The Perfect Business Trip – Part 4

Sunday Morning & Afternoon

I was dreaming of my fiancee. We were making love. She was on top, riding my swollen cock with her hot pussy. Yet, at the same time she was teasing my balls and the lower half of my prick. Opening my eyes, I realized I wasn’t dreaming and it wasn’t my fiancee. Janet had impaled her cunt on my morning hard-on. She was facing away from me, slowly riding up and down on my cock. However, she was only using about ¾ of it. She would pause each time she hit her lower limit but the teasing would continue. Looking around her hips, I saw Jeff was lying between my spread thighs, working on my balls and the base of my prick with his lips and tongue. As Janet rode up to the tip of my cock, Jeff would move down to my balls. As she slid down my throbbing member, Jeff moved up until they met on my shaft. Then, Jeff could tongue both cock and cunt, helping Janet and I both move closer to orgasm. I simply laid back and enjoyed the experience. Having become accustomed to having a male slave, I was fully willing to enjoy his oral talents while I was fucking. Jeff and Janet worked slowly and confidently, totally unaware that I was awake.
Janet’s breathing began to quicken and so did her motions. She began to move faster over my cock, driving it a little deeper as she worked. Soon she was using the entire length and pausing at the bottom to allow Jeff more time to lick her clit. I could feel the heat rising in my balls. I would soon be blowing my load. Suddenly, Janet gasped and drove herself completely on to my prick, humping frantically as her orgasm hit. Her pussy muscles rippled over my pulsing rod, her hot juices splashing down the shaft, over my balls and Jeff’s tongue. My balls exploded, spraying a huge load of cum into her squeezing cunt. Jeff continued to tongue us both. As my cock deflated, I felt Janet slip off it as Jeff rolled over onto his back. I quickly closed my eyes almost completely and saw Janet glance over her shoulder to see if I had awakened. Thinking I was still asleep, she slid forward over my thighs and planted her cunt onto Jeff’s mouth. I saw her bend forward as she began to ride his tongue again. I could tell from the bobbing motion of her back that Jeff was receiving a favor in kind. I felt and heard Janet whimper though two more, smaller orgasms as Jeff sucked and licked her cunt, my cum surely oozing into his mouth as he tongued her. Suddenly, the bed bounced, as Jeff’s own orgasm slammed him over the edge, emptying his balls into Janet’s attentive mouth. As they stilled and relaxed, I spoke, “Very good slaves, but did I tell you to cum? Stand at the foot of the bed!” Janet scrambled off Jeff and they both stood, heads bowed and legs spread, at the end of the bed. “Explain your actions,” I demanded, “Girl, you first.”
“Master, I awoke and saw your cock was demanding service. I felt it wanted to fuck my cunt so I offered myself. The motion woke the boy and he wanted to please you instead. He threatened to wake you for a decision so I offered to share the privilege of pleasing you. He insisted on tasting your cum or no deal. I proposed to allow him to eat it from my pussy after you were satisfied. He agreed,” Janet said.
“Boy, is this true?” I asked.
“Yes, Master,” Jeff answered, “I agreed to what the girl offered. I did not tell her to suck my cock. As I licked your juices from her cunt, she started sucking me. It felt so good and my mouth was busy, so I didn’t ask her to stop.”
“You have both ignored my orders about cumming without permission this morning. I will have to determine how to punish you later. For now, girl’s crotch is covered with my cum and boy’s saliva. The boy’s face is covered with my cum and her pussy juice. My cock and balls are coated with drying cum and pussy juice. It is time for a shower.”
The shower was another session of touching and teasing that left Jeff and I semi-erect. I expect Janet’s cunt was pretty moist as well. I then made them shave each other’s pubic areas again to remove the small amount of stubble that was beginning to appear. After we were toweled dry, we grabbed the hotel robes and ordered breakfast. To avoid the previous days grab fest, I had them sitting at opposite ends of the table as I sat in the middle. Even then, the nudity and conversation kept me almost completely hard throughout the meal.
“Slaves, I need to go shopping again today. I have determined that there are other items I will need to enhance your training and to insure proper punishment when you disobey. I will be gone longer today. You have proven you can’t be trusted when I leave you alone together. Girl, you will accompany me. Boy, as punishment for coming this morning without permission, you will be secured and blindfolded in my room until we return. That will allow the housekeeping to clean this room without disturbing your penance. Now show me your wardrobes so I can pick appropriate dress for each of you,” I told them. Entering the bedroom, I selected their clothes for the day. Janet was instructed to wear a loose mini-skirt with a thin blouse that clearly showed the outline of her nipples. Jeff was given a pair of loose slacks and golf shirt to wear between rooms. Neither of them was allowed any underwear. After we had dressed, I had Janet call Housekeeping to notify them to clean the room in the next two or three hours. We then headed down to my room and I grabbed the bag of terry cloth strips on the way out.
