The Dungeon

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The Dungeon

The moon rose over the horizon and lit up the isolated adobe ranch house just as she finished the dinner he had served her in bed. The moonlight entered the window and beautifully accented the glow from the candles that already warmly filled the room. She gazed around at the nice furnishings and smiled feeling wonderfully in control of her life since her move to the ranch. That’s what she really enjoyed…control. She wasn’t obsessed with it, but when a situation arouse, she liked having the power to bring things to the conclusion she wanted. In a way, it applied to her sex life as well. It had been all new at one time, controlling her boyfriend, but now she couldn’t see having it any other way! Besides he enjoyed it as much as she did. She also thought about the many times they had made love tenderly together, when he wasn’t wearing his collar of course, and how special that was too. But that was different…tonight was her time to be in control and she felt anxious about this evening as it promised to be even more exciting than earlier that afternoon.
Breaking her thoughts, he walked through the bedroom door and crossed over to the wood and wrought iron bed on which she lay. She had freshened up, but was still wearing her black outfit and thigh high boots although the strap-on harness had been replaced with a pair of metal studded leather panties.
“Are you finished Mistress?” He said offering to take her tray of empty dishes away.
“Yes I am…go ahead and take it. Now go do the dishes and then clean yourself up and meet me in the dungeon in 15 minutes.” She directed, “When you come into the room, I want you wearing only your collars, do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress, my collar and my cock and ball harness.”
“Correct, now get going Bitch and don’t keep me waiting!”
After a moment, she got up from the bed and headed down the hall to the third bedroom that was affectionately called “The Dungeon” and was well, precisely that. Down the center of the room there were two heavy wooden posts that went from the floor to the ceiling beams with several large metal rings attached to each for the tying of one’s hands and feet. There was also a padded bench about as wide as a single bed, and a saw horse like contraption for bending her slave over if that is what she desired. Just about everything in the room had metal rings attached in strategic locations and hanging from various points about the room where an assortment of leashes and leather belts. The room itself she had been decorated very well…it was unlike the rest of the house and had a Medieval feel to it. There were several big mirrors draped in a red felt material and in one corner sat a black antique leather chaise. It was to the chaise that she started to walk, but she remembered that she wanted to try something new and stopped at a heavy and worn chest of drawers and withdrew a strap-on harness and cock which she attached to one of the posts about 18 inches from the floor in the center of the room. “Hmmm, that will do nicely” She thought and reclined on the chaise and waited.
After washing the dishes he quickly stripped his clothing off and cleaned up as directed. He noticed that it was almost 15 minutes and he hurried down the hall as not to be late.
“Precisely on time” She said as he entered the room “Did you get everything done?”
“Yes Mistress”
“Good, now come over here and pull this the chaise over in front of that pole…about three feet in front of that strap-on. That’s it, right there.”
She then sat on the edge of the couch facing the strap-on and directed him to kneel down between her and the post.
“Here, take this and lube that cock up. Good Bitch, now get on all fours and back into it…slide it in your ass! Yah that’s it!” She commented and after slipping out of her leather panties, she placed her boots on his shoulders.
“Now come forward a bit and eat my pussy, Slut!”
As he moved forward the few inches to reach her, the cock attached to the post slid almost halfway out. Just as he was about to touch his tongue to her, she pushed him back with her boots, shoving the cock back into his ass. She grinned at his surprise and attached a leash to his collar and used it to pull him forward again to her wet clit. Back and forth she pushed and pulled him, each time having him eat her bit longer before pushing him back into the cock.
“Oh yeah, that’s good…eat it up Bitch!” Push…Pull, “Suck my Clit! Hmmm, Yeah!” Push…Pull, “Oh you do that so well!” Push…Pull. Finally after several minutes she wanted to cum, so she pushed him back once more and moving the chaise aside, got on her hands and knees in front of him with her ass directly in his face.
