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Sarah sat at her desk bored and ready for the day to be over, she muddled around trying to look busy but had nothing to do. As the clock seemed to slow down she decided to check her email for the thousand time in the last hour, hoping for something interesting. Only one new message and it had no title and she didn’t know the sender. Secretly hoping it would have a virus that would shut down the entire office for days, forcing them to take time off, she opened the email as her mind wondered off to what she would do with the extra time. She snapped back to reality as a photo of a woman in almost nothing appeared on the screen. This mystery woman was sitting with her legs spread touching her flat stomach and sucking on one finger. Sarah stared at the sexy women wearing a hot pink bra with black ruffles and matching panties that connected to pink plaid thigh highs and bright stiletto pumps. Her figure was perfect; a bit of jealousy went threw Sarah as she admired her skinny toned thighs and big firm breast. She had light drown hair and deep green eyes. Sarah almost forgot she was working as she looked at every detail of the picture, wondering where she had bought her shoes, what type of make up she wore. Before long she was wondering what this women smelled like, how soft her hands would feel, and if she was into girls. Sarah’s mind flooded with college memories and all the experimenting. She was pulled back from dream land as someone cleared their throat, ” huuhumm, if you aren’t too busy, I need you to look something up for me.” Sarah hurried and minimized the email and looked up at one of her co-workers. At least it wasn’t her boss; the guy gave her a sly smile and a folder with instructions. As soon as he left she opened the email again, the caption read, “can’t wait till you get home.” She was instantly excited and could feel her pussy warming up, but she had no idea who this was and she hadn’t been with a women in more then ten years.
As she walked down the hall to find some help on this last minute job she had been given she purposefully pulled her skirt up a bit and undid a button on her blouse. As she enter a cubical she tapped her little work slave on the shoulder. Leaning over and squeezing her breast together she said, “Don, I need some help on this little job, could you be the one that gets me what I need?” saying the last bit slow with a girlish grin on her face. She knew of course he would take the job, do it better and faster then she could, and give her all the credit. Being a sexy woman had its perks. She stopped by the ad department to borrow a digital camera so she could reply to the email. After checking all the stalls in the bathroom she stripped her suit jacket and skirt off, not having any sexy undies she decided to be completely naked. She loved showing off her body and as the air made her nipples grow and a little chicken skin pop out on her arms she felt her lips swell and tingle. “Damn I wish I had my little vibrator,” she thought to herself. She picked a sexy pose in the mirror and took the picture. She then returned the camera and hurried back to her desk with the memory card. As she looked at herself on her computer she slid her hand down to her crouch and lightly rubbed her wet pussy, sliding the lips together just below the clit. Being careful not to get too excited, yet. She was a little worried that the picture would be a little trashy compared the shot she had received, but with little resources she hoped that who ever would receive it would be pleased. Along with the picture she wrote, “I don’t know who you are or who this email was for, but seeing as how I got it, I will be the one you are waiting for, met me at this address…” After she sent it, she realized it had been more then ten years since she had been with a women, luckily she had just been waxed and been tanning, so she didn’t have to worry about the way she looked. She figured it was more likely that she wouldn’t get a reply, but the thinking about this sexy lady looking at her naked body, getting turned on by her small breast and shinny pussy made Sarah extremely horny. She gently pinched her nipple and rubbed her clit threw her cloths, which sent little waves of pleasure sending her farther into her fantasy. Just before she left work she got an email, in this picture the sexy brunette was wearing nothing but a strap on dildo. This time the message was a bit longer, “that email wasn’t for you bitch, but seeing your hot cunt makes me want to fuck your every hole, you better follow threw and met me, my wet pussy needs to be cleaned up!” Sarah was startled by the tone of the message, but couldn’t help but feel a throb in her pussy. She wondered who was supposed to receive the message and thought how unlucky for them that they had not.
She left work and headed straight for the hotel were they were suppose to met, she waited in the lobby touching herself whenever no one was looking. Desire filled her every thought, she couldn’t wait to met this sexy lady and get fucked by her. As she entered the hotel she looked straight at Sarah, she walked slowly making sure to show off her sexy smooth legs, long and toned. The little skirt she wore barely covered her panties and Sarah couldn’t take her eyes away, as she moved her gaze up she met eyes with her and smiled. “Hi, I’m Jess thanks for the email.” Sarah was a little disappointed that she hadn’t had something more dirty and forceful to say, but smiled back and replied, “no thank you, are you ready?” They got a room and didn’t say another word as they made their way to it. When the door closed Sarah asked who the email was for. Jess said, ” I only have 1 hour, so lets find something better to do with that mouth.” Sarah’s pussy jumped back to life at the forceful nature, but not one to just roll over replied, “listen you dirty cunt, I will decide what I do with this mouth after you prove your worth it.” Jess smiled, moved over and kissed Sarah softly, barely brushing her lips against hers. Sarah’s body exploded with sensation, she was so wet so ready to get the pleasure she knew was coming. She put one hand around Jess’s skinny waist and the other in her hair and pulled her close. Squishing their mouths together and slipping her tongue into her mouth. “Umm,” Jess moaned as she pushed her hips into Sarah. Hands roamed all over each other bodies as tongues danced and twisted together. Jess undid Sarah’s shirt and pulled her skirt off leaving her in flesh toned underwear. Sarah quickly returned the favor, but Jess was wearing the lingerie from the picture. Sarah moaned softly as Jess’s soft hands roamed over her now expose skin. She leaned her head back, breaking the kiss; her entire body alive with sensitivity, each touch of her new friend sent a pulse of pleasure threw her, always ending at her increasingly wet pussy.