When we reached my room, I had Jeff undress and hang his clothes in the closet. I called housekeeping and informed them I would not need service that day. Once this was accomplished, I used the terry cloth strips to tie Jeff to the bed, arms and legs spread wide. By the time I had finished, he was fully erect, his cock throbbing with need. Readying another strip, I told him, “Boy, you are to remain here and contemplate your failures of obedience to me. I will now blindfold you so you are not distracted during my absence and I will gag you so that you aren’t tempted to call for help..” I placed two folded handkerchiefs over his eyes and secured them in place with the terry cloth. I then tied another strip of terry cloth over his mouth. Janet and I left the room.
As we crossed the lobby toward the parking lot, I saw Tim working at the bar. No one else was present in the bar. Pulling Janet along, I walked over and sat down. Tim, approaching with a grin on his face, asked, “What can I get you?” “Two coffees please,” I responded. Tim returned with them and said, “Coffee is complimentary. No tip please. I think it would upset management.”
“Okay,” I laughed, “but I need to talk with you. Girl, go sit at that table and make sure Tim can see your lovely pussy while we talk. I’ll be watching in the mirror.” Janet moved to the table I had indicated and sat with her thighs spread for our enjoyment. Her bare pussy seemed to glisten in the reflected light of the mirror. “Tim, I’d like you to come to the room tonight after you get off. I’ll guarantee you another blowjob and maybe more if you want. But there is a catch,” I said.
“Well, I can probably be there but I’d have to sneak back in. That shouldn’t be a problem; I have a friend that works night shift on maintenance. He’ll sneak me in. I’d love another of those blowjobs from your wife. What’s the catch?” Tim said, “I won’t do anything illegal.”
“Nothing illegal, the catch is who is giving the blow job. The girl isn’t my wife. She and her husband are staying in one of the top floor suites for a few days. They asked to be my sex slaves for the weekend. I’m trying to train him to suck cock as well as she does, but he needs practice. More practice than I can give him. I want him to practice by sucking you. I can’t guarantee he can handle your big cock but, if he doesn’t, she will,” I told him.
“Sex slaves! Jeez, some guys have all the luck. You got the only girl who has ever been able to deep throat me and she’s just your sex s
lave. How do I know this guy can ev
en suck a cock or that if he can’t, you’ll let me have her do it? She was so good; I stayed hard half the night thinking about it. My girl loved it; I fucked her insane last night. She wanted to know why I was so hot. I told her that some lady at the hotel had deep throated me as a tip for room service. She didn’t believe it, still claims it can’t be done. She did say that if that was what had me so hot for her, then get some every night and bring home the leftovers for her. Looking at that shaved pussy though, I might want to fuck your girl instead of getting some more head,” Tim said.
“All I can give you is my promise that she is an option, pussy or mouth, available to you. Her husband gave me his first ever blowjob yesterday morning. It was my first from a guy and, I admit, only a half-assed one at that. By last night, I had him deep throating my cock. He’s getting better. I was hoping you could get a sample this afternoon. Won’t you get a lunch break later this afternoon? You could give him a try then. If you do, you’ll have your choice tonight. If you can’t make it, maybe you have a friend that would make a trial run for you,” I answered. “By the way, did you bring in your resumes?” I asked.
“That’s what screws up my lunch break. My girl is printing our resumes this morning and getting copies of our transcripts. She’s going to meet me here for lunch at 2:30, so I can’t give your guy a try. Let me make a call. I may be able to help you out and get a critique from a friend on how good a suck it is,” Tim said. He headed down the bar to the telephone. As I waited, I watched Janet in the mirror. Tim was right; she had a fine looking cunt.
Time returned from the call and stated, “Alright my friend, an old roommate from when I lived in the dorm, will be here at 1:30 to meet you. He’ll decide then whether or not he wants the blowjob. Now, here are our conditions. First, if he decides no or reports to me that it was a lousy bj, I still get to use the girl tonight. Second, he wants to be able to suck some cock as well as getting sucked. Do you agree with these?”
“No problem,” I answered, “We’ll be back by 1:30 to meet your friend. See you then and hopefully later tonight.” I stood and motioned for Janet. We left the bar and headed for the bookstore I had visited the day before. When we arrived, Janet told me she had never been in an adult bookstore before. I told her to wander around and amuse herself while I made my purchases. I also informed her that she was not to observe what I bought because some of it was to surprise her. She agreed and disappeared down the rows of magazines, videos, DVDs, and sex toys. I noticed that Janet turned quite a few male heads as she browsed the merchandise. Her outfit was selected just for that purpose and it was working. Grabbing a cart, I moved quickly through the store. I was familiar with the layout from my previous visit and knew where to find most of what I wanted. When I finished selecting my purchases, I proceeded to check out paying for the items with a credit card. After bagging my items, the cashier handed me a handful of video arcade tokens. When I questioned him about them, he explained that every purchase over $50.00 received one token for every $5.00 of merchandise. “You’ve got almost forty chits there. Enjoy,” he said.
