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My name is Beth and my friends name is Sue. We both graduated from school this year. Going to college this fall. Our problem is we are both bored. So we decided we were going to go off for a week with some boys we know from school. Their names Peter and Joe. Joe dad has a boat, big boat with sleeping quarters and kitchen. Joe said he could get it for a week .
So on Monday morning we meet them at the dock and off we go. Joe show us the bedroom and said Sue and I could sleep here and they would sleep on deck. Sound good to me. The bedroom was different than one I had ever seen. It has a large bed one ropes hanging at the foot and head of the bed. There are hooks on the ceiling. The rest of the boat was nice.
Sue and I get changed into our bikini and go up on deck. The guys are tending the boat and it was so beautiful out on the water. We go for about an hour and pull up into a cove with shallow water. Joe said we could swim here and stay the night. We are jump in and swim and splash around for quite a while then Sue and I get out go up on deck ,so we could get some sun. Sue, seeing no one around takes her top off but me knowing the boys were around, I leave my on. I am shy and just not ready to take it off. After a while the guys get out of the water and come on deck. Both of them are looking us over. Sue and I are both blondes, well built, cheerleaders last year. Five foot four inches 110 pounds. sue ask Joe to put suntan lotion on her back. Peter ask if I wanted any on my back. I said OK. It felt good him rubbing my back and I felt a little nervous, or something.
After a while we all pitch in and fix dinner. Joe had the kitchen well stocked with beer and all the food we wanted. After dinner we are setting around talking and Joe brings out the cards. He wanted to know if we would played strip poker. I never played cards before but said what the heck. The clothes I have on is a T-shirt , no bra, not very big upstairs, panties and shorts. Sue had on the same thing. The guys had on shorts and that was all. So we start. The first hand Sue lost and takes of her top and says alright give me a beer. She doesn’t seem to mind setting there in front of Joe and Peter . Sue has been around a lot more than me. She has been dating for quite awhile and told me she having been having sex with different guys for two years . Anyway the next hand Joe loses and takes off his shorts but he has boxers shorts on. The next round Peter loses and takes his shorts off. Guess what no boxer shorts. I can’t help but look as his penis flops out. It was about five inches long and had skin covering the head of it. It wasn’t hard but soft. That was the first dick I had ever seen. The next hand I lose. Rats! I take my top off and the guys are looking. I cover up my breast with my hands and they start hollowing no way. I slowly uncover them. Guess they seen breast before but I now needed several beers before I knew I could go any further. After taking a break we start back playing. Peter never put his shorts on and I kept taking glances at it. Still soft but I think it’s gotten longer. This time, the first hand, I lose and instructed to take them off. I pulled my shorts off but I had on panties, white silk ones thin. I hope they couldn’t see my hair. I don’t shave down there. We keep playing and Joe loses and his shorts comes off. Joe dick looks different the Peter. The tip of his is uncovered and he looks bigger around. He not hard but not soft either. The nest hand Sue loses and off comes her shorts. She also has red panties on. Coming see through hers either because I looked. I don’t know if she shaves are not. We all realize the next hand someone is going to lose and will be naked. Somehow I lose. I thanked they cheated. I get up and walk to the edge of the boat and slips my panties down with my butt towards them and then jump in the water. I hear two more splashes behind me. Joe and Peter are swimming towards me. I tried to get away but Peter grabs me from the back. I felt his dick touches my butt cheeks. It felt harder than it was on the boat and it much be longer because he wasn’t that close. Joe grabs me by the arms and start pulling me towards him. I felt his dick touch my leg. I knew then I had better fight or I was going to get screwed by these two guys right here in the water. After kicking and screaming for Sue to help, which she never did, I get away and get back on the boat. The guys are right behind me so we go into the bedroom and shut and lock the door. The door has a window in it and I got to see them as they came out of the water. Both of their dicks were a lot bigger than earlier. I told Sue and she came a looked. She said you know we are probably going to get screwed before we get off this boat. I told her I was a virgin and she said it would be OK. Just relax, make sure you are get and wet and relax and enjoy it. It will hurt a little to start but no one can explains how it feels.
This is day one!!!!!
Day two later.

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