WW III Love. Chapter 1

Editors Notes: Hello there. This is my first attempt at this so please give me feedback.

This is the first chapter in an ongoing series so don’t complain about the lack of sex in this one.


I remember the world before the war. People had jobs that they chose, they could buy houses or rent them or live on the streets. People could get drunk and fuck around with whoever they wanted and have as many kids as their mothers’ cunt could push out. You would walk around at night and catch the horny guys getting head in the alleyways from hoes that were too cheap to even bother going to someones house. Sometimes they got paid with drugs which was almost always bad news to the hookers and their clients since they would end up dead not a few weeks after getting into the business, and the cops always traced the semen trail back to the horny customers. The classier hoes though had no trouble because even if a cop started to poke his nose into their business they would shut him up with a freebie. And then there where the ones with pimps. Pimps where rare in my days but before I was born that was how most of the prostitutes worked. But the more powerful the internet became the less pimps where needed since a lot of the horny guys where too damn lazy to go out in the streets to look for hoes so they just ordered girls on their smart phone.

I myself being a 19 year old urban girl must have gotten about 15 offers to be a hooker that year. Most of the time it would be black men looking to add a white woman to their collection or middle aged fat white men with comb-overs, and mustaches that looked like they had simply stuck a strip of electrical tape on the upper lip. I thought about accepting a few times because the money would have been very useful. But I didn’t accept as I saw the conditions that most prostitutes would work under. Sometimes as you would pass the dark alleyways and hear the hoes moaning in the dark, the sound of splashing could be heard meaning that pair where in a puddle of water. One time I even saw a hoe getting fucked from behind as she was naked and her tits would dip in the water every time the guy would thrust himself into her ass. I didn’t know which hoes to feel worse for; the ones that would take their customers outside in the snow or the ones that got sunburn in the summer from being forced to be naked on top. No thanks. I wasn’t about to be one of those girls who begged that the guy’s semen would be warm enough to bring the feeling back to her face. The random sex wouldn’t have bothered me, in fact it wouldn’t have been that much different from my personal sex life. I was quite the slut. Not to the point to where most of my female friends and acquaintances would hate me but I usually had a different man over my place about 3 times a week. I wont say I didn’t enjoy sex but after doing it so frequently and so non affectionately, it felt like watching a tv show that has stayed on the air for way too many seasons.

While no one really expected a World War III no one was really surprised when it broke out either. In early 2013 a meteorite hit Africa. The destructive damage wasn’t incapacitating but the gases carried by it from space forced the entire population to evacuate the continent. After the gas cleared everyone wanted the land and so the war began. The east versus the west. Now in 2018 I live as a 26 year old woman in what is called the west base. No one can have sex without permission from the government, everyone has a job assigned to them and lives wherever they are told to live. I being one of the most experienced women in sex of my age was assigned to be a prostitute. Every client of mine needs to be approved first but when their application is granted I get sent a good amount of money. The government first had prostitutes have mandatory abortions if they ever got pregnant because they didn’t want to waste 9 months. Then instead of spending money on abortions they made it a requirement to have your tubes tied. That was fine with me because I never intended of having any children anyway.

My alarm goes off. Time for my next client. Good thing he lives in the same area of the base I do and is only a 5 minute walk from my house; I wont even have to go outside. Knock knock. He opens the door trying to look cool just like all the other customers while in fact looking grotesque.

“Hey are you Candy?” he asks.

“Are you Rick?”

“Yes I am baby. Come on in”

His house smells of vomit, alcohol, and chicken wings. There is someone laying face down on the floor in the back of the tiny house. I look at him thinking he is dead.

“Don’t mind him” Rick says “He’ll be fine”

Rick starts to pull down his pants.

“Why so hasty?”

“The real question baby is Why so horny?”

Of course its very cheesy what he said but what am I gonna do? I sit down on the couch and put his dick in my hand. I stroke it softly but I have a feeling he had wood even before I came through his door. Now the dick is in my mouth. The smell is so harsh I doubt this guy has washed himself in 3 weeks, but I am used to that now. Now I barely even think of what I do, my hands are on his dick but my mind is on my dinner.

“Turn over baby let me see that ass” He says trying to sound cool

As I turn over the guy laying on the floor shoots some vomit out of his mouth showing some signs of life. I pull down my skirt and my thong and shake a bit for him. I’ve done it so many times that I don’t even wait for the guy to ask me to shake before I do it. Time flies by when you are this experienced, some regular intercourse with him on top, some blowjobs, some 69, a bit of doggy style, and even an illegal anal fuck for an extra 15 credits, since he hasn’t been approved for that.

“Thanks Rick, I had fun” I lie to him as he gives my 15 credits and I take a picture of his face with my phone so I can bill him for the rest.

“Me to baby, and hey maybe next time you’ll have so much fun you might even leave it as a freebie?”

“Well see about that Rick. Bye” and I close the door behind me. Now into my purse; I look for that little green bottle. I find it and take a small swig and swish it around my mouth. I spit it out on Rick’s welcome mat because after all its his semen I am trying to get the taste of out of my mouth.

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