Veronica Love, Chapter 4

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Chapter Four

Months later, Veronica and TJ went their separate ways. TJ found Veronica to be vapid and Veronica found TJ to be possessive and innately cruel. However, they remained on good terms and still occasionally slept together.
Veronica wanted to meet other gays and lesbians so she joined MidNorthEastWestern University’s Gays and Lesbians group. She knew that she would meet people who would accept her and understand her there.
She met many lasting friends at the Gays and Lesbians group and so she always looked forward to their meetings. Some times she even brought rice crispy squares.
One week, she came in a little late and there was only one seat available, next to a newcomer. She sat down next to the newcomer and introduced herself.
“Hi,” she said. “I’m Veronica. And what’s your name?”
“I’m Randi,” the newcomer said.
“Well isn’t that a nice name,” Veronica said smiling as she took Randi in. Randi had short brown hair, cut like a man. She had big brown eyes and an earring through her eyebrow. She was dressed in a white wifebeater shirt and baggy men’s trousers. Randi noticed Veronica looking and looked down, which confused Veronica.
At the end of the meeting, Randi was about to leave when Veronica stopped her.
“I’m planning on ordering some Japanese food tonight,” Veronica said. “And I don’t have anyone to share it with. Would you like to join me?” Randi nodded her head yes.
That night, Randi arrived at Veronica’s flat and they got to know each other better over sushi and sashimi and many glasses of sake.
Veronica could see the desire glowing in Randi’s eyes but did not understand why Randi did not make any moves towards her. Finally, Veronica grew impatient and leaned forward to steal a kiss from Randi.
Randi did not respond in any way. She didn’t push Veronica away, but she also didn’t kiss her back or pull her close.
Veronica pulled away.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, slightly hurt.
“Nothing,” Randi said, looking down, sheepishly.
“Well, something must be wrong, honey,” Veronica said. “I know you want me. You want me, don’t you?”
“Yeah,” Randi whispered.
Veronica put Randi’s hand over her breast. “If you want me, then why don’t you take me, honey?”
Randi looked down, shyly, her cheeks flushed. “I don’t know how,” she said. “I’ve never done…this before.”
“You’ve never kissed a girl before?” Veronica asked. Randi blushed and looked down at the floor in shame. “Don’t you worry,” Veronica said. “Everything will be alright. I’ll show you how.”
She leaned in to kiss Randi again and this time Randi responded tentatively. She ran her hands through Randi’s short hair and pulled Randi closer, exploring Randi’s mouth with her tongue.
She ran her hands up and down Randi’s back, feeling the curves of her body through the thin fabric of the white wifebeater. Finally, she began to gently squeeze Randi’s breasts, pinching the nipples into erectness.
She lay Randi down on the couch and undressed her until Randi was naked and vulnerable before her. She kissed her way down from Randi’s neck to her breasts, which she kissed and sucked, causing Randi to moan in abandon.
Veronica left Randi for two agonizing minutes, even though Randi begged her to stay and finish her off. Veronica returned with a special surprise; a strap-on TJ had forgotten at the apartment.
She walked into the room, proudly presenting her cock. Randi’s eyes widened in shock and fear as Veronica approached her.
“Wait,” she said. “Butches don’t do things like this.”
“But isn’t it what you want?” Veronica asked, speaking softly.
Randi blushed and whispered “I guess…”
“Then why let your pride get in the way of getting what you want?” Veronica asked. “No one will know.”
Randi sat for a moment, deep in thought, and then spread her legs. Veronica’s cunt moistened at the sight of this tough butch spreading her legs, almost begging to be fucked.
Veronica joined Randi on the couch. She sat next to Randi and she unbuttoned Randi’s trousers and took off Randi’s boxers. Veronica lowered her head to kiss and suck Randi’s pussy. She licked Randi’s labia, avoiding her clitoris. Then she stuck her tongue deep in Randi’s pussy, making Randi groan in ecstasy. She looked up to see Randi with her head thrown back, panting and thrusting against Veronica’s mouth.
Veronica stopped just short of Randi’s orgasm and thrust her cock into Randi. Randi gasped in pain as Veronica popped her cherry, and Veronica started out fucking Randi slowly and shallowly until Randi got used to the feeling of having something inside of her.
When Randi began to moan softly in her ear, Veronica’s pussy began to gush and she started to fuck Randi harder, eliciting gasps of pleasure. Randi pulled her closer.
It was such a thrill to her, to have this muscular, masculine butch pinned underneath her, taking her dick and loving it. Randi came, humping frantically and screaming. Veronica had to stuff her fingers into Randi’s mouth to stop the shouting, which added an extra thrill to it.
Randi’s orgasm aroused Veronica so much that her pussy spewed cum, soaking the harness of the strap-on, the sheets, and Randi’s pussy and inner thighs.

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  1. Arenas

    nice story,I enjoyed reading it, reminded me of a dildo I once had, to big made me pee.Can’t beat a good grinding.

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