High School Sweethearts- Pt 1

So, you know how there’s a popular crowd in high school? Every single high school, there’s a small group that everybody wants to be a part of.
The elite. And they knew it too. If you weren’t deemed worthy by them, they would treat you like so much shit that they were trying to scrape off their shoe. It was always the prettiest girls, the best looking guys, the jocks, and the rich kids. They were high school’s royalty.
Then there’s the geek group. Band nerds and computer dorks, with bad skin and greasy hair. While I always gave them credit for being passionate and devoted to what they loved, their lack of social skills isolated them. The only reason anyone would talk to them is if they needed something from them. Like tutoring, or in some cases, answers to the tests.
The royalty extended a sort of protection over the geeks. The royalty was not, strictly speaking, composed of the brightest individuals. They used the geeks’ smarts, and in turn kept everyone else from picking on the geeks. They had a monopoly on that too. Of course, the geeks were ecstatic to be receiving all this attention from the royalty, so they never complained when one of them got stuffed in a locker, or had their underwear ripped off from the strength of a wedgie. They were a bunch of fools, but at least they got noticed.
I, on the other hand, was socially invisible. I didn’t have any friends in high school. My mom thought there was something wrong with me. The jocks thought I was gay. No one considered that I just didn’t give a damn. I was definitely a minority. There were maybe ten other kids like me, but we didn’t hang out together or anything. We kept to ourselves, focusing on what was important to us. For me, it was art. Painting, writing, drawing, and my new obsession, photography. Capturing a moment in pristine perfection.
There’s a third group of course. Everybody else. The students hoping to climb the social ladder and join the ranks of elite, while making sure they avoid the geeks and loners at all costs. This was the majority of kids at my high school. But there were only five hundred of us, getting the best education a private school had to offer. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to remain socially invisible, even in as small a group as five hundred.

So anyway, here I am in my senior year of high school. Only sixteen when I started my last year, but I was turning seventeen in a couple months, so the age difference wasn’t horrible. Besides, I acted older than I was. I’d even been to a few bars, but mainly just to see what all the fuss was about. If I wanted to drink, I’d rather do it by myself anyway. I smoked too. That was about the only blip I made on the social radar. A couple of royalty bummed a smoke off me every now and then when I’d smoke behind the gym during lunch. Not that they’d say hello afterwards, or even a thank you. Not that I cared. In high school, people smoked because they wanted to be able to brag that they smoked. Part of being cool, I guess.
Me? I smoked only when I wanted to think. It gave my body something to do while my mind was wrapped around an idea.
Anyway, one of the royalty who bummed a smoke from me a couple of times was Rachel. She was one of the queen bees of the royalty. Rich family, did well in sports, and an absolutely fantastic body. Liquid brown eyes, framed by a perfect, heart-shaped face. Clear of acne, too, though I suppose daddy could afford the best in skin care. Athletic build, but enough curves to please any man. She loved wearing tight clothes to show off her body, which everybody appreciated. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, but not large. Flat stomach, great legs, and an ass that was heaven to look at. Her boyfriend at the time was Donald, a complete prick. Rich kid, jock, and an asshole to boot. Loved stuffing the geeks in lockers, you know? He also was crazy jealous of Rachel’s attention. Rumor is he put some guy at a party in the hospital for getting to close to her.
So I’m smoking and thinking about my next art project, when I see Rachel walking towards me. I take a drag of my cigarette and admire the view.
She gets about ten feet away and stops. And she looks at me, as if trying to make up her mind about something. Then with a sigh, she shrugs. “Can I bum a smoke?” she says.
I shrug and pull out my pack. I give her one. She looks at me expectantly. I look back at her. Finally she sighs again. “And a light?”
I pull out my lighter and light her cigarette.
She inhales the smoke, then exhales, and as she does I see her visibly relax. “Thanks.”
“Yeah,” I say. I tried to recompose my thoughts, but she was highly distracting. I kept finding myself trying to sneak glances at her body. I became fascinatingly distracted by the way she held her cigarette, brought it to her lips.
She shoots a glance at me, and I look away immediately. Christ, why was I so unnerved by this girl?
“Donald, my boyfriend, doesn’t like it when I smoke.”
I looked over at her, but she was staring at the ground. “Yeah,” I said. “I know Don.”
She glares at me. “His name’s Donald.”
“Whatever.” I finish my cigarette and light another. This chick was getting under my skin for some reason, and I hated it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her stare back at the ground.
“He says it makes me smell bad. I don’t mind it so much.” She leaned against the wall of the gym and gave a frustrated sigh. “He says if he catches me smoking again he’ll tell my parents, so now I got to sneak out here and smoke with all the—” She trails off and looks at me.
I chuckle. “All the losers?”
“No.” But it was obvious to both of us that she was going to say it before she caught herself. She drops the cigarette and stamps it out angrily. “Thanks for the smoke,” she says over her shoulder as she starts walking away.
She stops and turns back to look at me. “What?”
I smile. “My name’s Jake.”
She doesn’t smile back. “I know your name’s Jake.”
I shrug. “Sometimes, I wonder.”
A brief flash of surprise slid over her face before it became masked by anger. “Whatever. You don’t need to be a jerk about it.” Then she whirled around and stalks off.

