Stuck in The Dressing Room

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It was just past noon on Saturday when Amy walked through the door at the shopping mall. She rounded the corner passing a kiosk selling cases for phones and another stand advertising a local salon she’d never been to. Amy continued down the long corridor filled with shops on 2 floors, and moderate amounts of crowds within them. It was sort of a slow shopping day, she thought. Eventually the wide entrance of the department store Amy was looking for became visible, with a big sign that read “1st floor, Clothing department”. Amy proceeded through the doorway, thinking about all the items she had come to purchase at the store, and planning her search for these things in the most efficient way possible.
That was always a strong characteristic of Amy’s; she prided herself on her ability to get things done fast and well. And today at the mall, Amy had planned to shop for summertime
Clothes as it was already approaching June again.
Amy walked along the aisles of clothes on hangers, all neatly arranged by their styles and colors. She passed by a rack displaying the words “half off,” pausing to look instinctively at the clothes on it. Most of the time Amy was quite frugal, but today was different, she thought. it had been a while since she had shopped for herself, and she felt she deserved a little treat. She wasn’t surprised to find a few other shoppers gazing at the same selection, probably looking for a bargain. Amy stepped past the sale rack, venturing into the back of the store.
Half an hour had passed, and Amy had already found 4 or 5 things she was interested in getting, although she still wasn’t ready to make a decision. As she crossed over the wide walkway in the women’s section, she caught her eye in a mirror fixed to a pillar that went up to the ceiling. she stepped over to it, examining her reflection staring back at her.
She saw a medium height woman in her mid 20’s, with a slim figure she maintained with frequent exercise. Her long hair was dirty blonde and had great volume, or at least that’s what her hair stylist was always telling her. She raised her hand up to her head and ran her fingers through her natural golden streaks, and thought about the many relationships she could never seem to hold down. She blamed it on her strong independence, and desire for freedom that always seemed to get in the way of a lasting bond. But she didn’t mind, she was young with plenty of time to settle down, and besides, she was enjoying being single for a while.
She looked away from the mirror, remembering the task at hand; to find a few more items and then proceed to the dressing rooms.
About 20 minutes later, Amy walked down the aisle to the back of the store, carrying a handful of items she wanted to try on. As she navigated through the undergarments section, Amy kept track of the sign reading “fitting rooms” that hung above an opening in the back.
She passed an empty clerk’s desk on her way through the open arch under the sign. That’s weird, she thought to herself. Amy had always remembered an employee who sat at the desk there and kept track of the rooms. Confused, she glanced at the row of white doors, wondering if she could get one open without a key. She approached a door and tested the knob, and to her relief, it opened. Carefully, she pushed the door with her right hand while balancing her items in her left, stepping into the small enclosure.
Amy allowed the door to close behind her, and turned around to face the dressing room. Directly in front of her, against the back wall of the store there was a full length mirror completely covering the wall. On either side of her, two equal sized wood boards served as dividers between her room and the adjacent ones. These walls were just higher than Amy’s line of vision, and were identical to each other. All of the walls, including the door behind her, were painted plain white.
Still holding the clothes in her left hand, Amy looked for a hook to set them down on. To her dismay, there was no hook on either the left or the right side. She turned around to face the door, but still no hook. Immediately she figured this room was defective, and decided to try another one.
Amy was wearing a cream colored dress; thin and relatively short for her wardrobe. It fit around her curves nicely, not to tight, but not loose. It was a bit low cut, revealing a peak at her greater than average sized breasts, but somehow Amy felt that not many dresses could hide this feature of her body.
But it had been this way for her since high school; she didn’t have much trouble finding a date to the prom. She was often thought of as attractive by the boys in class. Amy often wondered if men felt that way now.
She reached for the bottom of her dress, which rested just above her knees. Gripping the thin material she pulled her dress up over her body, careful to not damage the material on the way up. As Amy reached her head the dress uncovered her white panties, followed by her matching d-cup bra as she extended her arms fully. She pulled the dress over her head, and let it softly drop to the ground. With her bare feet she moved the dress behind her towards the door, careful to not push the dress out the 6 inch crack under the doorway.
Amy looked back to the mirror, looking at herself in just her underwear.
It always made Amy feel a little weird being naked like this in dressing rooms. Even though she was surrounded by white walls, it still gave her the feeling of being uncovered in a public place. She was both nervous and excited by it. Amy brought her hands to the bottoms of her bra cups, and pushed up slightly, then dropped her grasp and watched her breasts jiggle back into place. She suddenly became aware of the startling fact that the items she wanted to try on were hanging outside the door of her dressing room. In order to get to them she would have to open the door and reach each one individually.
