When Molly Met Jill

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Molly and Jill enter Jill’s snug and seductive little home in the sky above desolate Hackney. The walls are a pale orange colour and the flat feels warm and welcoming. The gas fire is on and giving lots of heat.
– Oh what a lovely view! says Molly upon looking out of the window.
– Yes, it faces south-west. A whole swathe of London. It’s even better at night. “Red sky at night – Brixton’s alight!” And no gardening too. I am very lucky to have this place.
Jill takes Molly’s raincoat and hat and hangs them up in the hall. She puts her own coat and hat there too. Molly notices Jill’s short, tight orange-red dress now and thinks of how sexy she is, especially with matching orange high-heeled shoes as well. Molly feels a bit scruffy in just her jeans, flat shoes and a blue wool jumper.
– A glass of mulled wine Molly?
– That would be lovely, thanks.
They sip their mulled wines. Molly gets out her roll-ups. Jill offers her a Rothman’s Light which she accepts. Jill says she has plenty. They smoke. Jill stands with her back to the fire.
– Sorry, am I hogging all the heat?
– That’s okay I don’t feel the cold. Viking blood. I just sweat easily.
– I am Cameroonian on my father’s side, Jamaican on my mothers so I feel the cold. My bum gets cold. Takes a bit to make me sweat tho.
– You could close the window completely? It is an inch open
– Then the room gets smoky. It’s a hard life being a smoker in a cold winter. I smoke but I like fresh air. Is that a paradox?
– I don’t know. I like fresh air too.
– It must have hard on those 60s immigrants if they arrived in the UK in winter. We are used to it. They were used to tropical heat. Still they stayed.
– I’m very glad they did. I can’t imagine London with no black people in it.
There is an easy pause. With a sly grin Jill says
– Would you like to take a little cocaine Molly? I just have a couple of lines left.
– Would you believe me if I say I’ve never taken it before? But I’m curious to try
– It tends to make one talk a lot of shit but it’s still a lot of fun.
Jill shows Molly show to snort the charlie, half the line up each nostril thro a rolled up £20 note.
– You get a horrible taste in the back of your throat but that doesn’t last long -just drink some wine. – then you’ll feel all lovely and light headed. Charlie is like champagne – good for special occasions – but if you find yourself doing it at ten on a Tuesday morning watch out.
– I see what you mean about the horrible taste.
– That only lasts a minute. Drink some wine.
After the charlie has sneaked it’s way in their bloodstreams
– Ooh, I think I like this Jill! Smiles Molly, I feel all buzzy.
– Good, Molly, good. Me too
– Are policewomen allowed to take illegal chemicals Jill?
– No, we are not but I’m a good cop Mondays to Fridays. At the weekends I like to have some fun when I’m off duty. I don’t it too much, maybe a gram or two a month. Except when we have big case on at work when I don’t do any.
There is another comfortable pause. Then Jill says
– So we are both lovers of George Molly, are you jealous of me?
After reflection Molly says:-
– No, I can honestly say I am not Jill. I thought I would be but now we have met I’m not. I could never compete with you. I not a cool person but I am cool enough to know that jealousy is a useless emotion. I had one incredible night with George six months ago during which I went from being practically a virgin to knowing tricks you’d hesitate to ask from a professional. In a moment of extreme passion I told him that I loved him – like I say, not cool – but he never lied to me. He never promised me 2.2 children and a house in suburbia. I suppose I thought he could Mr.Right but I was probably just naïve.
– You are a very honest woman Molly. That’s a rare quality. Don’t lose it. I try to be honest too. It makes for a more pleasant life. Maybe George is Mr. Right, just not in quite the way you had envisaged. I see no reason why we should compete. I like George being free. I told him when we started that he can have another lover but me as long as he is honest with me. I don’t want to own him. You don’t want to own him do you Molly?
Molly thinks.
– No, if you put it like that, I don’t want to own him. I like him being free too. I’m just so inexperienced Jill. George didn’t tell me much about you but I can tell you are much more worldly than me. I don’t know much about men as lovers. I don’t know how things should be. I feel like I should write a letter the Marie Claire problem page. She smiles sadly I’m a bit pathetic really Jill if the truth be told.
– No Molly you are anything but pathetic. You are brave, and honest, as I said before. You don’t meet many brave and honest women.
– You could hurt me really badly if you wanted to Jill. You are so more experienced than me.
– Now why on earth would I want to hurt a lovely woman like you Molly?
– Some women can be very catty.
– I’m not. No that would horrible and cruel. I’d never knowingly hurt you Molly.
– No, you wouldn’t would you says Molly marvelling. Some how I knew I could trust you not to be cruel, right from the moment we first met.
– There is quite enough cruelty and suffering in this wide world Molly. What sane woman would want to add more?
There is another pause.
– How old are you Jill?
– I’m thirty two Molly and you?
– Twenty five. Going on seventeen I fear.
– Well, I’ve been on the planet seven years longer than you. I’m bound to know a little bit more. You will learn Molly. Have confidence in yourself. Like Julie Andrews as the young nun in ‘The Sound Of Music’
Molly smiles at the thought of Julie Andrews as Maria, The Singing Nun. Jill pauses.
– Do you love George Molly?
– Yes, I think I do Jill. Not I know much about it but it feels like love.
– And does he love you?
– He says he does.
– If he says he does then he does. He’s an honest man.
– And do you love him Jill?
– Oh yeah
– And he loves you?
– So it seems.
– He just wants both of us.
– Yes, but happily not both at the same time. Now that would be unacceptable.
– It’s a bit greedy of him! smiles Molly
– I think it’s more that he can’t bear rejecting either of us. He is a polite man. He would have to be rude to one of us to make a decision and George is incapable of being rude to a woman.
