One day while my parents were out I was jerking off naked on my bed. My right hand jerked my cock firmly and quickened its pace gradually. My right hand was gently fondling my balls. My eyes were closed in deep concentration and enjoyment. When I opened my eyes again I saw my mother standing by the door smiling. I jumped out my skin and quickly scrambled to cover myself up.
“No don’t let me stop you…” she said in a quiet mothering voice.
“No that’s ok moth-“
“CARRY ON you dirty little rat!” she said in a demanding authority voice
Bewildered but mostly controlled by fear I crawled back to my position on the bed, and continued where I left off. My mum stood and watched the show, wearing her knee high denim skirt and plain white shirt. She hiked up her skirt and slid her hand down her lacy white panties.
“Mmmmm that’s good” she said, “now shove your right finger up your ass and finger fuck it”
Mark was a good boy and did what I was told. My ass was warm a soft inside and I slowly began to caress my finger in and out of the hole.
“Now do two”
I was happy to oblige and was ramming my tight ass with both fingers, keeping in time with my jerking off. The pleasure was so intense that it was no time at all before I was shooting my load everywhere all round my room.
“You filthy boy!” she boomed “I’m not cleaning that up! Go and lick each and every wad up”
“DON’T ARGUE! And just for that suck your fingers clean first”
So I sucked my shitty finger cleans before looking for my sperm.
By this time Mum had stopped fingering herself and was pointing were all the mess was. Once I had sucked the last bit of sperm from the sheets she said “Now come here Mark, on your knees”
She looked and saw a naked young boy at her knees and thought how amazing this was.
She lifted up her skirt and said “Now be a good and pull my panties and lick mummy’s cunt out”
I looked up in disbelief but only got a cruel glare in return that said ‘I’m in charge’.
So I hooked my fingers round her white lace panties and slid then down her smooth white legs. The smell of her cunt filled my nose as I did so. She spread her legs a little and I saw that she was wet a little of her cunt juice rolling down the inside of her leg. I licked up the drop and continued up to her pussy. I chewed on the warm hole for quite some time, mingling caressing licks which played softly with her lips and delved deep into her womanhood, with little nips on her exposed hard clit. After what seemed like and eternity she began to groan and she began to thrust her hips, grinding her pussy into my face driving my tongue deeper and deeper into her dripping cunt. She let out a high pitch squeal as she went over the abyss and fell back against the wall. I pulled my face away, soaked with her juice. She pulled out a cloth spit on it before wiping my face clean. She pulled me upright and pulled off her shirt revealing a matching lacy bra. That soon left her body too leaving her in only her skirt.
“I used to love breast feeding you” and she pushed my head into her large breasts. I soon found a nipple and began to bite and sucked it.
“Good boy” she said in a patronising baby voice.
She grabbed my hand and pushed it into her wet cunt.
“You now what to do”
I began to rub my hand across her lubricated hole and slide fingers in and out. I was fingering my mum like I would finger the girl I liked at school!!
Her hand reached down and began to stroke my cock.
“OO” she said in that baby voice “aren’t you a big boy now, all gwowed up.”
And she continued her play with me, fondling my balls and stroking my cock. Her touch was like magic every touch sending waves off pleasure up my spine. So much so that my cock began to twitch and I was cumming again. She caught in her palm making a small puddle. And she pulled my hungry mouth away from her breasts.
“Now eat this up and you’ll grow up big and strong” and she held out her hand.
I guzzled it down licking her hand clean, like a dog eating treats from its master’s hand.
She pulled out my hand from her cunt with a squelch and said “Lick this, it will make you feel better” again in her baby voice.
Now she took off her skirt and turned around, splaying her ass cheeks with her hands.
“Now as a treat you can have some chocolate!!” and she slide a finger up her ass and planted it in my mouth, wriggling it around. Then she grabbed my head and shoved it into her ass crack, my open mouth landing on her hole. She held my face pressed against my ass as my tongue wormed its way into her tight hole. I licked round her soft velvety bowels taste the warm shit as I went. Her groans showed that she was enjoying this and after a long while she finally let me free. She put on her bra shirt and skirt leaving her panties in my room. She grabbed my cock and pulled it to get me up. She then led me downstairs into the living room by my cock, to a wardrobe which is always empty. She opened it and pulled out some rope and proceeded to wrap it round me and tie me up. Round my legs, arms, cock and neck until she stop and tied it off. She then picked me up and hung by something in the wardrobe so I was tangling freely. I tried to move my arm but a sudden pain in my cock stopped me.
“Don’t even think bout moving I’ve set it up so if you try to move either you legs or arms it tightens the noose round your cock causing extreme pain. I’m having my women’s club friends over today and your going to be my little toy.”
She blindfolded me and gagged me bit me across and chest and gave me cock a quick stroke before shutting the door …….to be continued.

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    “you dirty little rat” … who is the mother – James Cagney?

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  2. ballerina

    “you dirty little rat” ,who is the mother-James Cagney?

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