I dropped the tokens in my pocket, picked up my bags and went looking for Janet. I found her examining the marquees of porn flicks. “Master, can we watch some of these? I’ve never seen so many different movies. Please Master,” she begged. Thinking of the tokens in my pocket, I agreed. The tokens were good for a hour or so of videos. We had a couple of hours before Tim’s friend would be at the hotel and I didn’t want to return too soon. Leaving Janet at the marquee, I went to the car and locked the bags in the trunk. Returning inside, I made a quick small purchase and joined Janet. We entered the video arcade area. I noticed a couple of young men standing around. From the way they watched Janet, it seemed obvious they had been observing her as she had reviewed the viewing options. There were three sections, red, blue and yellow. Janet headed down an aisle of the red section and entered a booth. I joined her, locking the door behind us. I handed her the tokens, the remote and explained how the arcade worked. The lights disappeared as soon as she dropped the first coin in the slot. After she had fed in all the tokens, we relaxed to watch the action. Janet became a hard-core channel surfer. Her selections and pausing were interesting. She skipped quickly over straight male/female sex scenes. She paused shortly on male/female anal sex, changing channels as soon as the man withdrew and finished with the obligatory cum shot by spraying jism across the ass of his co-star. She watched a little longer on lesbian sex and seemed intrigued by scenes of one or more women using strap-ons on another. Feeling tightness in my pants, I loosened my belt, unfastened the waistband and unzipped. I placed her hand over my cock and whispered for her to play with my cock. I slipped a finger under her skirt and straight into her cunt. About then Janet hit what turned out to be her favorites, the gay videos with guys doing guys. The first scene she flipped into had two men in a sixty-nine. The top came first, pulling out as his friend milked his cum from his cock, and he continued to suck on the guy on the bottom. When the bottom came, his top pulled away and jacked his cum out and over his stomach. She switched to the next channel and found a guy on his knees servicing a huge cock. About then, I heard a voice.
“Psst. Let me lick that for you,” it said. I looked over past Janet and saw a nose and pair of lips plastered against a hole I hadn’t noticed before. A long tongue flicked from between the lips before they disappeared. I saw a pair of eyes watching us.
“Lick what? The cunt or the cock?” I asked.
“Either or both” our unknown voyeur responded.
I leaned over and whispered in Janet’s ear, “Here is your punishment for sucking boy’s cock this morning. A total stranger is going to eat your cunt and then you will return the favor.” Lifting her to her feet, I hiked Janet’s skirt above her hips. Moving her toward the wall, I saw the unknown lips and tongue reappear through the hole. I helped Janet positioned her cunt in reach of the probing tongue that sought her through the wall. She gasped as it made contact and began to move her pussy against her benefactor in time to the cocksucking she still watched on the screen to her right. I had my cock pressed tightly between her asscheeks as she ground against the pleasure probe below her. The action on the monitor soon ended with cum spraying over the cocksucker’s face. Janet quickly surfed up a channel. At first, all that was visible was an ass and a hard cock slapping against the cheeks in front of it. The camera panned back to show two men, one kneeling behind another that was on his hands and knees. She inhaled sharply at the next scene. As the camera panned back in closer, the kneeling man slid his cock up and down the ass crack of the other, the pre-cum juices glistening as they tried to lube the apparent target. Then the cock lined up with the reddened sphincter before it. Slowly, the head disappeared, as the back door man buried his prick into the man in front of him. With persistent steady pressure, the throbbing cock slid out of sight in the bunghole before it. Janet orgasmed. The remote bounced against the wall as she dropped it. She bucked back and forth against my cock and the tongue before her, her knees growing so weak that I had to hold up in place as she was licked clean. I allowed Janet to slump away from the flickering protrusion that tormented her so pleasurably and sit down in the chair I pulled up, facing the hole.
“Want me to take care of you now?” the disembodied voice whispered.
“No, I’ll get my satisfaction shortly. Right now, the lady is going to return your favor. Stick your co
ck through the hole,”
I answered. I heard some scuffling as the guy next door moved around. A moment later a cock and ball sac protruded from the hole. Pushing her head forward I whispered in her ear, “Suck him off. Do a good job and be sure to swallow.” Janet leaned forward and licked a strand of pre-cum juice from the prick before her. She then swallowed the entire thing. I wasn’t surprised. It appeared to be about 5 to 5 1/2 inches in length but as thick as mine. It wasn’t even a challenge for a champion cocksucker like Janet. I stepped back and watched as her head bobbed up and down the prick she was sucking. Her fingers massaged the ball sack as she worked. Occasionally, I would watch the ass reaming on the monitor before us. Both scenes had my cock throbbing with a need for relief. Soon, I heard a groan from the room adjacent to our booth and saw Janet swallowing as the mystery man next door emptied his balls down her throat. When he had finished, Janet let the now limp dick slip from her mouth. She turned back to watching the video just as the ass-fucker’s cum sprayed over his partner’s cheeks. Janet again reached for the remote and surfed up to another scene of two guys butt fucking. The scene showed a group of men stroking their hard cocks as they watched the two men in front of them.
The prick and balls disappeared and I heard the guy next door ask, “Want me to return the favor on you now? That was a great blow job, I definitely owe you a payback.”
“No thanks,” I replied. “I plan to get my relief another way. You’re welcome to watch.” With that I lifted Janet from the chair. Turning her toward the monitor, I placed her hands on the wall to each side of it. This left her leaning forward slightly with her ass thrust back toward me. “Brace yourself on the wall,” I directed. “You have enjoyed watching these videos. Now I will enjoy you.” I unfastened my pants completely and dropped them and my briefs to the floor after removing my last purchase from the pocket.