That night, I called up my friend Cammie. Don’t be shocked or anything. I did have friends, I just didn’t have any friends in high school. I met Cammie at a local art installation the summer previous. She was seventeen, way cool, and loved my style, whatever that means. But we had good times, and she took it upon herself to educate me in the ways of sex. We broke it off after she turned eighteen, and she told me to look her up when I turned legal. But we still talk on the phone all the time. Our conversations usually degenerate into some pretty wild phone sex, but hey, it’s better than masturbating alone.
So I was telling Cammie about what happened today with Rachel, and she says, “You think she’s hot?”
I laughed. “Hell yes, she’s hot! But you need a little more than that to get me interested, you know?”
I could almost hear Cammie smirk. “You want her, don’t you?”
I thought about it for a second. “I honestly don’t know. I guess so.” I kept picturing the cigarette between her lips. “Yeah, I do. But things would have to be different.”
“Different how?” Cammie always does this. She’s the quintessential relationship philosopher.
“I don’t know.” I really didn’t. High school to me was such a waste of time. Something to do until I turned eighteen and could live my life on my own terms.
“So what would you do if, right now, you and her were alone together?” Cammie always does this. It’s her letting me know she wants to have phone sex. She always has me pick a fantasy, someone I’d like to fuck, but can’t because of whatever. She assumes the role, and we both get off. She calls it keeping herself emotionally distant, I call it an addiction to role-playing. We’re probably both right. “I’m Rachel, and I’m knocking on your door. You answer it, and then what?”
I close my eyes and picture it. The image came surprising
ly quickly. This girl had gotten under my skin more than I’d thought. Rachel sta
nding in my doorway, her eyes dark and smoky with desire. I could feel my cock swell in my pants.
“We’d wouldn’t make it to the bed,” I begin. “I pull you against me and devour your mouth in a deep kiss.” My cock was fully hard, straining against my jeans. I unbuttoned the fly and pushed my pants and boxers low on my hips, freeing my cock to the open air. “As we part the kiss, our hands are flying over each other’s bodies, removing our clothes faster than you’d think possible.”
I heard Cammie moan a little on the other end of the phone. For a brief moment, I pictured her lying on her bed, naked. One hand holding the phone to her ear, the other running up and down her body. Then I was sucked back into my fantasy. “I’m quite certain your panties would be in two pieces.”
Cammie giggled. “Not my brand new panties. They were from Victoria’s Secret.” She sighed dramatically. “Oh well.”
I shrugged. “It happens. And now we’re both naked for each other, and we take a moment to savor our first look of the other’s body. Then I pull you hard against me. My hands are grabbing your ass. Pushing your hips against mine as I kiss you. Your lips, your neck, your breasts. I back you up against my desk, lift you up onto it. Then I start trailing all kinds of crazy kisses all over your body, getting my mouth well-aquainted with your skin, your taste.”
Cammie moaned, louder this time.
“I’d definitely spend quite a bit of time kissing and licking your pussy.”
“It’s dripping wet for you.” Her voice was breathy over the phone.
“I’d taste your cum.”
“Then I kiss you again, and you’d be able to taste yourself on my tongue. I gather you back into my arms and wrap my lips around a nipple. Carry you to my bed and lay you down. Your hair spills over my pillow, framing your face. I lie down next to you, kiss you once more, and say, ‘your turn’.”
Cammie laughed. “My turn already? Pretty weak opener if you ask me.”
“Don’t worry, babe. I’m just getting warmed up.”
“Yeah, well, I’m already warm.”
I chuckled. “I bet you are.”
“So I roll you over to your back and take a long look at you. My gaze falls from your lips, over your chest, across your stomach, and down to your erect and straining cock.”
I allowed my free hand to trail over my body, letting myself go with the fantasy. “It’s quite straining, at this point.”
I could almost see Cammie smile, but in my mind it was Rachel smiling at me. “I trace my fingers lightly around your pelvis, teasing you. Lightly sweeping up and down your shaft. I rub the crown of your cock gently, then move my fingers up your pelvis, up your stomach, between your pecks, up your neck to your lips.”
“I nibble them gently,” I say. “Then suck on each one.”
“Yes,” Cammie said. “You show me what you’d like me to do to you. I press myself against you, my body hot with the need to touch yours. I pull my fingers away and replace them with my lips, my tongue searching for yours.”
My hand began to stroke my cock with increasing pressure.
“Our tongues meet and press against each other,” Cammie continued. “I draw your tongue into my mouth and close my lips over it, and I begin to gently tug on it with my mouth, a preview of things to come. As I suck on your tongue, my body is pressed against you, and I can feel your cock against my belly. I begin to grind my body against yours in time with my sucking, driving you wild.”
“Yes it does,” I groan out.
“I release the kiss, and trail my lips down to your neck, circling my tongue, kissing and sucking, tasting your skin and the salt of your sweat. I continue downward, and my tongue finds your right nipple just as erect as the rest of you. I lick slowly around your nipple, moistening the tip with my tongue, nibbling lightly with my teeth.”
My breath was coming in ragged gasps by this point. “I slide my hands down your back in a caress,” I tell her. I began to find myself wrapped up more and more into the fantasy. I could fully picture Rachel straddling me, her mouth at my chest, her lips wrapped around my nipple.