– He is polite, yes, and honest too.
– So we will share George then?
– Yes, I think so but it won’t be easy. But I think I can handle if you can Jill. What’s the alternative? I can’t see him rejecting you and I don’t want him rejecting me.
– I don’t see him rejecting you either Molly somehow
– It’ll give him a huge ego trip tho. It’s every man’s fantasy isn’t it? To have two women at the same time. Still I’ll take half his loving over nothing. Yeah, me too. He’s a gentle man tho, not much of an ego. You are the crucial factor Molly. I don’t mind George seeing you as well. We always said we would be open. As long as he doesn’t lie to me I am happy. And, as I said, I can’t see him rejecting you unless you force him too.
– Like an ultimatum? Force him to choose one of us? I thought of that but I feared he would choose you.
– I don’t think he is capable of deciding. He must burst out crying.
– Ha! Wimp!
– Can we handle this do you think Molly?
– Do you think it’s possible tho to love two people at the same time Jill, truly?
– I think so yes, difficult but possible. Maybe even necessary. I had another lover at the same time as George, a woman. They overlapped.
– Yes, he told me you like women as well as men
– I do yes. I am little bit queer, for want of a better word.
– ‘Had’? What happened to her?
– We parted. We wanted different things. She wanted a baby. I didn’t. What can you do? Jill shrugs. Hopefully we’ll remain friends. But that’s often troublesome.
– I am very ignorant of these things. What did she look like? What was she called?
– She was a very pretty mixed race woman, looked a bit like Lisa Bonet. I like my girlfriends very pretty Molly. It’s just vanity on my part but there it is. Mixed race people can very pretty. It’s mixing up the gene pool. Black dad, white mum. Her name was Sheila, Sheila Cartwright. We were in love. Now we’re not. It happens.
– Are you sad?
Jill shrugs again and stubs out her Rothmans.
– Nah. Well, yes but no. Every day can’t be a sunny Friday afternoon. You’ve got have rainy Monday mornings too. “If you want the rainbow you’ve got put up with the rain” – Dolly Parton. Do you want to choose some music?
– Yes, okay
– Surprise me. I get bored with my own taste.
Molly flicks thro the LPs. As she does she says
– What sign are you Jill?
– Gemini. I share with Miles Davis about whom I know not a lot but I know he’s cool, air sign, easily bored. I’m not really typical. You?
– Pyrex, the little happy fish. Water sign.
– You mean Pisces
– Yeah, I was just being silly. Do you believe all that stuff?
– I don’t think my moods are affected by Saturn or whatever but it’s a way of talking about people. I do believe that there are types. Aries, for example, is all about beginnings, Arieans are very good starting things but hopeless at finishing them. So I’ve found anyway. What about Chinese astrology Molly? What animal are you there?
– Dunno. Maybe a cat. Not sure. You’ve got some good records here Jill
– Thanks. I’m a snake.
Eventually Molly puts on some Joan Armatrading
– Good choice. An interesting woman our Joan.
– She’s very beautiful
– You think? Not my type. I’ve never really gone for black women
– Really? Why not?
– Too much like looking in the mirror. I am the black woman in my relationships. I know what a black woman is like so no surprise, no mystery, no thrill.
– But Sheila was mixed race?
– She was very pale, could have passed for an Italian, long flowing black hair just a slightly flat nose and full lips.
– I see. Yes, opposites attract. I find black women –black people in general- very sexy. Why do you think Joan Armatrading is interesting then?
– She’s unusual, maybe unique. She’s black but she was brought up in a white musical tradition. Her big influence is Van Morrison. She didn’t hear any reggae until she was 20 or something. And she’s a lesbian, and everyone knows she’s a lesbian, but she’s never made any public statement about it. A bit shy I guess.
– She’s very talented anyway.
– She is. She writes good songs and has a good deep voice too, a lot of expression.
– I still think she’s beautiful.
– We are so different you and I Molly, but that’s no bad thing.
There is another pause. Inspired by the coke and Jill’s advice about honesty Molly says simply:-
– I think you are incredibly beautiful Jill, one of the sexiest women I have ever seen.
– Thanks, says Jill, I am blushing now. You can’t tell but I am. I’m not really so beautiful. A lot of make-up. I am a bit fat really. I think you are very beautiful too Molly.
Molly flushes bright crimson.
– Ha! But I can see you blushing my pretty says Jill
Molly can’t think of anything to say but
– Thank you. I’m a bit fat too.
– Fat like Marilyn Monroe. No-one ever threw her out of bed for eating toast.
There is a pause while Jill smokes, sips her wine and gazes at across the room at Molly in contemplation.
– Well, Molly, if you think I’m sexy – and you do – and if I think you’re sexy – and I do – and we both make love to George would the next logical thing to do be for us to make love?
Molly gulps and blinks at the honesty of this simple proposal. She has nothing in her experience to compare it to. Sex for her has nearly always been a mad, rushed and generally drunken experience. For Jill to just calmly suggest the idea, stone cold sober albeit with a little cocaine, in the middle of the day leaves her lost for words .She looks at lovely, beautiful Jill looking calmly, patiently straight back at her and eventually can think of nothing else to say but feebly
– It’s the middle of the day Jill
– We can draw the curtains in the bedroom if you like Molly.
Now Molly’s head seems completely empty. She looks at sexy Jill and there is a tense but not unpleasant silence. She doesn’t feel threatened. Jill isn’t about to pounce on her. Then she says stupidly
– Are Gemini and Pisces compatible?
– Who cares? smiles Jill
Molly feels like she is in a dream but it’s most delicious dream and she can think of no objection, on objection at all, and hears herself say simply
– Yes, okay then Jill, let’s make love.
– An excellent decision Molly says Jill and gives Molly her biggest smile yet.