I heard the voice next door whisper, “Nice cock, I’d love a taste of it.”
“Sorry, you only get to watch this time,” I said. Opening my purchase, a single-use foil packet of AquaLube, I greased up my prick. Wiping my hand off on one of the convenient tissues, I stepped up behind Janet and flipped her skirt up onto her back and out of the way. Glancing at the monitor, I saw the one guy had just finished topping the guy on his knees and another of the group moving up to take his place. I reached down and spread Janet’s asscheeks with one hand as I lined my cock with her asshole.
“Master, I am awfully tender down there. Can you fuck me somewhere else?” she whispered.
“No, girl. I know you have a tender ass that’s why I like to fuck it. And fuck it I will,” I answered. Watching the monitor, I positioned myself and followed the lead of the butt fucker on the screen. When he slipped into the ass in front of him, I slid my cock into Janet’s ass. She had tightened back up from our last ass-fucking session but not enough to significantly impede my assault. The slick AquaLube allowed my prick to slide slowly and steadily up her rectum. Once I was buried in her hot rear channel, I began to fuck her with a steady slamming. The voyeur next to us became my cheering section.
“Go, man. Get some ass. Oh yeah, fuck that butt. Put it to her. Damn, you gotta stroke my butt like that. That cock looks so good. Please, fuck me next,” he murmured through the hole. Although his comments were interesting, my main concern was fucking the ass in front of me. I plowed Janet’s butt with a steady pounding rhythm. She quickly got in the mood and began humping her ass back against me. Soon I felt the rush of cum bursting from my balls. I rammed my cock to the hilt and plastered the walls of Janet’s colon with cum. When my balls had emptied, my limp deflated cock popped from her asshole. We did a preliminary clean up with the tissues in the booth.
Our mystery admirer next door had a parting comment, “Hey guy. I still owe you for the taste of pussy, the bj and the show. Here’s my personal card. It has my home telephone and pager number. If I’m out, leave a message. The way you work that cock, you can have some head or a piece of ass or both. Give me a call if either of you need some fun.” I took the card he offered through the hole and stuck it in my shirt pocket.
“Thanks,” I said, “maybe I’ll call.” With that, I heard his door open and close as he left the video booth. Before yesterday, I wouldn’t have even considered the offer. Now, having had Jeff as a sex slave, I had experienced a blowjob from a guy. It wasn’t my preference but head from a guy sure beat jacking off in an empty hotel room. I knew that Jeff and Janet would be leaving almost a week before I did. The card might be handy to have. About 5 minutes later, our video tokens ran out. Janet had watched the gay gangbang; butt fucks and cock sucks, since we had cleaned up. I think at least six guys had had their cock in the victim’s mouth or ass since Janet had found the film. Like my fiancee, she seemed to really enjoy two or more guys getting off on and with each other. Makes sense, every guy I know likes lesbian scenes. Janet and I headed back to the hotel.
On the way, Janet made a suggestion, “Master. I know the boy has disappointed you by using me without your permission. If you really want a hole to use that boy can’t, I think you should fuck his ass. There is no way he could use that hole and I’m sure it would be tight enough to please you.” I was surprised. Only yesterday, Janet had been shocked to see her husband to suck cock. Now she was ready and willing to offer his ass for my pleasure.
“Girl, I think you watched too many videos this morning. I decide which holes I use for my pleasure. It sounds like you just want to avoid having me fuck your hot tender ass. That won’t work since I already enjoy screwing your rear,” I answered. Janet remained quiet for the rest of the trip back to the hotel. I have to admit she had given me something to think about that I hadn’t considered before.
We arrived with about 45 minutes to spare before Tim’s friend arrived. Janet and I took my latest purchases upstairs to Jeff and Janet’s suite. While there, we took time to wash up from my latest encounter with Janet’s asshole. Heading downstairs we went to the lounge and ordered a couple of beers and lunch. Our meals arrived in about 10 minutes and we quickly consumed them. Just as we finished, a young man approached out table.
“Hi, I’m Bobby. Tim pointed you out and said you had an offer I’d enjoy,” he said.
“Have a seat and let me explain what I have in mind,” I answered. Once he was seated, I ordered each of us a beer and asked, “What did Tim tell you? I should be able to fill in any details he may have left out.”
“All Tim told me was that there was a guy staying here that wanted a cock to suck. I guess that’s you. What is this, your girl interested in seeing you with a mouth full of cock?” Bobby answered, “I’ll tell you up front, I don’t do chicks at all. I’m strictly a man’s man. She’s welcome to watch but if she tries to join the action I’m out of here.”
“Don’t worry about the girl, she does only what I tell her. Tim didn’t pass the offer along very well. Let me explain what I have in mind,” I said. “First, I’m not the guy that will be sucking your cock. I have a male slave tied to a bed upstairs that will provide that service. He sucked his first cock yesterday and I want him to get more training. Tim recommended you.” I noticed Janet’s eyes widened at the realization that I was going to have Jeff sucking a stranger’s prick. “I’d like for you to pose as a hotel maintenance man and enter the room with the girl and I. We will watch and film the action. The slave is gagged and blindfolded so he will not know who is present. You may remove the gag but not the blindfold. Then his mouth is yours to use.”