I arched my back in pleasure against the pressure of her mouth and my hands were clenching the sheets. Her mouth left my nipple and began to leave a wet trail down my stomach. I could feel her hot tongue dart into my belly button, pressing and licking the same way I pressed my tongue against her pussy. She slides her mouth down further. My cock is against her neck now, and she begins kiss my pelvis, nibbling on the taut skin covering my hips.
I could feel my cock brush against her cheek as she began to kiss the inside of my thighs.
“You’re such a tease,” I moaned. Then I felt her tongue flick out to lick my balls. She swirled her tongue around each testicle, sucking gently, then began working her way slowly up my shaft to the tip of my cock. She withdrew her tongue and exhaled warm breath over my cock.
It twitched involuntarily in pleasure, and of their own accord, my hips raised towards her mouth. Her lips parted and then wrapped around my cock, sliding wetly down to the base. I could feel myself pressing against the back of her throat, but she didn’t gag. Her lips slid upwards again, sucking lightly as she went. Then she slid back down, and I could feel the caress of her tongue against my shaft.
Precum is oozing out of the tip by now, and she slides her mouth up to taste it. Her tongue swirled around the head of my shaft, licking up the precum and urging more to seep out. She reached up a hand and, using a combination of precum and saliva, lubricated my cock.
Her lips reattached themselves to my cock, sliding up and down once more, but her hand joins in, stroking the shaft of my in tandem with the movement of her lips. I feltl her other hand cup my balls, caressing and pressing, and I could feel the pressure building.

My eyes snapped open and I let go of my cock. I was so fucking close. I took a few deep breaths and tried to regain control of myself as Cammie continued. But she was as wrapped up in the fantasy as I was.
“I begin to move faster, my mouth sucking harder, my hand moving quicker. Your eyes tighten shut and you raise your hips off the bed. Your head is thrown back in pleasure.”
My cock was throbbing, aching for release, but I didn’t touch it.
“Your eyes suddenly burst open as you cum,” Cammie went on. “You feel it release into my mouth, and I swallow it all. I keep my head still so I can accept your cum, but my hand continues to stroke your cock, urging all of the cum out of you that I can. Suddenly, the feeling becomes overwhelming, and you shudder uncontrollably until I slowly come to a halt. I remove my mouth and start kissing the base of your cock.”
I smile. Cammie loved these fantasies just as much as I did. “Take a break, girl,” I said. “It’s my turn.”
“Go for it,” she said, her voice husky in my ear.
Once again, I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the fantasy.