“Dammit, why didn’t I think of that!” she muttered under her breath. She now thought it would have been much better to have just thrown the clothes on the ground in her dressing room. Angry at herself, she reached for the doorknob, and then quickly realized she would be stepping out in just her bra and panties. Amy remembered her dress on the floor, and bent down to pick it up. As she did that, a sound amongst the noise of the store became louder. She realized it was a maid, pushing a vacuum towards the dressing rooms. Sure enough, Amy could just make out the edge of a grey vacuum head approaching her door. She quickly realized that she had better hold on to her dress for fear that it get sucked up by the vacuum. Clutching her dress, she waited for the vacuum to pass, and then lifted her dress from the ground. But before she had gotten it a foot off the floor, she felt a strong tug and the dress was pulled from her grasp. She dove back to the ground only to see her dress snagged on the edge of the machine.
“hey wait–stop!” she yelled through her door, but the noise had become so deafening that it drowned out her calls. She watched as the only scrap of clothing still inside her room was taken down the corridor with the loud vacuum.
Panicking, Amy hoped that someone had seen this accident, and stopped the maid and her vacuum. But even after about a minute or so, Amy heard nothing.
“well this is great” Amy thought staring at her half-naked body in the mirror. She addressed her options. The door where her clothes hung was too tall for her to reach over, so the only way to get some clothes on would be to open the door. She remembered the line of people waiting for a room and wondered if they were still there. Checking under the door again, she was able to look by practically putting her head on the ground. To her delight, the corridor was empty again. And since there was no one at the clerk’s desk, she figured the coast was clear.
She opened the door just a crack and reached around with her bare arm, trying to feel the hangers with her hand. Amy felt her stomach drop as she touched the empty hook on the door.
Her mind was filled with both confusion and panic as she slammed the door, coming to a startling realization. Amy was stuck in a dressing room, almost completely naked, with no clothes to put on to go out.
Amy leaned back against the wall of her cell, thinking back to that strange feeling of nakedness that intrigued her before. It was different now; she felt more helpless and small. She felt almost like a caged animal, bounded to her dressing room by the fear of revealing her nakedness to strangers. She had never been in a situation like this before, and didn’t know what to think.
One thing she knew for sure was that as long as she stayed in this room, she was ok. She thought for a moment that she might be able to wait it out until closing, but that would be another 4 hours from now. And even then, she would have to come out in front of employees, which wasn’t any better.
A few minutes passed, and again she thought back to her original uneasiness with dressing rooms. Surely this would be different; instead of feeling both nervous and excited she should feel scared. But for some reason, instead of extinguishing her excitement, her circumstances only augmented it. She thought to herself, “what’s the big deal, you just walk out there in your underwear, grab some clothes, and walk back in.” and thinking of this made her quiver with a new found excitement; the prospect of not being afraid to show her nakedness in the store. She imagined herself walking out into the open, her private parts scarcely covered by thin undergarments, looking around for a piece of clothing to put on while the whole store stared at her. This thought turned her on immediately, and she couldn’t get it out if her mind. She reached her hand down to feel her panties, which were now becoming moist around her clitoris. It had been so long since she had been satisfied sexually, and she couldn’t even remember the last time she had pleasured herself.
but just as suddenly as the thought came, Amy snapped out of it. Like waking from a dream she shot up and regained her balance. Looking in the mirror she remembered her perilous position, stuck inside a dressing room, half naked.
She decided to make a move. Inching towards the door, she reached for the knob and turned it. Amy peeked around the corner at the corridor, which looked as empty as when she first got there. She took a deep breath and hurried through the doorway.
Once out in the open air Amy felt the cool breeze on her bare body, especially on the wet fabric of her panties. She looked down to see an obvious wet stain right in the center of them. The breeze gave her shivers as she cautiously peered around the corridor.
Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a Couple walking her way, and she quickly darted back into her dressing room. Breathing heavily, she realized that it wasn’t going to be easy to walk out into the crowded store without being seen.
Amy watched as her chest moved up and down with each deep breath.
She began to fall back into the trance she had woken up from just minutes earlier. Admiring her fit and Busty figure, Amy gained self confidence which helped to alleviate the situation. It seemed like the timid fears that trapped her in this room were turning into dirty pleasures that consumed her mind. The concept of revealing her nudity in front of total strangers no longer seemed frightening, but enticing and of pure arousal. She welcomed this feeling in as she slumped down against the wall, allowing her exposed legs to rest against the dressing room floor.
Amy couldn’t remember a time when she had felt more sexually excited than this. As she moved one hand from her neck to the strap of her bra, she felt a drop of her warm juices role down her inner thigh onto the ground.