“Just his mouth? Jeff said there was a cock for me to suck as well.” Bobby
“Feel free to use his
cock as often as you want. I don’t mind him getting off while you use him. It may even encourage his performance. When you are finished, replace the gag and the three of us will leave the room,” I offered.
“Okay. I’ll do it. It actually sounds like fun. I’ll have a mouth to feed my cock to and a cock that can’t get away that I can munch on as well. Let’s go,” Bobby replied with a smile. I signed off on our check and Bobby, Janet and I went to surprise Jeff.
When we reached my room, Bobby knocked and said “Maintenance.” I handed Janet the camera and told her to film Jeff’s humiliation. Bobby repeated his notice twice more and I opened the door with the electronic key. We entered the room.
As the door closed Bobby entered the bedroom and yelled, “Hey! Mister, are you okay? Have you been robbed? Should I call security?” He went quickly to the bed and pulled the gag from Jeff’s mouth. “Let me untie you and we’ll get the cops up here.” Jeff’s bondage must have been exciting to him. His dick was as rock hard as it had been when Janet and I left. We quietly took a seat on the couch against the wall and watched the events unfolding before us. Janet activated the camera.
“No! No!” Jeff said, “my mast, uh, my mistress left me like this. She would be angry if you let me loose.”
“Hey, you started to say master, not mistress. So, some dude has made you his pussy, huh? Okay, I won’t untie you. I’ll leave you just like your master did but first I’m going to have me some fun,” Bobby stated and began stripping off his clothes. When his hard cock sprang free, I noticed it was shorter but thicker than mine by an inch or so. It would provide Jeff some good training on cocksucking and maybe stretch his lips a little for Tim’s tool. Bobby reached down and fondled Jeff’s hard prick and balls. “Look what I have here,” Bobby grinned, “A sweet chunk of meat to suck on and these balls feel like they’re loaded. You’re even shaved nice and smooth for me.” With that he climbed between Jeff’s legs and plunged his lips over Jeff’s cock.
Jeff moaned, “Please don’t. My master didn’t say I could cum. He’ll be angry when he returns if he finds out I came without permission.”
Bobby rose up and answered, “Well, it looks like I’m in charge right now. You may as well shut up and enjoy my talents. The sooner I finish my fun, the sooner I’m gone. So relax.” Bobby resumed his cocksucking as Jeff moaned, writhing against his bonds. Janet and I watched in silence as Bobby worked on Jeff’s cock. It appeared that Bobby knew what he was doing. His head pumped over Jeff’s prick, deep-throating him on each stroke and withdrawing until only the tip of the cock remained between his lips. Soon I saw Jeff arch his back, straining to bury his cock deep in Bobby’s throat as his balls emptied. Bobby obliged by gobbling the entire length, gulping down the hot cum and continuing to suck until he had totally drained Jeff. When he sat up, Jeff’s dick hung limply over his balls.
“That was a large and tasty load,” Bobby said, “Now you get to return the favor.” Before Jeff could protest, Bobby crawled forward and straddled Jeff’s head. Bobby placed the head of his thick prick against Jeff’s lips. “Open wide,” he directed as he pushed forward with his hips. Jeff tried to say something but couldn’t because Bobby’s cock forced its way in as soon as his lips had parted. Bracing his hands on top of the headboard, Bobby began to fuck Jeff’s face. “Suck me pussy boy. You got me all hot and bothered with your sweet cum. Now, I’ll give it back to you,” Bobby directed. Jeff must have complied because Bobby was soon speeding up his thrusts. Janet and I watched as his spit-slicked dick pumped in and out of Jeff’s stretched mouth. Suddenly, Bobby thrust deep and with a groan of pleasure gushed his cum down Jeff’s throat. After the initial surge, Bobby finished off with short rapid strokes, milking himself with Jeff’s lips.
Bobby pulled out of Jeff’s mouth and turned around. “Well, look what we have here,” he said. I noticed Jeff’s cock was almost fully erect, Bobby’s rough mouth fucking had aroused him again. Although he had just cum, Bobby was still hard. “It looks like we both get another taste of sweet meat,” he said. He moved into a sixty-nine position over Jeff and slid his prick back into Jeff’s mouth as he sucked Jeff’s cock into his own. Since each of them had just orgasmed, this turned into a lengthy cock-sucking session. Being on top of a bound Jeff, Bobby controlled all the action and speed. Jeff came first, arching upward as his orgasm hit. Bobby sucked him dry before releasing his second load down Jeff’s throat. By this time, my cock was throbbing from watching all the hot action. Janet was probably going to get a load as soon as we were out of the room. Bobby slid off the bed and got dressed. “Thanks, I needed that. I’ll check back tomorrow in case your master leaves you alone again,” he said as he replaced the gag over Jeff’s mouth. “Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll tie you face down. Then I could get a shot at that tail he’s probably fucking. Bye.” The three of us left the room and headed toward the elevator.
“That was fun,” Bobby said, “I’ve got to stop by and thank Tim for the recommendation. I’m glad he knew I liked sucking and being sucked.”
“Thank you for your help, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Are you really interested in coming back tomorrow?” I commented.