It would have been downright rude to refuse thinks Molly and she not a rude woman.


She moves to kiss me but I stop her and take gently but firmly by the hand
– Not yet, I say, wait, wait.
We walk, me leading, she following into the bedroom. I take the phone cable out of it socket before we enter the bedroom. I have the fire full on in here and it is quite warm. I draw the curtains which have a swirling white and brown pattern.
– Take a seat I say. She does.
The room is large enough and in perfect taste for lovemaking, even if I do say so myself. The ample, low bed is in the centre of the room. It has pale orange bedding and is made, although the duvet is partially folded to one side. It looks inviting. The walls are the same colour. There is a full length mirror on the wall to the right of the bed. Against the wall on the left of the bed there is a dresser where I keep all my knick-knacks and there two wigs on wooden stands there and a third empty wooden head. There is a wooden chair facing the dresser. Next to the dresser there is a built in wardrobe. Opposite the bed there is an easy chair, where Molly is now sitting, and then a chest of drawers. The whole room is very clean and tidy but friendly welcoming.

I step out of ridiculously uncomfortable but very sexy heels and already feel more relaxed and that small step closer to being naked. Then I take off the wig. Her eyebrows shoot up.
– You didn’t think it was real did you? I place the wig on its wooden head.
– Wigs are fine for posing but when I make love I like to be completely naked.
She swallows again.
– You don’t mind my natural hair Molly? It’s only about a centimetre long.
– No, it was a shock but your real hair suits you. You have a nice shaped head and pretty ears.