“Now I’m going to fuck your face with my pussy Bitch, you’d better not let your tongue leave it!” She said and begin moving back and forth, forcing him to do likewise, the cock continuing to fuck his ass.
He did his best to keep his face buried in her pussy, and he lapped at her clit and asshole keeping in time with her movements. Suddenly she started to cum and she pushed back hard into face and the cock was driven deep in.
“OH FUCK! CUMMING! HMMMMM! LICK IT BITCH!” She stammered and stayed pushed back against him. She shivered as her orgasm passed and she slowly moved forward releasing him from between her and the cock.. “That was interesting….come-on get up” She said rising and pulling him along by his leash, “Now let’s get you into something a little less comfortable shall we?”
The next half hour was spent dressing him up in tight white corset, stockings and shoes and finally in a cute shoulder length wig and make-up.
“There now you look like the cock hungry little slut that you are!” She gleamed, “Now follow me.”
As she lead him over to the saw horse he watched her erotic swaying movements while the sound of her boots echoed off the tile floor like small caliber bullets being shot off in a canyon.
“Bend over Bitch” She commanded and quickly lashed his ankles to the legs to one side of saw horse and his hands to the other.
She walked around him a few times admiring the way his ass vulnerably stuck out high in the air and then went and retrieved the strap-on harness from the post.
“I’m going to fuck you a long time tonight Bitch. And I think I’ll start with Mr. Big here!” She said retrieving the thick cock from the dresser drawer.
She attached the 8 inch cock to the harness and slipped it on as she moved behind him and lined herself up.
After playfully smacking the cock against his asshole, she lubed it up and slid the head in. He moaned against the invasion, much to her delight, and she pushed another couple of inches in.
“Oh wait!” She said remembering, “I wanted a bit of head first from my little cock hungry Slut!” and pulled out and moved around.
“Hmmmm, there you are…suck my cock little Bitch. Can you taste your ass on it? Go ahead take more in your mouth.”
She pumped her hips and fucked his mouth for several minutes looking down her stomach at his lipstick covered lips as they spread wide around the big cock. She squeezed her breast together and pinched her hard nipples through the leather and moaned as she became hotter with lust.
“What a good cock sucker you are!” She said pushing deep and gagging him a bit, “Oh, but you still can’t take it down your throat…we’ll have to work on that!”
She pulled back and stepped behind him again after placing a large metal bowl between his feet and
reached down for his cock and ball leash which she again tied around h
er waist..
“Get ready Baby!” She warned and slipped back in his ass.
She pumped hard into him and quickly became close to another orgasm. She always came fast when she fucked him hard and this time was no exception!
Glancing over to one of the large mirrors and she saw herself in candle light grabbing her boyfriends hips and fucking his ass with her cock. She liked the way it looked and she bent her knees slightly and thrust hard making him whimper as her rubber dildo slammed roughly into his ass. She was now on the edge of cumming hard, but before she allowed herself to, she decided that it would be cool for them to cum together and she bent over and reached for his hard cock and started pumping it.
She stroked it in time with her thrusts, and from his reaction she knew that he was going to cum quickly and started timing it so they we climaxed at the same moment. .
“Cum for me Bitch!” She said stroking and pumping faster, “Cum while I’m fucking your Hot Ass!”
He couldn’t take it any longer! Her commands excited him and her stroking his cock from behind while she fucked him sent him over the edge. Just as his cock erupted and his asshole clinched tight around the dildo, he heard her starting to cum as well. She gasped for breath and squeezed his cock hard as she buried the huge dildo into him.
“YES BITCH! CUM!” She yelled in orgasm, “CUM FOR YOUR MISTRESS!”
Even as she came, she was careful of where she aimed his cock and she managed to collect most of his cum in the metal bowl on the floor. She continued pumping his cock as he strained against his bonds being sure to get every last drop out.
“Whew! That was Hot!” She said between breaths, “Now for the Grand Finale!”
“What do you mean Mistress?” He asked thinking that was it.