Slowly she inserted her index finger under left cup of her bra. She felt her soft but firm breast as the tight fabric of her bra constrained her finger against her flesh. With the other hand, Amy ran her fingers slowly across the crease between her thigh and stomach, towards her crotch. She was perspiring a lot, and she felt her moist, sticky skin as her finger approached her now soaking panties.
The air in the dressing room had become thick, and some condensation had started to form on the mirror. As Amy’s right hand skimmed slightly under the fabric of her bra, her left hand worked its way under the flimsy material of her panties.
She hadn’t done this in a long time, she thought to herself. A bead of sweat fell from her chin as her right hand reached the edge of her areola, still pressed between her white bra and moist breast. She tilted her head back with a soft moan when her left index finger met the dripping slit of her pussy, causing tremors to run up and down her body.
But when her index finger timidly entered her wet slit, she jolted up and whipped her hands away, gasping for air. She pressed her sweaty hands against the white wall she had been sitting against, and stood up. As she did so, a considerable amount of warm fluid dripped down her leg to the floor.
“No” she whispered to herself as she regained her balance. But unlike before when she pushed away her thoughts of arousal, this time she moved to further them. Amy had stopped because she knew of an even better way to satisfy herself. She thought about her previous hesitations with her public nakedness, how she was afraid to come out of the dressing room wearing only a bra and panties. Amy came up with a daring idea that she would ordinarily think of as ridiculous. But the fact that it was such a crazy idea made it seem that much more exciting, and arousing. Her thoughts of even considering it sent shivers up her body as she turned to face the door.
Still hot and perspiring, Amy opened the door to the dressing room and calmly walked out.
Immediately this caught the attention of a woman waiting for a dressing room. She followed Amy with her head, wearing a stunned expression on her face.
This time Amy embraced the cool breeze as a stark contrast from her the sauna her dressing room had turned into. She felt the air as it encircled her now dripping body as she calmly stepped into the wide open room of the store. As she walked, Amy left sweaty footprints on the tile floor, while her large breasts jiggled with each step she took.
Rounding the corner into the cashiers section, Amy took it to the next level. Pushing her hands between her white bra strap and her perspiring upper back, Amy undid the clasp that allowed her thin bra to support her heavy breasts.
At this point almost all the 2 dozen or so people in the clothing department had turned to look at her partially naked body. Amy saw them staring at her dripping body, and this feeling made her want to take off more.
Still walking confidently towards the entrance of the department store, Amy turned heads as she swung her arms in front of her preparing to let her bra slip off her shoulders. Slowly the thin white straps gave in to the sweaty natural lubrication covering her shoulders, and the bra slipped off, softly falling to the floor.
Amy’s natural d-cup breasts were perfectly firm and round, better than any plastic surgeon could do with silicone. With each step she took, her now exposed chest bounced and jiggled; the two breasts bouncing and smacking against her soaking wet skin. Amy was proud of her boobs, and nothing felt better than to uncover them for strangers in the shopping mall.
Amy stepped over her damp bra, casually leaving it on the tile floor as she saw more and more people stopping to stare in her direction. Now, all she was wearing was her soaking wet panties, and she had no hesitation to get them off as well.
Amy smiled as she stepped out of the department store, her breasts exposed, body covered in sweat, and pussy dripping with warm liquid from excitement.
She paused for a second, allowing herself to take in the open air of the huge shopping mall. Amy recognized the fact that her audience had just multiplied, and now she was showing her nude body to the whole mall. The thought of this turned her on so much that she let out a soft moan, and continued walking.
It didn’t take her too long to figure out the best spot to hold her grand finale. Her eyes met with the center of the food court, where a statue stood with a fountain built into it.
As Amy’s jiggling tits attracted the gaze of everyone she passed, she prepared herself for the pleasure of what was to happen next. The rubbing of her two bare legs was audible as a sloshing sound while she walked; her body was quaking with feverish heat in arousal and anticipation. She passed tables of couples eating, now attracting the gaze of nearly everyone on her side of the circle. Many had begun to follow her on foot from the department store, eyes glued on her naked body while Whispers silenced the crowd.
Amy walked right up to the circular basin of the fountain, her gaze now set on 2 jet streams of water shooting up from the statue. Her legs shaking in excitement, she hopped up onto the rim of the fountain, which caused her breasts to jump with her and bounce back into their position.
The statue she stared at was a bronze bull, life size, sitting in a pool of water about 15 feet in diameter. The bull was in a position so that it’s horns were facing upwards, and were consequently the two openings for the jet streams.
Amy stood on the rim of the pool, far more aroused than she had ever been in her life, ready to do the most daring thing so far. By now crowds had gathered in the food court, all staring at the naked body in front of them.