I reach behind my back, find the zip, pull it down and wiggle out of that tight, sexy, uncomfortable little dress. I slide it down my legs, step out of it and hang it carefully on the back of the chair. I admire myself in the mirror and steal glances at her looking at me. Yes, that very expensive underwear had been worth the price. I knew it would be. I unhook the left stocking and slide it down my leg, easing it off, bending at the waist to do so. (I want her to see me bending.) Then the right stocking. I drape the now empty stockings over the dress, pop off the waspy-waist suspender belt and place that on top of the rest. Reaching behind my back I unfasten the brassiere and ease it deliberately off my shoulders and breasts (which I know my lovers like to look at). Finally I grasp the panties by their waist, slide them down to the ankles, step out of them and place them with all the rest. Throughout my striptease I don’t show the slightest hesitation or shyness. I strip as tho I was alone.
Now quite naked apart from my big hoop earrings, gold chain and orange nail polish I look at her.
– You like?
She swallows once more.
– I like. I feel like I’m living in a male fantasy here.
– No men here Molly. Just two sexy women, a big bed and lots and lots of time. The phone won’t ring, no-one will call and even they do I have the answer-phone on privacy so we wont hear them. No-one will disturb us.
She moves to get up but I say
– No, not yet. Patience my sweet. Trust me, sit, wait, watch.
So she sits down again. I just love being naked for her. I walk the few short paces to the bed, knowing her eyes are glued to me. I turn and sit facing her on the bed. I ease myself into a lying position, raising my head to gaze at her. Then abruptly and immediately I open my legs very wide.
She swallows yet again.
– Feast your eyes Molly I say. Just look at me in anticipation. She does.
– Oh God she says.
– Goddess, please.
– Oh Goddess, are you real?
– Mmm, I’m real
She is speechless.
– If I can improve my posture in any way that would please you more just I ask I say sweetly
– Okay, she says after a small pause ( My confidence has given her confidence too) Okay, well you could remove the earrings, .stretch your arms above your head
I do as instructed
– Lay your head back. Get rid of the pillows Close your eyes
( Molly. I can’t believe I’m saying these things. My mind reels to hear what my heart is saying thro my mouth.)
I do this too
– And could you open your legs just a little more, bend the knees
And this.
So I lie there as told. And luxuriate in posing. With my eyes still closed I say
– Don’t come to me just yet. Drink me in with your eyes. Describe me. Head to toe. I love that
– Okay: You have a pleasant round head, pretty little ears, a shapely jaw-line, you have a very sexy neck, your hands have character, the palms lighter than the rest of you, you have nice arms, toned, slight biceps – do you work out?
– A little yes. Go on
– You have fine shoulders, and your breasts… oh, your breasts are just perfect Jill, full, round, big but not too big, just lovely, big very dark brown, almost literally black nipples, partially hard. Are you getting aroused?
– Yes. Go on
– Your belly is smooth and round. Your feet are full of character, the soles slightly lighter than the rest of you; you have smooth, shapely calves; nice little knees; gorgeous, lush thighs, a wonderful expanse of smooth skin … and there… between your thighs … with it’s halo of beautiful, thick, glossy hair … like …a black rose …oh, it’s so lovely Jill. I can’t stop looking at it.

Her voice has grown closer throughout this speech and I look up to find her standing before my parted legs.

– Okay, your turn now Molly. Strip.

I think she’ll like being commanded now

– Okay

Molly strips before my open legs which I don’t close at all.

– How do we …? (She is nervous but obviously wanting.) I raise myself, facing her
– Well now I say let’s put this leg around here…
I lift her left leg (she is pliant in my hands) and curl it around my bum and then I curl my right leg under and around hers. I repeat this on the other side. I take her trunk in my arms.
– You can hold me too
She gingerly wraps her arms around me.
– Are my hands colds? She asks
– A little but keep touching me and I’m sure they’ll warm up
– “Cold hands warm heart.” She smiles.
– “Cold hands hot pussy.” I grin back. I shuffle forward a little so we are touching everywhere; thighs to thighs, belly to belly, breasts to breasts and almost pussy to pussy.
So there we are
– So here we are Molly.
– Yes Jill
I can feel her heart beating strongly.
– Let’s have a little look at you then. Short sighted you know.
– Oh, I didn’t know that Jill
– Your hair is lovely. It’s like silk, like a golden waterfall. Mmm. It’ll get in my mouth but I still love it.
I stroke it
– Thank you. It’s just long blonde hair.
– And you have the most amazing eyes. ( I stare deep into them) Amazing, bluegreen.
– I like yours
– Huh, brown, boring
– No, I like them
– And you smell wonderful, like peaches…no honey. My honey woman.
– You are more savoury. Red peppers. I love that smell.
– Well, I guess that the only thing left to do is kiss? says Jill
– That would seem logical captain