“Probably, but first I have a question and a couple of conditions,” Bobby stated as the elevator arrived. “Are you fucking his ass as well as his mouth?”
“No,” I replied, “Although the girl here seems to think I should, so I don’t fuck hers again when we get to the room. What are your conditions?”
“First, I get a copy of that tape you just made before you leave. Second, I get to take care of this lump in your pants,” Bobby answered, as he reached out and squeezed my throbbing cock through the material of my slacks.
Why not, I thought as we entered the elevator, I’ve been blown by an amateur guy, might as well try a pro. Inserting the penthouse key, I pushed the button for the top floor. “It’ll take a couple of days on the tape, especially if we film again tomorrow. Your second condition can be met as soon as we get to the room. We’ll even catch it on film,” I answered with a smile. Bobby grinned and gave my cock another quick squeeze.
When we entered the suite, I had Janet strip off her dress and then remove my clothing. “Nice,” was Bobby’s only comment as my hard cock popped into sight. He showed no interest at all in Janet’s voluptuous body. Directing Janet to bring the camera and film my pleasure, I strolled naked into the bedroom and stretched out on the bed. Spreading my legs as Bobby followed Janet into the room; I shook my throbbing cock and said, “I think a taste of this was one of your requests?”
“You’re right,” Bobby answered as he climbed up between my thighs. He didn’t bother to undress as he zeroed in on polishing my cock. Kneeling between my thighs, he paused to tongue my balls before moving on to engulf my cock in his mouth. I had been right; Bobby was a pro at sucking cock. He did things with his lips, mouth and throat that I had never felt on my cock. I felt myself begin to tense up as my orgasm approached. Bobby must have sensed this. He encircled the base of my cock with his thumb and forefinger, squeezing hard to prevent me from coming. Removing his mouth from my cock, “Not so fast,” he whispered. As my excitement subsided somewhat, Bobby used his tongue and lips over my stomach, thighs and balls. Soon he returned his attention to my cock. Within minutes, Bobby had taken me back to the brink. Then, he took me to an explosive completion. My back arched and I slammed my cock deep into his throat while a massive load of spunk blasted from my balls. I was nearly in convulsions; his throat muscles seemed to ripple along my cock as his mouth suctioned the cum from my prick. Bobby hung onto the bucking hips and continued to suck me dry unt
il I had collapsed back on the bed
He finally allowed my flaccid cock to pop free of his mouth and climbed off the bed. Moving to the bedside table, Bobby picked up the pen and notepad that lay beside the telephone. “Here’s my number. Give me a call if you need me again tomorrow,” Bobby said, “I’m off all day and will be at home. Gotta run by and thank Tim for the two bjs and three loads of cum he sent my way. By the way, the girl’s right. You need to fuck that guy’s ass. I enjoy reaming a tight butt almost as much as a blowjob. I’ve even had a couple of cocks in mine. That guy’s probably tighter than the girl is. Later.” Bobby turned and headed out the door.
Janet put down the camera and moved to the bed. Sitting beside me, she massaged my chest and stomach as I recovered from the intense orgasm. “Master, I have a question. If you don’t use holes that a slave has used, why did you use the mouth that boy used?” she asked.
“Girl, the boy did not use that mouth. That mouth used the boy. I know because I have used mouths for years for my pleasure. That is the first time a mouth has ever used my cock. Remember the boy is not to know we are aware he has been used. I will inform him when I am ready. To continue his ignorance, I will be using his mouth again later today,” I told her. Rising from the bed, I directed Janet slip back into her dress and bring me my clothes. Once I had dressed, we went to get Jeff.
Entering my room, I spoke, “Well, he doesn’t seem excited that we have returned. Girl, untie the boy and allow him to dress. I’m sure he is ready to have some lunch by now.”
Jeff muttered, “Thank you, Master,” as he got dressed. Leaving the room, we proceeded to the restaurant and ordered Jeff’s lunch. As he ate, I took Janet and went to find Tim. We located him back at the bar.
Sending Janet to a table, I sat down at the bar and asked, “Well, did you get your answer from Bobby? Are you on for tonight or not?”
Tim walked up grinning, “Sure, I’ll be there by 7:00 or so. I’ll have to split around 11:00 to beat my girl back to the apartment though. Bobby was sure happy with the head he got. Said he managed to swallow three loads and get off twice upstairs. If he was impressed with the blowjob he got, I figure I should try it as well. I may still want a shot at the girl though if you don’t mind. She’s the only chick that has ever been able to deep throat my cock and she’s damn good. But, I noticed that shaved pussy of hers and I’ve never had a bald cunt either. It will be a toss-up of which I want. By the way, the resumes and transcripts are at the desk for you.”
“I told you that you could have another crack at the girl. You’ll just have to decide which pair of her lips you’ll use. First, you have to follow my plan for the boy. I want you to get at least two bjs from him to aid in his training as a cocksucker. After that, if you want and can, you may use the girl,” I told him, “See you around 7:00. When I let you in, keep quiet. Whisper any comments you have to me until I announce your presence.”
“OK. By the way, I’m sure I’ll want to and I’d bet that I can use the girl,” Jeff said. Again, I wished for the confidence and endurance of my past youth.