Sarah put her hand on the small of Jess’s back with one finger tickling the start of her ass. Doing small circles she moved up her spin, jess shivered and moaned. When she reached the claps on the bra she flicked it open and Jess slide out of her bra. Sarah marveled at her perfect large breast, they were so firm barely forming a tear drop shape, almost floating off her chest. Jess’s nipples were dark and hard, Sarah teasingly ran her finger around the bottom of each breast as she kissed her way down Jess’s slender soft neck. Jess put I hand on Sarah’s head and moved her down to her nipples. She started by making small circles around the nipple with her tongue, each time the warmth hit Jess’s nipple she would moan and push her chest a little more into Sarah’s face. As her breast squished into Sarah’s face she softly bit the nipple and pulled it with her teeth, the sudden change from soft to pain made Jess whimper in pleasure. Jess pulled her back up and they removed the rest of their clothes as the kissed, Jess was still wearing the strap on and Sarah played with it like she would a real cock. Sarah push the dildo into Jess clit as see stoked it. They moved over the bed and Jess said, “eat my wet cunt you dirty slut!” Sarah smile and pushed her onto the bed. She dove straight into her wet lips, she had to lick between the straps of the dildo, but it left plenty of room for her to slide her tongue up and down Jess’s pink lips. “Damn, you taste good bitch, do you like me eating her hole?” Sarah moaned between licks. “Oohh fuck yeah, you like my pussy don’t you?” replied Jess. Sarah kept pumping the rubbery penis making it grind into Jess’s growing clit as she started probing her hole. Sarah lost herself in tongue fucking her new friend, the sweet taste, the increasing fluids and motion guiding her to Jess’s most sensitive spots. She knew that Jess was close as her moans got louder and deeper and she started lifter her ass off the bed to push her hole into Sarah’s face. Sarah reached under the dildo to pinch Jess’s clit and roll it between her fingers, knowing that it would force her into a huge climax. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck!” screamed Jess the waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled threw her body. Sarah was a little disappointed that she didn’t squirt but, was proud that she could still eat a girl to orgasm. After only a moment Jess pulled Sarah down on top of her by her ass and whispered in her ear, “you are the best cunt licker I have ever met, now are you wet enough for me.” Sarah sat up and with one hand as a guide slid the fake cock into her tight juicy pussy. She looked at Jess as she started riding her and, “fuck me bitch!” Jess smiled and flipped them both over and started pumping her toy deep into Sarah, faster and faster it slid in and out. Sarah closed her eyes as Jess pinched her nipples and fucked her hard. “That’s it, harder, harder,” Sarah moaned in a deep voice. Jess slowed and lowered herself down for a kiss, she could smell her pussy all over Sarah’s face and enjoyed her taste as the passionately kissed and slow fucked each other for a moment. Then roughly Jess rolled Sarah over and up into doggie style. She slapped Sarah’s ass, “now your going to cum for me, I need you to cum” Sarah let out a little whimper as the dildo was rammed into her cunt. Jess fingers herself as she pounded into Sarah. Sarah’s entire body would jolt forward with each thrust as Jess’s body slapped against her. She watched her own tits swing back and forth as the pleasure increased with each deep push, stretching her hole. “Harder bitch, please fuck me deeper, I’m going to squirt all over.” Sarah half moaned and half screamed as she approached her own climax. Sarah pushed her ass into the on coming cock, forcing it to push deep into her soft wet hole. Sarah moaned and breathed hard, but just before she couldn’t hold it in any longer Jess stopped. It was like getting kicked in the stomach, but before Sarah could protest she was spun around onto her back and Jess forced three fingers into her hole. She gasped with pleasure as her hole stretched even more. “I want you to squirt on my face, cum on me bitch I need your juice!” Jess said as she rubbed the inside wall of Sarah’s hole. She moved her mouth and started sucking Sarah’s swollen clit, sucking it hard and fast. Sarah was screaming and writhing in pleasure. She bucked into Jess’s face. She let out a huge moan, “fuuuuuccckkkkkk!” Jess let go of her clit as her pussy squeezed her fingers almost forcing them out. Sarah’s legs quivered as her entire body felt the first wave of her orgasm. After the first wave she erupted into small spasms as she writhed in pleasure. A little squirt of clear sticky liquid shot out and hit Jess’s tits, she rubbed it into her breast as she neared her second. Squirt after squirt sprayed out of Sarah’s cunt as she came all over Jess. Jess loved the warm liquid with each taste she rubbed her clit faster. Just as Sarah started to relax Jess closed her eyes and moaned softly as her soft climax sent her mind into a perfect place of pleasure. When she calmed down Sarah was already dressing, they looked at each other, smiled, and said good bye.

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