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when I was a young man I was just typical as any other not as big I was just as macho as any other guy in school as though I heard the same things as any one else about fucking,eating pussy and the really nasty people the bi sexuals ,(yall you know the girls that like girls and the boys that like boys or maybe I should use the word men and men and women and women) the only different thing showing then the other guys was I was a tad bit smaller at barely 5 feet and maybe 95 pounds and arms like sticks ,so I elected to clear away from the women (girls) in school that were athletic ,not wanting to be thrown in my locker and locked up by them ,yes even getting suspended by the school at times .The first time I told on one of the girls ,I was caught in the hallway gagged and drug in to the girls locker room and sissified (forced to wear girls clothes against my will ),had my clothes taken away then shoved back out in to a busy hall way but not before I was ridiculed by the two cheer leaders that forced me in to the locker room.While one of them held me down forcing me to smell her crouch while I tried to break loose trying to kick my legs free to no use the other applied lipstick to my face and said if I ever told on them again or any one else I could expect more of this kind of action.Then the girls held my arms behind my back and shoved me in the ass locking the door behind them as I stumbled on to the floor in my summer dress I was now wearing with flowers on it .I had long hair anyway and was often mistaken as a girl from a distance with the two fake ear rings on my ears I must have really looked like a female.
Mr Patterson helped me to my feet saying:young lady are you alright ?
I was humiliated and could only nod my head yes ,fortunately school was done for the day although I still had to ride the school bus home for nearly an hour some of the boys on the bus obviously didn’t know who I was and to add further to my insult two very large junior high boys were hitting on me one sat down in the seat ride beside me putting his arm around me and his other arm on my lap .Help arrived my next door neighbor rode the bus he was also my best friend I don’t think he knew who I was but out of kindness he grabbed a hold of the large kid that had a hold of me by the collar and litterally threw him out of the seat .Saying don’t worry that little bastard won’t bother you again,
whew I was relieved my friend got off the bus as did I at the next stop.I was home at last and no one was to the wiser.
All I had to do was get up stairs and change my clothes and I could save myself from further humiliation.
Getting in to the house was no problem the coast was clear ,as I started running up the stairs ,then I heard a voice Adam is that you ? I started to turn around and could see mom at the bottom of the stairs with her imposing authoritive and magnificant figure pointing her finger at me with her apron on .She said Adam get your ass down here immediately so I did as I was told without question as always as she walked me in to the living room and asked for an explanation which I was to embaressed to tell her so she pulled up my dress after she bent me over her knees while she sat down .She gave me a good ass whipping for not explaining things to her and sent me to my room to think about it .


it was Saturday and I started to run down the stairs to go to the park to play basketball with my friend Melvin the same boy that rescued me only yesterday
Before I could get to the door my mother grabbed me by the arm and said where do you think you are going I said to the park to play basketball Melvin is waiting outside she said no he isn’t I told him you had other things to take care of I said like what?
She said I called a doctor about your special problem on what sex your suppose to be and he said to bring you down to his office this morning but to make have you wear the same outfit you were caught in yesterday so I washed it for you ,so she made me put it on and helped me put the lipstick on just as I had it the day before .So off to the doctors office we went .
I was sent back to see the doctor immediately he said so you think you are a little girl I said no sir and explained what happened he said then why are you in dress I started to explain again as he unzipped his pants and said you think you are a young woman suck on my cock .I refused he said I will have you committed to a mental ward if you don’t concede and if you do, I will say you are cured and say the story about you being forced in to womens clothes was true so whats it going to be ?I was being sexually black mailed but when he said he had a lot of friends at the mental hospital I would have to deal with I agreed to give him a blow job.Never having a cock in mouth before it almost made me gag looking at it .The bastard came in my mouth after only a few strokes and I thought he was suppose to be clean I could tell he wasn’t ,as dirty as his dick was.when I started sucking on it.After our session he signed the release saying that he believed my story at least that was a relief ,on the way home mom said you were a good kid and now I am sorry for spanking you I am going to treat you to some ice cream as she pulled up in front of the dairy queen I didn’t want to get out of the car but mom ordered me to .so I complied still in my dress .One of the girls from school that put me in this predictment was behind the counter ,looking at my mother she said your daughter is cute I haven’t seen her before ,mom just looked at me and smiled thanking the girl.
Going back to the car mom commented you really are cute dressed as a girl,getting back to the car we went on home.I got to go play basketball with Melvin after changing my clothes though before I got out of the car my mother asked how comfortable is it wearing a dress ?I didn’t desire to answer I was getting mad with a red face and all ,but with her now direct and authoritive voice again asking ,I said well its actually pretty comfortable I guess.Smiling she said so it wouldn’t bother you that much to have it on where no one could see you then ,I don’t know why I said it but I said yall that would be okay they are pretty comfortable I guess .