Jill takes my head gently but firmly in both her hands and tilts it slowly to her right, my left. She tilts her own head the other way.
And we slowly begin to kiss, softly but passionately. I hold the back of Molly’s head in both hands and we kiss kiss kiss. She does the same to me. Our mouths open just a little bit more each time until we are deeply, deeply French kissing. Her mouth as wide open as possible to my exploring tongue. I don’t know how long we kiss for.
To kiss Jill. To kiss another woman for the first time and what a woman at that. And to have Jill kiss me. Jill’s opened lips pressed against my opened lips. Jill’s tongue in my mouth, probing, delving, massaging my tongue, caressing my teeth, my gums …It’s like making love to myself. It’s so much better than I had ever imagined. I can feel my heart pounding and her heart pounding too. I feel my nipples hardening and my juices beginning to flow. I tingle all over. Oh Jill.
Eventually we stop.
– I liked that I say, I liked that very much indeed Jill.
– Me too Molly. Let’s do it again.
And we kiss again tilting our heads the other way this time, and for another long time. Molly is the perfect kissee. She opens herself completely to me, surrenders to my delving tongue, let’s herself be kissed so totally, giving herself to utmost centimetre. I am just loving kissing her. It couldn’t be better.
After we stop she says
– I’m weak Jill. Let me lie down.
So I gently lower her on to the bed. The equality has gone now. I’m on top and I like it. She does too. Now I kiss her again, even longer this time.
– If you’ll allow me I would like to make love to you so slowly Molly
– Oh, yes, I think I’ll allow that Jill
– You’ll know it’s a woman every second of the time and you’ll love it. Just a second.
(Jill puts ‘All Is Full Of Love’ by Bjork on softly.)
So I do very slowly; I nibble tenderly on her ear lobes, I bury my tongue in one ear then the other; I coat her throat in warm kisses. I kiss the insides of her elbows and kiss along the inner upper arms. She lies back and lets me, making pleased sounds that remind me of a cat purring. Moving south I take a nipple into my mouth and suck, cupping the other breast, tweaking the nipple softly between finger and thumb.
– You have the most gorgeous breasts Molly, real womanly breasts you have.
– You’re making them feel pretty wonderful too.
She lies back and raises her hands above her head holding onto the bedstead and spreads her legs wide. I slide lower, giving her belly a few kisses on the way down. I can smell her now and she smells delicious. I know she will taste the same way. I lay my hands upon her thighs and open her wide. I raise her knees and slip my hands inside them, bending them gently back, opening her to me. Now I can gaze closely at her opened pussy, like a pink rose framed with it’s delicate golden-ginger curls. Ah, the woman’s part. How I love it so. Each one so different and delicious.

– It’s like a lovely, luscious pink rose Molly. It’s really beautiful. You look so beautiful like this. Look beautiful, smell beautiful and I just know you’re going to taste lovely too.

I tease her, licking, kissing and softly nibbling her inner thighs before moving in to lick her labia majora lips, she is dripping wet and I lick and drink her juices, swallowing them down my throat. I finally reach in and licking her clitoris with the very tip of my tongue. I think she likes it. I know she does. I dip my tongue into her as deeply as I can, drinking her sweet juices down. And Molly’s pussy gratefully receives it’s first pretty woman’s mouth.

– You taste delicious Molly, really lovely, just like nectar
– Thanks. You can do that just as long as you like.
– “Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what girls are made of.” I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying doing this Molly. I just love doing it.
– I love it too Jill. I really do.

I rub forehead against her pussy and my nose in too. I want to get her juices over as much of me of my face as I can. I want to reek of her. I rub my throat against her vulva too. Then go back to the deepest licking, from the bottom of her labia moving up to her magic bud every time until I am just licking the clitoris, then sucking on it, sliding my two first and seconds fingers into Molly’s very wet pussy. With the thumb of my same right hand I gently caress Molly’s anus which also wet, her juices having spread down there too. (Molly fancies she feel a whorl thumb print rubbing oh so gently against her anus, so sensitive is she now.)

