Benny 1

When he finally mustered up the juice…he told the guy behind the counter what he wanted. He avoided eye contact. His face must of been redder than fuck.
The dude didnt even give the brief exchange a second thought…
“That’ll be 100 bucks. Good choice man. This thing is better than the real deal.Yeah! I’ll throw in a tube for ya.”
Benny paid up…left the shop and headed home. He clutched the paperbag…he was willing himself not to think about it. Good thing he didnt live to far because he had a stiffy and it was getting stiffer.

Benny is small…about 5′ 2″ he’s thin as well. But he’s packing some serious peen. Soft its all of 9 1/2 inches. His dick is bigger soft than 90% of all the hard ons you’ll ever come across. And when its stiff it’s a sight to behold. Thing is…Benny be the only one holdin’ it. He’s never actually fucked anybody yet. Oh yeah…I forgot to mention that he just turned 29. I know
you’re probably thinking…29? And he aint got none yet? What’s wrong with that dude? Seriously…ain’t nothing really wrong with him. He’s just short and shy and might seem a little…kinky…to some people.

Ok so that brings us back to the paperbag…
By the time he unlocked his door and stepped into his apartment…he was breathing heavy…he had a wet spot on his pants and his junk was bent. He unzipped his jeans and dropped them. It sprang out bobbing up and down as if nodding its approval for being set free.
Benny walked around setting the mood. Porn on the player with his favorite music on his ipod. Some beer in his ice chest. A sandwich and some chips. A towel.
He straightened out the daybed and then sat down. He ate up the sandwich all the while eyeballing that paper bag. That and the two girls that were going at it on the tube. He opened up the bag
…took out the box and opened that. It’s what is call a male masturbator. Very similar to a fleshlight
only this is more lifelike…in size and in texture. Picture just a pussy and asshole with cheeks minus the rest of the body. It is the the replica of a porn stars hot boxes…they say. But more to the point…it’s suppose to feel real.

Benny applies the lube supplied in a long slow deliberate fashion. He could sit there for hours doing this. He has been stroking his dick for so many years almost every day…sometimes 2-3 times a day. He has learned a thing or two.
He knows that the more he can bring himself to the very edge…then back off…that his orgasms will then be intense…explosive! He learned that he can actually get off without shooting a drop of cum. He toys with his tool for quite awhile but it is now time to try something new.

He decides to hump it missionary style so he slowly slides his member into the toy. It is cool at first but warms from his strokes. It is very tight…yet soft and supple. It feels as if it is sucking him in… then releasing him. He goes faster…deeper. He watches as he totally disappears into this toy. “Ahhh” he moans for it feels so good. He turns on the vibration…and he gasps…he orgasms long and deep again and again then he finally succumbs and cries out when his sack tightens and the fire within courses through him leaving pleasure in its place. He doesn’t pull out…He is still hard. He picks up the toy this time and begins stroking his stuff with it…If this is how pussy feels…Well…it was time to get him some. The feeling of his tool surrounded by that heat…the milking sensation is awesome. He wondered if his peen would be able to go all the way in. And he wondered how he was gonna find a willing female.


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