Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 7

Alexandra was in heaven. Sam’s hands had thoroughly massaged her belly area with a touch so light that her pussy became moist with each pass. His lips had kissed her neck, making her heart skip, and her lust rise.

Sam gently lowered her onto Yolanda’s queen sized bed, running his hands across her ample tits. He was feeling rakish, and he found Alexandra’s body sexy. He had heard she was a lesbian, but she responded to his touch. Now she was curious.

Sam sat next to her on the bed. He reached down and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Alexandra sucked in her breath as her chest and belly became exposed. Sam slowly peeled the material from her luscious tits, and lowered his head to the left one, taking her erect nipple between his lips.

“Ooh, aah!” Alexandra moaned. She reached up and massaged his head as he licked and sucked her sensitive nipple and tit.

Jerry moved into Jennifer and kissed her ardently. Jennifer wrapped her hands around her college lover and rubbed herself against him. She could feel his cock growing inside his jeans, pushing against her pubic mound. His hands were massaging her ass, pulling her closer to him.

Jerry tightened his grip, and picked Jennifer up. She squealed in his mouth, but not breaking the kiss. Jerry laid her down on her bed, and got on top of her. His tongue invaded her mouth, exploring . Jennifer grabbed Jerry’s ass and pulled him harder into her.

Sam continued to arouse Alexandra with his mouth and lips on her tits. His left hand was rubbing her pubic mound and pussy through her jeans, making her thrust against it. Her breath came is small gasps, and a low moan continuously emanated from her.

Jerry rose up, and unbuttoned Jennifer’s shirt. Jennifer raised and took it off. She then helped Jerry off with his shirt, running her hands along his smooth chest. Jerry’s hands cupped and massaged her breasts tenderly. Jennifer put her head back, eyes closed, and moaned.

Sam moved up and kissed Alexandra hard. His hand unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. He then reached inside her panties and massaged her wet, sopping pussy.

Alexandra broke the kiss. “Oh, Sam,” she moaned. “Your touch is getting me so hot! I never thought a man could do this to me!”

“You haven’t had a good experience before,” Sam said tenderly. “I want this to be the best experience you have ever had, woman or man. If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, let me know.”

“You’re doing f-fine!” she stuttered as his hand rubbed past her clit. She lifted her head and kissed him again.

Jerry got off of Jennifer and stripped. Jennifer also stripped the rest of the way. She then opened her legs, and invited Jerry between them. Jerry climbed between, positioned his erect cock at her pussy, and slowly pushed it in all the way. Jennifer cooed, then wrapped her hands around his neck as Jerry started an easy thrusting motion. Jennifer raised her knees to get him in deeper.

Sam stood up, and helped Alexandra out of her jeans and panties. Then he helped her to sit up.

“I want you to undress me,” he said.

Alexandra reached up and unzipped his pullover. She lifted the shirt over his head, and he raised his arms to facilitate it. She then ran her hands along his chest, feeling the hair and muscle.

“You feel nice,” Alexandra said.

“Your touch is wonderful,” Sam said.

Alexandra smiled as she sat down. She reached forward and unsnapped his jeans, then unzipped them. He wore no underwear, and she could see his pubic hair peeking over the zipper. She saw the bulge going down his left leg. Gingerly, she put her hand on that bulge, and squeezed gently. Sam moaned.

“Aah, that’s it,” he said.

Alexandra, curious, brought her lips to his lower abdomen, just above the pubic hair, and kissed. It felt good on her lips, and she heard Sam gasp. She backed up and pulled his jeans down carefully. His cock was slowly uncovered, and Alexandra’s eyes widened at the sight.

“What are you thinking?” Sam asked, trying to keep his voice supportive.

Alexandra pursed her lips, then smiled. “It’s beautiful!” She said. “It looks so smooth!”

Sam’s cock sprang forward as his pants were pulled down far enough. Alexandra backed up a bit. Sam shucked off his sandals and pants in short order, making his cock sway. Alexandra’s head swayed with it, entranced with its look. Alexandra thought it looked as big as one of her dildoes. Trembling a little, she brought her hand up and grasped the shaft, gasping at its erectness and warmth.

Sam closed his eyes as Alexandra used both hands to massage his cock, making it harder. Her hands were wonderfully tender, stroking him with increasing intensity.

