Vacationing with my best friend part 1

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I sighed throwing something else in my suit case & turning to the clutter in my room
“Jenna, can you try to find my coconut lotion?” I looked over at my best friend who was carelessly sprawled out across the bed .
“Mimi, we still have 4 days left before we leave for New Jersey, why are you packing now?”
I sighed once again & shoved another shirt into the suit case
“you think I like packing this early?”
“well I know you hate being organized & being on time”
Ignoring her sarcastic yet true remark I went on ” my moms been up my ass to start packing now, what the hell am I supposed to do ?”
“well your moms not here right now, is she ?”
She had a point , I threw down the pair of sunglasses in my hand & flopped on the floor next to the bed , neither of my parents would be home for another 3 hours, why worry about it now ? We were both a little old for our age, as anyone could tell by our colorful language, been through a lot more than other girls had at this point in their lives, although we both came from well off ,strict white families , whom if they knew what was really going on behind our little angle covers would probably drop dead from a heart attack…. especially mine. I was usually the spontaneous, care free, messy , crazy , wild , bad one while she tended to be a suck up , delicate & sweet but defiantly not a snob, she was the only real person I knew from our shitty little town. we’re the type of best friends people were jealous of, always “I want a friendship like Jenna’s and Mimi’s” . What a lot of them didn’t know is we had had our problems & we’d done things & had weird feelings.. Like once we’d made out.. Not even on a dare. But we classified that as bi curious phase and forgotten about it, moved on . We still knew things about each other though, like she knew I liked lesbian porn I knew she liked it and we both knew about each others masturbation.
“Ben & I broke up” her voice suddenly breaking into my thoughts
“surprise , surprise” I muttered, she’d only had about 1,000 boyfriends.
” yeah, not that it matters”
I laughed and looked up at her lying sideways to face me on the bed. Her shoulder length brown , blonde streaked hair fell over her face and her average , but not even close to chubby, curvy body wiggled restlessly around. Her large , round breasts were spilling out of her bra and over the top of her shirt , her white skin glowing under my lamp light. I looked down at myself with my long thick blonde hair and natural highlights , my slim dancer body , tanned skin , and perfectly shaped slightly smaller tits.
Realizing the lesbian nature of the thoughts I was having , I quickly jumped up & busied myself once again
“Nice purple thong” my hands fly to the back of my shorts & hoist them up . She was acting oddly that night , although I wasn’t sure how.
“I have to pee” she announced suddenly flouncing off the bed. I turned back to my ajar drawers as she exited the room & continue my packing
“Uh Mary there’s something up with your toilet” giggling to myself I strolled into the bathroom
“what could you have possibly do-” I was interrupted by her pulling me in & locking the door
“haha very funny , now lemme out the toilet looks fine”
“I know its fine ” she muttered have sensuously half drunk- like
Then she started to giggling & pretended to prepare to strip off her shirt , I joined in the giggles because its funny & we’re just fooling around. Then she started grabbing for my shirt, I thought we were still joking & playing around so I laughed & pulled away & she advanced again
“hahaha, c’mon I gotta go finish packing & you gotta pee” I laughed heading toward the door
Quickly she raced in front placing two hands on my shoulders & pinning me back against the wall
“okay seriously this isn’t -“
“Shhhh ” her lips inches from my face ” this’ll be fun”
She released my shoulder but stayed pressed up against me, pulling off her shirt . My heart started skipping beats, & a slight tingling started to form in my pussy. Still giggling, she reaches down and ran her hands on either sides of my torso running them up & down my curves & then pulling them up to rest on my tits. Smiling, she gently stroked them , causing my pussy to tingle even more & begin to grow wet. As she pulled off my shirt she started talking again in a low voice still inched from my face
“Remember earlier when we were telling Mallory that fake story about two lesbians just to get her grossed out & it was working ? Well it was making me horny, so horny & I could tell it was making you too” she said now that my shirt was off , she slowly started to tease my bare sides with her fingers. My mind had started working now and I decided what I was going to do. I lightly ran my hands down her body to her shorts & slipped them off gently. She didn’t seem the least bit surprised. She moved her hands, still on my sides, down & shoved them in my pants. She gently ran her fingers as close to my pussy lips as possible , causing me to breath heavier . She then pulled them out & slid my pants down slowly . She then started to kiss my neck, making me so wet I could feel it seeping into my silky thong. At that point I decided I was going to be the leader , the dominate of this experience. I gently pushed her away