Motioning for Janet, I stood and headed back to the restaurant. Jeff had just finished his meal and was signing for his check when we entered. After picking up the resumes and transcripts for Jeff and his fiancee, I arranged to fax them to my fiancee for review. I sent instructions for her to determine if they were likely employees, and if so, let me know so I could offer a formal interview. The originals would be returned to my room. The three of us went back to the penthouse for the pastimes that are more sensual. On the elevator, I issued my instructions to my slaves. Entering the suite, they quickly disrobed and went through our ritual of undressing me. When I was nude, they returned to their positions and bowed down before me as I had instructed. I slowly walked around them observing their submission to my dominance. From behind, I noticed that Janet’s asshole still looked stretched, red and irritated. As it should have been, considering the use I had made of it over the last 16 –18 hours. Jeff’s, on the other hand, was a nice tight little rosebud, virginal and unused. Janet and Bobby’s comments, urging me to take Jeff’s ass cherry, popped unbidden into my thoughts. It was an intriguing thought, butt-fucking a guy had never entered my mind before. Did I want to cross that line? Oh well, plenty of time to decide about that, now was the time to play. We had about 3½ hours before Tim would show up.
Moving to the bags of purchases I had made that day, I selected a few and turned back to my slaves. The other items would be used over the next couple of days. “Girl, get the camera and film what follows. Bring the tripod and have it ready when I tell you,” I directed. “Boy, you may stand.” Jeff did as told. When Janet returned and indicated she had the camera ready, I proceeded. “Boy, I hope your isolation today began to train you in the results of failing to obey. Tonight, I will continue your punishment and training.” Approaching Jeff, I placed a restraint belt around his waist. Placing wrist restraints on his arms, I attached them to the belt. There was a Y-shaped strap that could be attached to secure either a dildo or butt-plug but I didn’t need it at this time. After extending a spreader bar and attaching ankle restraints to it, I forced Jeff’s feet apart and strapped the apparatus to his ankles. I stepped back and admired the results. Jeff was completely secured, wrists anchored beside his waist and his ankles spread wide. Jeff obviously enjoyed the feeling; his cock was hard as a rock. With my foot, I kicked lightly behind his knee and forced him to drop to his knees. “Boy, as part of your punishment, I have decided that for the next 14 hours you will receive all of my cum. So you need to get me ready,” I said.
Stepping forward, I fed my semi-erect dick into Jeff’s mouth. He went right to work, suckling the growing cock with his eager orifice. When I was fully aroused, I pulled my prick from his grasping lips. I took the camera from Janet and said; “Now boy, I want you to eat some cunt.” Janet eagerly stepped forward and offered her pussy to her husband. Jeff leaned forward and attached his sucking lips and probing tongue to the offering. I continued to film until I saw Janet shudder through an orgasm, grasping Jeff’s head to her crotch as he brought her over the edge.
“Enough. Step back girl,” I ordered. Janet obeyed as I offered her the camera. Janet took the camera and I moved over to Jeff. I retrieved the camera remote from the table and then pushed Jeff over onto his side. He looked a little comical with his legs spread in a wide V and his cock jutting out before him. I rolled him over on his back and stopped the camera with the remote. The top of Jeff’s head was toward the tripod. “Girl, attach the camera to the tripod and focus it to center just above the boy’s mouth,” I directed. When she had done so, I had her straddle Jeff’s head as though he was going to eat more pussy. I went and checked the viewfinder. It looked as though Janet had the proper shot for what I had planned. I returned to stand beside Jeff and had Janet move out of the scene.
“Boy, you have proven adept at eating pussy and sucking cock on your knees. Can you suck cock on your back?” I asked, as I stepped astraddle of his chest and sank down with my knees beside his chest. I nudged Janet to the side and out of the way. Leaning forward onto my hands, I fed my prick into Jeff’s mouth. He immediately began to suck and tongue the head of my cock. I enjoyed his efforts for a few moments and with a sudden thrust buried his nose in my pubic hair. My hips rose and fell as I pumped my hard cock between his lips and farther down his throat. I savored the sensation for a couple of minutes before ripping my prick from his mouth and slipping back over his chest. “Girl come
here,” I demanded, “and ass
ume the doggy position over the boy’s face with your ass toward me.” Janet hurried to obey. Once she was in place I said, “Boy, I told you that you would receive my cum for the next 14 hours. I didn’t tell you how it would be delivered. This will be the first method.”
Moving forward, I reached down and slid my dick over Janet’s cunt lips. Finding her still wet from Jeff’s tonguing, I plowed my cock into her cunt directly above Jeff’s face.. “I shall empty this load in the girl’s pussy. While I fuck her, our juices will drip on your face. Open your mouth wide to catch all of it. When I finish, she will squat over your mouth and allow most of my cum to dribble into your mouth. Then, she will sit on your face and allow you to suck and lick the remainder from her twat,” I told him. With that, I grasped Janet’s hips and began plowing my cock through her hot, moist and willing cunt. Jeff could only lie there and watch, as my hard prick ripped into his wife’s pussy. As I pumped my meat into her, Janet began to moan. Soon she squealed as her orgasm hit, her hot juices flooding over my cock and balls to cascade over Jeff’s face. Her rippling vaginal muscles stroked my own eruption from my nuts. Slamming deep, I deposited a stream of hot cum to mix with hers. Continuing to pump my cock into her, I could feel the warm cocktail of fluids ooze over my balls to drip into Jeff’s open mouth. Soon my deflated prick slid from Janet’s pussy.