Alexandra’s mind was wanton now. Her curiosity had now changed to a fiery lust. She brought her head forward, and took the head of Sam’s cock into her mouth. She started licking slowly, lowering her head down the shaft.

“Ooh, Alex,” Sam moaned. “I love how you’re doing that!”

Alexandra continued to suck his cock, moving her head back and forth on it. Her tongue played over the shaft, and her lips made him jerk a bit. She knew that if she kept this up, that he would cum in her mouth. She decided she wanted that. She figured if she were to do this, she would go all the way. Lord knows that she had practiced on dildoes and fantasized enough with those forbidden thoughts. Now she wanted the real thing. She continued her cocksucking.

Jerry had turned Jennifer on her side and now reentered her. Jennifer gasped at the sensation, licking her lips and closing her eyes. Neither said anything as they allowed themselves to be carried away by the feeling.

Alexandra’s sucking became faster. She really wanted his cum! Sam, however, did not want to yet. He gently stopped. Alexandra. She looked up at him curiously.

“You are doing wonderfully!” he said to her. “I just don’t want this to be spoiled.”

“But I want to taste your cum!” she said plaintively.

“And you will,” Sam said. “I just want you to want me to fuck you, and give you that pleasure as well. I will pull out and put my cock back in your mouth when I cum.”

Alexandra thought about it, and nodded. Her pussy was on fire, and now she felt that need to feel this cock inside her. She lay back and opened her legs extremely wide, making her pussy gape open.

“Sam, I want you to fuck me,” She said simply.

Sam stepped forward and placed his dick just inside her pussy lips.

“Are you sure?” Sam asked.

“Yes,” Alexandra said lustily. “Fuck me.”

Sam gently inserted his cock into Alexandra. She gasped as that pole stretched her wide. Sam worked it in to her, slowly pumping until the entire length was buried into her. Sam grunted. She was so tight!

Alexandra’s eyesight exploded with white dots as Sam’s cock invaded her innermost chamber. Her pussy was quivering, and her mind fought the thought that this was a man in her, and not a dildo. Visions of her incestuous rape at fourteen played in her imagination. She quickly squelched them as the sensations of Sam’s cock fucking her flooded her senses with a deep lust.

Jerry withdrew from Jennifer. She got on her hands and knees and offered her pussy again. Jerry knelt behind her and slammed his cock into her. She gasped from the force, then moaned. Jerry grunted.

Jennifer looked back. “Jeriku Chan, you have been fantasizing about fucking me in the ass. Do you think you are ready for that now?”

Jerry stopped his movement and looked at her. “Are you sure, Jennifer?” he asked.

“Completely,” Jennifer said smiling.

Jerry pulled out. He put three fingers into Jennifer, causing her to moan again, and got his fingers completely soaked. He wiped his fingers around his cock, and then thoroughly wet Jennifer’s asshole. He then placed
the head of his cock there. He looked at Jennifer, who nodded. She placed her head on the bed. Jerry reared back a little, then pushed his cock inside her ass, a little at a time

Jennifer bit her lip. The feeling was so tight, and a little painful. Jerry waited until she became used to it, then put his cock in a little deeper. Jennifer forced herself to relax, and soon it was feeling wonderful. She had not felt so full before, and her lust rose to an even greater height.

Jerry gritted his teeth. Jennifer’s ass was tight! He worked his dick in until he was completely buried. Once Jennifer started to move against him, he started his thrusting. The sensation was driving him wild, for this was one of his fantasies about her, and she was helping to make it a reality. It was so erotic to him!

Alexandra held her legs wide open as Sam fucked her with longer and longer strokes. His hand found her clit, and was pinching and massaging it, making Alexandra moan louder. Her blonde hair was all over the place as she shook it from side to side in lust. Her nipples looked painfully erect. Sam reached down and caressed one of her tits. Alexandra cried out from the electric feel of his hand.

Sam started thrusting harder. He could feel his orgasm building, and he wanted to build it more so that he could give her all the cum she wanted.

Alexandra started to massage his cock with her pussy muscles. He grunted as she did this. She also started to gasp, as his hand titillated her clit more and more. Her orgasm was heading to the point of no return, and she desperately wanted to go over the edge with this wonderful man.

Sam, sensing her orgasm, was furiously rubbing her clit faster. He felt her stiffen as her orgasm reached its peak.