I had been taunted at the school by the same girls that had given me a hard time before
and again I was kidnapped and brought in to the locker room before our 7th and final hour
so the girls had a lot of time to fuck with my head .As they held me down on the changing bench forcing me to smell their sweaty underwear while they shaved my legs .One of the girls pulled my pants down while the other held her hand over my mouth telling me she would beat me to a pulp if I hollered when she took her hand off she then sat on my face so I could lick her hot pussy the girl from the dairy queen started sucking my cock till it was hard and ready to explode then both girls took turns forceably raping me and forcing me to perform oral sex on their warm pussys they tasted great I must admit but it was still rape .
.Till I had to cum uncontrollably the girl from the dairy queen jacked me off till I came in her hand then she made me lick it off her hand telling me now you know what its like for us girls as they started to get out a dress they were again going to have me wear after allowing me to shower with them wow they had huge breast but i wasn’t allowed to touch ,then they. fixed my hair and They applied lipstick to me and walked with me down the hall making sure no one else messed with me they even walked me all the way to the bus telling everyone on the bus to leave me the hell alone or else so my ride home was a lot smoother Melvin wasn’t on it to save the day as he had before I owe the girls at least that much for protecting me.Arriving home mom wasn’t home and the house was unlocked so I ran up to my room to change clothes but one of the boys I had problems with from before was there on the stairs to greet me he hit me hard in the face and threw me over his shoulder as I staggered in a near helpless state as I watched the stairs pass by as he carried me up the stairs its blurry what happened then I can only assume he raped me,but I don’t really know .I woke up and mom was over me with a wash cloth and ice to take the swelling down she had already put me on the bed I had assumed.She said some idiot broke in to the house and beat you up but these two friends of yours from school scared him away and helped you in to bed and are outside the room to see you.I will let them in opening the door the two cheerleaders from school were standing there in front of me mom said well you all have a good visit closing the door behind her.


the girls who saved me saying that little bastard had you on the bed and was pulling out his dick he was going to make you suck on it till we got here don’t worry he got away but we beat the hell out of him before he did ,he won’t bother you again.And we are sorry for what we have caused you ,you could have been killed for now on we will take care of you ,you are our little bitch and no one else will be allowed to bother you thats a promise and we won’t make you submit in to womens clothes at school any more only in private sessions at our houses or here .I said who took my clothes off?was it the ass hole that beat me up the girls said :no,we undressed you and put you in the bed after taking off what was left of your dress and changed your underwear after we finally found a pair of your underwear.
I looked over at the door and seen a shadow move ,I thought oh no I hope mom wasn’t ease dropping.A few minutes later mom came came back to the room and said would you girls like to stay over for supper its the least I could do for heroines of my son?The girls both smiled accepting the invitation and left the room mom said dinner would be ready in an hour 15 minutes before the girls had arrived I was taking a shower and getting ready mom said she would have some clean clothes laying out for me after I got out of the shower.When I got out of the shower I seen a beatiful dress, garter belt ,hi heels, laced bra and even a pearl necklace laying out I said mom what are you doing she said look I know you like dressing up for your friends so I am going to help you.
and you did tell me you liked wearing a dress so I got all this for your graduation present when you graduate in a few weeks but if you don’t like it I guess you can take it back.
I seen how it was acceptable to mom so I put the dress on it felt great I was actually doing it voluntarily for the first time what a graduation present ,the girls arrived and we had hot dogs I was very careful not to spill any on my dress .Then we all went shopping at the dept store it was fun it was great feeling the eyes staring at us as we walked through the mall looking and buying womens clothes wow what a treat I was even asked and taken to the prom by the two girls i loved it they took me to a motel and fucked me after the prom .
arriving home in my manly clothes my frustrated mom was raving and ravving about the hour I came home I said mom I am an adult you can’t treat me like this .anger came across her face she ordered for me to come to her I balked and refused now she was furious and said get over here you little slut I still refused as I started to run to the door but she caught me before I could make it outside ,holding her arm around my neck forcing the side of my face in to her firm breast i could feel a touch of excitement ,she escorted me to the same armless chair where I had taken so many ass beatings growing up.pulling my pants down she turned me over her knee and proceeded to spank me as was customery for being disrespectful
only this time I had a fantasy while taking my punishment and a hard on appeared she must of noticed it pressing against her as she spanked me ,finally the tears came from my face she said with me still laying across her knees :son do you find me attractive I said yes of course I do mom you are my mom but you are a beautiful woman as well I said mom can I ask you something she said yes of course I said why are you so big and beautiful yet I am so small ?she smiled and said would you like to eat my pussy ?I said your my mom please answer my question and yes I would love to eat your pussy but thats something I can’t do after all your my mother. she said its okay I don’t mind if you eat my pussy as she escorted me to her bedroom long since forbidden to me pulling up her dress she ordered me to lick her pussy which I complied I still didn’t feel right about it as she pulled her breasts out exposing them taking my hand and making me touch and feel her nipple while she held my head close to her pussy ,finally she came as I could taste her warm juices then she ordered me to suck her nipples they were very large nipples and hard but I did as ordered then she rolled me off of her while staring at my hard on she said I think we need to do something about that as my mom started sucking my cock she was by far the best cock sucker of the lot I had ever had even to this day I finally had to to relieve myself shooting a load in her mouth ,a sickening feeling came across me as she swallowed my cum load.
I started to leave but she forced me down after throwing me on the bed ,while she stroked my cock making it hard in spite of my refusal to participate in further incest finally my cock was hard and she forcibly mounted me ordering me in her authoritive voice to suck on her nipples while she forcibly raped me. I felt helpless and was compelled to do so as she smiled at me going up and down till we both reached a climax then she layed on top of me nearly smothering me I still could not appreciate how large and firm her breast were as she kissed me and kissed me not allowing me to get up finally she said how did it feel to get spanked then raped by your mom ?I said it felt great but you had no right to do that and you know that .smiling she said but you liked it or you wouldn’t have got a hard on I said mom what choice did I have you forced me in to it ,but yes I did like it Mom then said well will it make it more acceptable for you if I told you the reason I am so much larger then you is because I adopted you .With this new knowledge we embraced and did a 69 ,she even lets me sleep with
with her most of the time now .Though at times she still has to spank me when I stray

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