Leaning back, I stood and stepped to the side. Janet remained over her husband on her hands and knees. From my vantage point, I could see my cum drip from her cunt to splatter on Jeff’s face or disappear in his mouth. After a few moments, I directed, “Girl, squat over the boy’s mouth. That will allow more cum to land in his mouth. Use your muscles to force out as much as possible.” Janet did as ordered and soon the volume of cum available to Jeff increased. A little later, I ordered Janet to sit on Jeff’s mouth. She did as I directed and I watched as the camera filmed her achieving two more orgasms. I ordered Janet to her feet and stepped over to Jeff. I dropped to my knees again over his chest. Leaning forward, I told him, “Boy now that the girl is clean, you clean me. I have drying cum all over my cock and balls. Lick and suck them clean.” I squatted lower over his face so that my balls lay on his lips. Jeff began to bathe them with his tongue. Opening wide, he sucked them into his mouth as far as possible, sometimes concentrating on one, sometimes on both. When I felt he had thoroughly cleaned my nuts, I shifted my position so that my limp cock now dangled above his waiting mouth. With a slight shift of my hips, I fed my dick into his sucking orifice. He rapidly lathered my prick with his saliva as he cleaned Janet’s cum and mine from my sated tool. Knowing we needed to prepare for Tim’s arrival, I pulled away from Jeff at the first sign of a returning erection. Standing, I turned off the camera.
I released Jeff’s ankles from the spreader bar and helped him to his knees, his cock waving before him. “Boy, you look as though you would like to cum, ” I said. “Yes Master, please, ” he answered. I released his wrists and removed the restraint belt from his waist. I placed the restraints aside for later. “Girl, bring the camera and join me on the couch,” I ordered. Janet complied as I sat down on the sofa. Jeff was still kneeling before us. “Boy, I give you a choice. You may either jack off or you may suck your self off again for my entertainment. Which will it be?” I asked.
“Master, I will do which ever pleases you. I am somewhat cramped from being bound so it will take me several minutes to stretch enough to suck myself for you, ” Jeff responded.
“Very well, since we have other things to do, I will allow you to masturbate for your relief. Come lie on this table where we can observe. Be sure you are positioned so that the girl and I can watch your puny balls empty themselves. I will tell you when to begin,” I directed. Jeff obeyed quickly and he lay on the coffee table, knees toward Janet and I, with his feet on the floor. I used my foot to spread his knees farther apart. “Don’t obstruct our view,” I snapped. Handing him a throw pillow from the couch, I said, “Place this under you hips. The girl and I wish to watch all of your efforts to cum. She will film it as well. You may begin. You must tell us before you cum.”
Janet activated the camera as Jeff wrapped his fingers around his hard member and began to slowly stroke it. With the addition of the throw pillow, Janet and I had a bird’s eye view of his genitals from the tip of his cock to the crack of his ass. Even his rosy asshole was peeking from between the cheeks of his ass. Being ordered to masturbate for our enjoyment heightened Jeff’s excitement. His cock stroking rapidly increased. Janet and I watched his balls bounce as Jeff flailed at his prick with his fist. His earlier humiliation had Jeff on the edge. It didn’t take long before he moaned, “I’m going to cum Master.”
“You may,” I answered. Janet and I observed his asscheeks tighten as his balls began to empty. Jeff’s cum sprayed from the tip of his prick, splattering his face and chest as the pressure in his nuts found release. His nut sack and ass flexed in time to his pumping hand. Jeff groaned as he milked the creamy jism from his cock. I saw Jeff’s body relax as his orgasm ended, drops of cum trailing from his chin to a large puddle of semen on his stomach. “Now boy, use your hand wipe up all the cum you’ve sprayed on yourself and swallow it. I know you like the taste,” I ordered. Jeff complied as his wife filmed the humiliation of her husband. When he had finished, Janet turned off the camera. “Boy, I want you to go to the bath and take care of any toilet needs you may have and take a shower. Be sure to shave any stubble from your crotch. When you are clean and dry, tell me,” I demanded.
Jeff stood and left for the bath as Janet and I relaxed on the couch. I checked the camera and put in a new tape since the current one was almost full. I planned to film Jeff servicing Tim and I that night and didn’t want to lose any of the action.. Picking up the phone, I ordered a couple of large pizzas and some beer from room service. The food had just been delivered when Jeff called out that he was clean. I entered the bath and checked Jeff. Running my hands over his crotch, I verified he had shaven the stubble I had noticed earlier. Ordering Jeff to crawl ahead of me, we returned to the dining area. Watching his taut asscheeks and tight hole wiggle as he crawled, I felt a stirring in my cock. I had to really consider whether I wanted to try to fuck his ass. I wasn’t sure if he would even agree, that might be beyond his limits for submission.

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