Come as you are

It had been 10 years since Eric had seen Anna. He knew that since the last time that they were together all those years ago, they had both gotten married and divorced. Both had spent these years thinking about the nights they spent together in the woods and secrets places that they made love in. The wild nights of fucking in the park and sneaking back in the house with her panties soaking wet with her own juices after a quick fuck in a dark parking lot. Anywhere they could fuck, they would. Any moment that she could feel his hard cock slip into her cunt, she made sure it would happen.

As he pulled up to the hotel room, he immediately noticed her New York plates and tried to guess what room that she was in and if she was alone. Upstairs, she peeked out of her hotel window looking for his beat up pick-up truck that he refused to sell even though he was one of the wealthiest land owners in Atlanta.

She quickly called for his room and sprayed on her perfume. 20 minutes later, after stepping out of the shower Eric heard a knock at the door. He knew that it was her and felt his dick get instantly hard. As he opened the door, he saw her there just as beautiful as ever and even more delicious that he ever recalled. Anna, could feel her tits getting hard and she was already feeling her juices gather in between her hot lips.

“Hi, I hope that you are alone?”, she asked. “And if I wasn’t, I don’t think that, that would stop me from wanting to kiss you or make love to you for that matter” Surprised and relieved that he had the same passion for him. She unbuttoned her blouse, not even closing the door behind her. He walked toward her and unzipped her skirt. Anna could feel his hard cock raising on her leg and pooking through the towel.
They both stood there completely naked and moved over toward each other. For what seemed like hours their tongues thrashed in each other’s mouth and finding there way around each others body with their hands.
His hands cupped and squeezed her ass as she slid her small hands up and down all 9 inches.

They made their way onto the bed where he spread her legs open and fucked her with his tongue and licked and sucked every inch of her pussy. Anna mouned with pleasure. Eric could see her grab her nipples and bring them to her lips and suck on them. (he always loved that she wasn’t afraid to do the that). Slowly he trailed 2 fingers into her ass and finger fucked her slowly as he still worked her creamy cunt with his tongue. She squirmed with pleasure as he tasted her juices. Nothing was better or sweeter than her cunt juice, he enjoyed nothing more that drinking her in.

He now worked on pulling her pussy lips apart as she put her two fingers in and out. He rubbed her clit and kept fucking her ass with his thumbs. After she climaxed she asked if she could return the favor. She practically swallowed his dick whole-taking in every inch. As he felt his dick slide deeper and deeper, he puched the back of her head deeper and deeper until he lost her face in his hair. Anna sucked dick like no one else he ever met. She loved to lick his balls so, he released her and she went down to take them in.

Eric felt her tongue massage on his balls as they seem to float in her mouth. Anna licked her was up his dick like a lolly-pop and stroked him off with two hands. Finally, after seeing her smile with pleasure he blew his load all over her face. He loved seeing her lick him clean and loving every drop. He rubbed his juicy cum all over her tits as she smiled at him.

“Now, would you fuck me for ole time sake?”, “I think that 10 years is a long time” she said. And with that he spread her legs and put them over his shoulders. Eric looked down on her amazing body and admired how good she looked and how everything looked just like it did 10 years ago.

He enjoyed and moment was now ready to fuck her cunt just like he did then. His cock was so hard and hot that Anna felt like it was a sword slicing into her. Her pussy walls wrapped around evey each of his dick. He took long hard and furious strokes in and out. His dick glisining with her juices. Anna felt his balls slapping her ass and could feel his cock fucking her so intensly, she almost passed out with pleasure.

He pumped and pumped and with her screaming his name and his dick ready to explode he let out his load. He kept fucking her through all the pleasure of his release and made sure that she climaxed as well. When he was satisfied that she had cum too. He laid down next to her to kiss her face and smell the sweet smell of her sweat.

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