White Slave

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Kylie’s head throbbed as a surge of molten white light assaulted her ravaged senses. Her eyes were opened as mere slits and the blistering corona forced her into wakefulness.

It took some time for her cool blue eyes to adjust to the harsh radiance and her cheeks were lined with tears of pain as her sight was burned, leaving confused after images that danced gold before her eyes.

Once her sight had returned, Kylie realized that she hadn’t missed much during her temporary blindness. She was alone in a domed white chamber that was flooded with the harsh light. The radiance seemed to come form everywhere and nowhere all at once.

She had no idea where she was and her brain struggled to find the memories, but it was as vain as trying to catch the pollen of a dandelion floating on the wind.

There was a low hum pounding through the room, and she found that the bench upon which she lay was the only furniture in the chamber.

She swung her long legs off the bed, placed her feet on the ground and attempted to rise from the bed.

Under her weight, her shapely legs turned to jelly and she collapsed helplessly to the floor.

‘That was unwise of you, so soon after the procedures,’ a deep voice boomed behind her.

Strong arms surrounded her waist and she noticed that the bulging muscles rippled under dark skin. She turned to look into the eyes of the man that held her.

The man was impossibly tall and his skin was black like midnight against the pure white walls of the chamber. His head was completely shaved and he wore a golden breastplate and a frond skirt.

‘Sit and rest slave, your body will soon be used to the drugs.’

Slave. Drugs. What was going on? As her fogged mind struggled to comprehend the words, Kylie felt a cool shiver dance across her skin. As she shuddered in the sudden chill, she was horrified to discover that she was completely naked!

‘WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?’ She yelled, although the words were slurred.

‘Silence,’ the dark man replied. ‘It is time for your treatment.’

Her eyes widened as they came across the wicked looking the syringe that the man held in his hand.

‘This is your final dose,’ he explained.

‘You can’t do this!’ she yelled. ‘I AM AN AMERICAN!’

The man simply smiled. The last thing that Kylie felt was the massive needle pierce her skin and she fell once more to darkness …

Some time later, whether it was minutes, hours or days that had passed she could not tell, Kylie woke from her chemically induced slumber. A number of indistinct voices cried out to her and she rose to sit on the floor where she had been sleeping.

This time she was not alone.

Kylie sat upon a silken white sheet on the ground inside another vast white-domed chamber, although the roof here was open to the sky and burning sunlight. The heat was oppressive and her brow was slicked with sweat. As she wiped a hand across her forehead, she looked down at herself and saw once again that she was completely naked.

Fear lanced through her for a second time, a paralyzing panic that slowly crept along each of her nerves. Kylie’s hands were shaking and she rushed to cover herself as best she could. She pulled the silk cloth from beneath her and wrapped it about her taught form.

As she did so, she opened her legs for a moment and the sickening panic swamped her again. Her vagina was completely bare of pubic hair – someone had shaved her blonde curls and her fanny was as bald as that of a little girl!

Suddenly sound seemed to rush to her ears, a mad crashing cacophony that was sickening and alluring in the same instant.

Looking about her for the first time, Kylie noticed that at the centre of the massive domed chamber, there was a long and wide pool of clear azure water. In the water, close to fifty women bathed, all naked. They slashed playfully, and shockingly many clasped each other in sexual embraces, their tongues tied in passionate kisses.

Finally, Kylie discovered the origin of the strange sounds. At the edge of the massive false lake and upon pillows and sheets scattered about the vast room, hundreds of naked women were all having sex – with each other!

Her eyes widened in sickened shock as they fell upon a group of four large-breasted women by the pool, all lying in a daisy chain and obviously licking each other’s pink cunts to orgasm! Near them, two more women were moaning wildly as they engaged in a “sixty nine”, each tasting the other’s sex juices as they dripped from engorged labium.

All about the chamber in groups of four, five, six, seven …and in pairs, hundreds of women were sucking pussy, fingering each others asses, licking tits and locking lips …

The shock of what she was seeing sent her reeling. Kylie was a sexually active girl in her mid-twenties. She had had plenty of male partners, but never had she witnessed anything like this!

A sudden shot of white light surged through her, and once again Kylie felt disoriented. As quickly as the jolt came, it was gone and she seemed to see the room in sharper relief than she had before.

The scene was mesmerizing. Hundreds of women all about her were fucking with Sapphic abandon! The air was heady with the pungent sweet scent of boiling pussy juice and succulent sex. Their climactic cries echoed wildly off the domed walls.

She could see it all in shocking detail. Absently, she noted that she felt as though she had appeared on the set of some massive porn movie! All the bodies about her were perfect with full breasts and firm assesses and they were all locked together in lesbian lust!

The light struck again, and Kylie was shocked to feel a warm tingling sensation between her legs. She continued to watch the mad, sex-crazed women about her as she cautiously reached down towards …

Her fingers came up soaked from between her bare labia! Her fanny was burning with lust at the sight of hundreds of women engaging in a wild lesbian orgy. Slowly, inexorably and against her will, her fingers returned to her dripping puffy lips and Kylie began to masturbate her way to orgasm!

She pushed her index finger far up her slicked pink puffed slit and began to move it in and out quickly. Her own actions and the sights about her were sickening to the young American. “I love cock! I am NOT a lesbian!” she whispered to herself.

Kylie could not help it. Involuntarily her fingers rushed in and out of her now sopping hole, she had pushed four up into her gash, and she was moaning as a boiling orgasm began to take her.

All about the chamber, the women cried as climaxes crashed upon them, and the smell of their juices were thicker than ever in the damp air.