Alexandra grabbed Sam by the arms and gripped hard as her orgasm hit. Her pussy became extremely wet, driving Sam wild, and making him fuck her harder. He felt his orgasm cross over, and he pulled out quick. Alexandra was still cumming

Sam pulled her up, still shaking. He put his cock in her mouth. “Suck it, Alex!” He yelled. “Suck it until I cum for you!”

Alexandra attacked his cock, sucking and licking hard. All of a sudden, Sam grunted, and she felt the first jet of his sperm hit the back of her throat. Some of it touched her tongue, and it tasted good and sweet to her. The next jet hit, and she greedily swallowed it. She started sucking harder to get every drop out of this wonderful cock.

Sam’s eyes crossed. Alexandra’s cocksucking became wild, and she was pulling out all of his seed. He kept cumming from the sensation, and he felt his knees weaken. He hung on to her head for support.

When Alexandra sucked the last bit of cum out of Sam, she continued to suck his cock. She just could not get enough of it! Sam almost passed out from the sensation.

Jennifer had been moaning in time with Jerry’s pounding of her ass. She loved the full feeling it gave her, and she wanted his cum in her ass. Her hand had snaked its way to her pussy, and was furiously rubbing her clit. She was at her orgasm, but waited until Jerry was cumming to let it go.

Jerry was moving smoothly. His orgasm was close.

“Oh my God, Jennifer!” He grunted. “I feel it! I’m gonna cum in your ass!”

“Let it flow, lover!” Jennifer gasped. “I’ll cum with you!”

Jerry started to jerk. All of a sudden he yelled, and shoved his cock in all the way as he came. Jennifer screamed and let her orgasm overtake her. Both of them were bucking against each other.

Alexandra pulled Sam’s cock out of her mouth and stroked it hard. Sam grunted, surprised. He was cumming again. Alexandra opened her mouth as his sperm shot out. Some of it hit the bridge of her nose, but the rest went into her mouth. Sam fell over onto the bed. Alexandra followed him down, and put his cock back into her mouth, and sucked out the rest of his cum.

Jerry withdrew his cock from Jennifer’s ass. Both of them collapse to the bed, feeling wonderfully spent.

“That was wonderful!” Jennifer said dreamily.

“I agree,” Jerry said. “You gave me my fantasy, Jennifer. Thank you.”

“Any time, lover.”

“Sam!” Jerry yelled over. “How was it?”

“She made me cum twice!” he said happily. “She sucks great cock!”

Alexandra looked over to Jerry and smiled. Some of Sam’s cum was still on her nose. Jerry chuckled.

“Alex!” Jennifer called. “How do you feel now?”

Alexandra thought about it for a moment. “Complete,” she finally said.

Jennifer gingerly got up and went over to her. Alexandra met her in the middle. The two women hugged. Jennifer then bent Alexandra’s head down, and licked Sam’s spunk off her nose. Alexandra giggled.

“Hmm, he tastes sweet!” Jennifer said. Then she got a wicked look in her eyes. She whispered to Alexandra, who slowly smiled.

“Let’s do it,” Alexandra said.

Jennifer went over to Sam, and Alexandra went over to Jerry. Both men evinced surprise as the two women put the men on their backs, played with their cocks until they were hard again, and mounted them. They fucked the men hard, slamming their pussies down onto their hips, totally engulfing their manhood. Both men had to hang on for dear life as the women fucked them to another mind-blowing orgasm.


The clock rang 5:30 am. The four of them had fallen asleep 5 hours earlier. Jennifer stretched, accidentally hitting Sam in the nose. She gingerly removed his flaccid cock from her pussy, and woke him.

“Huh? What?” Sam said groggily.

“Time to get up, Sam,” Jennifer said, yawning.

Sam looked at the clock, and widened his eyes.

“Shit! I’m on duty in a half an hour!” he said.

Sam got up and got dressed. He quickly kissed Jennifer, thanked her for a wonderful night, and left. Jennifer got up and walked over to the other side of the room, and looked on Jerry and Alexandra. She looked so peaceful, lying in Jerry’s arms. She didn’t want to disturb them, but she had to wake them. She pressed on their thighs.

“Wake up, lovers!” Jennifer said

Jerry woke instantly, startling Jennifer. She forgot he was a light sleeper.

“I am awake, my sweet Jenny,” Jerry said. “I shall endeavor to wake this lovely lady.”

Well, do it quick. I don’t want the whole floor knowing you all were here. I want to keep the rumor mill down.”