– Oh Jill, don’t stop, don’t stop

Molly feels just perfect now. So completely open to Jill’s lips, tongue and fingers, trusting her totally, letting her lick her effortlessly to orgasm

– I’m enjoying it far too much to stop Molly.
– Oh Jill, I’m coming… Oh … Oooh … I just came Jill
– Just the once? I think we can do better than that.

And so Jill just continues her perfect cunnilingus and finger-fucking, neither slowing nor speeding her rhythm. Molly comes again and then again. After three orgasms Jill stops. Jill moves back to hold Molly by the shoulders and kisses her.

– Taste yourself on my lips lover

Molly does

– Mmm
– And on my fingers

Jill slides the two fingers she had slide inside Molly’s vagina into her mouth. Molly sucks on them.

– That was perfection Jill
– Oh, I enjoyed it just as much as you. It was pure pleasure.
– Let me just lie still for a while
– Of course.

After she has rested for a while Molly says

– Lie on your back Jill. It’s my turn to do that to you
– That would be my pleasure Molly but first we must do something with your hair. It will get in your mouth otherwise. Sit up with your back to me.

Molly sits up with her back to Jill. Jill plats her long blonde hair.

– This is fun. You’re like my life-size Barbie doll. I’ve got some hair pins somewhere.

After she has platted Molly’s long hair Jill wraps it around her head and pins it place.

– There you go. You have nice ears and a neck too. Check yourself in the mirror.
– Thanks. Yes, that’s good.
– Now you may make love to me to Molly

And so saying Jill lies flat on her back and Molly makes love to her in an almost identical fashion. The only difference is that Jill keeps her hands on the back of Molly’s neck. She doesn’t try to direct her tho, just lets her go at her pace. Molly trembles as she makes love to her newfound lover, the first woman she ever made love to, but it’s just so effortless. It’s like making love to yourself thinks Molly. Only much more fun. Molly does all the same things to Jill that Jill did to her. Molly just loves Jill’s body, just loves it, loves every inch of it, the scent, the taste, the texture. Jill is so exquisitely feminine so totally womanly. Molly especially loves Jill’s breasts -and tells her so again in no uncertain terms- but what she’s really looking forward to is her pussy. Still she is cool enough to take her sweet time in getting there. Eventually she does and with Jill’s thighs as wide open as possible she just feasts her eyes on the beautiful vulva, so open and wet just a few inches in front of her face…

– Oh Jill, your pussy is just so beautiful, so gorgeous, like a big, ripe, juicy, opened black plum; like a wet, black rose, an orchid …

So Molly keenly anticipates her first pretty woman’s damp pussy. Unable to wait any longer she proceeds to lick deeply, as deeply as possible as Jill had licked her earlier, burying her face in Jill’s muff and loving the smell, the feeling, the taste, just loving it, drinking Jill’s juices down, swallowing as she licks, feeling Jill’s juices going down her throat and entering her stomach, using her hand too, as Jill had done on her, bringing Jill to an effortless orgasm. (Molly is a blind woman now sensing the world only thro her lips, her tongue, her nose and her fingers. Jill’s opened vulva is her whole world now. Jill’s scent, feel and taste fill her brain. She is deliriously happy, ecstatic, she feels almost like she’s about to faint thro sheer joy but she is in control and she knows she won’t.) Then another orgasm. Then another.

– I’m loving doing this to you Jill, just loving it …
– I’m loving it too Molly. You’re making me come perfectly. Don’t stop
– Mmm, I won’t stop. I couldn’t stop now

After Jill has come enough – three times also. Molly moves back up kiss her deeply. Jill tasting her own juices on Molly’s lips, on Molly’s tongue, Molly tasting her own on Jill’s. An ecstatic, post-orgasmic kiss. Then they lie together wrapped in each others arms. Molly sings softly to Jill:-

– “I like the way your sparkling earrings shine
– Against your skin so brown
– And I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight
– With a billion stars all around.”

