, i turned to see the woman i had bumped into earlier with her back to me dancing erotically which set my pussy alight and my nipples shooting out trying to escape the dress that imprisoned them, i turned back round to find that my friends had gone back to there seats and i was now all alone, i carried on dancing to the incredible tunes that the d.j. was blasting out,I spun round and came face to face with her, she smiled at me and stood there dancing, i returned the smile and joined her.

Hi! my name is Steph, i told her.

Hi! Steph i’m Lisa, i hope you don’t mind but i saw you dancing on your own and thought you might like some company.

I smiled, and said, Thanks, its not as much fun when your on your own i thought to myself and she was beautiful.

We danced the night away together, strutting our stuf and sending everyones pulses racing brushing ourselves up against ourselves occasionally that always sent an uncontrollable wave throughout my entire body.

My friends came and joined us and i introduced Lisa to them.
Lisa said her hellos and we stood there dancing as a group teasing everyone who happened to be watching us laughing and enjoying the night.

Lisa turned to me and said she was going to get a drink and return to her friends.

I said it was nice to meet you and watched her walk away, the way her body moved, her firm ass in that short skirt, the long white legs moving rhymically, she turned around and caught me watching her, she smiled at me and winked.

I smiled back at her, i felt a rush of heat running through me as i must have gone as red as a tomato.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

Me and my friends said our goodbyes, hugging each other and telling each other how much we loved them and all of the drunken things that us girls do.

I started the short walk home, i only live about 5 minutes from the pub.

I noticed Lisa stood by a phone box,

Hi! Lisa i said.

Hi! steph came the reply, on your own?

Yeah, i only lve just around the corner and my friends live in the other direction.

You, i said to her.

Yes, i’m trying to ring a taxi but they are all busy and it’s going to be at least an hour before one will be available.

God, thats no good i told her, why don’t you come back to mine and you can phone one from there and wait in the warmth of my apartment.

Are you sure, she replied.

Of course i am, at least it wil be safer than standing around here on your own all night.

Thank you,Lisa said.

When we arrived at the apartment i tok Lisa’s coat and hung it up it the cupboard with mine.

I brought in a bottle of wine, stuck on some background music, and poured me and Lisa a couple of glasses of wine.

I tried to get a taxi for Lisa but everyone was busy and it was getting later and later.

Eventually i said to lisa, look it seems as if they are all busy, you are more than welcome to stay the night here if you want and i will give you a lift in the morning.
It would sure make me feel better if i knew you were safe.

Thank you, that is a very generous offer, if you are sure you don’t mind and i’m not impossing.

Of course you can stay, its not a problem to me, it will give as a chance to get to know each other better.

One of my favourite songs came on and as i stood there i started to sway my hips and move to the rhythmn.

Lisa got onto her feet and came and joined me, dancing right in front of me.

I looked at her and smiled.

Lisa smiled back at me and we were now inches from each other, i made the first move, as Lisa turned and put her drink down i reache out and out my hands on her sides and started swaying from side to side.

Lisa tilted her head back so it came to rest on my shoulder. I ki
ssed her neck and she let out a low moan and placed her hands on the sides of my thighs.

God, you are so beautiful i whispered in her ear as i gently nibbled the lobe of her ear.
She turned an
d looked at me and our lips brushed against each other, i opened my mouth slightly and let me tongue taste her lips,she opened her mouth to me and we fell into a long deep passionate kiss, our tongues wrapping around each other like 2 snakes.
Our hands exploring the new curves that they were caressing, sending sensations rampant and begging to be released from within.

If you want to know more you wil have to wait for part 2.

Have to go now as my pussy is dripping wet and i have a few toys that need to be abused.

Till then.

hugs & kisses and things.


Preisty xxx.

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