An Asian girl swam to the side of the pool opposite where Kylie lay fingering her sticky slit. Boiling waves of icy orgasm had begun to wash over her so that at first she did not notice the new girl.

The girl came to stand next to where she lay fingering her burning snatch.

‘The Nirvana named me Sinni. What have you been named?’ the petite Asian asked.

‘Ahhh, I … I don’t know,’ Kylie answered awkwardly as she continued to probe herself, nearing her climax.

Kylie felt incredibly uncomfortable touching herself so intimately in front of the stranger. But then, every woman in this room was engaged in some sort of sexual debauchery!

Kylie turned to look at Sinni as she approached, water from the pool dripping down her sleek form.

The Asian girl looked to be from Singapore and her long hair was gathered in many tight thin plaits. She was impossibly tall for an Asian, and her long legs swept up to a black pubed fanny. Only the front of her labia majora were shaved leaving a black triangle of well-trimmed fanny fur above her oiled slit. As she bent over her perky breasts hung
above Kylie and the American noticed the nipples were erect.

‘Do you like it here?’ Sinni whispered.
‘Mmmm …,’ was all that Kylie could venture as a response.
‘Let me help you,’ the Asian girl purred.

Sinni lifted Kylie’s fingers from her fanny and the American girl began to whimper as her orgasm faded into memory.

Kylie gagged on her shock as Sinni lifted her own dripping fingers to sex hungry lips. Kylie shuddered involuntarily as the girl licked her own juices from the long nail-tipped fingers.

Watching the exotic woman taste her fanny elixir was the most erotic thing Kylie had ever seen, and she felt her thighs moisten as her fanny began to leak anew.

‘You are very, very wet,’ Sinni crooned as she stared at Kylie’s swollen sex. ‘I would be honoured if I may touch your sweet labia, Clean One.” Sinni bowed at her.

The American girl had no idea what was happening. All she knew was that she was in a room full of women all having sex with each other and this exotic creature was offering to feed her sudden insatiable orgasmic need.

Kylie was stunned that she offered no sign of resistance and soon, the long fingers of the stunning Asian girl were gently caressing her tight thighs, inching ever closer to her own juicy lips.

It was magic. The anticipation nearly killed her! Kylie opened her lips to beg Sinni to touch her aching pussy. The words seemed to struggle on her lips, the request was so alien to her.

Sinni seemed to have heard her silent request.

‘I know Clean One …” her voiced trailed off into silence as her long fingers traced a line around Kylie’s engorged labia. Kylie’s back arched ecstatically at the girl’s touch.

‘It is an honour among the Enslaved to be the first to touch a Clean One,’ Sinni whispered.

Kylie had lost control again and she thrust her pelvis towards the girl’s waiting fingers.

The American’s freshly shaved labia was bubbling with hot juices and the Asian girl used one hand to spread her open and easily eased two fingers into the steamy pink slit. As Sinni’s fingers began to pulse in and out of Kylie’s cherry fuckhole, the American girl began to pant with lust.

‘Ahhh …’ she breathed as Sinni flicked her thumb across her engorged clitty. The heat was rising again in her thighs as Kylie began to notice that, despite the orgy in the room, her loud cries had attracted the attention of many of the other girls.

Whispers of “Sinni is touching the Clean One” and “Now the Nirvana can taste her” spread among the room.

Soon the others who had been making love to each other gathered about, forming a circle around Sinni, who continued to finger Kylie’s slippery snatch. The writhing American smiled in ecstasy at the naked nymphs who had gathered around to watch the Sapphic spectacle.

The fiery lightning lanced from her clitty throughout her body. Kylie had touched herself before, and certainly many men had done so too, but the feelings that swamped her as they rose from her pubic mound were more intense than any she had experienced.

Kylie felt so naughty as the other girls gathered to watch her being fingered off by the Asian doll. She was startled to discover that she was enjoying the attention the exotic goddess was paying to her clit, and as she grew more comfortable with her first lesbian experience, she played to the crowd, spreading her legs as wide as they could go. Each girl who surrounded them had a stunning view of her clean-shaven minge as Sinni’s fingers thrust in and out.

Kylie tried to imagine that it was a cock pounding her fanny, but at the thought of a penis fucking her, her orgasm began to recede.

Her legs were now being held wide open by some of the crowd and she returned her thoughts to the magic finger work of the Asian lesbian.

Each of the women stared hungrily at her bald slit, but none moved from their vantage point to take any action.

Kylie’s back began to buck as orgasm consumed her burning pussy. Sinni continued to finger her, but as she reached orgasm, the Asian withdrew her fingers and held them up to the crowd.

‘Who wishes to taste from the Clean One?’ she asked in a seductive tone.

The women who surrounded her all broke into voice immediately, each begging and pleading with Sinni to be the one who tasted her fanny elixir from the fingers of the woman who had masturbated Kylie.

Finally Sinni nodded to a raven-haired beauty with small breasts. Her pubic mound was completely covered in black curls, and she excitedly drew each of Sinni’s cum slicked fingers into her mouth, her eyes wide with rapture as she licked.

The Taster sucked each finger dry, and few missed the sight of Sinni’s stomach clenching and relaxing rapidly as the sucking actions of the woman sent her into orgasm.

Kylie lay back as she watched the girl licking her fanny nectar from Sinni’s fingers. She still lay on the floor, her cleanly shaved fanny spread and running with cum for all to see. Sinni’s efforts had clearly aroused many of the girls who now started the familiar actions of satisfying each other.

Exhausted by her experience, and dreaming of orgasms to come, Kylie fell into slumber to the sounds of women whispering lustfully about her …

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