Still perched on the edge of the fountain, Amy brought her hands to her sides, and flattened them out so all five fingers lay pressed against her warm skin. She slowly moved them down to her waistline, where her fingers felt the thin strap holding on her flimsy panties.
“These have to go,” she thought to herself. She removed her right hand from her waist and slid it under her panties, feeling the gooey mess that seemed to be oozing out of her pussy. Her lips were sensitive; a breezing over with her fingers was all it took to send a quiver through her body.
Amy made her hand flat inside her panties, and pushed down while she guided the straps with her other hand. Pushing the sticky soaked garment down, Amy revealed a perfectly shaved pussy, with a dripping slit that stunned the audience into near silence, while Amy smiled and continued her work. She slid the panties down her sweaty legs, letting them drop at her feet on the ledge.
Finally Amy stood completely nude with her private parts on sweaty display for everyone to see. Amy was so aroused by everyone watching her undress that she could already start to feel an orgasm coming on.
Amy thought she’d give a little flair to the ever growing crowd by bending over, and giving her boobs a firm squeeze. When her fingers collided with her hard nipples, a wave of sensual pleasure crashed over her. She turned to look at the statue once more, then stepped into the cold waters of the fountain.
Amy stepped her foot into a shallow pool of blue water, feeling the hundreds of coins with the bottoms of her feet. She wasted no time and immediately threw herself onto the cold metal of the bull statue. Her huge breasts slammed against the hard bronze which would ordinarily hurt Amy, but now felt sickeningly good. She pulled her leg over the bull, so she was posed in a riding position, completely naked. Her first excitement was the feeling of the cool metal on the lips of her pussy, and as she moved forward, she could feel the slimy juice spread under her bottom. She pulled herself up to the jet streams of the fountain, and felt the pressure of the water with her hand. Imagining the pleasure she was about to feel, Amy felt so light headed she almost fell off the bull. Never the less, she grabbed the snout of the animal, and forcefully plopped her naked crotch directly on top of the stream, letting its horn penetrate her deep inside.
Amy cried out, loud enough to fill the whole shopping mall. Which was appropriate, because almost everyone present in the mall that day had gathered to view her spectacle.
Amy felt the stream roaring up her vagina, she felt as if a locomotive train had ran full speed into her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and her arms went limp with pleasure, as her sensitive lips acted as a barrier for this high pressure stream of water. She had completely forgotten about the dressing room, the summer clothes she had wanted to buy, the maid and her vacuum. All that mattered was this moment, one that broke all barriers as to what Amy had perceived about sexual pleasure. She didn’t even notice, but her thighs were clamped on the head of the bull so hard they turned white, while her hands gripped her big breasts like claws. She screamed with pure pleasure as she tensed every muscle in her body. She began jumping up and down, riding on the horn, letting it slide up and down inside her.
Finally, when she felt the water pressure was about to tear through her flesh, she dismounted the bull, and collapsed into the fountain’s waters.
Her heart rate beating at double its normal speed, she felt like she was going to explode from inside of her. Knowing that she was going to climax, she jumped out of the fountain spilling water all over the tile, and dove on top of a table a young couple was sitting at.
Amy stuck her legs in the air making a perfect v shape, her unexposed pussy facing an audience who wasn’t sure whether to keep watching or call for help.
But none of it mattered to Amy. As if a ticking time bomb was ready to blow her apart, she jammed her finger into her still oozing pussy, and moved the other hand to her boobs. She squeezed and rubbed her wet breasts while she violently went in and out with her fingers. She went from one figure to her whole fist in her pussy while she cried with pleasure and satisfaction. She knew she was right on the edge, the more she penetrated, the closer she felt. Finally she plunged her fist into her pussy one last time, and suddenly her mind went into a state of blankness, where the only sense she felt was the overwhelming flow of sexual high, a climax that she felt in every bone in her body. In that moment Amy felt the most satisfying and pleasurable feeling she had ever felt. She watched as her body jerked upwards, almost as if watching her body from above. She watched as her pussy suddenly erupt with a stream of liquid, shooting up almost to the second floor. Her cum shot straight up, forming a beautiful milky ark. She awoke from this fantasy when the boiling hot liquid landed all over her; she let it go on her face and even opened her mouth to swallow some. She lay there completely naked, enjoying the taste of her warm fluid.
After what felt like an eternity, she sat up, causing a cascade of fountain water and cum to slide off her firm breasts and drip onto her belly button. she looked around, and she caught a glance of something colorfull sitting on the soaked ground next to her. She looked down, and sure enough, it was the items on hangers she had wanted to try on earlier that day…

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