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Well you have probably already heard or seen my school days and how I had to deal with part of the gang from school well now I will tell you about the other side of the spectrum I was a small boyish man as so to speak barely 5′ tall and not quite a hundred pounds more often then not I had to be taken out of my locker by the janitor after being put in to it by other boys and yes girls as well it was embaressing at times I don’t know if they picked on me because of my size or because I was a classic nerd with brains or so I thought.On my 18th birthday two boys possibly and probably junior high age were the only ones still in the school besides myself after I just spent an hour tutoring Samantha my beautiful Class President in TRIG and was on my way home or so I thought the two little ruffians picked me up and carried me back in to the TRIG classroom and hung me up on the coat hangar over the closet door then took off running and laughing as I cussed.I waited A few minutes I knew Mr Johnson would be coming around soon to clean up ,then a thought occured to me oh no Mr Johnson had left early I might have to spend the entire weekend at the school hanging out I could not free myself much as I wanted to I was stuck I yelled for help but my pleas would go unanswered as I hung there helpless for probably a half hour or so. I thought I could hear foot steps coming down the hall thank goodness I didn’t care who it was I just wanted to be rescued my mom was going to beat my ass when I got home as I had already missed the shuttle bus it left almost a half hour ago it would be getting very late before I got home
Finally the class door opened someone had heard my cries for help my rescuer was here at last I knew it had to be a school official because once you went out the school doors they locked behind you.
To my suprise it was Samantha .Samantha:what on earth are you doing here ?and who the in the heck did this to you?I explained what had happened ,she was furious I am glad she wasn’t mad at me as she picked me just behind my waist so I was resting on her chest as she pulled my jacket off the hangar then she set me down in doing so I lost my balance and twisted my ankle as I groined collapsing to the floor catching my shirt on a sharp edge of the desk tearing a hole in my shirt mom was really going to be pissed off
she had just bought the shirt on a clearence sale.
Samantha said I am really sorry about this as she attempted to pull up my pant leg to look at the ankle as she stooped down but the jeans were really to tight so not seeing any choice she said she needed to look at the leg to see if any thing was broke or if it was just a sprain so she asked me to pull my pants which from the floor was rather hard so she carried me over to the teachers desk so I could keep the leg elevated as well and helped me pull my pants down and examined my ankle telling me I was lucky it was just twisted or slightly sprained as the pain in it was now easing though she said it might be sore for a few days and kind of tender I probably should stay off of it after pulling my pants up my pecker started to raise uncontrolably as I fastened them as she most certainly must of noticed as well.
I said well I can’t hardly walk crap she said oh thats okay your little enough I am sure I can carry you as she picked me up in her loving arms and carried me down the hall and out of the school as her long blond hair blew across my face she said she was going to take me home as she felt this whole thing wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been tutoring her after school so she said it was really her fault and she felt responsible about it.Afew minutes later she wisked me in to the driveway and in to the house ,I hollared but no one came I don’t know where mom was Samantha asked me if I would be okay I said yes she then left.


a few minutes went by then mom emerged in the room with my dad and 20 year old step brother.Though mom and dad were divorced she still had him over from time to time and that queer son of his.Mom seen what had happened to my shirt she was furious I tried to explain what happened but she was in a rage of a fit .
Grabbing me up right in front of dad and brother she humiliated me when she pulled my pants off whipping my ass with her bare hand asking me again and again what happened and I told her the truth every time .She knew if I had been lying I would have confessed when I was crying but my story was still the same.
After the spanking she said her and dad had some business to take care of and wouldn’t be back for awhile but since my ankle was hurt junior would take care of me I protested but they insisted I knew I wasn’t going to like this.
When I watched mom and dad leave Junior came over and started feeling my long hair and said whispering in my ear your beuatiful ,I said I am hardly your type you queer fucker.He said okay have you had anything to eat yet of course I said no he said alright I am not much of a cook but mom left out some hot dogs does that sound okay I responded back with a resounding yes junior was going to be nice to me maybe he had finally grown .Junior left for several minutes then came back with nothing in his hands but chili he had spilled on his shirt.He said I ate my hot dog do you want yours with the brown shit or just the mayo I said I want everything on mine figuring he was an idiot jock and had meant mustard not mayo.
He came back in the room a few minutes later picked me up in his muscular arms and pulled my clothes down .I said mom and dad are going to hear about this he just laughed as he poked his large cock in to my anal area after first bending me over his knees and swatting me quite hard almost as hard as mom till I promised I wouldn’t tell on him then he said i am going keep your ankle propped up though as he lifted my legs over his large well proportioned shoulders and fucked my ass like most men would a pussy as I squirmed trying to escape but it was useless as I finally had to accept and quit fighting him as he made love to me it really wasn’t all that bad after all, I came to accept it as he made me in to his bitch.but before blowing his load he stopped then sat over my face with his cock right in front of my mouth I said raping me is one thing but that is different as I had his rock hard cock ready to explode pressed against my lips he just smiled looking at me till I started to say something else and he stuck his cock filled with cum and brown debris from my ass in to my mouth then he said you are what you eat as he came in to my mouth holding my head against him forcing me to swallow then he said you wanted a hot dog with mayo and i abliged ,well he did have a point .After all he said I was the best little bitch he ever had as helped me get dressed before mom and dad got back he had shot such a large load my tummy was full mom said did you eat yet dear as dad and junior left I said yes .She said what I said a hot dog with mayo as I smiled at her.