– What’s that song lover? Murmurs a contented, post-orgasmic Jill
– ‘Peaceful, Easy Feeling’ by The Eagles
– I’m not wearing any earrings says Jill and, like a cat, she sleeps although it is still
broad daylight. Molly loves just seeing her sleeping and gazes at her a long time, so
peaceful and relaxed. Molly remembers a poem by Auden. “Lay your sleeping head my love, human on my faithless arm.” She makes a mental note to get that and read it to Jill in the future. Then Molly snuggles down and sleeps beside her.


Afterwards they have slept the blissful sleep of angels they wake and talk. It is dark now. Jill lights some candles and fixes some food.

– You’re not a veggie are you Molly?
– No, not at all, dead cow, dead pig, I love them all
– Dead pig it is then. Bacon sandwiches
– Yum! What time is it please Jill?
– It is about 7 in the evening. Still plenty of time

They talk as they eat.

– So we have a little triangle, a ménage-a-trois? I’ve read about them in books but I never thought they really existed
– Yes, it seems we do and they do.
– How do you think George will feel?
– I imagine he will be neither surprised nor displeased. Knowing George he’ll probably be delighted. He can hardly complain anyway.
Jill looks at Molly sneakily
– He might want to watch us but we won’t let him!
– Definitely not! He has far too much of his own sexual fantasies anyway.
– Yes. He gets to fuck two beautiful women. That should more than enough for his male ego.

