Veronica Love, Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight

Veronica was bagging groceries at Poole-Biscoe and was slowly becoming bored out of her skull. She had been working for six hours straight with no break and hardly any customers. It would be four more hours before the day was over and she could go home and relax. She sighed in exasperation.
“Can I get that double bagged?” a melodic voice asked. Veronica grumbled and double bagged the groceries. It was only when she handed the groceries to the customer that her mood brightened.
Veronica handed the bags to the customer. She noticed that the customer was tattooed on both of her wrists and the tattoos seemed to twist up and around her arm, hidden under the sleeves of her shirt.
“They’re all connected,” the woman said.
“Huh,” Veronica said, looking up into the customer’s face.
The woman had startling green eyes with subtle flecks of gold. She also had wild, unruly, wavy raven hair down to her waist. She noticed Veronica admiring her and waited until Veronica had taken her in to repeat herself.
“They’re all connected,” the woman said again. “I have tattoos like that all over my body and they all connect to form a giant snake.”
“Did it hurt?” Veronica asked, in shock.
“Very much so,” the woman said, licking her lips. “But I like a bit of pain now and then.”
Veronica blushed and lifted the groceries into the woman’s cart. The woman handed Veronica a piece of paper.
“What’s this?” Veronica asked, quizzically.
The woman didn’t answer Veronica’s question. She only smiled and said “My name is Fatima. I hope to hear from you.”
Veronica turned away for a moment to help her co-worker, and when she turned back around, Fatima was gone. It was as though she had disappeared.
That night, Veronica called Fatima and they talked for hours on the telephone, Fatima was everything Veronica thought she would be; intelligent, kind, funny, and very sexy.
They flirted back and forth finally ending their conversation with the hottest phone sex Veronica had ever had. After Veronica got off the phone with Fatima, she brought herself off a second time, falling asleep with her hands between her legs.
A few weeks later, after meeting several times for coffee and strudel, tea and coffee cake, Danishes and milk, they met at Fatima’s apartment.
Veronica was immediately struck by how well decorated the flat was. There was framed stained glass on the walls in shades of purples, blues, and greens. There were potted plants in the corner of every room and all of the windows had lace curtains.
Veronica sat down on the couch and Fatima returned with dates, almonds, miniature cakes, and brandy.
“The key,” she said, “Is to put your dates and almonds into the centre of your cake, so that you have a bit of each in every mouthful. And then follow it with a sip of brandy. It’s delightful going down.”
Veronica tried it. “It’s delicious,” she said, smiling. “Delightful going down, just like you said.”
Fatima walked over to the stereo and put on a record and then sat back down. Veronica moved closer to Fatima and sat with her arm awkwardly around her. They sat in silence for a moment.
Fatima broke the silence saying “Would you care to see my snake?”
Veronica nodded yes and blushed.
Fatima stood and, taking Veronica’s hand, led her into her bedroom. Fatima turned on every light in the room, closed the curtains, and sat down at the edge of her four poster bed. Veronica remained standing.
Fatima spread her legs and ran her hand slowly up her leg and up the skirt of her black satin dress. Veronica’s breathing echoed through the room until she was sure Fatima could hear it, and the drumbeat of her racing heart.
Fatima began to unbutton the many buttons of her dress, exposing her chest, her stomach, her mound, her thighs, her legs. Her entire body was mapped out by the twisting, curling form of the snake, inked into her flesh in green and gold ink.
Veronica knelt before Fatima and began to trace the body of the snake. Veronica ran her hands over Fatima’s neck, her collarbone and shoulders, her chest, her breasts, her ribs and stomach, her should blades and lower back, her ass, the backs of her legs. And then the snake round around to her ankles and shins, her knees, her thighs, and finally it ended; the head tattooed onto her right inner thigh, its red tongue lapping out at her pussy.
Veronica grew wet at the sight. She parted Fatima’s thighs wider, causing Fatima to moan and sigh “Oh yes…”
Veronica sunk two of her fingers into Fatima causing Fatima to arch her back. Fatima looked straight into Veronica’s eyes as Veronica fucked her. And Veronica saw the passion in Fatima’s eyes when she added a third finger.
When Fatima came, Veronica watched as Fatima gripped the sheets and her hips began to roll. Her cheeks flushed deeply and she seemed to gasp for ages until Veronica was afraid she would choke on air.
Finally, Fatima had her release, moaning softly and clamping her thighs so tightly around Veronica’s hand that it hurt.
Veronica came in sympathy to Fatima’s orgasm, come dripping down her thighs. And it took her a few moments to catch her breath
Fatima motioned for Veronica to join her on the bed and they spent the rest of the evening exploring each one another’s body.

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