Jerry smiled and turned to Alexandra. He kissed her cheek. Alexandra opened her eyes and smiled, cupping his cheek.

Jennifer nodded and turned to her closet. “I’ll see you later,” she said as she wrapped a towel around her and headed to the showers.


History class was boring that morning. Jennifer and Tom were glad to get out at 12:15 and head to the quad.

“Were you successful last night?” Tom asked her.

“Define successful,” Jennifer said back.

“Were you two able to get past your differences?”

Jennifer thought. “Yes, in a manner of speaking,” she finally said.

Tommy looked at her, and smiled. He knew well what she meant.

“So, do we have another for our group?” he asked.

“I think so, here at the school,” she said, “but not for our inner group. She has too much to catch up on, and she needs to do it herself. I think she and Sam will hook up soon, and Sam is not of our temperament. They will be good for each other. Maybe in time we can bring them in to our inner group, but not right now.”

Tommy nodded. He trusted her judgment in these matters, having seen it in action with other people and marveling at how accurate she was at judging them.

“Besides,” Jennifer said, “I think that Alex will need our help in the beginning so she can sort out her feelings. I don’t want to involve Jason and Eric in th
at, and I want to make sure that this was not just a flash in the pan.”

Tommy nodded again. He knew just how powerful Jennifer’s charisma could be in converting people to her cause or vision, having felt it once h
imself, and coming out of it with a life partner. He understood why she wanted to take her time with Alexandra. Her new bisexuality was just appearing, and she wanted to make sure it set in good.

They walked over to the trees, and found Yolanda on a blanket, waiting for them.

“Hiyo, Jenny baby!” she called. “Hello, Master,” she said to Tommy.

“Hello, slave,” Tommy said. He looked at her, and noticed that she did not wear a scarf around her neck to cover her collar. “Why isn’t your collar covered?” he asked her.

“It goes nice with what I am wearing,” she said simply. “The people who see it think it is part of my wardrobe today. They still no suspect, Master.”

“Good,” Tommy said. “I don’t need the B&D crowd hounding us.”

“Been getting razzed?” Jennifer asked.

“A little,” Tommy said. “Nothing I can’t handle, though.”

Jennifer well knew that Tommy could now handle anything thrown at him. Ever since he found out he loved Yolanda, he has become a force to be reckoned with on campus.

Jennifer sat down on the blanket. A picnic basket was open, and Jennifer saw six plates on top.

“Who else are we expecting?” Jennifer asked.

“Jerry, Sam, and Alex, Jenny baby,” Yolanda said.

Almost on cue, Jerry walked up to them. He greeted everyone, and then bent down and kissed Jennifer.

“How are you this afternoon, my lovely sunflower?” Jerry said to her.

Jennifer giggled. “Why’d you call me that?’

“Because you light up the darkest of corners with your love for people,” he said.

They all laughed at Jerry’s quip.

Sam and Alexandra soon arrived.

“Forgive me, Jennifer,” Tommy said. “I borrowed a page from your book, and I had invited them to our lunch picnic. I hope that’s OK.”

“Perfectly,” Jennifer said. “I would have done that myself. Thanks for saving me the trouble.”

Sam greeted the group. Alexandra greeted Jerry, and then kissed him. She then kissed Jennifer.

“Thank you,” she whispered to her.

Jennifer smiled. She was happy to help her find her true self.

Yolanda doled out the plates, then started passing out the food. They had salad, shrimp, crackers, grapes, and wine. They all took a little of each, and talked while they ate. They discussed their classes, and their plans for the evening. The conversation wound up being a wild political discussion on possible terrorist targets. Their lunch passed enjoyably.

None of them saw three women looking furtively at them, and then hurrying off.

Yolanda was repacking the lunch basket when they were bowled over by a group of people. Brutes landed on the men, and women landed on the women. The aggressors were wailing on them. Eventually, the group threw them off and rolled out to stand up. Peaches, Dolly, Samantha, and three men that looked like football players faced them.

“What the fuck’s going on?” Sam said.

“What did you do to them?” one of the men said.

“They beat us up!” Peaches said.

Jerry shrugged. “She lies.”

Samantha shot a look of pure hatred at him.

Tommy brushed himself off. “I take it you are here to defend their honor.”

“The geek speaks!” said the one in front of Tommy. Tommy turned grim.

