breaking my cherry

Previously being a happily married 36 year old straight male I couldn’t believe after my first fleeting time man to man how much I desired more cock. My first time took me slightly by surprise as I had gone to a nudist beach to look at girls and be

How I Discovered My Love of Cock

I lost my virginity under circumstances that unfolded initially in a very mundane way. As an 18 year old, this was my last summer in which I was happily unemployed and carefree. I was in the habit of going to the boathouse every weekday morning and t

madaam purple

It was a long day at work and I was very tired at the end of the day I jumped in the shower and went to bed. I tried to stay awake to see mystress but I fell asleep while waiting. Mystress arrived home and saw I was asleep and decided to take a quick

He said he would like to try it

I take a deep breath and look at the scene before me. You are tied up on your hands and knees, a support underneath your hips, knees spread, face resting down on the sheets. Beside you was an unopened box. The atmosphere is tense, a mix of excitement

Melissa's Tales ch6

Chapter 6

Tonight the roommates were having a party. They had a DJ and food set up the party was to start at ten and end at four. Only thirty-five guest were invited. They didn’t want a noise violation.

The guest were yet to meet Melissa.

A Night To Remember

We’ve spent a few good hours together, a quick bite to eat and then some drinks, sheltering in the bar, sitting close, constantly touching, kissing, we giggle and tease each other, its extended foreplay every time we spend an evening or an afternoon

Mistress Sadie's new young slave

i met mistress Sadie on the internet. I read a few of her stories online, and was able to contact her. I was lucky enough to chat with her, and get to know her. It was not long until she had me under her spell just like the other hundreds of slaves.

Melissa Talisa ch5


Nicholas had been thinking about Melissa little cunt all day. He want to fuck her all the way tonight. He want to pet that kitty tonight just thinking about his dick in that little hole had his dick on hard tonight. He wish he would ha

Catwoman's secret slave part 2

He kissed the sole of her foot “I’m sorry Madame you are right, I was selfish” “well I’m glad you realize that, but you don’t think I will let such an act go unpunished?” “No Mistress, I’m sorry” “oh you will be” she said with a wicked smile. The

Catwoman's secret slave


This is some background information on the main characters of this story. If do not want to read it, then just skip to the story

Catwoman has lived a tough life. Her real name is Selena Kyle, she is 5 7, with gre

Ice cold hands,Part 1

“Yo Jamie.”

I shifted in my seat, my brain still in that not quite awake not quite asleep stage.

“Yo Jamie!”

My eyes fluttered open, everything came into focus and the first thing I saw was this scary looking lady standing just in front of m

Coming to Britain,Part 2

The biggest difference between schools in Britain and schools back home is the Lunch time. Back Home lunch time meant everyone walked to the nearest store and picked up a snack and found a place to sit and eat usually whilst discussing a new rap song

Coming to Britain

“Danny,this is Olu..he has just moved here from Africa,make him feel welcome and show him around the school” The principal looked like an actor i knew but i couldnt really remmember who.i hate it when that happens,like this one time i saw this fly sh

Melissa Tales ch4


Melissa was really starting coming to come out of her pended up shell. She was starting to have a good time with all of the roommates. Now the other roommate wanted a taste of her too to see were Nicholas and Angela really telling the tr

Melissa Tales ch3


Melissa loves living with her roommates, especially Nicholas. She’s sore from last night. Just thinking about Nicholas pushing that huge cock into her tight pussy made Melissa’s nipples hard. Jared and Serena watching made her more arous

La Trapeze

…a special club in Manhattan. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s a successor to the late, great Plato’s Retreat, long since closed by the Puritans. Couples-only, reasonably clean, it attracts a mostly middle class clientele covering a broad spectr

Mum's Sexual Education 2

My name is Kenji Lee, but everyone just calls me Ken for short. I am a Chinese-American boy. Yesterday night, me and two of my friends fucked my mother senseless. You may call it incest, but I call it an opportunity for hot, wild sex.

The next