“Sit down on the edge of the bath tub with you legs spread” I commanded. She seemed a little surprised but cooperated. She sat down , her legs spread wide , her large breast practically spilling out of her bra. I knew what I wanted to do for her. I got on all fours & crawled over to her , my hard nipples threatening to come loose from my bra my head inches from her pussy, I inched closer & could feel her tense , could see the wetness soaking through her thong. I then suddenly sprung up & started to kiss her horny spots, licking behind her ears, blowing on her neck, inching down, bring my mouth to rest right between her two beautiful boobs. I then started to grope at them pushing them around, squeezing them, and licking the tops. I could tell it was taking all the strength she had not to moan, so I reached back & unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. They were gorgeous so round and perfect. I leaned forward & stared to suck her nipples, suddenly I bit down on one & heard her gasp. Looking down I saw her fists clenched so hard they were turning white. Smiling at my power I let go and sat facing & straddling her. I then pulled of my bra , and forcibly shoved my tits in her face. She wiling kissed and sucked at them as I let out small sighs of pleasure. I then pulled away and ran my fingers down to her soaking underwear. “Naughty girl , did you get all wet?” I asked her. She just sat there silent. ” I guess we’ll have to punish you then ?” I pulled my hands back & spanked her ass hard. ” OH” she cried out.
I then slowly pulled down her panties, I could tell she wanted me so much, she was holding back about to explode, she was desperate. I smiled and ran my fingers down around her smooth soft vagina lips and she started to breath heavily. I then traced my finger down to her clit and started to rub gently she gasped and let out a low begging moan. I stayed in that motion for a few seconds, then stood up
“pull down my underwear” I demanded her. She did as she was told. I then shoved her down so she was lying face up on the floor and lied on top of her. I then started to rub my pussy against hers, gently at first, then getting harder, I then violently began to grind and hump her as she limply lie there moaning under her breath
” Your not participating little girl. Looks like you need to be taught a lesson” I reached under my cupboard & pulled out gel, double sided, vibrating dildo. Smiling at it . Her eyes widened
“Mimi, Iv never put anything up there before, its going to break its going to hurt”
“shhh” I muttered push
ing my lips up against hers I then sat my bare wet dripping pussy against her hips my legs straddling her . I circled my finger slowly around her lips, over her clit, around her hole. I then gently stuck a finger
part of a way up her . It was so wet and smooth & tight inside. She shuttered . I then pulled it out and tickled a little more. Then suddenly, roughly I shoved the dildo as deep inside her as it would go. She screamed and yelped in surprise then started breathing heavily & loudly. I then started pumping it in and out of her as fast as I could, rubbing her clit at the same time , faster & as deep as I could & as hard.
“Mimi ohh this hurts I OW this hurts ” she muttered between breath but I continued pushing it harder and harder and faster . A bit of blood came out on her thighs, & then her moans started getting louder she started to buck her hips around . I then pulled it out of her. She looked at me , angry for stopping. But I ignored her and bent down to lick her gently. I traced my tongue ever so slowly around her pussy and then shoved it in side wiggling it around . She couldn’t take it anymore & started to scream & completely loose it. She moaned my name over & over screamed at the top of her lungs , flung her head back & moaned. She grabbed my hair and yanked it and pulled at it .
” you like that ?” I asked her . She could only reply by breathlessly begging for more. I started pulling in and out & she couldn’t take it anymore. She started to squirt all over & I could feel her cum dripping down my throat I pulled back.
“My turn” I smiled she then instructed me to sit in the tub . I sat spreading my legs up on the sides she got in with me got under me & stared to lick my pussy while shoving the vibrating dildo into my ass. My ass was so tight she had to force it, it hurt me so bad but as she turned it on I started to feel pleasure. She shoved her tongue hard into my pussy & I cummed all over her screaming my head off. As we both lie there panting I turned to her
“Be ready next time” she then smiled
” Don’t worry, your going to get your punishment for disrespecting the teacher when we get to new jersey”
To be continued..

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