“We’re gonna teach you not to mess with us!” Samantha said to Jennifer.

“I think not,” Jennifer said grimly as she tightened her hands.

“Have you gone berserk?!” Alexandra yelled.

“Shut up, you fucking little dyke!” Peaches yelled back.

Yolanda reached down and pulled two short bamboo whips from the basket. They were about 2 feet long, and willowy.

“I warning you not to attack,” Yolanda growled.

The girls rushed. Jennifer, Alexandra, and Yolanda set for the charge, Peaches got to Jennifer first, and swung. Jennifer sidestepped, and brought her hand up in a chop that caught her in the neck. Peaches went down choking.

Samantha reached Yolanda, and was sorry she did. As Samantha went to reach for her. Yolanda met her charge, and hit her 7 times with the whips by the time she passed her. Samantha went down, screaming in pain, thin red welts now appearing.

Dolly reached Alexandra and caught her in the gut. Alexandra doubled over with the punch, hurting a little, but came back with an uppercut so fierce that it took Dolly off the ground. She fell, unconscious.

The men in front of Jerry, Sam, and Tommy watched the byplay with the women, and became grim. They set themselves, and attacked.

Jerry met his attacker head on. The man didn’t know what hit him as Jerry let his martial knowledge take over. The man lay on the ground in pain, an arm and leg broken.

Tommy sidestepped his attacker and tripped him. He fell heavily. Tommy then landed on him and drove his head into the ground. The man was knocked out.

Sam met his attacker’s punch and took it in the gut. It felt like hitting iron to the man. Sam grabbed him by the throat, picked him up, and forcibly slammed him into the ground. He too was knocked out.

The mob that surrounded the combatants voiced their awe at the skill the group showed in dispatching their aggressors. They parted as a group of professors and campus security showed up.

“Stay there!” one security guard said to the group.

“We are not going anywhere,” Jerry said to the guard.

“What happened?” said one of the male professors. Jennifer did not know this one.

“We were accosted by this group, professor,” Sam said. “They attacked us as we were cleaning up from lunch.”

One of the security guards was checking on the men whose arm and leg was broke, and another one was checking on Peaches, who was still whimpering from the lashing she got from Yolanda’s whips. The sergeant was on the radio, calling an ambulance.

“Yo, Sarge!” called the guard by Peaches, “this one says that this one attacked her with some kind of weapon,” he pointed to Yolanda. “She also says that she attacked her.”

Yolanda looked affronted.

“Peaches attacked her, officer,” Jennifer said, coming to her defense. “She defended herself.”

“With what? A whip?”

“Two of them, as a matter of fact. Willow whips.”

The guard looked and saw the two thin reed-like whips on the ground near Yolanda.

“Arrest her,” said the sergeant, pointing to Yolanda.

“A moment, officer,” said one of the other professors. He looked very young. “I think you better ascertain the situation first. You might want to check to see if anyone can corroborate their story, or the story of the victims. There is a large crowd around here. I think you will be able to piece together what happened from them.”

The sergeant looked at him, then nodded. “Hold that order,” he said to the guard near Yolanda. He then turned his attention to the other two next to him. “Question the crowd. Find out what’s goin’ on.”

The officers nodded and moved out into the crowd. Hardly any of them had left. The officers called for witnesses, and were inundated with people willing to tell their version of the story.

The unconscious people slowly roused, holding heads or throats or jaws. They were warned to stay where they were by the officers. The ambulance showed up, and the paramedics were stabilizing the one man’s broken limbs.

By the time the officers had finished questioning the crowd, they had a good idea what happened. Also, one of them had videotaped the entire scene. He explained he was making a film on group dynamics, and Jennifer’s group was the focus of that tape. He turned it over to the security force as evidence once the officers previewed it through the recorder.

The sergeant revised his orders, and had the three men, along with Peaches, Samantha, and Dolly, placed under arrest for unprovoked assault. Jerry and Yola
nda were also remanded until they could prove their registration as martial artists. Jerry smiled as the sergeant escorted him and Yolanda to his vehicle.

It was almost 2:30 by the time everyone left. Tommy and Sam escorted Jennifer and Alexandra back t
o Jennifer’s room.

“I hope Jerry and Yolanda will be all right,” Sam said.

“They will be,” Jennifer said. “They’ll be home tonight. Jerry always carries his papers with him. Yolanda will have them call her shidoshi in San Francisco.”