I pulled Rachel to my mouth and kissed her deep and hard. My tongue slid into her mouth, and her tongue pressed to meet it. I could taste cum, but I didn’t care, giving in to the eroticism of the moment. My fingers curled into her hair, half tugging on it, half pressing her more firmly against my mouth.
Her hips began a hard grind against my thigh, her hot pussy sliding wetly over my skin.
I continued to kiss her, letting one of my hands slide down her body to her breast. Her hands clutched hard at my shoulders as I rubbed my thumb over the swollen nipple. My thumb and forefinger lightly tugged and twist the nipple, making her moan.
I shifted my body underneath her, breaking the kiss. I pulled her higher up on my body, giving my lips easy access to her breasts. My cock was between her legs now, as she continued to grind her hips against me, sliding up and down over my cock but not penetrating.
My tongue flicked out for a brief taste of her nipple before drawing it into my mouth for me to suck. I bit it gently, pressed my tongue against it in a wet caress. I slid one hand up to fondle the ot
her breast while the other hand slid down to her ass, giving her encouragement to keep gri
I released her straining nipple, leaving it wet and wanting while I moved to devour her other breast.
Her sighs and moans encouraged me on, and her hips increased their momentum and pressure against mine.
I released her nipple, and her head ducked down to kiss me hard. I grabbed her lower lip between my teeth and tugged on it while my hand joined the other on her ass. I squeezed her ass roughly, then began rolling to my side. A moan escaped from her when she realized what I was doing. She rolled with me, until I was now on top.
I grabbed her hands and pulled them above her head. Using one of my hands to capture them there, I let the other hand caress down her body. My lips fastened on her neck as my hand began a slow journey down her neck, between her breasts, and across her stomach. I licked the base of her neck and trailed it roughly up and began nibbling on the lobe of her ear, while my hand slid across her stomach and then lower, brushing briefly over her pussy before sliding down the outside of her thigh.
“Tease,” she moaned.
“A little,” I breathed into her ear. “Just getting you back is all.”
Her breath is coming out in harsh gasps at this point, and just barely, I heard her say, “Take me. Take me now.”
I grabbed my aching cock in my hand and rubbed it against the hot, wet entrance of her pussy. Up and down I rubbed, using the motion to both lubricate and tease. I raised myself above her and looked down at her beautiful face. Her eyes were half-closed with passion as her head rocked from side to side.
“Rachel,” I said. “Look at me.”
Her eyes fluttered open, and I looked deeply into their dark, brown depths as I guided my cock into her waiting pussy. It was tight, at first, so I pulled out slightly. Slowly, I began to add pressure, thrusting in and out gently as her pussy began to accommodate my size.
Her legs raised up to wrap around my hips. I could feel her thighs tighten to urge me deeper.
Our mouths mashed together once more in a fierce kiss, our tongues pressing against each other in time with our hips. I relinquished my hold on her arms, and they immediately wrapped around my back. I could feel the nails scratch my skin.
I increased the pressure, and both of us let out a gasp as I slid completely inside her.
“Oh, god,” she moaned.
I began to move within her in earnest now, our skin slick with sweat and lust. She began to writhe against me, her hips rising to meet the downward plunge of my own. I could feel her pussy slide around my cock, feel it tighten and caress the length of it as we moved.
Our tongues begin to swirl against each other faster our hips increased their speed and force. Her chest heaving, she breaks the kiss and lets out a groan of passion.
I began to thrust even harder within her, my hips making a slapping sound against hers, and my balls began to slap against her ass.
Her hands raked down my back to grab my ass, then spanked me hard, urging me on as her moans began to increase in volume.
My lips fastened on her earlobe as our movements grew frantic. All thought abandoned us, and we gave ourselves up to the violent joy of the movement.
The tension was built to a fever pitch, and I could feel her pussy begin to tighten around me as she neared her orgasm, and I felt a familiar pressure begin to build in my balls.
The pressure suddenly soared, and I barely managed to groan, “I’m cumming!” before I exploded deep within her. Her pussy clenched down on my spurting cock, and as she yelled out in triumph, I knew she was coming at the same time.
I slowed down the thrusting of my hips, and began a slow grind against her until the wave of her orgasm had passed.
I stayed inside her as my lips met hers once more, this time in a gentle kiss.

Cammie sighed. “Mmmm.”
With a wrench, I pulled myself back to reality. Cum was warm against my chest and stomach, and my hand was drenched with it.
“How was that?” I asked.
Cammie giggled. “Much better. Much much better.”
I smiled. “Good. Now I’m going to take a shower. I’m a mess.”
“Me too. That was a good one.”
“Yeah.” It was, probably too good.
“You know something?” Cammie said. “I think I might be jealous of this girl.”
I laughed. “Whatever, Cammie. It’s just a fantasy.”
She laughed, but it sounded forced. “Sure it is.”

–To Be Continued

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