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poetry mistress

my mistress my master
I plea for her forgiveness
but she only beats my bare ass faster
telling me I am pathetic and weak
and its my complete
ultimate humiliation she shall seek
still laying over her beautiful lap
I risked taking a peek
seeing a magnificant face and lucsious lips
from where her orders are commanded
I cowered when I heard her voice raise
Or when she made a demand
knowing I am not suppose to make eye contact
For if I do her wrath is brutal
But to do so is my fault
For I would have broke my masters rule
I can tell you she wears high heels
I can see them while bent over her lap
She wears dresses generally black or red
Or mini skirts of various colors
And has large breasts with nipples sticking out
tempting me to get hard and erect
only to be humiliated along with her rejection
insisting I am her Bitch
not even the noble title of a Switch
sometimes she allows me to lick her pussy
telling me I am a real wussy
ordering me to kiss her feet
This we both consider a noble treat
After she has had her fun she gets serious
but first forcing me to suck her dildo
with my hands bound behind my back
making me give head
then bending me over the bed
pumping me while I moan
her strokes become deeper as she sets the tone
i finally lose control
cumming all over and making her mad
though I am pleading sorry and sad
I know what she has in store for me will be bad

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