my ankle was feeling much better then before ,Samantha seen me and asked if I had an eventful weekend I said no not really Junior wound up fucking me 5 times over the weekend and my ass was sore but I neglected to mention any of this too her or anyone else mom caught me giving junior a blow job and beat my ass for it as well he didn’t get any punishment that sucked .
Well the school day went rather uneventfully with nothing major happening I tutored Samantha at the end of the day just as I had any other day but this time she insisted I follow her in to the restroom so no one could do anthing to me as before so I took her up on heroffer as she closed the stall to use the restroom and take a dump I was paying no attention to the entrance door only sitting on the counter fantasizing about Samantha ,two people unbeknown to me entered the room one grabbing and gagging me while the other tied me up in a jump rope after slipping a dress on me then pulled my pants down and took my shoes off One was a girl the other I guess was a guy I never did see them though as I was blind folded with a pair of panties and my clothes removed .Though upon hearing the lock click from the stall door in the back of the restroom the two individuals took off Samantha came to my rescue again as she untied me .I said where are my clothes Samantha said I don’t know when I got out of the restroom you were the only one in here .So once again Samantha took me home in her car though I was dressed as a woman this time or be it as a girl depending on your vantage point.


I was suppose to get my birthday present today that I didn’t get last week as I hopped out of my friend Samanthas corvette some boys seen me hop out of the car I don’t know if the were whistling at me or Samantha as you took off down the though with my long hair it might very well have been me they were whistling and hooping and hollaring at as I ran up to the house with my hair blowing in the air as I ran
Running on in to the house it looked empty mom was no where to be seen I started to go up the stairs but as I grabbed the rail a firm and huge and landed over mine it was dad
Where do you think you running off to you cute little girl ?I said uh well you see ,before I had a chance to explain he walked me away with his firm authoritive grip and manly voice commanding me.He walked me in to mothers bedroom and said I never did give you anything for your birthday did I?I said but dad please don’t spank me you don’t understand.He said oh but I do junior told me all about you and how you seduced him.I said dad thats a lie,he said sure it is as he started kissing me after putting me on moms bed I started getting a hard on as he pressed his large masculine body against mine.He said you like it I can tell you sweet little thing
I was really getting scared what was dad going to do to me now as I felt his giant hands feel my little pecker he said :oh you don’t like it hu yeah right little bitch but before he could do what ever it was he was going to do mom walked in to the house thank goodness .But she didn’t see him come out of her room only me damn I was caught again this time with a dress on its not like mom hadn’t seen me with a dress on before but not in her room without her permission trying to explain was just a waste of time I knew this.So back to the airmless chair we went for another spanking on my bare ass .
dad said how about letting me spank him for his birthday mom said okay so he spanked me with a paddle while I was still over her lap though I twitched I didn’t cry I was mad that big bastard counted all 18 times as him and mom laughed .
Mom said I don’t know why you test my patience so much as you do I bought you a birthday present I hope you will like though its not as pretty as your graduation present it is still nice It was a photo in a frameI did not even know had been taken of me in my red dress eating moms pussy and not only that it was huge she said she was going to put up in my room for me.on the wall.I thought oh great what will anyone think of me now but I didn’t desire to make her mad or upset her feelings right now


