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Being the shy person that I was in the past, I never had the guts to try something different and erotic. That is, until I met Cassandra. I met her in night school that I attended couple times a week and we hit it off right away. Sometimes when we hung out, would catch her staring at my C cup breasts or my voluptuous tight ass more then once. When she realized I saw her, she would simply smiled and said casually each time that she was admiring my top or the design of my jeans so I discarded it. Until one day, she changed me.

It started one night as Cassandra and I were both hammered while we were at our local bar. She out of the blue asked me when was the last time I had an earth shattering sex and I told her that I haven’t had any for the past 5 months since my boyfriend dumped me and now only fuck my dildo. She told me that she wanted to know if there was something I would try, what would it be. I said that I always wanted to be taken advantage of, inflicting orgasms after orgasms on me. 

She looked deep in thought for a minute, turned to me and told me she wanted to take me somewhere different and if I’m up for the adventure. Very curious I said yes and we drove to an industrial site, went inside a warehouse type building  and met a sexy red head lady dressed in black leather cat suit. Cassandra told me to close my eyes and  promise she would show me something that I would never forget. Intrigued, I went along with it.

She covered my eyes with a silk blind fold and started to undo my cream colored button shirt. While unbuttoning them, both her thumbs would gently skimmed over my skin, first over my collar bone, then  above my chest. My breathing were rapid as I felt her touch but I couldn’t see anything and that only enhanced my senses more. 

She worked to the middle of my buttons where my cleavage was, I held my breath and waited for her caress. It came, her hands held my top as she rubbed inside my bra and between my strained tits, my nipples hardened. She bent over to touch my ear lightly and I sighed as she first licked around then darted it in. 

Close to my face, I felt her warm breath on my lips, and brushed her full mouth over mine, back and forth. I  wanted her kiss me very badly but she refrained from it and I whimpered. She traveled down my chin to the hollow of my neck, she sucked on it and knew she would leave a mark as she licked it. 

My pussy started to throbbed as she cup my breasts over my bra and top and when she took the shirt and ripped it open that caused the rest of the buttons to popped and stripped it off, I moaned loudly. Her  hands grabbed my swollen mounts over my bra, stroked and rubbed my hard nipples and sensitive tits. Never kissed another woman before, she kissed me while our tongues danced, it was very erotic with her soft lips and never in my life felt even more turned on that I was at that moment. 

She took off my bra, but wait! When she continue to kiss me with her hands on my back, I felt another pair of hands ran up my thighs and under my loose white mini skirt to opened my legs. Confused, I was about to ask who else was there when someone glided their finger over my soaked panties and rubbed my clit. 

The question left me as Cassandra broke our kiss and moved away, the feeling of the finger pushed harder on my nub, moved along it, just then another pair of hands tugged at my huge tits, pulled my nipples then a mouth suckled drew them in as much as t could take. Someone behind placed their hand around my neck, held my head up, stuck a wet finger between my ass cheeks and played with my anus.  Desire engulfed me as I knew it was a woman that stood behind me, her small tits and stiffen nipples on my back as she pulled me against her.

My leg was held up and fingers spread my pussy lips as a mouth was placed on me. I groaned as they ate and licked my dripping cunt and when two finger slid in my opening, they ate and sucked my clit harder and faster, moving the fingers at the same pace. Just when I was about to bust, someone laid me down, held my arms above me and I lifted my body off the ground and hope to find anything to give me what I wanted. A chuckle rang out and all of a sudden my legs were pulled back, spread wide and something wet was poured over my pussy and ass. 

Fingers pushed inside me again, I sighed in relieve when it started to move, another finger went in my tight ass followed by another and I moaned out loud as they glided in and out of both my holes. Legs began to shake and my cunt and ass started to squeeze, and I knew I was about to orgasm. Fingers stroked in a circular motion on my swollen clit, faster against the slippery wetness and I came quickly as they processed the torture, I felt myself squirted out that sprayed and drenched me . 

Still shaken from the aftermath, I was yanked up to my feet and parted my leg. Hands on my hips lowered me down and I felt a big, hard stiff dick pushed in my moist pussy. I gasped at the length and fullness, moaned as the stranger held me up and trusted his cock deep inside me. He fucked and rammed his rod all the way in, hands massaged my breasts as they bounced up and down with his movements. Lips kissed my ear, neck, stomach, and when I felt a mouth and tongue between my open legs and lapped my soaked clit , I climaxed as the pace increased.

The cock pulled out, was flipped over on all fours and they smeared my cum over my cunt and ass. A dick reentered my pussy again, soon after another cock first rubbed between my butt cheeks, spread the wetness over my ass hole then stretched it with its size as they fucked me from behind. 

When fingers touched and moved in short strokes over my still sensitive clit, I was overwhelmed by the sensations of two cocks thrust and fucked me hard, then picked up the tempo as multiple hands and mouths joined in, caressed and roamed over my body. Couldn’t believe I was about to come again so soon, the cocks fucked and fingers on my nub picked up their speed and I screamed out as my body shook and spasm, explosions of multiple orgasms washed through me, over and over again.  

     Felt drained and well satisfied, everything stopped and I was drawn up as the blind fold was removed from my eyes. I saw Cassandra in front of me, naked, and smiled at me then licked her lips with my pussy juices over her mouth. I grabbed and feverishly kissed her, tongues played inside our mouths as I tasted myself and when I moved back, thanked her for that mind blowing experience. She nipped my bottom lip, told me she wanted me to meet her roommate Amber and knew we would have a lot of fun together. 

I gave her a wicked grin as excitement washed over me and my cunt started to pulse at the thought. I trailed my hand down her fat pussy, shoved a three fingers in her dripping hole and pinched her nipples hard with my other hand. She yelled at the pleasure and pain, and knew I agreed with her.

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