“I told you I was going to fuck you for a long time tonight…and well I’m going to! I’m going to fuck you until you get hard and cum again.”
She pulled the slippery cock out of him and walked back over to the dresser one last time.
“Except not with this…” She explained, “Remember Mr. Bigger?”
“Oh No Mistress, Please not that monster cock!” He pleaded.
“Don’t be such a little girl! You’ll like it you Whore!”
She swapped out cocks on the harness and stroked it’s 2 ½ inch diameter with a lustful gleam in her eye.
“Yes you will like this and with no lube either! At least not the usual lube!” She said bending over and picking up the metal bowl “I’m going to use your own cum to fuck you with!”
She poured some of his cum out over the gigantic cock and smeared it evenly over it’s length. With the rest, she tipped the bowl and let it run down between his ass cheeks effectively lubing his already sore asshole. .
“Damn this is Big! I’ll try and be gentle!” She laughed sarcastically and forced the flared head of the cock in after replacing the bowl beneath him.
He whined and pleaded because of it’s size and tried in vain to get away from the anal raping she was giving him, but the cum made the cock too slick and with each thrust…it slid in further.
“Yeah Bitch, Take it in! Gobble it up with that horny slut asshole of yours!
Come-on…I know you want my cock!”
She pushed another inch or two in and then pulled it all the way out, the cum lubricant making squishy wet sounds. She then shoved it back in to the depth it was before, and pulled it back out again. After repeating this a few more times, his ass began to accept it with less resistance and she stayed in and started fucking him with it’s full length.
“See!? I knew you wanted it! Look at my little Slut! Your horny ass is begging for it!”
She watched the gigantic cock disappeared again and again and she pulled on his leash so her clit smacked against his balls making her more excited and aggressive. Her body heat continued to rise and her long blonde hair clung to her neck and shoulders as she began to perspire and her breathing became heavier.
The cock in his ass was massive and he began to sweat and his legs trembled from the exertions he was going though accepting it. Her dominant actions started taking their toll, and he felt himself surprisingly growing hard again and even pushing back against her the best he could. The shear size of the cock filled him completely and gave him sensations that he never felt before! It was such and intense feeling that he swore that he might cum just from the excitement of it.
Watching the huge cock slide in his ass sent a wave of powerful electricity though her and she relished in her control over him. She fucked him hard but carefully as she steadied herself for an explosive orgasm.
“Oh I’m really gonna Cum Now! This is the Best Fuck Yet!” And she continued with ever increasing excitement, “Fucking Fuck! My Pussy is Soooo Damn Wet! OH-OH, HHHMMMMMMMMMMM!!!”
In the middle of her orgasm she had to slow her thrust or risk falling over from her weakened knees and high heels. She grabbed his hips instead, and pulled him back into her pressing her clit against his balls with a grinding motion which in turn caused him to uncontrollably ejaculate.
After several moments she regained her senses and unsteadily pulled the massive cock out of his still clinching ass.
“Oh look, You came again!” She said seeing that her placement of the bowl had again been fairly accurate. “How convenient!” She said picking up the bowl, all ready for my little Slut!”
She unfastened his ankle and hand restraints and after directing him to kneel in front of her said, “Take the head in your lips Bitch, but don’t close your mouth around it.”
He once again complied with her directions and her cock angled down and sat on his tongue. She poured the cum onto the base of the cock shaft and it ran down it’s length to the tip and into his mouth. His cum tasted good and was still warm but there was so much a drop or two almost escaped his seamen covered tongue.
“Now don’t spill any…Yeah that’s right, suck it all up! Hmmm, that’s a good girl, swallow all that cum! God what a nasty little Bitch! I think you’d do anything I want! Hmmmm, Well Ok, that’s enough for now…Time to clean up again…Oh, by the way, you’re going to sleep in your collar again tonight!” She winked.

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    Great story…sounds like fun!

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    a great story, Mistress Domgirl is correct, it was one of the best ive read in a while

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