After she has eaten her sandwich Jill lights two cigarettes, gives Molly one and asks
– Was that your first time with another woman?
– Was I that obvious?
– No, you were perfect but George told me. Not bi-curious any more are we Molly?
– No. Bi-active I think. Blabbermouth George. I’m not complaining tho! Still I hope it won’t be the last time Jill!
– No, I was planning on doing that again many more times with you my sweet.
– Good. Me too with you.
– Just the three of us in a cosy little triangle.
– I’ve never done anything remotely like this before Jill
– Nor have I Molly
– Are you scared?
– I don’t think so. What’s to be scared of?
– I don’t know. I always worry. It’s a bad habit but I can’t quit.
– Worrying is worse for you than smoking not nearly so much fun.
– So are we bisexuals Jill?
– I’ve never liked that word. She frowns. Right now I’d say we are lesbians. Tomorrow, who knows?
– ‘Lesbian’ says Molly like she’s never heard the word before
– Yes, do me a favour would you Molly? Just say ‘I, Molly Metcalf, am a lesbian.’ I just want hear you say it.
– I, Molly Metcalf, am a lesbian
– There, that wasn’t so bad was it?
– You too then Jill
– I, Jill Adefoye, am a lesbian
– Just hearing you say that is a turn on Jill
– But never ‘Gay woman’ I despise that.
– Why?
– ‘Gay’ is a male thing, a male word. No point in being a dyke if we’re going to use male language.
– Making love to woman is so completely different to making love to man.
– It is indeed. Utterly different.
– I can’t explain it.
– Try this. Making love to a man is like a full-on curry, a big juicy chicken tikka masala. It’s completely satisfying and you don’t wish for anything more. But making love to a woman is like a delicious little chocolate mousse.
– Am I your delicious little chocolate mousse Jill?
– I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine Mol honey Jill smiles. Molly smiles too.
– The human tongue can only taste four things you know: salt, bitter, sour and sweet. Now I like sour things like Whisky Sours, I like bitter things like bitter beer and I like salty fish and chips. I get those three tastes from a man. But every now and then I like sweet. I get that from you Molly, my honey woman.
– You were my first time with a black person too Jill. I don’t know if that’s relevant but I thought you might like to know.
– A double cherry, eh? Which bit did you like more, the womanliness or the blackness?
– Oh, the womanliness. I didn’t think of you as a black woman, just as woman who happened to be black. But most definitely a woman. I do love your colour too tho. You are a lovely, rich brown colour, like … a ripe conker.
– “All cats are grey in the dark.”
– I really like just being naked with you Jill. Seeing you with no clothes on, just appreciating your beauty. Being naked for you likewise. It just feels very natural, easy and honest
– It just gets better you know Molly. The sex that is.
– Really? I don’t see how it could get better
– Obviously the first time is special but, yes, it will get better.
– How?
– As we get more relaxed with each other we will both come more easily, come more often. It just takes a little time to develop trust.
– Wow!
They stub out their cigarettes and snuggle down side-by-side, facing each other naked beneath the warm, thick duvet.
– Roll over please Molly
Molly rolls onto her back and Jill comes and lies on top of her again. Jill looks deeply into Molly’s eyes.
– I think I’d like to kiss you again Molly
– I think I’d like you to kiss me again too Jill.
So Jill takes Molly’s head in her hands and kisses her again. And it’s even better then before, building slowly to a long, slow, lingering kiss that might have lasted five minutes. They kiss with their eyes closed and silently only using the three senses of smell, touch and taste. As before Molly surrenders herself slowly but absolutely to Jill’s tongue. Molly, flat on her back is totally relaxed, passive, open and receptive. It’s a total experience. Jill shows not the slightest impatience or fatigue and Molly resolves she will not be the one to end this sublime kiss.
Eventually Jill stops.
– Mmm. How long did we do that for?
– I’ve no idea.
– You are an incredibly good kisser.
– Well it takes two so you must be incredibly good too.
– We must both taste of bacon
– And cigarettes. What a pair of sluts we must be.
– I’ll be your slut if you be mine Jill
– Deal
– A kiss is a perfect pleasure. It’s so intimate. Yet you could do it fully clothed.
– But there are other things you have to be naked for
And, so saying Jill makes love to Molly again. It is more relaxed this time thinks Molly. Having come before she is confident that she will come again. And Jill is a superb lover: confident, experienced, attentive, patient, pushing all her right buttons in just the right order, slowly bringing Molly again to a peak of arousal. By the time her face is just a few inches before Molly’s wide-open pussy Molly is dripping wet and she is very close to coming.
– Oh, your beautiful pussy Molly! I can’t wait any more. I must taste it again
– Oh, please do Jill.
Jill makes her tongue flat and wide to lick both the parted outer lips at once but is unable to long resist sticking her tongue into the vagina until her tongue is aching, lapping Molly’s juices up and swallowing them down. She soon laps up to Molly swollen clitoris and licks that firmly with her tongue until Molly says
– Oh yeah Jill, just like that, please don’t stop.
Jill doesn’t stop. Molly comes quickly and effortlessly with a
– Oh –uh –oh! You just made me come again Jill.
– Lovely! I love making you come Molly! I just love everything about it!
And Jill makes Molly come several times more until Jill’s tongue and fingers ache and Molly can come no more. Jill comes and lies next to panting Molly.
– Oh Jill, you were fantastic!
– It was my absolute pleasure Molly.
– Just give me five minutes then I’ll do that to you.
– Of course, no rush.
In due time Molly says
– Okay, I’m ready to make love to you again Jill.
– All right but would you like to be passive while doing it?
– How would that work?
– I’ll show you.
Jill lies on top of Molly and lets her breasts rest on her face. Molly sucks at the nipples. After a bit of this Jill says
– I think you might like me like this
And so saying squats over Molly’s face presenting her pussy right before her mouth. Jill has done this before and positions herself just right for Molly to lick her without hardly moving.
– Oh yeah I like this a lot Jill says Molly as she licks joyously away.
– Oh yeah Mol, oh yeah.
And when she is ready with a slight adjustment of her hips Jill brings her clitoris to Molly’s lips and Molly licks and sucks until Jill comes. Molly just loves Jill’s juices dripping over her cheeks, her throat and into her eager mouth. She tells Jill this in emphatic terms. Having come enough Jill moves down, lies beside Molly face to face and they embrace and kiss softly, tasting each other’s juices on the other’s lips.

– That was wonderful Jill, incredibly good. I can’t tell which I love more, your orgasms or my own. They are both so blissful.
– Yeah, I feel the same way Molly my lover. ‘Blissful’ is a good word. ‘Exquisite’ is another.
– Yes. Another excellent word.
– Now we must sleep, sleep in each other’s arms, savour each other juices all over our faces and throats, inside our mouths and stomachs, remember all the orgasms we have given each other and dream, dream of all the times we will do this again in the future. We will do this again, won’t we Molly?
– Oh yes, Jill, we will do this many, many more times in the future.
– We will dream then of all the wonderful sex we will have in the future, just getting better and better, and, in time, we will probably come to love each other too.
– Yes, I believe we will Jill.
– Yes, it just takes time and we have plenty of that to come.
– It all seems too good to be true. You seem too good to be true Jill.
– No, Molly, I’m too good not to be true. So are you. Good night Molly my lover
– Good night Jill my lover.

And the two newfound lovers sleep as Jill had said they would.


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