“That was stupid of them!” Tommy finally said.

“I didn’t think they were capable of that!” Alexandra said.

“None of us did, Alex,” Jennifer said. “I guess we should have been on our guard after last night.”

None spoke until they got to Jennifer’s room. Once inside, Alexandra hugged Sam and cried. Sam comforted her. Jennifer hugged Tommy, comforting him for his temporary loss of his slave, Yolanda.

The two couples just sat there, not speaking, hugging each other, until sunset. About 8:00 pm, the door opened and Jerry and Yolanda walked in. they had smiles on their face.

“What is this, a wake?” Jerry said.

Jennifer got up and ran to him. She nearly bowled him over when she grabbed him and pulled him in for a hug.

“Oh, Jerry, we didn’t really know what would happen!” she said. “I mean, I knew you would be back, but I really didn’t know, you know?”

“I understand,” Jerry said, gently holding her.

Yolanda ran to Tommy and hit the ground, kneeling in front of him. “I return, Master,” she said to him.

Tommy looked at her, tears in his eyes. He then got down to the floor and hugged her.

“Oh, I am so glad you’re back!” he cried.

Yolanda hugged him with a disconcerted look on her face. “You think it wise to cry over a slave, Master?” she said. “We never in danger. I gave my number, and they call. They open my cell quick after that! I waited until they done with Master Jerry. He took longer.”

“They were not convinced with my credentials,” Jerry said by way of explanation. “I had to demonstrate. After three of their best martial artists were on the ground did they believe them.”

“Either way, I’m glad you’re back,” Jennifer said. She started to rub up against him.

“Now that you’re back,” Sam said, gently breaking from Alexandra, “I think Alex and I will head to my room. Are you ok with that, Alex?”

“Yes,” Alexandra said.

Jennifer smiled. She could see that Alexandra was indeed ok with going to Sam’s room.

“See you tomorrow?” Jerry asked Sam.

“Of course!” he said jovially. “Just don’t do anything I have to write you up for!”

Everyone laughed as Sam and Alexandra got up and left. Tommy picked up Yolanda and took her over to her bed, and Jerry placed Jennifer on her bed. Her rubbing got him hard, but he had no interest tonight.

“Sleep tonight, lovely Jennifer,” Jerry said. “There will be time for loveplay tomorrow. Tonight, I just want to collect my thoughts.”

Jennifer looked a little sad. “I understand,” she said. She did, but boy, she was horny!

“Rest now, my slave,” Tommy said to Yolanda. “I will return for you in the morning.”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

Tommy and Jerry kissed the women, then left. Jennifer and Yolanda looked after them. They started giggling once they exited the room.

“I don’t believe it!” Jennifer said. “He really does care for me!”

“Master has me confused,” Yolanda said. “Why did he cry?”

“Yolanda, drop the slave bit for a moment and see your man for what he is. He loves you. He really loves you. He will try to do right by your wishes, but there are times he wants to see Yolanda, and not the slave. This was one of those times. He though the worst, even though I knew you would be back. When you see him tomorrow, let him know you love him too.”

Yolanda just looked at her. “Ok, Jennie baby. I will try. I still see him as Master, though. I will try.”

“Good.” Jennifer sat up and started to undress. “In the meantime, we have no men tonight, and I am a little horny. How are you?”

“Ready to tear something up. Pussy is on fire!”

“Hmm. Shall we…” Jennifer let the question hang.

Yolanda smiled, then stripped in record time. Jennifer had just got her pants off when Yolanda bowled her over back onto her bed. Laughing, the two women started kissing and feeling each other, trying to signal to each other their need. Jennifer was thankful for Yolanda and her exuberance. She could feel her fear leave her as her head went towards her aching pussy.

Jennifer thought on the events of the day, and was thankful that none of them really got hurt. She was sad that people could be so mean, or could get so jealous of another’s happiness. She knew she wasn’t innocent, but she was always affected by people’s lack of compassion and love for one another. She was glad that her friends did not suffer these emotions as the rule of their life.

Jennifer’s thought were brought erotically forward to the present as Yolanda’s eager lips found her clit and was softly nibbling at it, causing her to moan in pleasure…


Jennifer affects friend and enemy alike. She knows that, and wonders at it. She wants harmony in her life, but there will always be those put off by her. Life becomes more interesting as she progresses in her studies at the university.

Watch out for the next erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

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