Samantha needed more help this time in physics so I volunteered I loved being around her and took basically the same classes as she took except our 7th hour was different so I clung close to her except when she had to go to the restroom usually she walked me to my class first having known what the cheer leaders had done to me among other things.So after school and our extra time I helped her after school she insisted I go to the restroom with her so nothing would happen to me but this time she had me go to the stall with her to prevent such a tragic incident.I stood in front of her as she was relieving herself sitting on the pot we were nearly the same height with her sitting there so we looked each other in the eye as she looked down and good see my dick starting to get hard.Samantha said:you really like me a lot don’t you I was speachless she said I know you do or that wouldn’t be so big looking at my pants she then shocked me and started unzipping them to my shock .She pulled out my cock now swelled it was hard for her to do but she tried sucking on it though she had to bend down I felt great in only a few minutes I had to cum I tried to pull out before it went in to her mouth but didn’t make it as she spit it out, she was shall we say peeved .I apologized but anger was on her face she stood up and put her arms around my neck as she looked at me and started to cry then she said oh you need to be punished not hurt so she took me home and walked me to the door and went inside with me and told mom she wanted to talk to her so mom told me to sit there till they came back .Both women came back with smiles on their faces mom said: I told Samantha it was okay for her to spank you for being bad as long as I supervised and you had on a girls dress when she did it so she agreed.
Though I protested mildly I knew if I created a scene mom would only get madder as would Samantha
Samantha walked me up to my room and helped me with my lipstick and also too put a girls mini skirt and blouse on me then marched me back down the stairs to moms spanking chair Samantha turned me over her knees and though she was only 18 she spanked just as hard as mom wow it smarted .A knock came on the door and someone came in it was Melvin at first he was puzzled then he laughed and said he has been a bad little bitch hasn’t he mom nodded and said its good to see he has friends like you and Samantha that care about his best interest like I do Samantha then drug me up the stairs with moms permission held me down and raped me ,forcing her breast in to my face as she held me down.


I went over to Melvins to shoot baskets but mom insisted I wear my summer dress since it was hot apparrently so was I .Melvin chased me in to his house and threw me over a bed after he caught me and made me give him a blow job for his protection and frienship it was a fair exchange all I had to do was give him a blow job each day and swallow he was really a nice guy.He could have got that for free.
Now one day I was at the house with mom and dad came walking in to the house and hensaid didn’t you ever wonder why your mom divorced me I said no why He said well I am about to show you as mom sat there and watched dad pull out a giant cock it was absolutely massive maybe as large as 10 or 12 inches and very thick .
Dad then grabbed me pulling up my dress and after some effort he stuck that massive cock in to me it was much larger then Melvins or even juniors it hurt like hell as he stroked me not caring much if I were in pain or not then he started pumping that huge thing harder and faster till he finally shot a load in my ass as I could feel his warm cum seeping out since there was so much of it .This really pissed me off as mom just sat over there and watched everything I pleaded for her to stop him but she refused to interfere
then dad went to the wash room washed off his huge cock while I staggered to my feet and headed to the door mom stopped me giving dad time to come back then he grabbed me and pressed his giant cock to my lips till he forced it in it was so big it couldn’t go far even when he tried to force it as I gagged a few minutes later he shot his load holding the back of my head till I swallowed.every bit of his creamy cum.
I looked at mom and said why didn’t you help me ? she sat silent with a mad look on her face.Dad said the reason is simple son her pussy isn’t as big as yours so she couldn’t take my dick like you and she is mad that is why we got a divorce just ask her.
I said mom tell me this isn’t true she just stared at me in silence I said is it true you weren’t woman enough for him? with that she bitch slapped me and said you are trying to steel him away from me because you think your a better bitch then me .then she bitch slapped me again. And told me you have a better pussy then me because you can take his big cock and I can’t .you little bitch. Dad left laughing as he did never to return.
Mom then jumped on top of me pinning my shoulders down as she beat the hell out of me I always knew she was a tough bitch but this was ridiculous as she grabbed me by the collar of my dress and kept slamming me to the floor until I was completely subdued then took me back to her love chamber and did a 69 on me forcing her pussy in to my face till she came .
then she pulled out a giant strapon dildo putting my legs on her shoulders and fucked me for a long time till I passed out while I sucked on her nipples as they bounced with her breast up and down.
After I awoke she apologized for what she had done and it was my turn to spank her I wasn’t very comfortable about it but she said she needed some form of punishment so when she was unsuspecting I walked up behind her and started fucking her till I came in her i was so excited .I know if she really wanted to she could have stopped me but she didn’t try very hard I think it made her feel better at least mom knows I am still her little bitch.Because after this she sucked on my little pecker licking the tip of it as I squirmed then she kissed me and made love to me again .

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