Violet's Sexual Awakening Pt. 2

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Violet’s Sexual Awakening Part 2

Teresa and I are watching the lesbian’s on the porn movie some more and they are fucking each other with a big strap-on dildo. I ask Teresa if she has one and she says she does and will use it on me later if I want her to. I tell her yes I would like that very much and go over to her and give her a long and deep French kiss and we fondle each other’s tits while we kiss. Teresa breaks contact with me and says let’s go to her room now. We put the tv away and clean up the Jacuzzi area. We wrap our towels around ourselves and go into the house. When we get to her room I ask her where did she learn how to have sex with a woman? She tells me that she learned it from her maid, Nicole. She comes over to me and kisses me again and takes my towel off and plays with my tits. She breaks the kiss and asks me if I’m a virgin. I tell her not with a man, but I used my mom’s vibrator before when she was shopping. She asks me to tell her about that. I tell her I knew where it was because I was doing laundry and housework for my mom as a birthday surprise for her. I saw the vibrator in her underwear drawer. I decided to put away my parents laundry and give it a try. I took it out and it is a realistic looking one from pictures I saw in my dad’s porn magazines. I knew how to pleasure myself from rubbing my clit. So I pulled my shorts and underwear off turned the vibe on and put it on my clit and was amazed at how good it felt. I decided to see if I could get it inside me like in the porn magazines I saw. It was a little hard at first to get it in my pussy, but after a minute or two my pussy was cumming on the fake cock. I’ve used it a few times and dad even gets her new ones every now and then.
Teresa tells me to lie on the bed while she gets her toys to use on me. She has a nice collection of toys. She takes a small smooth one and turns it on and puts it on my tits and rubs my nipples with it. She asks me if I like it and I tell her that it feels really good. She hands it to me and tells me to rub it on my clit while she gets another one. I do and tell her I want to cum very badly. She gets out a bigger vibe that looks like a man’s cock. She puts some lube on it and tells me she is going to put it in my pussy and make me scream. I feel the head of the vibe go into my pussy and tell her it feels incredibly good. She slowly puts it all the way in my wet pussy and then turns it on. She tells me to play with my tits and to relax and let the vibe and her do all the work. She tells me it is a vibe that strokes, rotates, as well as vibrates. She tells me she put it on the stroking position and then she starts to lick my clit. I cum after she starts to really suck my clit in her mouth and flick it with her tongue. She licks up my juices and tells me she is going to make it rotate. She does and comes and sucks and licks my tits and rubs my clit with her fingers at the same time. I gasp every time the vibe hits a certain spot in my pussy walls. She tells me it is hitting my g-spot and I will have a stronger and longer orgasm from this. After a few more minutes I am having my strongest orgasm yet and I am screaming in pleasure. My orgasm seemed like it would never end. Teresa turned off the vibe and gently pulled it out and she said she wanted me to do the same to her. I did and had her screaming. She then told me to get on my knees to suck on the strap-on. I watched her put it on and it is a big one, about 10″ long and about 2″thick, I tell her that is the size of my mom’s vibe I used. She says it can also vibrate. She told me to lick the head of the fake cock like it was a lollipop, all around and along the length a little. I started to do this and she told me the most sensitive spot for a man is just under the cock head and to lick it there a lot. She told me to hand her the vibe that looks like a man’s cock and to watch her while she puts it in her mouth and sucks on it. She then says to deep throat the cock by relaxing the throat muscles and men love it when you can take almost all of them down your throat. I practice doing this to the strap-on and get ¾ of it in my throat and she tells me to practice sucking on it again and to try to lick it some as well. She tells me I am doing a great job and to stop so she can fuck me. I get up and she puts some lubricant on the dildo and asks me to part my legs so she can put some on me. I do and she takes a few moments to work the lube in my pussy really well. She says I am very wet and it will help while she fucks me. She tells me to face the bed and put my legs apart and she will enter my pussy from behind. She tells me to say if it hurts me. She slowly inserts the head of the cock in my wet pussy and I tell her it feels very good. She grabs my hips and tells me to bend forward a little and she will insert more of the cock in me. I tell her it is tight but feels really good. She then puts more in and asks if I want more, I tell her to put as much as she wants in me. She says ok and rams it in my pussy. I moan loudly from this. She says it is in as far as it will go and starts to move her hips back and forth, working the cock slowly in and out of my pussy. She tells me to tell her when I want her to go faster, deeper, or harder, and to play with my tits or clit while she fucks me. I start to rub my tits and work my nipples really good and tell her to do it harder. She slowly pulls the cock out of my pussy and rams it back in hard. After a few strokes of this I feel a strong orgasm building and tell Teresa I am getting ready to cum. She turns on the vibe in the cock and puts it on the highest speed and reaches in front of me and grabs my tits and says we will cum together. After she pinches my nipples a few times we both are breathing hard and getting ready to cum. She moans in my ear that she is cumming I tell her I am also. She pulls the fake cock out and tells me to lie on the bed, she takes off the fake cock and tells me to lick her pussy and then she gets into a 69 and we lick each other and have orgasm after orgasm together. After we catch our breath Teresa helps me to put on the strap-on and she has me lie on the bed and she give the cock a blow job and gets almost all of it in her mouth. She takes it out of her mouth and says I will do that with more practice. She gets one of her other vibes and puts it in my pussy and tells me she is going to turn it on and wants me to try and keep it in my pussy while she rides me. She lifts herself up and slides down onto the cock and tells me to suck her tits and play with them. I give her a very wet sensuous kiss first and stroke her tongue with mine and get her panting from such an erotic kiss. I then lie back on the pillows and suck her big beautiful tits and feel Teresa start to go up and down on the big cock in her pussy. I rub her back and tell her I feel my orgasm building and she tells me she is going to cum soon also. I grab her ass and knead it with my fingers and tell her I want her to cum in my mouth and tell her to get off the cock and I tell her to put her pussy over my face so I can get all of her delicious juices in my mouth. I tell her to please take the strap-on off and fuck me with the one in my pussy. I start licking her pussy and I feel her orgasm build. She cums so hard she is screaming and her cum is squirting out of her and running down my tongue and going down my chin and neck and pooling between my breasts. I then feel my orgasm and she pulls the vibe out and starts eating my pussy and I start screaming it is so strong. She says we ought to get some rest since she says we have plans tomorrow at a truck stop.

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