The First Time I Was Caught Masterbating

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Dave went fishing this morning and my daughter had to work. Ahhh, the house to myself. You know what I wanted to do. My favorite private-time activity is to spend an hour or so working myself up with some juicy internet porn, then calling my favorite free phone sex hotline and listening to a few men jerk off for me while I tease my by-now hot, juicy ready-to-explode pussy.
I settled int my sun-room wearing a pair of too-big lounge pants and a thin tee shirt. I started surfing through some internet porn, in the mood for something naughty and almost dirty. My pussy was already getting wet in anticipation of what I was going to do. I found a video of a woman showing off her pussy to a very well-endowed, obviously very turned-on man. He was slowly stroking his hard cock as as he watched her tease her pussy with her pink-nailed fingers. She spread open her swollen pussy lips and I could see the juice start to drip from her hole.

I felt my pussy throb in response and I reached down to slowly stroke my swelling clit. I backed the video to the shot of her wet, juicy open pussy and paused it, stroking my own as I just looked at her, wondering how it would feel to touch that sweet opening with my tongue. I imagined her holding her lips open and inviting me to suck her swollen clit and lick her open cunt.

The man had seen enough and dove in, looking like he was devouring her pussy. He was still stroking his cock, that’s what got me, seeing him licking her wet cunt and jerking off at the same time. He just looked so turned on. I couldn’t wait to see that big cock explode.

I started rubbing my pussy with a little more pressure, feeling it get wetter and wetter. My outer lips were swollen and open, and I teased, my hole with my middle finger. i could feel my cunt muscles contract each time my finger barely dipped into my hole. I needed to be filled. I reached for my new toy and slid it under the waistband of my pants. There was plenty of room to slide it up and down my juicy slit, and I loved the way it made my pussy contract and try to pull it in as it slid up and down over my wet hole.

The man was vigorously fucking the woman at this point in the video, and i started paying more attention. I imagined his cock slamming into my pussy, knowing how good it would feel as his balls slapped my ass. I inserted the dildo into my pussy and pressed the vibrating cup over my swollen clit. I turned it on low and moaned out loud. Damn, it felt so good I knew I could cum in seconds. I turned it off but left the dildo buried inside me.
I decided now would be a good time to call the line, so I did. I left the hottest greeting I think I’ve ever left. It was obvious in my voice how turned on I was. I wanted nothing more more than to get as nasty as i could get with a sexy man as turned on as I was, and I said as much. I almost came just leaving the greeting. I briefly considered going into my room so I could stretch out but decided I liked watching the videos (with no sound, thank God, you’ll know why later…) at the same time I was listening to a live man. A woman left me a seriously sexy message about how her pussy dripped and throbbed as she listened to my greeting. She said she also loved to listen to me men jerk off and it made her feel powerful to hear them beg for her pussy. She said my voice really turned her on and, although she wasn’t into girls, she would love to tease her pussy and talk to me about our fantasies.

I messaged her back and told her her that it really turned me on to know she was feeling the same as me, and that her pussy was juicy and wet just like mine. I told her about my toy and how it was holding me on the verge of coming, and it was making fell naughtier and naughtier and dirtier and dirtier. I told her sometimes a girl just needs to “fuck”. She messaged me back immediately and I could hear that she was really turned on. Said she was fucking a dildo. laying on her stomach and grinding her pussy into the bed. Then she moaned this really sexy, long soft moan and said she was coming. My pussy throbbed and I almost came listening to her. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard a woman cum live. I sent her a message thanking her for letting me be a part of that with her.

I searched for the video that started all of this for us, the two women grinding their pussies together, the one that turns me on so much. I turned the vibrator on and leaned back and started fucking my toy. no more holding back, I wanted to come.

And then the door opened. I’ve got the phone to my ear, a dildo in my pussy, vibrator on,and two women grinding their pussies together on my computer screen.

Dave just smiles and starts telling me about his fishing expedition. He has no idea that my toy is buried inside me, and he can’t hear it over the fan in the window. I suppress a panic, and just start dialing number on the phone and closing windows on my computer (slowly!). he didn’t some all the way into the room so he couldn’t see the computer screen. I crossed my legs to even further the stifled sound of the vibrator, and when I did my pussy exploded. I started coming so hard, and all the while he walking away. I can feel the walls of my pussy throbbing around my toy, and all i want to do is starting fucking it in and out of me fast and hard. But I can’t. So I set the phone down, mumbled something about my voice mail and just looked at him and smiled. He was very nonchalant , still talking about this fish or that. My pussy was calming down, and so was I, and believe it or not he was never and the wiser!

He’s just finished his story and left and I just sat there somewhat stunned. I’d never been caught in the act before, and I got away with it! I’m sure he would have been thrilled if he saw what I was doing (it is his birthday after all), but it was more exciting to me to get away with it.

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