To have loved and lost, Chapter 2

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To have loved and lost. Chapter 2.

Allisons p.o.v

The school isn’t as confusing as it first seemed. The school is set out in a circle; with smaller hallways branching out.

Leslie takes me to all my other classes; math, S.A.P , English and biology. Surprisingly enough; I wasn’t for a second even remotely terrified.. She introduces me to her friends Carmen, Josie and Rachel. Carmen was 5″2, long blonde hair; and big breasted, very pretty, but seemed like she could be a bitch at times. Josie seemed like a calmner soul; with brown hair cut short agaist her face in a pixie style; she was 5″5 and had small breasts. Rachel on the other hand was gorgeous; She had voluptuous hips, big red lips; her auburn-brown hair accented everything about her. But her atitude was more centred around herself.

I look back to Leslie; she seemed average. 5″8 curly blonde hair; big blue eyes c-cups, fairly nice bum, and yet something about her made her more beautiful than any one of her friends..
Maybe because her personality was so genuine; unlike anyone I’d ever met before..

“so how’d you end up meeting them?” I asked. I just don’t see how Leslie would have ended up with people like Rachel; she just didn’t seem like the type..

“well; we’ve been friends since kindergarten.. Carmen used to live next door, and Josie was the daughter of my mothers friend; Rachel just kindof ended up with us..” she said smiling. We were like the four musketeers, completely inseperable.

“did Rachel change; or was she always self-centred?” I ask in a tone that’s more than questionable. She looks at me like I’ve stabbed her in the chest.

“yeah; I guess you could say that. For Rachel everything is about reputation. Everything. She doesn’t ever want to be shunned like she was in grade school… So now she goes out of her way to remain at the top; regardless of what she has to do; or who she has to reject..” Leslie says, her voice catching in her chest.

“I’m sorry..” I say. “she is your friend.. I’m sorry for being insensitive..” turning away from Leslie I question myself. What was with me? I have never ever been one to talk shit about people; but what had I just done?

Leslie’s p.o.v

Everything about the tour of the school had been good. Until Allison asked about Rachel; about why Rachel was self-centred. I’ve loved Rachel for a long time; I guess I HAD loved Rachel for a long time. Before I had met Allison Rachel had been my epitome of perfect; of flawless. Had I been head over heels?no. But for what it was worth; I had still loved her.

Rachel had done me damage. Rachel was also a lesbian; like me. When we were in grade school; Rachel had no qualms about admitting it, and this got her alot of bullying and teasing. So she vowed when she got to highschool that she would become so popular that it wouldn’t matter if she liked fucking dead corpses.

When I ‘came out'; I told Rachel; who better than the self-professed lesbian? I knew I could trust her more than anyone else; more than Carmen, or Josie. For some reason I just knew they wouldn’t understand like Rachel did..

Rachel and I got closer those years aftwerwards, and one night we were drunk; and I blurted out that I had feelings for her. We had kissed and stayed together the whole night just talking.. But when it came to the public eye; Rachel denied that we had anything.. She denied the fact that we had kissed, that we had done anything..

After that our relationship was only held together by the thin fibers of the friendship between Josie, and Carmen.

The rest of the tour continued with minimal communication until we reached the cafe.

“can we get some lunch now? I’m starving!!” Allison asks. She is genuinely sorry for asking. I can hear it in her voice, and see it in her eyes. Her brown eyes; her beautiful brown eyes.

“of course what would you like?” I question as we walk into the cafe. She looks at the menu. This girl is so strange; in the most perfect way of course..

“hmm.. Howwabout fetuccini Alfredo with grilled chicken..?” she asks me. I raise an eyebrow.

“don’t tell me; tell her.” I say pointing to the cafeteria lady.

After we get our food we move to pay; Allison reaches in her purse to get put money to pay for her own; but I am two steps ahead of her.

“it’s on me.” I say handing the woman at the cash $20. “Keep the change” I say   Smiling and leading Allison down the to alcove.

The alcove is a hole in the wall; quite literally. It’s a hole that was knocked out of the wall by accident during the renovations. As  chairman of the school maitenence and care comitee I decided the best way to utilize the space was to create a private dining area. Very few know about it; and it makes it a great place for ‘private’ reunions.

As Allison steps into the alcove her dress hikes up a bit. I smile as I see a bit more leg than I anticipated. She moves fluidly into the alcove and stops and stares in hidden wonder at the design of the alcove.

There is a japanese style table with pillows for sitting; a small leather couch with coloured blankets; and coloured cloth draped across the ceiling.

“woah!” she says awestruck at the compilation of colour.

“nice right?” I ask proud of my amazing skills. I sit down on the leather couch and Allison sits next to me. I smile at her; and begin indulging myself in my fetuccini Alfredo.

Alisson’s p.o.v

The cafeteria food is delectable. Better than the cafeteria back home. The fetuccini is outstanding! I watch Leslie as she slowly puts noodles in her mouth. It’s one of the most sensual things I had ever seen.. The way the noodles slide so effortlessly between her lips.. I watch as her jaw barley opens and closes to chew the noodles before her throat expands, and she swallows it down.

I wonder if she has ever had a dick down her throat.. She looks as if she might be good at it. No- I shake these thoughts from my head; how rude of me..

I try to eat without any further distractions from leslie’s part; but I find myself staring at her multiple times. Her lips are so pink and full; so kissable..  God. I’d love to kiss them; I’d like to taste fetuccini Alfredo on her tongue as our mouths mashed together in complete, pertinent bliss.

I stare for a while before I begin to whole heartedly devour my lunch. I’m done before she is. I just sit for the rest of the time and watch her eat.

” so…” I begin. Unsure of where I’m heading with this. ” you got a boyfriend?” at this Leslie chokes on some fetuccini. She’s gagging and coughing. She isn’t breathing.. I’m confused and startled; I do what bronze medallion taught me.
I do the heimlech manouvre.

I wrap my arms around her torso, my hands joined in front of Leslie; quickly I use all of my strength to send jolts of pressure to Leslie’s lungs. Soon enough Leslie let’s out an enormous hacking cough; and out comes the fetuccini.

Leslie sputters for a few moments; in an attemp to catch her breath. I realize where I am. I’m standing with my arms wrapped around Leslie; my boobs pressed against her back..

Everytime Leslie’s body would give a shuddering lurch; a little jolt of electricity shot straight through my nipples, which were rock hard.

“holy shit!!!” Leslie gasps, her breath still coming in short bursts.

“don’t die on me!!” I say almost smiling. She makes me feel at ease.. Even at the most dangerous of times.

“I’ll try not to..” she jokes holding her throat in remembrance of the passing pain..

Why had she choked when I asked about her boyfriend? Did she have a boyfriend? Did she even want one? Was she thinking about me the way I was thinking about her?

“let’s take a walk!!”she says leading the way.

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